Attendant with this gift, the wrapping on this gift is purity, what many of you think of as grace, but it is also the remembering, the reawakening, the restoring, the reclaiming of your original self and imprint, of your original sense of innocence, of awe and wonder.

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the author of The Great Awakening and the Council of Love, I’m GD. Our guest tonight is Archangel Gabriel. Welcome Linda.

LD: Hi Graham and hi everybody out there listening, welcome, welcome, welcome. We are recording this show as Graham is going to probably point out as we’ve had some technical difficulties getting onboard with blogtalk and we’re just laughing about it because last week you met us running for the finish line or maybe the starting line and here we are again.

GD: Yea, it’s grace and the words that come up for me are grace and doing that and staying in balance and having a sense of humor and it’s not always easy and when we’re in the middle of things sometimes and so right, we weren’t able to run this live tonight, we weren’t even able to get into blogtalkradio so we apologize to those faithful listeners that like to hear this live and we’ll certainly post this later for your enjoyment. It’s been quite a day for me, how are you doing?

LD: Oh my gosh! (Laughter)

GD: That says it all.

LD: Un..huh…And you know, now that we are the frick and frack of blogtalkradio world…oh gosh…actually I’m doing ok but I had some insights that I thought I wanted to share with our listeners. And it falls under the category of “be careful what you ask for” so I don’t know Graham if you think we should begin with a little meditation to at least be in the zone and then we talk or just jump in to it.

GD: You know a meditation sounds perfect.

LD: Doesn’t it sound like exactly what we need?

GD: I know I could use it.

LD: Oh my gosh.

GD: That will set the stage for some nice stuff after.

LD: Ok. Then let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of blue, of the Mary blue. The blue of the Atlantic Ocean, of Archangel Michael, of Mary’s cloak of blue velvet and then we can vary it with forget-me-nots and iris, Mexican blue glass. And just let yourself begin to breathe the blue deeply in through your nose filling your cranium, filling your chest, sinking down into your heart letting go of the day, the week, letting go of everything that you think has to be done and just taking this time for your sacred self to be here. And feel that blue coming into the emerald green of your heart, into that beautiful, brilliant green and merging with it and calming you, calming your emotions, your mental body, your physical body. Blue is the color of calm but it is also the color of change and communication and heaven knows we are in the midst of all of that. And because of that, it’s more important than ever that we really take care of ourselves, that you tend to your sweet self. So simply feel yourself sinking deeper into the chair, giving thanks for who you are and giving thanks for all the help that’s sent to us, that we know of and that we don’t know of. There is so much unseen going on. We feel it on various levels but we don’t always see it. So just bring yourself into that place of allowing, of surrender and being the observer. And welcome.

GD: Wonderful Linda. You do such a great job with that.

LD: Thank you.

GD: Wow! That’s nice. We should do that every day, huh?

LD: Oh yea. Absolutely. And of course I’m kind of preferential to blue but blue will calm us down faster than anything.

GD: So, I know I’ve had quite a, talk about riding the waves, sounds like you have had quite a time with that today.

LD: I have spent most of the day being a slug, lying on my bed. And let me tell you, I think it does fall into that category of what I said “be careful of what you ask for.” We already know that we are being penetrated enormously by this laser light beam of Love, directly from the heart of One, Mother/Father/God/Source/All/One and that we are experiencing it as waves. So as if that wasn’t enough, yours truly, you know, I have been preparing for a couple of Council of Love workshops coming up and both of them, one of them is a very highly advanced level of LaHoChi Healing which Lao Tzu talked about last week and then the other one coming up in July is Ascension Healing which is basically the Ascension process plus a healing modality they have shown me to go along with that.

Well part of the preparation for the Advanced LaHoChi Workshop is an initiation, that I have never done before and I have never gone through before, into the Ascension temple, the chamber above Luxor, Egypt with Serapis Bey. Now, I work with Serapis Bey from time to time and I know that many people who really know and love Serapis Bey he’s known as the, in many ways, as the Disciplarian and he works with really preparing us for those final steps. And so at 4:00 or quarter to 4:00 this morning when I woke up and I thought it was the perfect time for him, in the quiet of the early morning, to walk me through this process that I will be doing with a fairly good group, substantial group, and I thought ‘OK’ and he turned to me and he said “Well no, no you have to go through the rite of purification.” And I said “OK, well then let’s get it going.”

