What an informative show this week as Archangels Michael and Gabrielle discuss the Angelic realm and their interaction with humanity..

Geoffrey West: Hello, and blessings to you. And welcome to An Hour with an Angel, a weekly radio program with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, and Steve Beckow, editor of the2012scenario.our guest tonight is Archangel Michael. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.


Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Geoff. Archangel Michael, I understand that Archangel Gabriel is here today as well.

Archangel Michael: Greetings! And yes, I am Michael. And I do bring greetings from both of us—from Gabriel and from I, from Gabriel and I. We see that this is a family affair. Many have come this day to join us from the angelic, archangelic, and the various angelic realms. You have indicated that you wish to speak to us, and so we have made our presence known through the channel.

But first, I simply wish to say, hello. Hello, light-workers, light-holders, light-builders, my trusted friends of light that I always love to enlist in my legion of blue.

The time of war, of mayhem, of chaos, comes to an end. Yes, we know you think that it does not look this way. And you know that we have a very different perspective, and our barometer is always the hearts of humankind, the hearts of the collective. And so we wish to give this encouragement this day, this night, this time of fundamental change. You will feel it within your being. You will feel it in the air. You will feel it in your heart.

I say this to you that you will gather hope and that you will go forward not engaging in any way, shape or form in the chaos. For that is not where we direct you at this moment, but to stand back and allow this unfoldment and the opening of many, many hearts. We are with you.

I would step aside for my beloved sister as well. (1)

Gabriel: Greetings, I am Gabriel. I am Gabriel, lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. Welcome. And I am pleased also to be here this day, invited by my beloved brother Michael. We could wait no longer for an invitation. I accompany him this day as messenger, messenger from the heart of One, messenger and spokes-being for the Council of Love, central administrator of the universe, the Omniverse. I come because I am an organizer, I am an administrator, and I am helping in the administration not only of your universe, but of humankind.

I bring you the messages, the qualities, the virtues, the blessings of love. So, I am pleased to stand here with him, and I am pleased, my dear hearts, to stand here with you. No, I will not intervene. And I invite you, dear Steve, to direct your questions to either one of us—it matters not. We always bow to each other, for that is the way of our kind.

SB: All right. Thank you, Archangel Gabriel. The first question I have, for either yourself or Michael, is when human beings try to imagine what angels are they—I think probably always—superimpose human form, human qualities onto angels. But angels are different from human beings, are they not? Can you tell us in what ways angels are different, and describe to us please the angelic kingdom?

AAM: We would be pleased to. And yes, I am Michael, and yes, we will go back and forth on this one. In many ways, my dear friend Steve, my beloved brother of blue, it would be more straightforward and simple to speak about the ways in which angels are similar to human beings.

Yes, we have presented ourselves within the human psyche, within the human archetypal knowing, the wisdom, and the experience, as having attributes of the human form. And it is very easy for us to do that. And let us reflect back, before we talk about the qualities of our being[s]: There is knowing and understanding amongst each of you. And if it is not a conscious knowing, it is certainly embedded within your DNA, and within your hearts, that you are created in the image and likeness of God, of One, of Source, of Mother/Father/Trinity. (2)

And we have held that so that when we have appeared to you, or when we work with you, or when you envision us, that you know and recognize the similarities. But let us also say at the same time, if you were to see us in physicality, it can be substantially different. We also have the ability to take a myriad of forms, from…everything from an orb, which you all delight in, to a beam of light, to a gigantic angel with wings. Very often, we are simply an energy of winged light. And the wings are symbolic. They are symbolic of the ability to move, to create, of transversing the universe, the multiverse, the Omniverse. It is symbolic of having flown free and having been gifted with that ability from the heart of One.

Similarly, within your realm of understanding, and in many of our attempts to speak to the human race throughout time and space, we have talked about differences, or orders, or what you would think of as classifications of the angelic realm. Now, I want to say, before we even begin to address that, that we do not ever consider this a hierarchy. If we are ridding the human collective of one addiction, it is the addiction to think in terms of hierarchy rather than a spiral or a circle. No, we do not criticize you, we love you! So we share this understanding.

If we were talking to other realities or other realms, we might use different classifications—and we certainly do sometimes amongst ourselves. And we do not differentiate, and we would not wish you to differentiate, between what you think of as classes, or choirs, orders of the angelic realm, because there is back and forth.

Let us use the example that there is movement and bleed-through between your various energy levels. So it is within the angelic realms. There is movement. We are not restricted. Do we stick to our jobs, to our mission, to our service, to our One? Of course. But every now and then there is one, or two, or twenty, or twenty million, that say, “You know, we would really like to try this.” And off they go.

