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Obtaining and Using Council of Love Content

1. Do I need permission to use Council of Love content?
Yes. With the limited exceptions described on this page, all use of Council of Love content (text, photographs, graphics, etc.) requires the permission of The Council of Love.

Please be advised that when articles or photographs are credited to a source other than The Council of Love, it is most likely that the credited source holds the rights to the material. Please contact that party directly.

The following list summarizes common requests for permission:

2. Do I need permission to email an article?
The “Email This Article” feature that appears on most article pages allows you to distribute an article by email to up to 20 recipients. The use of this feature is limited to personal, noncommercial purposes only.

If you would like to email an article for any other purpose or to more than 20 recipients, you must request permission.

3. May I use portions of Council of Love articles, such as quotes or excerpts? May I edit or adapt Council of Love articles?
Under certain circumstances, it is permissible to make direct quotes from Council of Love articles. The context, number and length of the quotes will determine whether permission is required. It is never acceptable to selectively quote from articles in a manner that changes their meaning, to take quotes out of context or to combine quotes to create a sentence. It may also be considered infringement if a large percentage of the publication consists of quotes from Council of Love articles. It is always best to submit a request for clearance.

Editing and adaptation of Council of Love content is not permitted.

Use of article excerpts is possible with permission from The Council of Love, without alteration to the intended meaning of the original text.

4. Can I use headlines and summaries of Council of Love articles?
You are permitted to create your own summaries and to use Council of Love headlines and the first 75 words of a post with links back to the articles located on

5. Do I need permission to link to
You can link directly to or any page publicly available without obtaining permission.
(Updated March 2016)