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Stay here until the job is done…there’s room at the table for everyone…this is sacred union at its finest! Join the Loveholder Planetary Wave SCC     01-19-2019 Linda Dillon                 Channel for the Council of Love Let’s begin, as always, by anchoring in our hearts. Feel yourself letting go of the week, letting go of the day, …


And you are being assisted not only by the Mother’s legions but by your Star Family, increasingly apparent and present – and will be very clearly present upon the planet very quickly – not simply as boots on the ground but in the full splendour of a delegation. At the behest of Archangel Michael, Earthbound …

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Archangel Mi-ka-el: Trust your heart’s knowing that love changes everything

Serapis Bey: Your missions are quite complex and full

Quan Yin: Have mercy and compassion for your sweet selves

Serapis Bey invites us to his Temple of the White Ray of Purity


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