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What it means to be a Nova Being is that you have shifted from the will to dominate, from the will to control, to the will to do good, and this addiction to domination and control comes to an end. “When You ‘Will To Do Good’, Your World Shifts” El Morya Saturday Conference Call       02-16-19 …


Re-listen to this message again and again and again because I have infused it with love – not just my love to you. I am taking the Love and I am planting it in your heart, awakening the love that is already there. So the marriage of our love to your love is taking place …

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Dear hearts, there is no right or wrong direction or path back home!

Archangel Raphael: Allow me to walk and sing with thee!

Archangel Gabrielle: Bring forth the totality of yourselves

Archangel Uriel: Use my soft Silver Light to see how far you have come!


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