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“Freedom: Stand and Claim It” Gandhi Saturday Conference Call  11-03-2018 Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love An incredibly strong and moving channel from Gandhi – not to be missed! “What I speak to is the freedom of spirit, the freedom of resistance, of not being coerced and not allowing yourself to be coerced …


Hold compassion in your hearts and send the activation of compassion to those in transit, to those who find themselves in refugee status, also to those who are in positions of authority… Compassion is the Answer Jesus Sananda Saturday Conference Call     20181020 Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love Meditation: Extend Yourself in Compassion …

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Yeshua: Do you feel the power of change and upliftment?

Archangel Mi-ka-el: The light and love has won dear ones!

Lao Tzu: See yourselves as the brightest sun that shines day and night

Archangel Gabrielle: Maintain your peaceful and joyful balance


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