So, having given that understanding, let us speak of the mighty seraphim. Now, when my sister and I have said that we bow to each other, it is important that you realize that we all bow to each other. The seraphim are those that surround the throne, the essence, the beingness of One, of Source, of Mother/Father/Son — however you define that, again. And that is depending on your tradition and your religious understanding or philosophical understanding.

These are amazing beings in any reality. Their powers are mighty, and their beingness is mighty. Now, you have need to understand that the Godhead has surrounded themselves with the most beautiful, with the highest energy. And so, these are beings of adoration, and these are beings that you will often hear us refer to as those of the pink ray—it is pink-gold, actually. And their purpose is simply to be in attendance, in adoration. They are the singers of hosanna and praise.

Now, why we wish to speak of this—and interrupt me if you wish—the seraphim have never truly spent much time or attention on focusing upon the planet, or certainly upon humankind, for that has not been their purpose, that is not who they are. But at this time of magnificent unfoldment, at this time of the anchoring of the plan of the blessed Mother/Father/One, they have slightly turned their head[s] and their attention to humanity in order to assist with the fulfillment of this plan. And, unheard of, some of them have even taken on human form. This has never occurred before. (3)

And so, some of you are encountering these mighty angels of pink, and you really do not know what to do with them, because externally they are huge. You can even perceive their wings, their six layers of wings, their fierce independence, their enormous beauty and grace, and their core of independence, their core of steel, because they are very clear about who they are. And they really do not need human direction. They really do not need any direction!

Many of you think of the cherubim upon the human realm as little valentine creatures, cupids with arrows. This is a very sweet interpretation, but—and we have no problem with it—but it is also a misconception, for the cherubim are also the keepers of grace and beauty, of knowledge, of the creation of One. So they often hold the energy of the Creation and assist in the manifestation of that infinite, eternal creation throughout the universe. They do not tend to insert themselves, shall we say, into the areas of human affairs. They are gentle, they are sweet, and they are powerful.

There are other realms as well, as you know—the dominions, the virtues, the principalities, the powers. Each has their distinct role. And I speak of these as a grouping because I have never truly, in this form, spoken to you about the thirteenth octave. But, my dear friends, it is time, because it is time for all of you to understand the enormity of this gift.

When you ascend through that process, given from the heart of God, to the place of the thirteenth octave (4) and to the place of being far beyond your twelve planes and realms, you also receive the gifts of all of the nine angelic realms. That is where the blessings and virtues come from, the necessities that you will bring back down to Earth to anchor in your Nova Earth and in your Nova Reality, in your fifth or seventh dimension, or higher. Yes, we keep increasing the game, do we not? (4) And it is the game of Ascension. It is a process sacred unto each of you.

So come to understand those who have dominion and you come to understand those who have power in the best sense of the word over the caretaking and the spirit of a nation or a group. You come to understand who guards the realms and the borderlands, as you can think of it, of that, because you on Earth are very involved in borders.

And then there are the archangels, and, of course, the angelic realm, the guardian angels, as well. And let us also infuse into your understanding, each of you have connection to a being, an angel, within each of these realms. And as we say, they are not [succinct?]. We do not see this as a hierarchy. But each of you have your own angelic protectors as well as those that you have sworn allegiance to, have lineage with, that in some ways you have been connected to.

Can we speak to this a little? Because each of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, each of you have begun your journey, not only as a spark of light, not only as an emanation from the heart of One, but as an angel—some of you, a few of you, even as archangels, or one of the keepers of the dominions or the principalities or the virtues. (5) And you can see this when you look at somebody.

And then, yes, you have incarnated, you have been the adventurous ones, you have been the explorers, and you believed in yourself strongly enough to say to the Mother/Father/One, “I am going to go. I will assume form. I will know the joy of being in form and physicality, and then I will come home and resume my form.” Well, some of you have not resumed in eons. But that matters not. Whether you are starseed or hybrid or Earth-keeper, you still are angelic. And this is something we want you to remember. You spend time during this process of Ascension incorporating, inviting in, all of your glorious aspects.

So, do not forget to invite your own angelic self to be with you. This is not your higher self. If you want to think in the way you do, in terms of layers, think of your angelic self as above your higher self and pull them all in—to your core, to your heart, to your feet, to your toes. Because our purpose in speaking of this is for you to acknowledge and to know your own being as well.

