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Attendant with this gift, the wrapping on this gift is purity, what many of you think of as grace, but it is also the remembering, the reawakening, the restoring, the reclaiming of your original self and imprint, of your original sense of innocence, of awe and wonder.


Think of the magnets and filters as tools that will not allow thoughts, feelings, other people’s energy, random energies that are not of what you are creating and desiring, that are not of your highest, divine self, to come within you. So yes, it is an extra layer to insure that you are not interfered …


What an informative show this week as Archangels Michael and Gabrielle discuss the Angelic realm and their interaction with humanity..


Beloved Archangel Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One joins Linda and Graham to explain who he/she is and to give us her golden heart of joy and courage.


So it is with JOY that we join with her (Gaia) and that we join with you one more time to ascend that sacred spiral and to do so together in the unity of heart, knowing that there is no separation, there never has been. That is why the gift of the 13th Octave was …


Here is a new gift from Archangel Gabrielle, her Golden Filters, along with a reactivation of her Golden Magnets. Now come back again to your heart and to the gift of Gabrielle’s Golden Filters. We’re given so many gifts but this is our Ascension prep gifts, not that they all haven’t been….


Archangel Gabrielle speaks of a deeper anchoring of Love. “We know that this is the time of union with your star brothers and sisters, the bringing forth and anchoring of the totality of your star self. But what is this truly about? It is about a deeper anchoring of Love in this time of change.”


Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth. Welcome my friends to this Council of Love. Welcome old friends for we have sought you and called you and are pleased to see you. I come to speak to you of this Council. We are messengers of One of what you have conceived …


“Channeling is opening yourself and your heart and your body to having a conversation with us. I come to thank you for using that heart of courage and Love and joy, and for allowing the messages of truth and of Love to come through you. This day you have been invited into the warehouse of …


An insightful chatty message from Archangel Gabrielle, best read this in conjunction with the message from Archangel Raphael below. In this channeling Gabrielle reminds us of how prepared and eager the higher realms are to work and communicate with us.