…you have said to me long ago, “Gabriel, when you sound your horn I will be there and I will respond.” Well, that is this day as we venture forth together, not in a day, a moment or an hour. But you have unfurled your wings a long time ago, child, and it is time to put them to use…

Greetings. I AM Gabriel, I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One and yes I stand here this day with our beloved St. Germaine, Keeper of the I AM. I stand here this day with Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, Keeper of Universal Law. And the Trust Fund and the I AM and the Universal Law are laws of love and joy and fulfillment. Child you have not heard from me in a while but that does not mean that I have not been with you and I have not been busy for it is important that this entire planet and in fact, this entire planetary system and the universe be filled with the golden elixir of joy and of rejuvenation, reparation and restoration.

Why would you fight me? Why would any being upon the planet of either Gaia, this mighty Archangel, or anywhere else try to fight me? Why would they try and resist the infusion and the gift of joy? It is beyond absurd, but there it is, kicking and screaming and causing a fuss. And it doesn’t matter whether it is in Chicago, or Los Angeles, or Syria, or upon the plains of Africa.

Why do people resist the joy? Because they are afraid they are not worthy to receive. Well, this is the final call. No, I do not say this in a threatening way, for I do not threaten. That is for human beings of the old dimensions and the old realities. What I do is I extend myself to you broadly and fully and you know that when I do that child, you really don’t stand much of a chance, do you? For I will wrap you in my wings of gold and lift you up and carry you either to the heart of One or to the heart of Gaia. And I will tend to you as I have tended to you for eons.

I am blowing my horn; I am blowing my trumpet of truth and it is not the horn or the sound of ‘end’, it is not the sound of Armageddon, for that is ridiculous; it is the sound of truth, of triumph and of new beginnings. Even those who are most petulant, most resistive, those who believe themselves to be in a world of hurt, and sorrow, and pain will be lifted up. No, I do not mean, and let me be very clear about this, I am not talking about removal from the earth, child. I am not talking about earth changes that are cataclysmic. I am talking about the lifting up of your heart, your mind, your soul, and then I am talking about the descension into a new reality and it is the reality of heartfelt consciousness, it is the reality of love.

You have lived, collectively, in such illusion and now you are beginning to truly see and understand the power of your thoughts, your desires, your creations. And you are moving forward at the speed of love, not even light, but love. And it is time.

If you were going on a journey, and I suggest you are, you would pack what you need, but you would not wish to weigh yourself down. So for this journey of movement through this Shift, what I suggest you do is pack light, pack joy, pack trust so that you may have your hands free to reach out to others, to give them that helping hand that they need.

So many of you have worked and are committed to my brother Michael, but you are also committed to me. And you have said to me long ago, “Gabriel, when you sound your horn I will be there and I will respond.” Well, that is this day as we venture forth together, not in a day, a moment or an hour. But you have unfurled your wings a long time ago, child, and it is time to put them to use. They are beautiful but they are not simply decorative. You are claiming your freedom and that means to fly free and Germaine and I could not be more anxious than to see you do so.

But what is the power of lift-off? What is the power, the propulsion? It is joy. And if you say to me “Gabriel, I do not feel the joy. I do not know where my joy went. Where do I find it?” First and foremost I suggest you look in the mirror, look at the bright angel you are. And if that is not sufficient child, go outside. Look at the miraculous sky, the color of the Mother, go to the sea, the water, to the stream, to the brook, and see the joy that the fish have swimming, the dolphins playing. The sand, simply sitting and receiving the blessings that Gaia bestows upon them. Look at the grass. Have you ever seen a single blade of grass? No, they are in unity consciousness as are the plants and the trees, the birds. You are the last in line to come to this understanding of unity, connectedness, of giving and receiving in balance.

The joy is there for taking. Open your hearts and receive what I give you so freely this day and every day. And then carry this joy and spread it, yes, to the Middle East, to Syria, to the Congo, to Venezuela, to every place of turmoil, to every heart that sits believing that they are alone. And then, yes, dance across the sky, dance across the room because dear heart, I will dance with you.

It is a time of celebration, it is time of the fulfillment of the promise of the Mother and the only thing we have to say to you this day is Halleluiah! Let us get on with it. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 12-01-12