They call the archangels “the mighty ones”. And we are honored by that title. And we are also honored by the role that we have been given, to work and to interact with the realm of humans and with the unfoldment of the Divine Plan.

Now, I have spoken and spoken. I am sure you have questions, Steve.

SB: Boy, I hardly know where to start, Lord. I have so many questions! Just based on what you said, never mind what I had on my piece of paper here. Perhaps we can just pick up the readers on a—pardon me, the listeners—on a number of scores.

First of all, you weren’t giving us a complete list of the angelic realms, I’m sure. We’d need to add the thrones to it?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Am I correct? Are they closer to the cherubim side or closer to the archangel side?

AAM: No, they are closer—you would think of the thrones as being with the seraphim and the cherubim.

SB: Okay. That was a question I had from quite a while back. You’ve used two terms that—three terms, actually—that perhaps we could get clarification on: A hybrid—I don’t know if our listeners would know what a hybrid is; and a former angel—you used, I think, with Graham once, and we wondered, are you saying that many humans are former angels?

AAM: And they will be angels when they relinquish their physical forms and complete their missions upon the planet. You see, when you return home….

First of all, let us talk about hybrid, because this is important for your readers and your listeners to understand. Hybrid is a term that many of you will think of as starseeds, and yes, it can certainly include a starseed. But then there are hybrids that are, oh, a mixture of starseed and what we would think of as Earthling, completely Earthling. And these are also ones that are very involved in the forward movement of Earth and Gaia as she ascends, and the creation of Nova Earth.

A hybrid can also be an angelic human. So, while they are on the planet, you think of them somewhat as a hybrid mix. But when you leave your form, when you abandon and glorify, then what you do is you return to what you can think of as this side, this realm, where a number of things—as you well know, and that is an entirely different conversation. But some will choose to simply remain in this realm as their angelic self, whereas others will continue on. They will either incarnate as starseed or on other planets or on Earth, or they will return to their ships. So there are a variety of ways in which we tend to think of as hybrids. And so that is the way in which we use this term in speaking to you.

And it is important for most of the listeners to realize, most of you, dear hearts, are hybrids, in one way or another, some more clearly. Some are pure starseed, and they have simply incarnated or assumed a form into the human realm in order to assist with this change in what the experience on Gaia is like.

Does that answer your question?

SB: It does for now. I’m conscious of having only an hour, so I don’t want to take any one thing too far. But I wonder if I can convey this, that sometimes when one reads spiritual literature, there seems to be this grand progress, this spiritual evolution where beings are going closer and closer to God, so to speak. But you paint a picture of beings coming back, and taking a detour, and serving in another realm, and then….

You know what, you don’t paint a picture of a kind of a divine progress, but more of people reassuming roles and serving on other dimensions. They don’t seem to go forward. You’ve even talked about angels coming back into physicality, to try an exper…

AAM: Oh, but what you are thinking of is that the progression back to the heart of One is completely linear.

SB: Yes, I guess I am.

AAM: And that is not completely accurate. And it is also not accurate to think—and this is where the confusion comes, because you are applying the linear understanding of the human race. Let me really shock you tonight and say to you that you can be in form, in your human form—as you think of your enlightenment journey—and still be connected, consciously, in that place of full connection to the heart of One.

SB: Oh, that is a shocker!

AAM: And when you go home, and you can reunite in the heart of One, do not think that you go off on another tangent or another journey simply because you feel like it or because you are earning your way back to that linear path; you go back out into the universe as a brilliant spark of pure light!

So you come, you return, you gain not only understanding, wisdom, knowledge—what you can think of as spiritual regeneration—and then, in concert with many, including your guides and guardian angels and, many times, whoever you are going to be working with—for example, myself or Archangel Raphael—and then you emerge again. But let us suggest to you that on this journey of what you are thinking of as linear, that you have emerged bigger, brighter, clearer, more connected. And that is why you spend your life, very often, in the knowing of certain things, of certain truths. That is why you teach, communicate, heal others, because you have this knowing already within your sphere.

So it is not that you are still trying to go along your path to earn the right to go home, it is much more fluid. And one of the things that you have been thinking of—and it has been true of all pathways taught—is that it is linear. If you are good, if you follow the righteous path, if you do good deeds and keep love in your heart, then you will deserve and become one with One again.

SB: Yes, that’s [ ? ? ]….

AAM: And there is a time—well, what you would think of as time—where you do go back and simply unite.

