wowwowwowTruth is liberating, it is the ability to know with clarity simply what is. Truth does not require proof, it simply is. It is within you, in your divine spark, that expansion, that infinite and eternal existence is within Truth. It is the foundation, it is the beginning, it is the end….But there is only a singular Truth!

Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, Suzanne Maresca, and myself, GD. It’s a pleasure to be with you. Today our guest is Archangel Michael to speak to the quality of Truth and we encourage your questions and comments, you can call us to join in on the conversation. You can dial 323-784-9697 and be sure to press #1 so Suzanne knows you’d like to come on the show. Well good morning Linda and Suzanne, hello.

Suzanne: Good morning.

Linda: Good morning…I guess that was a race to the finish line, huh?

GD: We kind of organized ourselves right before the show started so we pulled it off.

LD: Well let me tell you, I have been having the most interesting morning. I don’t know whether you can imagine Archangels having a debate, I won’t use the word ‘argument’ but having a very big debate this morning about who was really the right one to speak about Truth? Yeah, how are you Suzanne?

SM: I’m great, I’m doing great. The sun is shining and I’m excited about the show.

LD: Well, first Archangel Gabrielle came in and Gabriel/Gabrielle is my ‘go to gal’ as I put it and she says “Child, I want to remind you ‘I AM Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One.’ It’s like oh, I think I’ve done a faux pas here and then Michael is there and he’s saying “Yes, but I carry the Blue Flame of Truth” and I’m thinking “well, you know, it would be ‘Clash of the Titans’ if those two go at it and then I hear Archangel Uriel say “Yes, but I am the carrier of the Silver Flame and what do you think the Silver Flame is? The Silver Flame is the flame of clarity and what is Truth? Truth is clarity.” So, they all want in today and I’ve told them they’re all welcome to come. But I had to share that because it’s just been funny and so I was so involved in chatting with them that I lost track of time, just for our listeners to know what’s going on and I almost didn’t call in in time.

GD: That’s okay; it’s all worked out well. It’s a nice experience to see how those in the higher dimensions and the angelic realm work through disagreements and….

LD: Yeah, and I guess the way they work through it is that there’s room for everyone. Yeah, you’re right, you’re absolutely right. But what it was saying to me is that as we’re working through these Blessings and Virtues, the Divine Qualities, that Truth is one of those really major issues that the Council of Love or the Company of Heaven really take seriously in a big way.

GD: And that makes sense. Well, how about we start off with a meditation, Linda?

LD: Sounds good to me. So the colors of Truth are silver with these wonderful tinges, these touches of pink and lilac. So I thought for this morning we would work with these rays and allow ourselves to be just caressed by them. So, feel yourself relax and sink into your heart. Feel all your energy as if you’ve just pulled the plug on the sink, draining into your heart from your head as you become heavier, releasing the tension in your jaw, in your neck, in your shoulders, and feel your heart expand. And that wonderful sense of warmth, of belonging, that you’ve given yourself this time for your spiritual journey and your practice and to connect with the love.

So, let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of silver. Silver is also very prevalent in the ray of the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine. So take that silver and allow it to come down from the heart of One, down through your crown chakra, filling you head, your mouth, your cheeks, your throat, your arms, your legs, all of you as you anchor in that wonderful silver ray, the color of dew drops, of fresh rain on a spring leaf, of ice skates, the silver that you see on a stormy day out on the water of the lake or the ocean, the silver of the salmon in the stream, or the trout in the brook. Feel as if you’re in a cloud, not of stormy gray, but of this beautiful, clear, silver elixir and let yourself float in this and as you do, as the sun hits your silver cloud see how it picks up the tinges of pink. And remember the pink also of the Divine Feminine and the Pink Diamond of your sacred self and your wholeness. Deeper into your heart. Keep going. And drift and allow.

Our fields are expanding constantly as we become the full embodiment of our wholeness in our Ascension process. Now add a touch of the palest lilac and breathe that scent of lilac and spring and think of all the colors of lilac, how some are more pink and purple and bring it in. And relax.

Greetings, I AM Michael.

GD: Hello, welcome.