Oh my God it has been so intense and in addition to that I have been working with this wonderful new energy that has been brought to the planet for all of us through Archangel Gabriel of this pinkish golden flame, diamond, and then in addition to that I’ve been working with this Angel of Purity who is helping us restore, what Steve Beckow reminded me of so beautifully, is our original innocence. So I took on not the triple header but the quadruple header and it has just knocked me sideways. And so, of course, as I was preparing for tonight to do this show and asking, because I don’t even feel like I am in my body, so I’m throwing my cord down into Gaia and deeper and deeper and please, please help me let me at least be in my body enough and so I can talk right? and I said what is the lesson in this for me and for our listeners because I love to be fully present and fully on, and they said “share this with them because you are already going through such an intense Transition period that child, perhaps you should not be asking for all these additional attunements and initiations at this time.

GD: Got it. I know that the angelic realm, the heavenly realm have mentioned how they’ve spread out the Ascension process and the energy downloads and the changes that we have been going through. It’s been happening for some time to avoid the high intense, high concentrated time of Ascension, so that said I know that things are picking up with people too. I know I’ve been feeling it, I tend to be a pretty even keeled, balanced guy, normally, and it takes a fair amount for me to feel more significant ups and downs, but boy I’m feeling them and it could even be within a day I could wake up and just feel really, really great and later in the day just something’s going on where I’m just definitely going through the depths and clearing and working through emotions and I could be back up and back down and it’s been an interesting ride. And I’m recognizing and trying to remember that, while I’m in it, that there’s nothing wrong it’s just part of the process.

LD: It’s just part of the process and that was really what they, Mother Mary came in and was talking to me as I was meditating, getting ready for this and she was saying to me “I am sending you all my Archangels, all the Ascended Masters to assist you with the integration of this Transition energy, for your Ascension and the Ascension of humanity and child, allow them to help and do not take on more than your physical form, not your emotional, your spiritual, or your mental, but your physical form can handle.” And so I think that’s a really important thing for us to keep in mind that with this intensity, and we’re all excited, we’re all geared to go, we all want it to be yesterday and so it’s like in that enthusiasm, which is really genuine, it’s like ok I can do this, I can to this, a little more, a little more. And I tell you, I can hold a lot of energy but be very cautious what you’re taking on. So, yea…

GD: Good words for these times for sure.

LD: Very, very good words.

GD: Well, what would you like to say about Archangel Gabriel before we bring him on?

LD: Well…

GD: He’s been a guest a couple of times now, I think, on the show.

LD: Yes and Archangel Gabriel/Archangel Gabrielle is the primary spokes-being for the Council of Love and I have a deep, deep connection with Gabriel because she/he has basically guided me through this process of being a channel in so many ways. Sometimes I learn about things and I know, as we all do, this is not about Linda being special or unique, but we learn of things and we think it’s just for ourselves or for a few of us and so on Mother’s Day actually, which was a delightful day, the Divine Mother was really present, I was working with some friends doing an activation in Hawaii, a City of Light in Hana, Hawaii and opening portals and just sacred ceremony, to put it in a nutshell, and during that gathering what I observed, which I hadn’t observed since the time when Mother Mary’s Blue Diamond came to earth, was that it was as if the clouds parted, the sky opened and it was snowing, yes in Hawaii, and it was these beautiful, sparkly unique snow flakes and they were white, but they were also pinkish gold. And they were just incredibly, incredibly beautiful and the joy that I felt and everybody felt, the people that were working with me felt as it came down upon not just us but the Ascended Ones that were there with us, the elementals, the fairies, the land, the trees, was phenomenal. And we initially, I initially thought, that this simply was a gift of that ceremony but this week, what Gabriel and Sanat Kumara have shared with us is that this is actually an additional gift for humanity. And it is a gift, just as Mother Mary has said to us, it is one of the gifts that her Archangels are bringing to us to help soften this wildness of the ride.