SB: All right. I am going to ask another question, but at some point do give us more information on what the thirteenth octave represents. I know you’ve spoken about the twelve planes of human existence, but I’m not sure if the thirteenth octave represents the angelic kingdom as a whole or just another realm that we haven’t discussed above the human. But the question I want to ask you prior to that is, what does the angelic kingdom want humanity to know about itself that we don’t know?

When I say “itself,” I mean about the angelic kingdom, not about the human realm. I’m saying what does the angelic kingdom want us to know about itself?

AAM: Yes. What do we want you to know about us.

SB: That’s correct.

AAM: We understand. And I will include the angelic realm. But before I do, I also want you to understand that there is the realm of what we call guardianship, protectors, both of the borders of the nations, of the people, but there are also legions and legions of angels. Think of them, “I have my legion of blue.” Archangel Raphael has his legion of green, of emerald. There are legions of angels that are available to you to help. That is their core, and that is what they are available for. And that is also true of our realm, of the realm of the archangels. It is also true of the realm of virtues, of dominions, of powers, of thrones even.

So, do not hesitate in your understanding of that classification. Never hesitate to call on us, because we are available. Yes, it is so that the archangels and the angels, our primary interaction is with the realm of humankind in terms of this planet, and particularly this unfoldment. But do not think that you do not have access to all nine realms; you do. It would be the same as thinking that you do not have access to the heart—the love—of God, of Source, of One.

Understand this: We, like you, are created from the energy of love, from the heart of love, of one being and of all beings, far beyond what you can even imagine. But that is all right, because our purpose is not only to help you understand, our purpose is to help you imagine, to dream, and to create! We invite you to join with us the way we join with you.

You say, “Well, what’s this mean, Michael?” So often you will invoke me or call me, and I am glad you do, and I mean all of you. But never think that you cannot also come—as most of you do in one way or another, during your time of sleep or dream—and be with us increasingly as you are ascending and shifting dimensions. This is going to be clearer to you.

Now, I also want you to know—all of you to know—the angelic realm, all of us, are not part of that twelve dimensions, twelve planes of human existence. We are a realm beyond that. Now, do you experience us, as you are in human form, within that bubble, that existence realm? Yes.

But I am inviting you; you can begin to break through. And that is really the invitation of Ascension. And yes, that is really the invitation of love. It is the invitation of the thirteenth octave. And the thirteenth octave is simply the process of coming home to the heart of One, to join in that sacred union of love, so that you do remember, that you do draw upon the entire universe and the infinity of creation that is available to you.

You are changing. Understand this. You are changing what it means, or what your understanding has been, of what it is to be human. You are coming full circle to the place where it began, and to the place where it meant to simply be spirit in form.

What we want you to know about us is we are committed, and when we say “committed,” we mean indelibly, infinitely, eternally. Our commitment to Source, God, One is to be in partnership with the human beings right now. That is also the commitment of the entire angelic realm, what you think of as angels. You cannot fathom the help that is there and what is being done—yes, mostly unseen. But that does not matter! We don’t need credit!

What is being done behind the scenes, and the work that is being done in awakening people’s hearts and minds and bodies to the wonder of who they are, and to the wonder of each other, the shift, to stop being defensive and in fear, to the deep desire and passion to be in community and unity and sacred union—never before have we heard such a consistent plea and prayer from the human collective as to be in the unity of sacred union, of partnership, with one another.

This is a grand opening, because it is an opening of the heart, to say, “I am ready to love” —not just to have a love affair, not simply to love something or other, but to truly commit and to be in union, because that becomes and is a reflection of union with One.

So, we want you, human beings of Earth and far beyond, we ask you, we invite you, always you think of our help and calling our help, which we are glad to respond to, as coming down to Earth. Now, answer our call and come and join us in play and change this planet and far beyond.

We can help with this shift. We want you to begin to experience it. Be with us as we are with you. Be with the Mother the way she is with you, the Father, with the ascended masters. This is a different form of unity and community, but it is just as joyous, just as profound.

SB: All right, Lord. And just for our listeners’ information, if I’m correct—and I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m not—the Divine Mother is the Divine Energy and the Holy Father is the formless Godhead, Creator. Am I correct?

AAM: Yes.

SB: All right. Thank you. This is my next question: What is the chief mistaken view or estimation that humans have of the angelic kingdom which you would like to correct?

AAM: The biggest error—mistake, if you wish to call it that—that humans make, well, it is twofold, if you will permit me. One is that the higher realms, as you think of them, do not care, that we do not care about what is really happening or occurring in your lives or upon the planet, that we are busy elsewhere with the adoration and the service of God.

