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Meet Linda Dillon

Get to know me, learn about the experience that totally changed my life, and how I can help you to transform yours!

Who is the Council of Love?

The Council is God’s sacred alliance composed of archangels, saints enlightened & ascended beings and star family.

A New Book

13th Octave LaHoChi Manual the 2020 Edition
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What is Channeling?

How does it work, the benefits and how Linda connects with the spiritual realm.

Choosing a Spiritual Mentor

Linda shares what to look
for in a mentor.


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Message of the Day

Message of the Day

Where there has been injury, embrace forgiveness: forgiveness of the injurer and forgiveness of your sweet self.  Forgive that there has been hurt, pain, hostility ...In the forgiveness is the letting go.   Jesus

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Divine Mother Speaks on Gentleness & Kindness

Divine Mother Speaks on Gentleness & Kindness

...gentleness and kindness are two of the most powerful strengths in my Omniverse, for it is an energy that is never wasted; it is an energy that continues to fuel long after the action, the smile, the touch is long gone. It fills and refills the wellspring of the...

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