Think of the magnets and filters as tools that will not allow thoughts, feelings, other people’s energy, random energies that are not of what you are creating and desiring, that are not of your highest, divine self, to come within you. So yes, it is an extra layer to insure that you are not interfered with, that only the cleanest, the highest is brought forth.

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, I ‘m GD. Our guest tonight is Archangel Gabrielle. Hi Linda.

LD: Hi Graham and hi everybody out there in radio land. It’s good to be here tonight and yeah, Gabrielle has been talking, nudging, encouraging this session, so I’m welcoming it…

GD: Pleased to come back?

LD: Yeah, anxious to come back. You know this is just such an amazing time, the energy, I don’t know if you’ve recognized it in the last week, has been very intense. I guess for the last couple of weeks actually, has been really intense and as Steve mentioned the other night on the “Hour With An Angel”, there’re these wonderful waves right now of pink love that are being sent to the planet and to each of us. And it can be an overwhelming feeling at times but it can also be just this wonderful cocoon of bliss, of just feeling really good. But know that our vibrations once again, very intensely, are being raised up and we’re getting ready for another jump. I also, before we get started, wanted to talk a little bit about a universal theme and it’s not a theme that’s ever gone away, but it certainly is a theme that the Council of Love is talking about front and center right now and that is the theme of gratitude. And I think sometimes we forget, I know I’ve been posting on my facebook ‘Have you said thank you to Gaia today? Have you said good morning to God today?’ But I think sometimes we get so busy and we’re so immersed in what we’re doing, and so immersed in these amazing energies that we forget to stop and just say ‘thank you’ and to acknowledge these beings and this planet and each other. So, I guess, before we start I’d like to say ‘Thank you Graham’.

GD: And much gratitude to Linda and the Council of Love and to our listeners and what’s unfolding for these important times.

LD: Yeah, it’s amazing. So shall we start with a little meditation?

GD: That sounds great.

LD: OK, because the energy’s very strong, so everybody take a nice deep breathe and relax and just thank yourself for taking this time to be here, to feed your sacred soul and your human self and all aspects of your being. Just feel yourself relax and let go of the day, let go of what has to be done yet today, and what happened today; just be in the moment. Take a nice deep breathe of gold and yes it is the gold of Archangel Gabriel, of Gabrielle, it is the gold of Sanat Kumara, and it is the gold of Yahweh. Feel yourself sinking into your heart, opening your crown, the top of your head, and all your energy centers, all your chakras, and feel that central column around your spinal cord open up in and outside your body and let’s fill that with gold; with a beautiful gold of a summer sunset, a field of wheat, of Florentine Gold, of rich old gold, and open your heart and together let’s give gratitude not only for the gifts that Gabrielle brings us tonight but for all the gifts we receive each and every day, even when we don’t know it. Promise yourself to allow this energy to penetrate and to become part of you because these gifts are meant for you; these are your tools to go forward in our path of Ascension, in our spiritual journey of enlightenment, and each one of those paths is different. Now we begin…

AAG: Greetings, I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle; I AM Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome, welcome my beloved friends, brothers and sisters of the stars, of Gaia, of heaven, of earth, and of the multi-verse. Welcome. It is my honor and my joy to be with you and I remind you, my dear hearts, not to forget your golden heart of joy and of courage. But I bring new tools, new awakenings, new attunements this night, for I step forward to give you my golden magnets. It is a practical tool, it is a tool of creation, and it is a tool now of Ascension. So stay within my golden orb, my dear friends, and go deeper within, go deeper within your heart as I tell you the purpose of these magnets of gold. Each of you are going forward, not only in a process of Shifting, of Ascension, of becoming trans-dimensional beings. And in this you become fully the co-creators and the partnership with what you have thought of as the unseen realms, as the angelic realm, the realm of your star brothers and sisters; we simply think of it as another realm. And we flow freely throughout dimensions and realities, throughout galaxies and universes.

And often how we do this is by utilizing magnets. No they are not the same as your magnets on earth. But for this purpose you may think of your magnets on earth, the ones that attract, because what we are speaking of this night is the ability to attract what you desire to create, and the ability to attract and to bring to your sweet self, in physicality, in form and in every realm that which your heart desires, that which is the fulfillment of your mission and purpose upon the planet, and upon the planet at this time of unfoldment. When my beloved brother Archangel Michael has spoken to you of your shields, he has spoken of the magnetic quality that your shields can hold. Well I take it with you, this night, a step further and we place these magnets upon your body, upon your physical form, your etheric form, your astral form, whatever form you choose to think of or operate within we will do this.

So let us begin. Feel yourself standing with me, for that is one of my favorite things to do with you is to simply stand and gaze at the wonder of Gaia. Stand with me on the earth, on the ground, but it is a ground that is covered in millions and millions of pebbles and you sweet angel are in your bare feet. Position yourself with me, I am facing you, I am facing you right now. Look into my eyes of blue and feel my eternal Love. Now upon the soles of your feet these pebbles of energy, this multitude of magnets, are activating magnets within your feet, within the soles of your feet. You may well feel a sense of tingling and yes warmth as we begin this exercise together. Feel your feet as they begin this process as I activate them now. And I do this my beloved friends to anchor you upon Gaia for never has it been more important for you to be firmly anchored with your feet firmly upon Terra Gaia, this wondrous being of Light. So sense it and sense the connection.

The magnets that I place upon you are of my burnished gold; it is the old gold. It is the gold of old basilicas, of ancient Rome, of Greece, of Egypt and far beyond. I place magnets upon each of your ankles; they circle your ankles like wondrous bracelets. Feel the weight and the presence as I join you in this. Now move up with me to your knees. We place these on your kneecaps for flexibility in going forward but also attracting to you, pulling across the multi-verse in all realms, all realities, all dimensions, what you are choosing. And dear heart that may include new kneecaps, new joints, it may include the quality of humility or the sense of respect to stand up and know your worth, know your wonder. Now up again to your hips and this magnet encircles your entire torso, it rests upon you like a golden belt. Up again dear ones, up to your solar plexus, feeling of course your chakras open and balanced; and we will discuss each of these magnets in detail. But this one especially which is the center of your will and the center of your emotion has the quality not only to attract but to repulse. It will repulse back out into the universe, back out to me anything that is not of Love. And then we will transmute it and it will simply be sent back to you. Now ever so gently come up to your heart. This is the largest magnet of all; the one that we have been working with forever, each of you. The one that you are aware of when you speak of your hearts desires, when you call out for Love. And feel me place this within you. Yes it is very much like a horseshoe magnet and the open ends are facing outward towards the world, towards the globe, towards your neighbors, towards the universe. Now up again to your shoulders, to the place on top of your shoulders where epilates would be and these are simply straight magnets that I place on top of your shoulders and it will pull out of you any sense of burden, any sense of not belonging, any sense of lack. Up again to your third eye. Open. Yes Archangel Uriel has already opened your fourth; let us open your third more widely that you can see in all realities, in all realms, what you truly wish to create so that you see not only with your heart but with your third eye. So often my beloved ones you are saying ‘Oh I choose to create this or that’ but you are not clear on what you are really asking for. So this will help; this will help enormously.

Now the magnets are in position, allow them to be part of you for it is time for us together to activate them. Now in former times we would have done this slowly. But dear hearts, you are ready, you are ready to fly, you are ready to Ascend, and you are ready to co-create Nova Earth, and there is no point in doing this slowly or mildly. No I will not overwhelm your system. Each will be adjusted uniquely but you have need to have the image because I’m going to ask you to turn this up every day, maybe even twice a day. Think of it as a thermometer or thermostat that you would have in your home, only in this case rather than from 0 to 100 we are taking it 0 to infinity. So you do not see the end of it other than a beautiful infinity sign.

Before we start the activation so that you have full understanding of how this works, I ask you to come back into your heart feeling all of your magnets, deeper child. I want you to feel with your heart that which lingers there, that which your heart, your soul, and your very essence desires to create and to bring forward into your life. We will take care of everybody else; the planet and the universe later, child. This is for you; it is that unspoken dream, that thing that you dare not even speak of out loud in case it doesn’t come true, it would to heartbreaking. I want you to feel with me, and in the safety of my arms, that deepest desire. And now we will take that desire and we will place it not only from your heart and in your heart, but on your ankles so that it will land at your feet. And on your knees; do this with me so that once you have it you may move forward. And on your hips so that you will have to ability of flexibility and in human form. And on your shoulders so that you will not only be free of burdens but that this gift will lighten your load and it will be there like shining epilates for all to see, to encourage your brothers and sisters everywhere. Now see it, see it with your third eye as well; see it, feel it, taste it. Good.

Now I begin gently to activate your magnets; let us turn them on. Allow and breathe, breathe blue and breathe gold. I turn them higher that this is broadcast out. Open your heart to receive. More. And more. Stay in your heart. And more. Do not worry dear one if you feel like you are humming, you are an electro-magnetic physical form, it is perfectly natural. Now let me just take it a little further. Good. I ask of thee to turn up these magnets exactly the same way you would turn up a thermostat or a dial and know there is no end, that this will simply expand and expand. Do not limit yourself sweet one in what you desire or ask for, what you place upon your magnets for it may be physical, or mental, emotional; it may be partnership, it may be financial freedom, whatever you need to go forward. These magnets are also used for Ascension. They quite literally are assisting you in pulling you up to the higher dimensions. You are going up the golden spiral and these will assist. But remember to keep your feet and your magnetized feet upon the ground with Gaia, for that is part of your journey and hers that you co-create together.

And now before we move to questions and discussions, I also wish to give you my golden filters. Yes it is a day of gifts; it is a day of reunion for I feel that every day I wish to shower you with gold. The filters are also a gift for Ascension and let me explain this as well. The filters are to filter out what is not of purity, what is not of Love, what is not of wholeness. It is to filter out and to keep away anything that is of the old paradigms, the old illusions, and allow you to move with freedom. We begin and it will look to you, or it can look to you however you choose, but I know this channel likes to think of it as a tiny tea strainer and that is fine, but it is golden. Again it is my gold but I do not in any way object if you wish to marry my burnished gold with the platinum gold of Yahweh or the bright, shiny gold of Sanat Kumara for they always, always are in attendance with you also.

I begin this by bringing it to your heart. You will notice all the work that you do with this Council is in the heart. This is the golden filter of purity that your heart not only experiences but receives through the filter only the purity of the highest vibration. There is a great deal of drama, child, still upon your planet, chaos, some misunderstanding and in some cases even misapprehension. But you do not wish to ever take this within you. So yes, I place this golden filter upon your heart and I place it so that you may see not only the magnets but the tri-flame of blue and pink and gold. Your heart is expanding for it has a great deal to accommodate. Now come up again to your throat, to your mouth and to your nose so that you are only speaking purity, that you are only inhaling purity, that you are only breathing in through your nose the purity not only of Love, of the collective, of Nova Earth, of the higher dimensions, of the different realms. You connect through the very air you breathe; that is where the energy is stored, it is in the air, it is in the light. And when you bring it in from now on it will only be the purity of the new. You are done dear hearts with the old illusions, with duality and polarity; it does not serve you. Now also come up to your third and fourth eye and let us put the filters there as well so that you will see with clarity of purity, so that you will see truth. Now to your crown, to your beautiful crown. There is a lot of energies throughout the universe and you wish to receive not only the purity but that which is in exact measure of perfection for your divine self in this time and in this moment, each and every moment of the rest of your life. So this assists with the balance and the flow of energy to you and within you. I do not ignore your sacred physical form for not only it is a gift, it is magnificent. It is the expression, the vessel that you have chosen for this lifetime. But as I have said to thee, it is very important during this time, not only that you are practicing discernment but that you are not taking in any chaos, any drama, nothing but the purity of Nova Earth and the purity of Gaia’s Love.

So, in completion of your golden filters we place a filter in your root chakra and in your second chakra, because it is the unwitting or the unknowing absorption sometimes of those that you associate with, and dear ones, we do not want you ever to stop associating. For that is how you are building the unity grid, that is how you are building connectedness and balance. But we place this there, and we want you to understand many of you sometimes worry, yes worry, about protection. These filters protect you, they enforce you, and they allow only the highest, only that which is for your highest good to enter within. I know that this has been a great deal to absorb this day, but I did not wish to do this piecemeal. You are on a very fast track and that comes from one who lives outside of time, but to live outside does not mean to exist without knowing or understanding it. We understand time perfectly. And I would remind you also sweet angels that when you are placing things upon your magnets make sure that you are placing time lines upon them as well. What you are going to find is it is activating many of the situations, people, growth experiments that you wish to have during this sojourn on earth, during this time of Love. So be mindful and go to the core of the issue as well.

Yes of course I am pleased to enter into discussion with you, Graham.

GD: Well thank you so much for these wonderful gifts and for these questions. You were talking about flowing freely throughout the dimensions, realities, galaxies and universes that you have the capacity to do that now. That’s something that we can look forward to soon, right?

AAG: That is correct.

GD: And the magnets will assist us in doing that?

AAG: Think of it this way, it not only pulls things to you, people, planets, situations, but you can also activate them to have yourself pulled where you wish to go.

GD: I heard you say that you are advising us to place time lines on magnets as well, the way I interpret that, correct me if I’m wrong, if I’m choosing to manifest something within a certain time frame while we’re in this 3D experience, what I’m hearing is that within a month, within a week this is what I choose, is that what you’re speaking to?

AAG: Yes because one of the key components, and we would be glad at some other point to talk about co-creation at length, but one of the key components of creation, which is what the magnet is for, is clarity. If you were not very clear about what it is that you are asking for, what you are co-creating with the universe then it is difficult to co-create with you. And that includes, because of your reality, the concept of time. Now having said that, I also say to you as we have before, if something does not come to you within that week, do not think child that we have forgotten; do not simply shelve it, we beg you not to do that. It means we are working on it and that it is coming. But for example if you say ‘I wish to be in sacred union, I wish to be in partnership’ but you do not say when, then how do we know whether this is the intention is for in your 20’s, your 30’s, your 50’s, your 80’s, so yes, time is important.

GD: So in that scenario, how do you approach that in terms of assisting us?

AAG: It is the gathering of molecules, of the energy, of working with more variables than you can possibly conceive of because we are also working with the other members of the angelic realm and creating scenarios that bring that to you. It is literally a pulling sensation that you will have in the meditation state or even sometimes as you are walking around you will particularly feel it in your hips and knees.

GD: What I’m asking is ‘if I’m not clear in assigning a time value to what I’m choosing to manifest’, how does the angelic realm choose to respond to that?

AAG: How we respond to that is by asking you to search your heart more fully and more clearly. Because we do not in the past and we mean past even as close as a decade ago but it has been fading, if you were to ask us for something we would bring it to you. But this has changed because now we are in full, sacred partnership. So we do not bring things to you that you have not been clear about. The whole plan is for you to become clearer and clearer and clearer. So what we would do now is to say to thee ‘Have you thought about time? What would feel right in terms of my journey and my experience and where I am going in terms of time?’ So you may be wishing to move but you do not want to be evicted next week. So we ask you to think in terms of time because you are operating inside time.

GD: Well it’s certainly a timely discussion, your gifts are certainly timely and welcome. We’ve been hearing about our ability to manifest and create, co-create, is much more powerful and I’m going to personalize this next question but I suspect it is relative for many and that is in addition to your gift of golden magnets and in addition to being clear in terms of what we choose to manifest, and being clear about the time and phrasing a desire in the sense of ‘I am clear with what I choose as my birthright’ such as financial freedom, perfect health, what else could we be doing to further that along? I know that intention, passionate feeling, joy, gratitude, all of these components are factors, if you will, help assist things in coming into creation, I find some personal frustration in feeling that I am clear when I choose for something to manifest in the now and I’m clear when I’m wanting or choosing, and I’m not seeing the desired outcome. What else could you recommend?

AAG: I will share with you what has been shared by this Council, by Sanat Kumara, and we refer to it as the Creation Formula. It is intent + stillpoint + action = Creation. And that is done; think of it as a basket of joy and gratitude and love. And you have raised a very important question because many will pray and express the intent and then they let it go. And sometimes the letting go is the key, but even in the letting go you are still holding the intent. Do you understand what I am saying to thee?

GD: It is the ‘let go, let God’ but still putting energy into the manifestation.

AAG: Yes. Now the stillpoint is where the fertilization, where the bringing into physicality is taking place and it is in the stillpoint of your heart, in the stillpoint of your being. It is when you reach this place of no movement, of simply being, allowing, it is not conscious, it is not unconscious, it is not asleep, it is in the stillpoint of your heart. And then when you feel that jump, it is literally releasing out into the universe. Then you take the appropriate action. So for example, if you desiring a certain line of work but never send out a resume, that is not taking appropriate action. If you wish partnership but never speak with anyone then that is not appropriate action. So it is taking action that is appropriate, knowing that all the while what is taking place is your magnets are pulling that which you have requested to you. You have done your part; they are being filtered through my golden purity filters so that if you, in some way, have not been quite clear enough it will not come to you in a unpleasant form. And that is how you create. It is a very simplistic response but what most human beings are missing, and what is known throughout the rest of the universe, is that the stillpoint is the place of fertilization. So intent, clear intent which can be prayer, dreaming, human beings do not dream half enough, then bringing it to stillpoint, then moving into action, always in joy and gratitude and allowing. Once you have defined with your clarity and brought it to your stillpoint of heart then allow it to be delivered. So often what happens is people turn away and that is unfortunate; it is the difficulty for many guardian angels. So simply hold while allowing.

GD: And to what extent do you think it would be helpful to speak to karma or soul contracts particularly in terms of manifesting and creating?

AAG: Well your soul contracts are vitally important. But dear heart what happens usually if you have a burning desire, if your heart is yearning to create and co-create something, it is in alignment with your contract. If it is not being born of ego or simply personality or social pressure, then it is in alignment; that is where the trust of your heart comes forward. Your heart is not out to sabotage you, quite the contrary. The karma, you are in a period of karmic dispensation and yes it is necessary that it be requested. But once that is done you are not operating from a karmic field. So you are in an amazing time when many of the old rules no longer hold because you are creating a new reality, you are moving into a new reality. And because of that many of what you think are tried and true rules are being suspended. And that is how we are helping.

GD: Thank you for speaking to all of this. I’m thinking of your golden filters, one of the things that is so helpful about these radio shows is we can go back and listen to the archives and I certainly want to do that with this show to hear again how you describe the filters, but when I think about the filters visually, one of the things I think about when I think about protection around myself is a bubble and I’m wondering if that’s also helpful to think in terms of visualizing the filters, a bubble, or a membrane to shore things that aren’t of love don’t come into my being? Is that helpful?

AAG: Yes your bubble is standard equipment and you have need of it morning, noon, and night. Think of the filter as a little screen over your chakra that will not allow thoughts, feelings, other people’s energy, random energies that are not of what you are creating and desiring, that are not of your highest, divine self, to come within you. So yes, it is an extra layer to insure that you are not interfered with, that only the cleanest, the highest is brought forth. It is a way for us to assist you in eliminating drama, but also pollution, toxins, emotional and physical. So they are multi-purpose but never get out of bed dear one without your bubble around you. Never go to sleep without your bubble. Farewell.

GD: Thank you. Farewell.