GD: Sounds good.

LD: Sounds really good, doesn’t it? So I’m going to step aside, we know that Gabriel has given us a number of gifts including, you know, she is golden and very often golden is a very strong energy; it is the ray of Yahweh, it’s the ray of Sanat Kumara, it’s this very strong, potent energy, but this energy is just lovely. So just give me a second, I’ll step aside…

GD: Ok great.

LD: Thank you.

AAG: Greetings I AM Gabriel.

GD: Hello.

AAG: Welcome. I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome, welcome my beloved friends, welcome star seekers, Ascension goers, travelers, earth keepers, angels in form, I welcome you all. And yes, I come this day with unique blessing from the heart of Mother/Father/One and it is the blessing of the Golden Pink Diamond. It is a combination of energies but the purpose of this energy that I instill within you right now, even as we speak, is the anchoring and the completion of gentle joy. Earlier when I have met with you, with each of you, I have given you my golden heart of joy, the other side of which is my golden heart of courage. And my beloved ones, there is nothing meek or mild about my golden heart of joy and courage. But what I do this night is I bring you, as the Messenger directly from the heart of God, of One, this gift of the gentle pink gold, of the gentle golden pink and I bring it in diamond form and it is taking the diamond form to remind you of a number of things. First of all that you, each of you is the fourth point on that diamond of our sacred trinity. You always have been and you always will be. Also the diamond is beautiful, it is bright, it is resilient, and it shines within you and through you and it will beam out from you.

The energies that you are receiving through the transmission of the Transition from the heart of One is exceptionally strong and as the Messenger of One I tell you there is no intension or plan to vary this, to turn it down at all. If anything my beloved ones you may feel it growing stronger and stronger and stronger with in you. Now we have heard your discussions about the crest of the waves and the trough and some of the experiences that you have been experiencing as you are clearing, as you are undergoing your life review, as you are experiencing ‘cosmic flu’, as you are beginning to put in place your new life plan; your expansion, your next chapter, the beginning of your Ascension travels, the claiming of the fullness your multi-dimensional, trans-dimensional, inter-dimensional self. Oh no, we will not stop that transmission.

But what we are doing is bringing you this gift to remind you and to restore you because much of what we are doing with you, my beloved ones, is about restoration. It is not just about us restoring you but it is about you claiming and reclaiming your birthrights and the totality of who you are. The totality of who you are was brought to you in the Blue Diamond energy which is part of your Ascension process as well. But what we do is we bring you this gentle joy so that as you are riding the waves, as you are going through the integration of this Transition, that you will have this sense of deep knowing of quiet joy, of quiet peace that even though the seas may look rough, that everything, everything above, below and in-between is in exact Divine Order and unfoldment of the Divine Mother’s plan, that you will know that you are attended to by legions, by the entire Company of Heaven. So I am honored to be the messenger, the ring bearer of this gift tonight. This energy is already flooding your planet, it was not simply a gift for those gathered at this sacred ceremony, but the power of this ceremony, of the opening in Hana, Hawaii was of such magnitude that allowed the portals to be opened and this gift to flow freely; a gift for all humanity, a gift given freely and equally. Attendant with this gift, the wrapping on this gift is purity, what many of you think of as grace, but it is also the remembering, the reawakening, the restoring, the reclaiming of your original self and imprint, of your original sense of innocence, of awe and wonder. Why? Because it is in divine timing but also because, my beloved ones, during these times of such intense magnification, such intense change, shift, of leaving what you think you have known behind it is important that your memories in every particle and sub-atomic fiber of your being remember the original part of who you are. And that is, in essence, it is beauty, it is love, it is absolute grace and glory, it is divinity. So while you are pushing out and letting go and cleansing some of the illusions that you have had in this lifetime and other lifetimes as well, we are pushing you back even further and at the same time catapulting you forward, yes it is completely possible, so that you are in the place of embracing, remembering and loving your innocence, your purity and your gentle joy.

