Beloved Archangel Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One joins Linda and Graham to explain who he/she is and to give us her golden heart of joy and courage.

GD: Hello and welcome to “Heavenly Blessings” with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love. I am GD. Tonight our guest is Archangel Gabriel. Hi Linda, welcome.

LD: Hi there and it’s good to be back.

GD: Our second show. I’m really looking forward to this. What would you say Archangel Gabriel is mostly known for? I know she/he’s going to speak to that but maybe you can give us a quick preview.

LD: Yes, he/she is going to speak to that. Archangel Gabriel is the primary spokes-being for the Council of Love, and so that’s for me, and I think for our guests, it’s huge.

GD: I didn’t know that.

LD: Yes she is. And you’ll notice that I‘m saying “she”. You know, Archangels are both male and female, androgynous really in many ways. But Archangel Gabriel began coming to me in the feminine form of the Archangel, oh years and years and years ago, shortly after I began to channel. When I first connected with Gabriel it was, well it was as a huge golden orb that was floating over me, healing me from a bad car accident, a near death experience. And that orb, when I initially spoke to me I said ‘Who are you and what do you want?’ because I knew it was a “who”, came through as Archangel Gabriel. And then for, oh I don’t know, for a couple of years, she would refer to herself as Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle and she has told us that the Suzanna is a derivate, comes from the honorary title of Suzerian or Ruler. And Michaela, of course, was in honoring of her brother Michael. And that Gabrielle was her feminine aspect.

Archangel Gabriel is known, primarily, for a couple of things other than being the spokes-being for the Council of Love. She’s also known as the Messenger and when there have been messages to be brought forward to humans, she is the one that leaves the Gates of Heaven, as it were, and comes and delivers those messages whether it is to Mother Mary or to Mohammed; there are numerous incidents in the Old Testament of the Catholic or the Christian Bible where she has appeared. So she is the messenger and the other thing that she is known for is she is the Central Administrator of this and many universes. So she’s the one that keeps everything going and in order, not that she does it, but she oversees it. So, there’s also a very close tie between Archangel Gabriel, or Archangel Gabrielle, and Sanat Kumara. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that their both of the Golden Ray. You know, you look at Sanat Kumara who of course is the Planetary Logos, when you look at his energy or his aura he’s very much like a very shiny, almost platinum white gold. And when you look at Archangel Gabriel, it’s more of the very rich Florentine gold, that old gold that you’ll see in your grandmother’s wedding ring or in old churches. But she travels very much on the white and the gold rays. So, her titles, and I’m sure she’s going to give them all to us, reflect those rolls that she plays for us. So she has a history of interacting with the human race, with the human collective, and in many ways keeping this planet and this universe operating. So when there are unfoldments, such as the unfoldment that we are in the middle of right now, the restoration of Love on the planet, the universal plan of the Divine Mother, the Shift, the Ascension process, a lot of this really falls within Gabriel’s bailiwick.

GD: I had no idea that he/she was responsible for so much…my gosh, that’s quite a plate.

LD: It is quite a plate. You know, we tend to think Michael is ever popular and I think it’s because Michael, we feel, so often is our defender, our protector. He is the one that legends are made of and we all just adore him. And he’s eloquent and he speaks to us often. But Gabriel, once you start working with her has a lot to say, and she’s very straight forward, she has a dry sense of humor. This is something that people don’t always realize about the other realms, as Gabriel wants me to call them, not the higher realms, but the other realms, is that humor and laughter is something that is very common; she can be quite witty; she will speak to us about the hilarity of the human experience.

GD: Now is she communicating with you right now as you are speaking?

LD: Yes she is, but I’m going to step aside and let her welcome everybody and let everyone have a taste of either this old friend or this brand new friend.

GD: Sounds great and then we will come back, you and I, and we’ll have a discussion.

LD: Sounds like a plan.

GD: OK, great.

Greetings, I AM Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, Archangel of Joy. Welcome my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters of all rays, all colors, but I invite you this day to bask in my gold and to bask also in the white light also of Love. Yes, I wish to speak to you a little bit about who I am, not so that you can praise all that I have been up to, but so that you will know me and that you will know that you can turn to me, for like all of the Archangels and angels, in all realms and all rays, we are here to assist. Child, there is no point in ever hesitating and asking for help. It does not do you any good and it puts us on hold. So know that as we begin.

I am named the Lily of Love because the lily is also in the shape of my horn. When I say I am the Messenger you have often heard my messages through the horn. And when I blow my horn it is heard and felt throughout the entire universe. But the lily of love is also representative of purity, of grace, and yes, of new beginnings, of resurrection. And so it is a gift that I wish to give many of you, all of you, each time that I introduce myself and I say I am the Lily of Love, I would like you to know that I am giving you that essence of the lily and I am giving you the totality of universal Love.

I am the Trumpet of Truth, you have heard my clarion call, yes whether it is through my trumpet or through my horn or through my voice. I speak to you, I speak to your hearts, your minds, and your beings. I am in charge in many ways of round-up, of bringing collective attention to an issue, to bring attention to something that needs action or conversely, to be left alone, and that in and of itself is action. So I am the one that raises the alarm or says ‘keep quite, be still’. I am the Messenger of One, of Mother-Father-One and when they have need, I appear to those in human form to deliver the messages of mission and purpose; very often of glad tidings, of great joy. And I do this also, my children, to each and every one of you. So do not think that I only speak or visit those who are ascended or whom you think of as enlightened or holy. Each of you, my beloved friends, are holy and sacred. You do not always know it, but you are.

Where do we wish to begin this day? I wish to begin with you, to talk about matters of the heart. You have been given this magnificent form, it is delightful. And of course you were very present in the design and the choosing of how you look and where you would be placed. And that was part of your mission and purpose, the discussion of how you would unfold your life. So you have been given hair and skin, of blond, of black, of brown; you exhibit the diversity of this wonderful collection called the human race. And of course, these bodies are magnificent vessels, they operate perfectly.

But in your human body, the central core of your body, and what I wish to address before we start is your heart. Of course your heart is this magnificent muscle that circulates blood and fluid, insures that your body is operating at full steam, but the heart is also the seat of the soul. Many of you know this, and if I use language that you do not understand, then let me explain, and it is visual that I will give you.

At the tip of your heart there is a sack, a spot, where you can think of at the bottom of your Valentine heart, where the seat of your soul rests. Now it is also felt throughout the entire chakra or energy center. But what is implanted within your heart, within your core, and yes other places in your body, but we are talking about the heart because that is the central focus of all the work we do. This is the place where Love lives; this is the place where it is stored, where it is generated, where it is experienced, where it blossoms and flourishes. It communicates perfectly throughout all of your field; your causal, your astral, your emotional, your mental. It also communicates with your mind, with your physical form. But the heart is your spiritual presence, the core of your spiritual energy. For what are you my beloved friends, what are you except angels in form? Yes for even those of you who are starseed or hybrid or other combinations. Originally, in the very beginning, you have been angels and you still carry that presence within you. It is one of your core aspects and it is an aspect that all of you have reintegrated and re-anchored over the past number of years. You find that aspect of yourself, of your angelic self, of your starseed self, of your Lemurian or Atlantean self within your heart. That is where they come to rest. That is where you go to glean information and to come to know more fully the truth and wholeness of who you are; the truth and wholeness of your Pink Diamond self. We will get to that. Be patient.

So, all the work that we of the Council of Love do with you, whether it is Michael, or Uriel, or Jophiel, or Raphael, whether it is the Ascended Masters or the Mother and Father themselves, all we do is anchored within your heart. And that is why I have asked and you, each of you my beloved friends, you have agreed with me that we will start here this day. That is my joy. I tell you that I am the Archangel of Joy, I am the clarion call of Joy, I am the trumpet call of Joy, and I am the horn of freedom. And all of this vibrates within your heart.

I wish to give you, and to re-give you and to re-gift you throughout eternity, my Golden Heart of Joy and Courage. It is my first gift to you and it is one that I give in the deepest honoring and respect. It is not, my dear hearts, because I feel, or know, or believe that in any sense your heart is lacking; quite the contrary. But never the less, you are on the planet during this time of magnificent change and the unfoldment of the promise that was formulated, the plan that was formulated eons ago. This is a time of unique celebration; yes it entails breakdown and change. So what? It also includes Ascension and re-birth. So what I wish to do is to give you my Golden Heart. It is a shielding and an overlay to fortify your heart. It is to add, not intrude, never to intrude, but to add my energy to your heart so that as you go forward you can call on my powers, on my strength, on my abilities, on my connections as Archangel of Love, as Messenger of God.

My heart is very much like a gold coin and I wish you to think of it as having two faces, two sides. And on the one side it is the side of joy, of unbridled joy, the sweetness of the universe and the knowing, the wisdom of the universe. But on the other side is courage because you do live in this time of mighty change. The most courageous action any of you will ever take is the courage to claim, to anchor, and to live in your joy.

You did not come to the planet; you did not come to this celebration of Gaia to live in anything but joy. So often I am the intermediary of your prayers and yes I hear you say ‘Gabrielle, Gabriel, please help me. Help me find happiness, give me happiness’. Well dear heart I choose and I ask you to receive so much more. Joy was imbedded within you before you ever entered into human form. Many of you have forgotten this but it is there, it is there as clearly as the muscle and the aorta, the fibers of your physical heart, and it is bright and it is beautiful.

When you ask for happiness I say to you ‘Child, why do you not ask for more?’ To be happy is simply to be in a reactive state. So much of the human experience is just that; it is experiential, and it has particularly been frozen in being experiential because of the paradigms that have grown so strong on your planet, that you now break free of. Happiness is an experience, it is a reaction, it is about something, it is a reaction to something, the same way sadness is. It is part of that polarity, duality.

You do not wish to live there. Where you wish to live is in the joy, in the knowing not only of divine perfection and divine unfoldment, but of your divine perfection. Your heart is connected and vibrates and resonates with the heart of the universe. And as I give you this gift I am asking that it will also resonate with my heart. My gold will spark the awareness of the joy. It will hold you in that joy which is where you were intended always to be. None of you, and I speak to the entire collective of the human race at this moment, none of you came simply to live in suffering, pain, discouragement, despair, and what you think of as unhappiness. That was never part of the plan.

Have there been moments or situations of despair or unhappiness? Yes. And what have they taught you? They have taught you the strength of courage, the ability to go on. They have taught you not only forbearance and prudence, but compassion and forgiveness. So it is not that these moments of difficulty have not served you. They have. But child, it is time to let them go for they are of old earth and old realm, and I bring you this night the tools of Ascension. The courage is necessary because even as you sit in joy, it takes courage not only to choose joy, but to also go forward in this unfoldment. To walk through the shift into the unknown because regardless of how much we channel, how much we tell you, how much we encourage you, you are still walking into the unknown. And that requires courage. It is not only my sacred brother Michael who gives you courage; it is I as well. It takes courage to stand when you know that you are isolated in your belief system and your knowing; when you choose to step forward and be the clarion caller on earth, to be who you are. And that is why I give you courage as well.

It is that you may step forward in action because this is no longer a time of stepping back and staying in the shadows. It is a time of action, but the actions emanate from your heart, from the heart of love, from the heart of joy. Love and Joy are inseparable, the same way Hope and Trust are inseparable, we are twined as many of you know. So I ask of you now to take a moment and to sink into your heart, deeper, open your crown, that soft spot on the baby’s head, open your crown and allow me to fill you with my golden light, with my golden radiance, with my love. Breathe the gold, the gold of sunset, the old Florentine gold. Breathe the gold and feel yourself sink, relax, let go, I am here to fortify you, to take care of you. And I am here on behalf of the entire Council of Love.

Into your heart and I wish you this day to teach you about the stillpoint of your heart because this is very necessary in the work that you do in going forward in creation and co-creation with us and with the multitude, with your star brothers and sisters, although they have perfected this long ago. Go into your heart and feel your energy drift down from your head and up from your torso until all the energy is focused within your glorious heart. In the center of your heart see the tiniest pinprick of white light. I ask you with me, for I will take your hand, to go through this pinprick of light. Let us go into your heart, child. Let us fly through that portal of light together, now.

Take a moment as you enter this sacred chamber. See, my beloved ones, what you have written and etched on the walls of your heart; the dreams, the actions, the experiences. See what you have written there, and if it is in symbols do not worry because you have full capacity, when you are in your heart, to know and to read, and translate all symbols, all languages. You are in the place of knowing and I will help you. Notice the movement in your heart, that there is a constant ebb and flow, no it is not just the ebb and flow of your heart muscle circulating as it needs to, it is also the ebb and the flow of your core and your being.

But there are times my beloved one when it is necessary and useful to go to stillness. So I share this visual with you. Sink down further to what you think of as the seat of your soul or what you think of as the bottom of your heart and in this it is more dark as if you have entered a very sacred chamber, because you have. In front of you I want you to feel as if there is a pendulum, a grandfather clock, and it is ticking and it is in rhythm, and it is in rhythm with your being, but it is from the place of stillpoint that we teach you and bring forth creation. It is from the stillpoint of the heart of God, of One, that new creation bursts forward as an inspiration of joy.

So feel that pendulum, sense it, now simply take your hand and reach out, with me, and stop the pendulum. No, you will not die; you will be re-born. Allow yourself to be in the stillpoint of your being, of all and of nothingness. And breathe. Now reemerge, come back to the center of your heart and I want you to look for the golden spark of light. This is your joy and this is the joy we ignite this night. I give you the choice to either place my heart of joy and courage within your heart, to keep it safe there, to have it shield your heart or to shield the inside of your heart. This is your choice of what you choose to do with my gift, that you will be outrageously courageous and outrageously in joy. The embodiment it is not just a quality, it is who you are. So choose now. Direct me and I hear each of you, where you wish me to place my heart of gold, my heart of courage and joy. Where do you wish me to place it? If it is just in your hands, that is fine, but we need to place it in your heart one way or another. So tell me, tell me now. And let my gold ignite your gold; let my courage ignite your courage. It is an act of bravery to be on earth at this time. It is an act of bravery to say ‘I will ascend’. It is an act of bravery to say ‘I believe, and I believe in my self and what I know to be true’.

Dear heart, you are loved. It is time for you to fully awaken and to acknowledge in that awakening, not just the truth and love, but the power of who you are. You are agents of change. Yes, each in your own, delightful way. For some are healers, some are communicators, some are earth keeper and starseed, but each of your paths are intended to be paths of joy, of that inner light of knowing and connection and sharing of laughter and glee beyond measure, and certainly beyond time.

I hover close to earth during this time of change, I hover to help. Yes, I am the messenger and you say to me ‘Well then Gabriel, what is the message this day for my life?’ The message that I bring you from the heart of One is to remember who you are. Awaken and remember that you have stood with us at the beginning of all time and we have formulated the Divine Plan with all its intricacies, with all its glory. And you have said ‘I will participate and this is what I will do’. It’s time my beloved ones, let me help you, let me help you in ways that are grand and small. I am mighty, but sweet angels, so are you. Bring your creations to stillpoint, allow them to mature, to explode and to go forward in this journey of wonder, in this shift of Ascension with Gaia and with all. You do not do this alone.

I thank you; I thank you for listening with your hearts. Never do I wish to eliminate your ego or your personality, they are far too delightful. They give me laughter and joy; they give many of us laughter and joy. We are with you, my golden heart friends. Go in peace and go in joy. Farewell.

GD: Farewell Archangel Gabriel and thank you.

LD: Hi, it’s Linda.

GD: Hi Linda. That was delightful, that was really delightful. It’s interesting, there is a distinct difference in his message and his delivery, when I think about what he’s offering and how he’s offering his gifts and his wisdom compared to Archangel Michael and it’s really interesting to recognize that. He is a little spunkier isn’t he?

LD: Oh my gosh, yes, yes.

GD: I definitely heard the call for this being a time of change that we’re agents of change. It’s time to step forward, it’s the time of action, it’s the time of courage, and of course, his gift of the golden heart of joy and courage that that can help to inspire us to do that. One of the things that came up for me is certainly the meditation that he offered is very powerful and is something that I’ll refer back to and I encourage folks listening tonight to do the same. It helps us get in that place of heart and stillness, but, what do you suggest during these times of change and challenge for many, in the moment in the midst of this change and challenge how do you recommend people stay in the joy and stay in the courage?

LD: You know, Gabriel has talked a lot to us, to me, to others, about this and about this ability to stay in joy. And the thing that she/he emphasizes is that joy is a choice. Now we don’t tend to think of joy as a choice, maybe a little more of courage, but not of joy. We tend to think of either like we got this incredible blessing, this moment of pure bliss, of nirvana, but we don’t tend to think of it in our everyday lives as I have a choice to either be in joy and stay in joy, or really be lukewarm, what I call ‘in happiness’, which is not a bad place to be, but when you compare it to joy it’s just nothing. And certainly then, the choice to be in despair, so the key to this, and sometimes until you really anchor it and start using this heart of joy that you’ve been given tonight is that you have to consciously choose. So it’s your heart cooperating with your emotional body, your mental body, your head. And say ‘OK, I choose today to be and to live in joy’ and to actually do it.

Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel years ago gave us an exercise, what she tends to call ‘prescriptions’, and she’s given many of them and I guess we will be hearing about all of them, but she has this prescription called “The 15 minutes of Joy”. And this is a great way to start. And it’s taking something, and we’re not talking meditation by the way, we’re talking about being in your body and doing something for 10 or 15 minutes that’s going to bring you to that place of joy. And what you do is you decide, well I can only share what I do, I decide at the beginning of the day what my ‘joy ritual’ is going to be, and it differs. So today I’m going to take 15 minutes to look at old pictures of my nieces, my nephews, my friends’ babies, perhaps my dog and cats, or I’m going to listen to a piece of music that is just so joyous that it touches my heart and it just brings this well of tears to my eyes. Or I’m going to sit outside, I’m going to walk the mountain, I’m going to watch the sunset. It’s not about multi-tasking. When Archangel Gabriel has given us this exercise so that we can get used to the joy feeling, it’s to do just that, nothing else. So, I’m not listening to my favorite piece of music and knitting or addressing envelopes or looking on the computer. I’m just in my heart and in that activity anchoring it into the physical realm because this is where we’re operating; it’s in the physical realm.

Same with the courage part of the heart. When you’re going into a situation and you feel like you need reinforcement, now often our natural inclination is, well let’s call on Michael.

GB: For the sword and shield.

LD: Yes, and those are useful. We are being given our tools that we need. But the heart of courage, it’s like that lion hearted energy to even pick up the sword and shield. The courage to go forward and if you feel like you don’t have it, and we all have those days, ‘I just don’t know if I have the courage to go on’ and if you’re feeling that way then say ‘Well I may not have it but I can use Gabriel’s’ and then pull it out and use it. As soon as we invoke her or him the energy will be there, the help will be there.

