Here is a new gift from Archangel Gabrielle, her Golden Filters, along with a reactivation of her Golden Magnets. Now come back again to your heart and to the gift of Gabrielle’s Golden Filters. We’re given so many gifts but this is our Ascension prep gifts, not that they all haven’t been…. So let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breathe of blue, and relaxing and letting go of the day, letting go of the week, letting go of all the things you think you have to do or accomplish. And just bring yourself into your heart and feel that sense of expansion that as you’re sinking down into that place of Stillpoint your heart is expanding like a big balloon. And breathe. Now let’s take another deep breathe of gold and it’s the beautiful gold of Archangel Gabrielle, it’s the gold of Yahweh, and the gold of Sanat Kumara. And take that gold, open your crown and feel that central column, that cylinder that runs from your crown down your entire spinal column, your DNA, out the tip, and let’s just pour in this beautiful liquid gold. And it’s a blend of that rich Florentine old gold of Gabrielle, and the platinum gold of Yahweh, and the bright, shinny pure gold of Sanat Kumara. And I want you to feel that gold coming down through your crown, your neck, down through your thoracic area, your sacral area, down through your reproductive and your sexual areas. And feel the gold being sent to Gaia for her healing as well. And I want you to come back up into your heart and I want you to feel that beautiful blue flame of truth of Archangel Michael, of Mikkiel, feel it up to your throat, up to your crown, and feel that blue flame of truth, that you are a vessel of truth and peace.

Now come back again to your heart and to the gift of Gabrielle’s Golden Filters. We’re given so many gifts but this is our Ascension prep gifts, not that they all haven’t been, we tend to forget really quickly. And since we last met Gabrielle woke me up one night and said ‘I also want to put a golden purity filter in your vagina, your sexual chakra, your root.’ And so, drop down and feel that golden filter because we often can pick up things either sexually through intimacy, but it’s also a way that we connect with physicality and the world. And as light workers, light holders, we often don’t go there. So let’s put a filter on our sexual area. Now come back up to your heart, to that beautiful golden heart and feel the filter there with the blue flame still burning brightly, and every other flame for that matter. Now come up to your throat, to your mouth, to your nose so that you’re only speaking purity, you’re only breathing and inhaling purity, and you’re only hearing purity, up to the third eye. Mine looks like a little tiny tea strainer for loose tea, this is beautiful gold. So we bring it to our third and fourth eye so that we see with the clarity of purity as well, and we see truth as well. And up to our crown.

Well, Gabrielle’s having her day today because she’s reminding me of how several years ago she also gave us the gift of her golden magnets. And this was particularly pertaining to creation; she’s laughing and saying ‘it still is’. But it’s also, the picture she’s giving me, will activate our magnets so that we’ll literally be lifted up into the higher dimensions. So we’re not going to start with our feel, we’ll do those last so we will keep our feet anchored in the third, but we can live elsewhere. But let’s go to our ankles, these wonderful golden magnets so that all the creation codes, all that you wish to experience, the higher dimensions, the Love, the truth, the purity, grace, all of this is flying across the universe to you, to your ankles, to your knees, to your hips, to your solar plexus, to your heart. So now your filter is also a magnet. She wants it activated on our high hearts as well, our centers of peace and harmony, to the siroun, up to your shoulders, to those epilates, let them sit there, to our third eye, to our crown, to our occipitals, and lastly to our feet, to the bottoms, the soles of your feel. Good.

Channeled by Linda Dillon