Let me speak about joy. There are times when you are with your family, your friends, your soul family, your dearly beloved, with us, where you feel like you can’t sit still, that you are bursting, that you are coming out of your skin with brilliant fragments of joy, that you want to get up and dance and cross the sky at the speed of Haley’s Comet. That is joy and that is the gift of my golden heart of joy and courage. Then there are times when again you are with either us, your family or friends, your loved ones when you are cozied up, perhaps it is in front of a crackling fire or under a blanket watching a stormy sea, lying on a mat and looking at the sky, which is changing by the way, we can address that in a minute, and all you feel is this wondrous, warm, quiet contentment that you would not change a thing, that everything is so right and in such alignment within your heart and the universe that at moments you don’t even want to breathe because you don’t want the moment to change or go away. This is the gift of the golden pink, Pink Golden Diamond. It is the quiet contentment, it is the knowing of rightness and not just the rightness of the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, but the rightness my beloved ones, my children of my heart, the rightness of each of you that you are absolutely, not only in alignment, not only in love and even if the sea looks stormy you are exactly where you are intended to be, not only by the Divine Plan but by your piece of the Divine Plan, of your plan of unfoldment, of your sacred soul plan, of your soul contract. The energy is intense and strong so we send this to comfort you. No it is not a temporary gift it is a gift that we send to you to take throughout every dimensional travel, on and off planet, in and out of form, for the rest of your existence. It is a permanent bestowing of a blessing from the heart of One.

So let these snowflakes, these diamonds caress your skin, caress your heart, for that is where we are placing it and let it soothe your troubled brow. We do not wish you to feel frantic or fall into the drama. That is not the purpose of life review or cleansing; it is just letting go and allowing, giving to us, giving to the Masters for transmutation. We are here, our beloved ones, to help you in every way, shape and form. There is nothing that you can ask of us that we are not willing to help with, to assist in ways that you may or may not understand, but that does not matter. You know we say we understand humans and human actions and emotions but let us say to you, there are moments when human actions or emotions puzzle us, befuddle us, but the love does not change, the energy does not change. Do you have questions of me, sweet Graham?

GD: Thank you for being here with us, it is timely and certainly important and certainly welcomed. You mentioned that the energies are going to continue to get stronger and stronger. What might we expect that will feel and look like?

AAG: You are increasingly going to feel that you are in more than one place at once and that can be almost a feeling of sea sickness because you feel like you are riding the energetic waves of more than one dimension. That is one of the reasons why we encourage you not to take on too much at this time; do not over do it. It is a time where the purification, and we do not mean in harsh ways, we are not telling you, dear hearts, to go on a seven day fast, that would be too difficult at this point in time. Eat light, be gentle with yourself, rest. You may feel a little displacement, well more than a little. Allow yourself to explore, make sure you are anchored in Gaia but then allow yourself to explore the edges of where you are going. Take the time to see and to feel where you are landing and who you are meeting, who you are feeling around you. What are the qualities that you are working with? What Masters are attending to you? What angels are you feeling or perceiving or smelling; pay attention to all of your senses because they are giving you very important information for your physical body. This journey is to be accomplished, for those who choose, by staying in your physical form, in your physical reality. No, not anchored to the old paradigms of Terra Gaia; anchored to Nova Earth in your Nova self.

So when you feel different and you’re not sure why or you don’t feel quite ‘with it’ take it easy. You are saying yes to an Ascension process that is straight forward, we have channeled this step by step by step. But that does not mean that there will not be moments of disassociation, that there will not be moments of great intensity. Think of it as the elastic; we have used the vision of a spiral many times, but now, where you are right now, today, and I am speaking to each and every one of you, you are feeling like that very thick elastic band that comes across on broccoli that is being stretched to the maximum. And part of your concern is either the elastic is going to break or it is going to snap and catapult you God knows where. Well, in fact beloved ones, God does know where and so do you. So when you are feeling that stretch rather than asking us to ease off, ask us please to simply help you manage that stretch comfortably knowing that you are attended to, that you are safe and that you are not flying off anywhere and you most certainly are not snapping back into the old 3rd reality.

