It is time to trust yourself, to celebrate yourself, to have faith in your beloved self like never before. It is time to throw away the ‘what ifs,’ it is time to eliminate and completely destroy doubt and to fully embrace faith, trust, hope.

Greetings. I AM Gabriel, I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome, welcome my beloved ones, welcome my holders of love, my transmitters of love, the way-showers, the teachers, the healers, the channelers. Welcome to this Council and to this time of reunion, to this time of awakening and yes, great awakening. I come this day to speak to you of trust, of faith, of honor and yes, of responsibility. And no dear heart, I do not ever imply that you are not living up to your responsibilities, in fact if anything, I would wish to tell you and to remind you that you cannot assume the responsibility for another, for another’s journey, decisions, choices, undertakings. You may influence, you may assist, you may observe, but you cannot assume their journey, for that is highway robbery and it is also futile because it will never work.

Responsibility is having trust in your sacred self, not only we who serve you, who guide you, who love you, but in your sweet self. And in knowing of your capacity, your abilities that you have brought forward, not only in other lives but in this life and in this time, this time of the reemergence of the creator race. You are bringing forth your abilities and your capacities to create and co-create with us and with each other. That is your responsibility, that is the journey regardless of the specifics of your soul contract. Your journey is one of co-creation and it is the co-creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being, of Cities of Light, of cosmetic repair and it is not simply the cosmetic repair of Gaia, it is the cosmetic repair of what you would think of as your sacred self. And it is the embrace and the paying attention to your physical form as well as every other particle of your being.

It is time to trust yourself, to celebrate yourself, to have faith in your beloved self like never before. It is time to throw away the ‘what ifs,’ it is time to eliminate and completely destroy doubt and to fully embrace faith, trust, hope. We have given you a million tools and lectures and that is not what I am here to discuss this day. I am here to discuss your capacity to ignite hope, to ignite trust, to live it, to breath it, to inhabit it, to be it. You are the ones who have assumed form, who have not left anything behind in terms of your abilities, in terms of your potential to bring forth the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother; the plan of love, the plan that has been an unfoldment for millions and millions of years. You are the ones that said “Don’t worry, we will assume form and we will take care of it.”

Often you speak and we honor how you have faith and trust in us, it touches our hearts, or beings, our core and the core of One, of All. But sweet angels, do you know, can you imagine the faith and trust that we have in each of you, the hope, yes, and the knowing that we have in your ability and capacities to fulfill your promises, your desires? There is nothing that your heart desires that you did not plan on; it is that simple. If you have ideas and we do not mean the random picking up of other people’s ideas or plans, but if they speak to your heart it means you are a participant in that plan. But if there is a heart desire, a deep wellspring of wanting to bring something forth, it is not because you are being idle and daydreaming, or being set up, it is because it is part of your unfoldment within THE unfoldment.

Do not relinquish your dreams, do not relinquish your hopes, your desires, that is the foundation of your creations. You have the codes, you have the capacity and you have our eternal, infinite, never ending help. And I have heard some of you say “Well Gabriel that is all very well and good, where are you? your timing is off” and what I say to thee is “Our timing is perfect.” That is the trust, it is the trust in your sacred self and it is the trust in the unknowing of the divine perfection of this plan and it is not about hours or days, it is about you anchoring and ability to respond as you are moved, as you are guided not only by this Council of Love but by your sacred self, by what you think of as your higher self and what we call your universal self.

The reason I come this day, and yes I do have a tendency to speak strongly, do I not? But the reason I come is to reassure you, to embrace you, to celebrate you and to say “Dear heart, you are on track, collectively and individually, each of you. You are doing what you need to do.” Give up the questioning. Oh, we do not mind your inquisitive minds, your mental, your ego; they are delightful. But stop second guessing yourself and embrace the fullness of your being, yes including this magnificent body that you have constructed with us to carry you through the Transition, the Ascension and whatever else you choose to experience.

We are with you like never before. We are as close as your fingertips, the skin on your face. So we do not interfere but you are not letting us help as much as we could. You are not doing this alone. Yes you do it in conjunction with one another but you also do this, this magnificent unfoldment in conjunction with this Council of Love of which I am honored to be spokes-being. We address you as a unified whole this day and we ask you to open and to receive all of our energy, all of our love, all of our gifts, all of our support. Sweet angels, you are the miracle, you are the love. Go with my golden radiance of joy, of my golden radiance of creation and the courage to create. Yes, be bold, dream big, and anchor with Gaia. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon