Archangel Gabrielle speaks of a deeper anchoring of Love. “We know that this is the time of union with your star brothers and sisters, the bringing forth and anchoring of the totality of your star self. But what is this truly about? It is about a deeper anchoring of Love in this time of change.”

Greetings, I am Gabrielle. I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, spokes-being for this Council of Love. Welcome, welcome my beloved ones for there are far many who join us this day that are unseen: your brothers and sisters of the stars, the angelic hosts, and this entire Council of which, beloved one, you have always, always been part of.

I am honored to be the one to step forward this day for there was much discussion. And, yes, we know that this is the time of union with your star brothers and sisters, the bringing forth and anchoring of the totality of your star self. But what is this truly about? It is about a deeper anchoring of Love. It is about a deeper anchoring of trust, of hope. It is about a building of unity and community as Nova Earth glistens and shines. My beloved ones, so do you.

This joining at the table, of assuming your place and role in the unfoldment of our Universal Mother’s plan is magnificent. But why? Why is it so magnificent? Because of you. Because of you, of the Love you hold, of the willingness to step forward and declare the truth of who you are, each of you in beautifully unique ways. The unfoldment of this plan is possible, my beloved ones, not simply because we anchor our energies on Earth along with your star brothers and sisters – it is because you anchor. You are our partners in this undertaking. You are our beloved partners. You are the physical vessels for this unfoldment. It does not happen without the participation of the human beings, of the human collective.

We have told you for months “You are at the tipping point.” Now what does this mean? It means something different to each one of you. But when we say this, we want you to understand a couple of things. You are at the tipping point for the collective, but you are also at the tipping point of your own sacred self for the blossoming of who you really are.
The illusions are gone. Oh, there are still some upon your planet that cling to them as if they are the Holy Grail. Do not worry about it.

The more you stay within your center, the more your stay in the Love of your heart, then you shift and change those who are fearful of letting go. That is doing your work. That is doing your service. You do not need to get on a soapbox at the corner of your street or your city. What you need is to walk around that block, walk around that city. Yes, walk, feet touching Terra Gaia connecting with my Golden Grid. And in that walking, you beam. Your beautiful field touches so many, those that you do not know and will never know. And it matters not because what you are doing is touching the hearts of your brothers and sisters of Earth. You do this with us. And, yes sometimes for us, as sometimes we do it for you. And before we move to the healing, I wish to speak of that.

This is a time of change. And it is change that is welcome and has been awaited for eons, literally. As we know it is hard often for you to think of in terms of eons but nevertheless we have waited for this for eons. And there will be moments, my beloved ones, when you feel tired, weary, exhausted, overwhelmed, disconnected, forgotten. That is when I ask of you to remember that you are part of this Council of Love, and you have never been forgotten. Turn to us. Turn to your favorite master, to you favorite archangel, to your favorite guide. And if you are in doubt, turn to me. I will fill you. I will restore you. And, yes, if necessary, I will give you time out.

We have spoken of the importance of simply time for your sacred self, time to stare at the wall, not to “do” but to simply “be” in the simplest sense of the word. This is called refueling, and it is necessary. You have graced yourself with a beautiful physical form, and dearheart, the diversity is magnificent. It is a delight for us to witness. But in that physical form, if you are tired, if you are lonely, if you seek closer union, we beg of you: turn to us and remember and know how deeply you are loved, not for what you do but for who you are – magnificent being of light, magnificent being in form. There are no edges to our love. It is not a limited commodity. And we give it to you joyfully, even when you are not looking.

So go this day with my blessings and the blessings of this entire Council. Go forth with your brothers and sisters of the stars who now join you, and go my beloved ones in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon May 7, 2011