My beloved friends there is much talk upon your planet about what is changing, what is transpiring, who is doing what, mass arrests, dark cabals, financial systems in disarray. What we say to you is “Stop looking back, look forward” because that debris of the old 3rd dimension is mostly gone. So if you are looking back at it, if you are truly engaging in that drama, dear hearts you are engaging with the hologram that is long since dead. So do not go there, come with us, come with us, yes up that sacred spiral up to the heart of One, with Gaia, with all of us. All are equally welcome, so the key is not to look at the drama, the key is to look for compassion and forgiveness and allowing. The key is to look for the miracles.

GD: Good point. You were speaking to how many are aware of things happening and I’m thinking about, I just wanted to check in with you to get a sense of humanity as a global unit if you will, can you speak to how many are really awakening at this point? I’m sure many, many are asking questions, many are challenging the way that they approach life and thought of life, but how is the awakening process coming along with humanity in general?

AAG: Humanity is awakening. You are at about 50%-60% right now, on your planet. Now, having said that of course not everybody is at the same place and not everybody is at the same level, can we say, of awareness of what is transpiring. And it does not matter; it matters for those of you who are the gatekeepers. Many who are awakening are not necessarily connecting what we would say, or what you would say, are all the dots. So they are not connecting the push for societal change, the push for change in governments, the push for change in financial systems and equity, they are not understanding that their own personal quest for more, for One, for God, even those who are doing it in a traditional way, they are not necessarily understanding that this is an entire piece. But more and more they are. That portion we would say is about 30%, give or take. But it is encouraging because they are absolutely absorbing this love energy from One and as they are absorbing it what you are seeing is that people are starting to feel more whole, more aware, wanting more peace, more love, more serenity, less drama. So there is an awakening saying “We really need to do something differently.” There is a kinder air in the neighborhoods these days my friends.

GD: Tremendous and welcome for sure. You mentioned the sky is changing. What did you mean by that?

AAG: You have asked in your wonderful show, Galactic Family, about how to call your brothers and sisters of the stars. Well dear heart, if you go out at the night sky at this time you are going to notice that they are far fuller, not only are the ships making themselves incredibly visible, they are chatting to you at a very rapid rate. So that is what I am saying. The ceiling that has covered the earth, what you think of as your ceiling or atmosphere is being raised, is being shifted, and in that you are beginning to see more of what is available to you, not only in terms of your galaxy, the milky way, but your star brothers and sisters. We are expanding what is visibly available to you, so look up.

GD: Terrific, terrific, wonderful. How would you say, we’ve been hearing reports about how the Ascension process is going, that we’ve reached a plateau, the description has been that we have been pushing the boulder uphill, uphill, uphill and we’ve gotten to a point where now it’s about to change direction and we will start to, at some point, experience more ease and get over that hump. Are we still on that plateau place would you say?

AAG: You are picking up speed going downhill. No you are not in the plateau, it may feel like it because you are just over the tip of the plateau, but no dear heart, you have reached that and you are going downhill. That is what the intensity of this energy is and we know, we know from many of you that you are feeling, let us not mince words, that you are at the crossroads of your life, that somehow everything work, home, job, sacred relationships, family, everything seems to be in the midst of change. But that is because the new paradigm is sweeping in and it is pushing out the old. Now what is happening in that is that there are feelings of insecurity, there are feelings of loss, there are feelings of displacement. We do not wish to pretend or deny what you are feeling, in fact we want you to know, we not only are compassionate for what you are feeling, we are here to help. That is the gift of the Golden Pink Diamond, the Pink Golden Diamond and yes I am using them interchangedly and we want you to as well. This is to give you that sense of safety; hold on to it, put it in the palm of your hands, call me, call all of us, call Michael, call Uriel, call Jophiel and declare what you need to feel secure as things are picking up speed. We are not going to let you down.