AAM: And welcome to you, to each and every one of you and always I would gladly step aside for my beloved sister, Gabrielle, or my brother, Uriel. And so we come to you this day, yes, I am the spokes being, but know that we carry a triangulated energy into your hearts of the silver and pink and lilac and of course, of the blue and of the gold. Always I am honored and yes, excited. Do not think that Archangels do not know what excitement is; quite the contrary. I am excited to bring you my Blue Flame of Truth for it is my eternal gift to you. And yes, we will wrap it in silver, we will wrap it in gold, and then we will unwrap it so that it will shine brightly within thee, around thee, and within the heart of the collective, for never has there been upon your planet, or even within this universe, a more important time for the unveiling of the Truth.

Yes, Truth is clarity, but Truth also speaks to the other Blessings and Virtues and it speaks to Joy and it speaks to Hope because where there is Truth, where there is the knowing simply of ‘what is’ you cannot gaze in that in wonder and awe and not have the wellspring of Hope, might I even say confidence that all is not only in unfoldment and according to plan, yours and the Mothers, but that Truth simply is. It is a stand alone, it is the Truth of Love, it is the Truth of Mother/Father/One/Source, it is the eternal and the infinite.

There are many upon the planet, yes even now, who tend to deny the Truth; that does not alter it. Never do we judge, never. It is not within our capacity. But when we gaze upon those who deny the Truth or the existence of love, of One, it is sad. And it is sad because what they are doing is they are denying one of the greatest sources of their joy and that is the connection to who they are and the connection to All. Now, of course it can be said, and we would not deny that there are many, many who deny or interpret Truth in funny ways, unusual ways, who live according to love and to the simple goodness of their essence and their beings. But it is…what makes us sad about this is simply that they are not accessing what is their birthright. You see, it does not alter the Truth on this side or throughout the omniverse; it simply alters their life journey and path. So it limits, and of course, limitation is of the old, limitation is a human, and might I say old human invention; it is an invention of control.

Now there are many who say that they acknowledge the Truth, which we say is interchangeable with the love and who use that passionate belief to simply exercise control and lack and limitation in other ways. Well, that is not Truth either and that is not alignment with Truth because Truth is liberating, it is the ability to know with clarity simply what is and what is in the silver of your mirror and the silver of the infinite sky and the heart of One. Of all the Blessings and Virtues perhaps Truth, in many ways, is the most misunderstood and misappropriated and that is why we are all glad to bring our energies to this topic today. Truth does not require proof, it simply is. And you may acknowledge it or you may not, you may interpretate it to fit whatever your ego or your interpretation of reality is at any given moment, but it does not alter the stand alone Truth of the fabric of the plan, of the structure and composition of All, not simply of your universe or your galaxy or the multiverse, but of All.

Often we have spoken in terms of the other Blessings and Virtues, for example Joy as being within you; well, Truth is within you as well, in your divine spark. But we have spoken to you about how you may expand and expand and access Joy and grow it, but that expansion, that infinite and eternal existence is within Truth. It is very much a stand alone and it is very much the pillar upon which so much rests and is constructed; it is foundation, it is the beginning, it is the end. And that is true of each and every lifetime and the entire series of existence.

Truth is a word that is much bandied about, but it is not, it is bedrock and it is not alterable. When people say, “Well let me explain my truth”, what are they talking about? because my dear friends, unless you have taken the steps, and many of you have and are, to be in alignment with One, with love, then your truth is simply your idea, your feelings, your ego, your expression. It does not have multiple interpretations. Has that evolved that way upon your planet? Yes. But there is only a singular Truth. Is it very broad? Is it much broader than the experience of simply one planet or one race? Yes. So this is a very big subject for us to speak about and we are anxious to do so. Dear hearts, where do you wish to begin?

GD: There’s so much that I’d like to follow up on in terms of what you’ve shared and we have a special guest, our dear and beloved friend and brother, Steve Beckow, is waiting to ask you a question. I was mentioning the other day that you were coming on the show and he said “Oh boy, I have a question about Truth that I’ve always wanted to know” and so I wanted to give him an opportunity to check in with you about that as he has another commitment he needs to move on to so Steve, welcome, good morning.