She told me today, that when she was – we always think of the Archangels as fearless – but she told me that when she was coming to earth with messages of really huge impact, like talking to Mary, that she was nervous, that she used her courage and her grace. I guess on some level, on some realm, you know, it’s ‘will I succeed in reaching this person?’. When she went to Mohammad and told him of his mission and the writing of the Koran, that took courage; ‘will I be able to reach this individual? Will he accept my energy and my gifts?’ So she understands when we need that courage to step forward.

GB: It’s interesting. I’ve never really have considered an Archangel to have nervousness.

LD: No, me neither. There are a lot of…and of course it’s not the same as how we experience it, we can’t take our nervousness and say well that’s what she feels, but I have felt over the years, and particularly with things that have happened, you know, on the planet, my gosh, you know there is enough of it, where I have felt discouragement or sadness. And at first I was shocked; I thought ‘well how can you in that ascended realm feel these things?’ But they do, not in a human way but in a way of ‘why would they not accept the love? Why would they not proceed in love, in grace? Why would they not be courageous? Why would they not acknowledge the human beings, what they already have inside of them? Why do they not accept our help? Because so often what happens is we ask for help, we scream for help, we plead for help, and then as it’s starting to come we get afraid, we go back into that smaller part of ourselves, and we pull it back, we say ‘Ah, I’ll take care of it’. And then we do our human thing, when in fact if we just breathe and wait and allow, it could be so much more.

GB: It was interesting how he was talking about the distinction between happiness and joy. I’ve never considered that, where happiness is a reaction, where joy is really a state of being.

LD: Yeah. Yeah.

GB: I’ve heard about how we are integrating our aspects now and why is that happening? What’s going on there?

LD: Well, what’s going on is that, this has been going on for a few years, but what we were feeling was depleted, a lot of lightworkers were feeling very depleted, very tired, very wrung out. And one of the reasons was they had sent many of their aspects, many of their duplicates, to think of it in a different way, parts of themselves, out there to do work. So best intentions. But as we’re reaching this critical point of taking the jump for Ascension, as we are reaching that place of full integration of who we are, we’re calling all our aspects home. It doesn’t mean that in the future we won’t send them out, but of course when we send them out to do tasks or undertakings in the 5th, they’ll be very different than the things that we’ve asked them to work on in the old 3rd, very different, it’s hard to even imagine. So we’ve been pulling all these aspects, these parts of ourselves back and bringing them into ourselves, like embracing them into our heart, into our bones. Embracing them and always asking them to wipe their feet before they enter, so that they are not bringing back the chaos that they may have been working with, you know, out there. Because when we ascend we are not just ascending with part of us, we’re taking the whole of who we are.

GD: Archangel Gabriel was talking about how he would present himself in human form and it sounds like that would be to bring forth action, to shine a light on something that needs attention, to raise an alarm. You’ve talked about how you have experienced him in the light form, have you ever experienced him in a human form and does he come in a consistent, regular form that I would consider Archangel Gabriel?

LD: Yes, now when he says that, let me tell you an Archangel in form doesn’t look anything like us, unless it’s some kind of blond Adonis. Yes, I have seen and I have experienced the form of Archangel Gabriel, both in this lifetime and in other lifetimes. I guess we go back a long way. Very tall, very lithe, blue eyes that are like that ice blue, blond hair, curly hair. I used to say, well I still do I guess, that the closest image I could give people would be of a very young, innocent, beautiful, Glenn Close. That’s how she appears to me.

GD: Well, we’ll have to leave it at that and I’d like to revisit that again at some point soon, for sure, we’ll need to bring him back on. This was delightful. Thank you so much Linda.

LD: Oh, you are so welcome. It was my pleasure. I just love sharing these gifts, I love being the go-between.

GD: We’ll see you next week?

LD: It’s a deal. We’ll see you then.

Channeled by Linda Dillon March 15, 2012