GD: I have such a personal connection to what you just said in experiencing my paradigm shift tremendously and a lot by choice and consciously, home, love relationship, relationship with family, work, it’s all changing for me and it’s on one hand exciting and I welcome it and as Linda and I we were reflecting today in particular seems very challenging. So this is a really good reminder to reach out to you and reach out to the heavenly angelic realm to get that support and I appreciate that reminder. Thank you.

AAG: You are so welcome. Yes we are here, there has been a great deal of discussion or talk about the partnership from above and below, but we do not use this term lightly. When we speak of partnership, of joining with each of you, we are talking about our full commitment. It is not simply a spiritual ‘oh we are here for you’, it is not simply a love ‘oh yes we care for you’, it is the commitment of our beings and we are the Mighty Ones, they do not call us that for nothing. It is the commitment of our being, of our resources, of our abilities, of our hearts, of our souls, of our talents to assist you. Do we want to blow you out of the water with the totality of arriving fully within you? No, but we will go as far as you will let us.

Very often you think as human beings and as wonderful, miraculous creators that you need to do it on your own. So there is this tendency, often we see this in the human race and particularly with lightworkers, love holders, to say “help” and then a feeling your commitment, your love is so big and so strong that you feel that you must accomplish whatever the challenge of the day, the moment, is on your own. And that is not working within my golden grid. The golden grid is the grid of unity, it is what many of you think of as unity consciousness, it is within your body, within your field, within your planet, within the universe, the multi-verse and far beyond. We are all connected, we are one. So the question is then “do you wish to keep us close, in partnership, in genuine partnership or do you wish to keep us at arms length so you can fulfill what you think you need to do?” No, we plead with you, let us be in true union, let us be in that genuine partnership. Yes it is a new and different concept because it is a way that we have not worked with humanity for a long time. But my beloved ones, sweet angels and keepers of light, it was always the plan. It was never the plan that you would be stuck in the quagmire of illusion, the cement of drama, that was never the plan. And you, as you have said Graham, you find yourself in this situation, but you find yourself in this situation and I speak to many of you because you have turned and you have said “Yes, I choose, I decide, I am going.”

GD: Yes. What recommendations do you have, I’m thinking about as the move from the 3rd dimension to higher dimensions and as we get out of the old habits and pull ourselves away from that illusion, which can be easy to fall back into, I’m trying to think of, well I’m thinking about the importance of being conscious during this process and being mindful and being in the moment so that we can do this consciously, but getting stuck into old habits, old paradigms, old behaviors, I’m trying to think of a phrase or a word or something that can help trigger us back to being on a conscious, higher dimensional path and I suspect it’s different for everybody but maybe you have some recommendations in a place around that.

AAG: Yes we certainly do and understand it is about a conscious shift. It is a shift to love, to heart, to heart consciousness, but it is conscious, it is not unconscious, it is not sub-conscious and that is what makes this Shift, this Ascension so different, so unique, and might I say so precious. Laughter, golden laughter, years ago I have given you my golden rain, but this is what I suggest, when you find yourself, because what you do when you revert to those old paradigms your saying “Gabrielle you aren’t working with me fast enough; maybe this partnership isn’t really real, maybe it’s not what I really thought or hoped or believed or wanted it to be.”

GD: Yes, I thought of that.

AAG: Yes and we know that, and so you go back into the old paradigm and you start to re-engage with those old beliefs because they fit you like a perfect old shoe, they are comfortable. When you start to see that or feel that or experience that turn to me and laugh and say to me, or I will nudge you or Michael will nudge you, and say “Oh no, there I go again” and laugh because the laughter will immediately brake the drama, the old paradigm and it will lift you up as if you are going up on a golden elevator cloud. So laugh, touch your head, hit your head, laugh out loud and say “Oh no, there I go again.”

GD: Perfect advise and what a way to wrap up this wonderful time with you today, that we are so grateful for you being with us and being with us on this journey and just much gratitude and love.

AAG: Dear heart, you are loved. Dear hearts, all who are listening and even those who aren’t, you are loved. Let us help please and go with the Pink Golden Diamond, the Golden Pink, go with our love and the love of One and the love of this Council. Farewell.

GD: Farewell. Thanks so much.

Channeled by Linda Dillon