Steve Beckow: Thanks Graham and thank you Archangel Michael if I can ask you the question that’s been on my mind for some time?

AAM: Yes, of course you may.

SB: Alright, thank you. Let me ask the question first and then if you wouldn’t mind I’ll give just a small word of explanation. The question is “What is the spiritual relationship between Truth and Love?” and the explanation is that often I’ve heard that Truth is the ultimate reality but just as often I’ve heard that Love is the ultimate reality. Between these two, Truth and Love, is one the end all and be all and the other not? Is one a means to the other? What is the spiritual relationship between Truth and Love?

AAM: Think of them, my beloved brother, think of them as a double helix, as so intricately intertwined that they cannot be separated and that it is not a hierarchy. I have said that Truth is Love and Love is Truth. What you are saying is “What is the ending point?” The ending point and the beginning point is Truth and how do you know Truth? It is through Love. The beginning and the ending point is Love. And how do you know Love? It is through the Divine Knowing of Truth. Truth is the Divine Knowing, what you may think of as supreme intelligence, wisdom, substance, inspiration, ideas; and Love is the expression and how that is experienced. If you wished to make a deeper separation you could think of Truth as Divine Masculine and Love as Divine Feminine; but as you know, they are united as one. Does this answer your question?

SB: Yes it does, Lord. What is the relationship of certainty to all that because the Truth contributes certainty to me. Does Love play a role in that? Does Love bring on certainty as well say, through realization?

AAM: Yes it does, because where there is Love…Love is the fuel, Love is the substance, Love is the movement. And so, very often when you are working and being in the Love, you feel the certainty of being able to operate, shall we say, within the universe that you are occupying, whether it is this universe or another, it matters not. When you are in certainty of Truth it is more akin to the Stillpoint. So, both are necessary.

SB: Okay, thank you, that’s very helpful, Lord. Thank you.

AAM: Always, always and forever. For that is the Truth and the relationship of Love between us.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

GD: Thanks for coming on Steve; it was a real pleasure to have you. We’ve talked on occasion on the shows and on the blog, and this is a follow-up to the discussion about Love and when we’re in a state of love, when we’re in a state of bliss, we’re able to connect to knowledge, to truth. Can you speak a little bit about the importance of being in that high vibrational state? because in that place that’s where we connect to our true selves, our Divine Spark, if you will, when we’re in that place we connect to All That Is, Was, and Ever Will Be. Is that right?

AAM: That is absolutely correct. So the sense of being, well as you know I am also preferential towards peace, but when you are in the Love, then you are in the alignment to have the clarity of Truth. When you are not in the Love, then you have no way to truly access the Truth other than as an intellectual exercise and Truth is not simply about intellectually understanding.

GD: If I were to ask you the key components, if you will, for discovering ones own truth, ones own knowing, that’s the first step right there.

AAM: Yes, it is exactly the first step. It is the alignment in Love, because when you are also knowing and acknowledging and acting accordingly, both in action and as observer, with the truth of your divinity, then you are already accessing Universal Truth, it cannot be otherwise. So, you cannot say, it is not possible, and there are very few things within the multiverse that are not possible, but you cannot be in the truth of knowing your own being and not be in that alignment. And that is why I say that there are many misuses of this understanding of the word Truth; much the same as there is much misunderstanding and misuse of the word of Love.

So, you have brought up an important point because people will say “Well, I know myself.” And so often what is surprising is that that is, in fact, a diminished, limited statement because so often it is said “I know myself, I know my limitations, I know my faults, I know my strengths” it is that see-saw and not in the balance of simply being in your divinity and in truth of who you are which is a reflection and a spark directly from the heart of One, birthed directly from the Divine Mother. So, when you say “I know my truth” and you are looking and connecting on your silver cord with the Divine Mother/Father/One, through the Mother always, then there can be no shortcomings.

There is…and this is a big…let me digress because in many situations and shows, An Hour with An Angel, we talk about these stages of Ascension. One of the stages is to completely release denial. We have talked of judgment and how there is not room, but so often there is denial, fundamental denial, of your Divine Spark of Truth, of that direct alignment. There is a denial of the human potential for perfection, “I’m not perfect, I’m human.” Do you really, in any reality, believe, conceive, or know that the Divine Mother births anything less than her Divine perfection?

So the Truth, my beloved light-workers, love-holders, the Truth of who you are is you are perfect. Now you would interrupt me and you would say “Yes, warts and all” and I say “No, no warts.” You see, this is how all the Blessings and Virtues are interwoven because acceptance of your truth is also acceptance of your beauty. And of course you would do this, who would deny the beauty of the Mother? So, what the humans, the collective, what you are doing is coming to a place where you accept your wholeness, the fullness of your infinite potential.

That was the miracle and is the miracle of your Ascension; it is the closing of the circle of the fullness of your potential, of your Truth in form which got lost and now is re-found. And that is why I say to you “I come at a very exciting time and we are excited.” This is the Shift; this is the opening to the fullness of the consciousness of your being, of your heart. That is why I speak so forcefully. And I know, we all know, that in that infinite knowing we can never convince you of your perfection. But if you know your Truth, then this you know.

GD: I hear you speak of infinite potential and that really resonates with me because as we go through this Ascension process it doesn’t stop, it continues and we continue to expand and we continue to grow and I’m thinking about that key ingredient, Love, right, to connect to our Truth. I also think about diligence and the importance of being centered and balanced and being in the calm, in the peace. And courage, the courage to connect to ones Truth, follow ones Truth, act out ones Truth when there are so many influences right now in the old 3rd, which are falling away, but this paradigm that we’ve been used to includes many controls, that you’ve spoken to, these norms that we’re experiencing or have been experiencing a paradigm where it’s believed that if you lie large enough and long enough the lie becomes the truth. There is so much that needs to be spoken to in terms of what really has happened, what our true history is, who we truly are, unveiling the Truth is monumental in terms of bringing peoples awareness to the forefront. Anything you’d like to say around any of that?

AAM: Much of it is also remembrance. And one of the things that is taking place and that is part of the process is that as you erase, as the old dimensional paradigms simply disintegrate and fall away, as what many call the ‘veil’ simply is eliminated, that there is a deeper remembering of the truth of who you really are. And it is humbling, it is elevating, it is phenomenal, and yes, it requires that elimination of denial. There is a wonderful, wonderful human trait that is residual and reflective of what you are building and where you have come from in unity and community. When you are undertaking something that you will ask opinion, and I use that word very specifically, you will ask people what their feelings or their thoughts are on a certain subject or undertaking, project, it matters not, and that includes us, by the way, you ask us as well, but you are asking opinion. Is that not curious? Now we fortify and encourage this sharing of knowledge and knowing and the sharing of heart because if you follow your heart then you are following Truth, you are in that alignment.

But so often we hear you say “Well, you know, I think I’m supposed to do this” or “My guides, or my guidance, or Archangel Michael told me to do this, what do you think?” Now that is good because that is part of family, spiritual family and actual family and building community, but might I suggest that you elevate the conversation to ‘what is your knowing, what is your understanding of the Truth of this behavior, of this situation, of my feeling?’ Because what you are really doing is you are requesting your fellow human beings, or this side, to truly share with you what is known. And what is known, the clarity of Truth is always, always of Love; it cannot be otherwise.

Now we know, and we listen to your conversations constantly, all of you, and sometimes someone will speak what they perceive to be the Truth, but they do not say it in a loving manner. Well then I say to thee, “Let it go or look at why this perception or this Truth evokes emotion within you.” But elevate, elevate the respect for yourself and for Truth because even as Steve has said, what you are searching for, this is why so often we have these conversations; this is why this platform, InLight Radio, has been formed, it is a sharing, not only of Truth, of Love, but of the search for certainty. That is why there are so many questions and that is alright because it is leading you to the truth of your being and the anchoring, the acceptance of that spark within thee.

So, truth be told, when you are doing this you are helping us do our job. Thank you.

GD: Of course. How about some callers?

AAM: Yes.

GD: David from Germany thanks for being patient and welcome to the show. What’s your comment or question today?

David: Thank you, thank you. My question is, well I’m also very, very excited if we talk about the topic of infinite potential and my question for Archangel Michael is “How can I really embody my various talents and well, my infinite potential within this body during our Ascension process?” And maybe you can give me a really precise tool which I can use every day.

AAM: It is a very good question and of course there are many tools, but I am happy to share one very specifically and it has to do, my dear friend David, with the use of my Blue Flame of Truth. Every day take my Blue Flame within your heart and burn away doubt and denial. That is the first piece. So, begin your meditation, anchor in your heart, then burn away…yes there are many…Uriel, Jophiel, St. Germaine…but I am suggesting the Blue Flame, but all are more than adequate to say the least…burn away doubt, denial and limitation. Then sit and allow the Blue Flame to expand and expand and consume you as if you are the Blue Flame. And in that, as if you are a sponge, allow your infinite potential, from throughout the universe, the multiverse, the ominverse and the Source, to fill you. Allow the time to feel this sense of expansion. Then again, anchored in your heart, center, ask “Today, Michael, what is the expression of my infinite potential?” I will gladly tell you and it will be different on different days because not only are you diverse, and I speak to all of you, but each day you are doing different things, and that is an expression of your infinite potential. And then, dear friend, this is where the key lies, even if it seems outrageous or too benignly simple, please do it.

GD: David, I had to put you on mute, there was some background noise on your end, but I’m going to take you off if you’d like to say any closing comments, go ahead.

David: Yeah, thank you. I have speakers, not speakers, I listen with earphones which I hope it’s better now…

GD: I think it was some typing.

David: Ah, oh yeah, I was typing all the great information from Archangel Michael…sorry…

GD: I don’t blame you a bit; there were some really wise words for sure. Anything else you’d like to say in closing?

David: Well yes, maybe…we are a creation of God and we always say that God is Love and we’re also Love and you don’t have to answer to me, but maybe you can talk about if the ultimate Truth was always there? Or if it is the first creation that God ever did? because this is what I ask myself always “Do I want to create myself as Love or do I always have been Love?” and you don’t have to answer that for me, I will be glad to listen to it.

GD: Thanks so much David for your call today.

David: Thank you all and blessings to you all. Bye bye.

AAM: The Truth of your creation is that you are Love, it is the Divine Spark that you have carried forever and that you eventually will carry home. Everything else is an illusion. And you say “Oh Michael, no!” Yes my friends. Now in that expression of your Truth, which is Love, there is a wonderful, beautiful tapestry of who you are, of your ray, of your color, of your expressions, of the infinite nature of your being. But when you are traveling through a lifetime it is not clearing, clearing, clearing, clearing so that you finally can embrace Love, it is remembering, letting go, and acceptance of the fact that you are Love, that you are loved and lovable and that you are the essence of Love and when that acknowledgment and that knowing, that Truth emerges, then it is an expansion that takes place of that essence. It is as if you have an ember in your heart, in your core, that is your Divine Spark of Love; you may think of it as light, but it is Love. And then when you finally see that and acknowledge that and realize you have never been anything but Love and you have always been connected, it explodes, it explodes. For some it is a raging fire, for some it is the warmth of a cozy campfire, it matters not, it grow and that is how you become your infinite expression, not just the potential but the expression of that potential.

Now so often you think of the expression of your potential as what you do physically in the world and of course, that is part of it. But it is also simply the light and love you carry, exude, share; that is the core.

GD: Beautiful. Apple from Jamaica, welcome to the show. What is your question or comment today?

Apple: Yes, good morning, how are you?

GD: Good morning, I am well. Welcome. What is your question?

Apple: My question directs to what the bible says that God doesn’t change and I’m looking at the character of God in the Old Testament that from the beginning God created mankind, he said that he regretted he made mankind and with the two people he created, Adam and Eve, he did not give them any knowledge and they were given knowledge by an intruder, the serpent. And God came in, he was very angry, he called up the cherubim, which implies that these were soldiers to point arrow at the two people to drive them away from the residence.

I didn’t see where God offered them opportunity to repent or anything or attempt to offer them forgiveness. So, I see nothing in that part about God which I consider Genesis to be the inauguration of the creation of God and mankind. And I haven’t seen any protection of God and anything that we, today, in religion use as a basis for worship and adoration to God. None of that is found, as far as I can see, unless I am missing something, but none of the characters except God is in keeping with what we believe about God today. So, my thing is we talk about love and peace and the goodness of God, that is not shown in the character of God in the Genesis creation story.

Since that, I haven’t seen that, my question is “He did not care about these two people when he throwed them out and their offspring that they begat after they were out of God’s care. The next time God intermingled with their offspring was down in China when they were building the city and the tower and God came down specifically to disrupt their lives by [?] so, I am saying if God does not change how we get God today to be a loving God when did he give us knowledge and when did he show that he loves us and stuff like that if this be the case? Isn’t that then not true that God doesn’t change? How does he change in this way?

AAM: You have answered your own question. But I will clarify. First of all, your books that you refer to, whether it is the bible or the Koran are human interpretations of the writings. Now, we do not in any way be critical of this but understand your feelings, the emotion of doubt, the serpent was doubt, the serpent was the lack of self worth and confidence, what Steve has referred to as certainty. And the belief that somehow that they would be punished, that was the first break. What you think of as original, and we would…that would be an entirely conversation…but the essence of the races whether they are hybrid, starseed, or human, they began in the very beginning; the creation was in the image and likeness and might I say, the love and the energy of One. So the impression, the shock of the introduction of doubt, of lack was so severe that what human beings did was they created a cruel and thundering and punishing God and that is why we have been having this conversation about the elimination of this concept of control and punishment. That is not of Source or One. So it is not so much, dear heart, that the unmovable, the unknowable has changed but that human beings have changed and evolved and they are evolving back to the recognition of their creator self. This is very good news.

GD: Apple, thanks so much for your call today.

Apple: May I have another follow question?

GD: Well, we have some other callers. If I can ask you to be concise that would be appreciated. Go ahead.

Apple: Yeah, I want to know then if what we’re reading is a literal story or this is just something people can just take it any way they want it?

AAM: It is a story to guide you, it is a holy book.

Apple: Is it literal?

AAM: No it is not literal.

Apple: Oh so we just put that aside then because this God is definitely in…what specifically what they are shown here, if this is just something to guide us it is showing us that the God that created us was not perfect, he was incompetent, he was kind of drunk, why are worshiping this God?

AAM: That is where you come to Truth, dear heart…

Apple: And the Truth is?

AAM: It does not require Truth; it is Truth as is…

Apple: Were we really cursed by this God and do we need a son, Jesus Christ to be killed to wash away all our sins?

AAM: We do not continue this conversation for that is not the nature of this conversation and this show.

Apple: But you’re Truth, you are to give me Truth…

GD: We go on to another caller. Thank you very much for calling.

Apple: Alright.

GD: Rose from Ohio, welcome, what is the comment or question today?

Rose: Um, yes, thank you. My question is sandwiched by the practical application and I’m sorry if I start crying and I feel like in the past when I have followed my heart and followed the love, I admit that there’s a lot of ego and other things, but I’ve had negative consequences in a lot of ways and been punished for it. I can also take a higher, spiritual view and see that’s exactly what was meant to happen then everyone involved had a soul contract, a pre-agreement and you know, blah, blah, blah, you know, a normal set of social situations in normal communities that…people don’t really sort of recognize that and so, I’m in a situation where there’s possibility of moving forward in my life and really struggling with this sense of wanting to hold that love and follow my heart and the truth but also I don’t want to be ostracized from society and I’m facing prosecution and just wanted to know if you have any comments about how to practically, when following your heart, how to move forward, how I might do this in a more positive way now.

AAM: You are well named. Truth is within your heart, the Truth is within your being and in many ways…in some ways repeating the question of dear Apple which is “do I have to suffer the persecuted and in many ways feel like I am being killed in order to be purified and go forward?” Suffering was never part of the Divine Plan and we know that there are many belief systems in the 3rd dimension, old, that have said “you have to suffer to purify.” That is not the case.

Put yourself into community that is supportive of the heart, that is supportive of the Truth, and your pursuit of anchoring the fullness of your being because this is what we are talking about. We are not talking this day or any day about a defiant, uncaring, distant deity. We are talking about that spark of the Divine, of the Mother/Father/One, that Truth that lives within you. Now you say to me “Michael, I have followed my heart and dear Rose, you speak for many, I have followed my heart and I have been hurt. I am lying on the ground and I am battered and bruised, emotionally, sometimes physically, financially, socially. What am I to do? And please just do not tell me to just keep going.” Dear heart, I am not just telling you or guiding you to blithely keep going, but I can not, in truth, tell you not to follow your heart because that is your map, that is your compass, it is the way that you have been created so that you would know, this divine knowing, this truth knowing, of which way to turn.

But what I am suggesting to thee, and of course you are going forward and it is time, as the old is fading away, that you seek those that are truly supportive of your journey. And I know many of you have been positioned and have chosen to be in families that do not support your viewpoint or your path; that you came to these families as catalysts, as beacons of love, to teach love, to give them the opportunity to open their hearts. And you are shaking your head and saying “the free choice is making me hurt because they are not choosing to love.” But you cannot judge, but what you can do is distance yourself. You do not hold all opportunities up close and personal forever if they are harming you. That is what pain and suffering is about, it is not about continuing in being a martyr, it is a signal to you to back up, to back away, to always send the love, hold the love, give the forgiveness which is eternal and infinite. But do not stay in situations that hurt you.

Well you say “I have no way to support myself. If I leave this situation I am on the street.” So I ask of you, turn to the Mother, turn to me, turn to the Company of Heaven, turn to your guides, ask them and open to put the potentials for what you think of as physical where-with-all within your field of infinite potential, it is already there so have them bring it to your attention so that you may proceed in way that bring you joy, so that when you awaken in the morning you literally wish, with a smile in your stomach and your face, ‘I am glad to be alive; rather than how am I going to get through this day.’

What is not the plan that you came to earth for, it is not banishment, pain, it is joy. So let your heart lead you directly, we are not suggesting any longer you take the scenic route, lead directly to joy and let it come first through the simplest of things, let it grow and act as that ember bursting into flame. And trust, dear heart. When we have begun today and I have said that within Truth is Hope because without Hope there is no life, there is no forward thrust. So we give you the Mother’s Hope this day; Gabrielle and Uriel and I. And we give you our support. Farewell.

GD: Thank you for your call today, Rose. And I’m sure those words speak to many. Archangel Michael we know that Gabrielle and Uriel also wanted to chime in today, we have only a short time left, I’ll leave it up to the three of you to determine who would like to speak, if any others would like to.

Thank you. I AM Gabriel.

GD: Welcome.

AAG: I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And I bow to my brother for really we have many voices and only one voice. But it is my joy to also speak to you this day about this core issue, this core existence, this cornerstone called Truth. So often all of you turn to me and you say “Gabriel, how do I know Truth?” When I say to you that I AM the Trumpet of Truth, it is the clarion call and I also give you that trumpet, my horn, so that when you speak you speak through it and you speak Truth as well.

But I digress…how do you know Truth? How does that clarity come and anchor within you? It is that deep sense of knowing, dear heart and when we use the word ‘knowing’ we mean it in the sense there is no doubt, no question, it is just the deep rooted sense of alignment and what is. And even when you are not feeling that silver cord to the Truth of One and All then what you are doing is you are knowing the Truth of your sweet being and that is all you need because it will take you where you need to go, where you have designed, in tandem with all of us, to where you wish to be to your plan, both for this life and for eternity. It will guide you back home.

The comfort that each and every one of you seek, the solace, is to know. Some of you say “Oh it is to know that I am on track, it is to know that I am holding the peace, the joy.” But it is also holding the love because within that knowing, even when war is raging outside your door, you know that you are Love, that you are loved, and that you are lovable. And even if you are murdered, it does not change and that the actions of the false grids and paradigms come and go and this does not change. It is the bedrock of who you are.

So many of you my beloved children avoid this, avoid this deep knowing. Like small children, you are afraid of the dark, you are afraid that if you really come to know yourself, all of you, you’re afraid of what you’ll find. So I come as a speaker and trumpet of Truth to tell you, to share with you glad tidings of great joy. What you will find is you are magnificent, you are Love, and you deserve, you are worthy of love and every expression, human, divine, and from your star brothers and sisters, you are worthy because Love is essence but it is also expression, it is movement, it is creation, it is the fuel of everything.

So I come this day as the Archangel of reassurance to tell you what you will find when you come to know your beloved self is Love; not the lesser expressions of human experience, but your divine self. So come with me and if you feel that you need to clear away some of these cobwebs of doubt, then simply ask for me to blow my trumpet right into your heart. I will be glad to awaken you and dear hearts, it is time. Thank you dear Graham.

GD: My pleasure. This strikes me as an opportunity to extend our discussion with Archangel Uriel, to have a roundtable of Archangels and so if you’re interested and willing, we’d love to have you for your comments as we wrap up the show.

I AM Uriel.

GD: Welcome.

AAU: Welcome to you and yes, I am Archangel of the Silver Ray, Bringer of the Future and the future is now. You are inside and outside of time. Long ago, and on this very show, I have given you, gladly, my Silver Flame of Clarity and Truth that it may light your way on this journey of wholeness, on this journey of Ascension that I guide you on. I place this flame, not only in your heart but in the palm of your hand as you cup it so that as you go forward into places of darkness, and yes, as my beloved sister says, “Sometimes the most fearful, dark place that you explore is your own heart.” And I give you this flame for you to go and do this exploration that I guide you and I light your way, and I will over-light you.

This is the huge misunderstanding of the human collective, this ego based, you have it both ways, you ask people’s opinions and then you say “I have to do it for myself; I have to go it alone.” Well you are part of the unified grid of all. So you do not have to, in fact it is impossible for you to go it alone. You are never alone, not only with humanity, the kingdoms, and Gaia but with all of us. And just as Michael has given you his sword and shield and staff to lean upon, who do you think you are leaning upon when you lean upon that staff? You are leaning upon Michael.

So I offer you my arm, my shoulder, my back, my wings, my presence, and my love. I give you my light to guide your way that you may know that you do not travel alone and that you are cherished so far beyond measure. This is what we want you to know. This is the Truth that we wish you to embrace and discover, not because we say so, but because it is within you; not because it is written down or guided or channeled, but because you know. This is my offering to you. Thank you and blessings. Farewell.

GD: Thank you, it’s good to have you back. Thank you so much. Suzanne I’d like to bring you on for a question. I apologize to our other callers, we won’t be able to get to you this week but please do join us next week. Suzanne you’re up. Hello.

Suzanne: Hi, thank you Graham and thank you Michael, Uriel, and Gabrielle for coming. I would address this question to all of you and anyone who wants to answer. In my unfolding process more truth is reveled every day about who I am and what I can do, what’s available to me. So much of this process is about our perceptions about what is already true and has always been true. It seems that many are steadfast in holding to the illusion and I’m wondering will the raising of collective frequency be enough for everyone to open their hearts to the energies and everything that’s available to us?

AAU: I AM Uriel and we would all like to answer, but I will do so because I am igniting that Silver Flame within everybody. Will it be enough? Is this not the human dilemma? And dear heart you are correct, every day you are seeing more and more and more of your infinite potential and as you do so you are communicating that to those who are clinging to the limited perspective. So it is not only we who are undertaking this transformation, it is each of you, you wonderful wayshowers, you pathfinders, you pillars, you gatekeepers. It has always been enough and yes, Truth will reign. But you are helping. Do not underestimate when you stay in that place of centered awareness, of knowing, and of not wobbling back and forth in uncertainty. You are doing so for so many.

SM: Yes, I feel that, I feel that, I just, you know, I just notice people around me are so unaware and it seems that they want to continue on with this and aren’t open so I’m just really hoping and praying that the work that I do really will…and so many of us are doing really will serve to bring everybody up.

AAU: That is the plan, it is the revised plan that you have collectively negotiated with the Mother. But yes, now we tell you that the resistance of those who are clinging to the old perspective is very strong, it is they are clinging to a life raft that they believe is going to bring them safety.

GD: Thank you all for joining us.

SM: Thank you. Thank you Archangels.

AAU: Farewell dear hearts.

GD: Many blessings.

Channeled by Linda Dillon