That is not so, because love is inclusive. It is as inclusive of each one of you, and your star brothers and sisters, and every other being in the outer galaxies and universes you have not even imagined yet. And that we do not perform—can you say, your term would be—“acts of kindness or grace,” that because we do not interfere in your realm—and it is true in many ways, we do not interfere, but—that does not mean that there are not miraculous gifts that descend to each of you and to your planet. That is the first thing.

And the second thing, so often, is that there is a belief that prayers are only heard, that pleas and creation activities, designs, are only heard or acted upon part time, that sometimes we hear and sometimes we don’t, sometimes we answer and sometimes we don’t. That is not so. That is a very mistaken view. And let me tell you how this misconception has come to pass.

Very often you will plead, from your very core of your heart, your soul, your being, and you will ask for help, and the help is being formulated and things are being put in place. And then you say, “I guess they didn’t hear me,” and you grab back the request, and you do what your will—and I am talking personality and ego—desires to direct you. And you basically cancel out the assistance that we have desired to give you.

The other piece of that is that you will say, “I need help right now.” And it is not that we do not hear you, or that that request, that heartfelt request, is not received. But also sometimes, in your plan and in the larger unfoldment, there is divine timing.

So, our desire is for you to know every heartfelt, sincere prayer is heard and acted upon. And stop pulling it back, please. We all are here to assist, as you are assisting us. You are our ground crew. You are the brave ones. You are in form on Gaia, in service to the Mother/Father/One, to partake and to activate this Ascension, this miraculous change.

Let us help, as you help us.

SB: Thank you. You corrected my linear thinking and hierarchical thinking, and told me many things that I didn’t realize or know—and I’m sure there are an infinite number more. One of the things you’ve said that I still have trouble understanding is that you can be a million places at once. My mind simply cannot fathom that. And a large number of jokes go out in my mind, like, “Which Michael am I speaking to?”

How is it possible to be in a million places at once—or, if you can make that clear to us, which may be an impossibility, but—how is that possible?

AAM: Well, usually I am not in a million places at once—first let me make that very clear as well. But I will give you an example. You have a capacity. You can be sitting, having coffee with somebody and you are present in form, but your mind is a million miles away, and then another part of you is writing an article, and then another part of you is thinking about a family matter. Now, of course you are not bringing the totality of your being to any of those activities.

What I am saying to you is that I have the capacity—we all do; and when I say we all do, I mean the mighty ones, the archangels—we have the capacity to bring the fullness of our energy to many, many, many, and yes, if you wish, millions—millions!—of places simultaneously. It is not bilocation. It is not multilocation. It is the ability to be present fully and completely where we are called, where we are required, where we wish to be. Because I am always connected also infinitely to the heart of One, and I am always infinitely in this moment with you, on the radio, fully connected to you.

Do I give you the entire, full blast, the full presence of my energy? As you know, there are days when I will give you more and I will give you less. I modulate it according to what can be handled. But, make no mistake, my beloved brother, and every listener upon the planet, I bring you the fullness of my being the same way I can simultaneously bring it to your brothers and sisters onboard Neptune, or on Arcturus or Venus, or how I can bring it to a mother who is trying to protect her child in a war-torn country.

So, yes, it is beyond human understanding; but nevertheless, it is the gift that we have. It is a beautiful gift that allows us to do the work and the service that we have committed to.

SB: All right. Thank you, Lord. Just before we are overtaken by the music, is it true to think that there is an evolutionary spiral and humans become angels in the normal course of affairs?

AAM: Yes, you can think that. Yes.

SB: All right.

AAM: But it would be incorrect to think that then you would become archangels or a virtue or a throne.

SB: Why is that?

AAM: Because the progression usually will be that you will emerge—it is not that it is not possible, understand that, but—that you will move through the angelic realm back to sheer light within One.

SB: I’m confused, Lord. Could you just back up for a sec.? Could you repeat that statement? I didn’t quite follow it.

AAM: Do not think that you are going to evolve as a human being—or a starseed—into your angelic self, into being an archangel, into being a dominion, into being a virtue, into being a cherubim, a seraphim, and then to the heart of One.

SB: All right.

AAM: It is not…

SB: What would be more correct, Lord?

AAM: To know that you can jump, that you can travel up that spiral faster than the speed of light, at the speed of love, and go directly home.

[music up]

SB: Well, I suppose we’ve run out of time! I’ve only asked you about four questions out of twenty! So…

AAM: We will return again, because this is an important conversation.

SB: Wonderful. Thank you very much, Lord.

AAM: Go with my love, and go in peace. Farewell.