…each of you have wondrous, unique identity that is celebrated and what better place to come to know it than within the triple flames where you are in the protected, secure truth of your sacred space…so come to embrace, in the secure knowing, the beauty of who you are, of your mission, of your purpose, of your next steps, know this and know that I am there with you…

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the author of The Great Awakening and Channel for the Council of Love, I’m GD. Our guest today is Archangel Gabrielle. Welcome, Linda.

LD: Hi Graham and hi everybody, it’s great to be here as always. I just love these shows, I know we’re speaking to an audience out there in radio land but I just always feel this incredible connection when we get started with everybody who’s either listening or later listening to the archives or reading the transcripts. It’s just such a gift, such a phenomenal feeling.

GD: And we always welcome everyone’s comments, we enjoy reading them. Not every one of us is on Facebook which is the tool needed to respond to comments but we certainly read them all and welcome them and appreciate your enthusiasm and your support, your questions, so, thank you for that. Would you like to start off with a meditation?

LD: I sure would. So let’s take a nice deep breath of gold and sink into your chair or the carpet or the floor or the bed, wherever you’ve perched yourself tonight to have this time together. And feel yourself relaxing and letting go of the day, letting go of the week, letting go of what you need to do in the next few days and simply giving yourself the gift of this time to be together because although we are strung out around the globe we are united as lightworkers, as love holders, heart to heart to heart. So relax and just to begin tonight put your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug, congratulate yourself on behalf of the Council of Love and of each one of us for doing such a great job, for being the truth of who you are and for going forward during this time of Shift and Ascension and a time that can feel chaotic and tumultuous at times.

So breathe in through your nose as slowly as you can this rich, burnished, Florentine gold, the Old Italian gold that you see in old churches or statues or paintings. Breathe in that gold of Archangel Gabriel, of our beloved Archangel Gabrielle, and the energy of gold is so expansive and yet this is rich molten gold, so it’s also warm and comforting. So as you breathe it in breathing in the gold of your grandmother’s wedding ring, bring it down into your heart and feel your heart, your solar plexus relax letting go of any tension that you’ve been holding throughout the day, the week, the month and breathe out. And as you breathe out feel yourself letting go, letting go of any obstacle, any perception of obstacle, and debris, let go of anything that is not of love. And feel your heart expanding, that golden heart that Gabriel/Gabrielle has given us earlier; that golden heart of joy and courage. And feel that anchor within you and expand and commit to yourself and to each other, all of us together, that you’re prepared to receive and that we’re prepared to simply be during this time for us. Good.

GD: Wonderful Linda. Thank you. I want to just refer to a few things that you said in the meditation which was delightful and is such a treat for these shows. I really appreciate how important it is and how you reinforce this idea of really just giving ourselves a big hug and reminding each other, ourselves, that we are doing a really great job, that there’s a lot happening and it’s good to think about in this world where there’s a lot of judgment and criticism and we’ve got to do better and climb the ladder and be perfect, whatever that means, to reflect on what we accomplish in any given day, in any given hour or moment. And I really loved the invitation to let go of anything that is not of love and just let it melt away and the two words that really stick out for me, joy and courage, as being so relevant for these times. What powerful words as we move forward embodying love, just stay in the joy, which is a high vibrational quality and it takes courage to step into the unknown during these times so I really appreciated your meditation in welcoming the show in that way.

LD: Oh, thank you and you know what I’m finding too, what I’m hearing from people and even in my own life and I bet you some of our listeners are feeling this too; sometimes it even takes courage to stay in the joy. When there’s so much going on and people are saying, we’re saying to each other, “Oh aren’t you feeling it?, it’s so intense, blah, blah, blah” and it’s like to step back into that place of reception, into that place of receiving and allowing and saying “Yep, I’m feeling the energies and yep it’s really intense, but I have the courage, I’m strong enough, I have enough fortitude within me that I can stay in that place of joy.

GD: Wonderful, wonderfully said and it’s a choice, it can be a practice but it’s a choice and I see that especially as we move from a 3D experience to a 5th-dimensional experience and higher that, I know for me I’m going kind of back and forth but more and more as I practice and my intention is to be in the state of joy and love that it becomes easier.

LD: Yep it does and of course, the more that we do that, you know we’re going to be presented with situations that ask us or tempt us, to pull us back into that drama of the 3rd and sometimes it really does take that courage and fortitude to say “no, I’ll give you a helping hand so you can step on up into the 5th or step on over into the 5th, but I’m not going back to that drama.”

GD: Right, right. So anything you’d like to say about Archangel Gabriel before we bring him on, he’s been on the show a couple of times now…

LD: Yeah, I love Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle.

GD: You have a really close connection.

LD: And she, actually today, although they’ve been switching back and forth, as I sat down about an hour ago to prepare for the show and do my meditation she has just been standing here with me and that beautiful golden hair, I mean it’s just like…the reason I mention this is that the Archangels are so incredibly beautiful, yes they do appear how we would perceive physically beautiful, I mean the blue eyes, those clear crystal blue eyes and their golden hair, but their light shines so brightly, so beautifully, so Gabrielle is in her full power and glory as she/he joins us today. So I’m just going to step aside. The first gift that Gabriel wants to bestow upon us is the triple rings of fire and like all the gifts that we’ve been discussing on Heavenly Blessings the gifts are being amplified and they are being brought into our current situation to assist us in the Ascension process. So I’ll be listening along with you as we receive this information and update.

GD: Terrific, thanks Linda.

LD: So, thank you.

AAG: Greetings, I AM Gabrielle.

GD: Hello, welcome.

AAG: I AM Gabrielle and you may call me ‘G’ and you may call me ‘Gabby’, you may call me whatever you wish but let me explain again, my beloved friends, who, what, where and how I AM. I AM the Lily of Love, I AM the Trumpet of Truth, I AM the Messenger of One and I AM the Spokes-being for the Council of Love. It is my honor to be with you this night and to be with you always and in all ways. What do you think when an Archangel calls themselves a ‘lily, a Lily of Love’? Is it not an indicator my beloved ones to the essence of my being? Upon your planet, upon our beautiful Gaia there are many forms of lilies and they are loved and cherished by most of you; there is the peace lily. But when I was created, yes created, born, emanated as a beam of light assuming a form of Archangel, I was bestowed with this energy of the Lily of Love, the flower of our Mother and Father’s heart, the essence of their love, the offshoot of their love. And the choice and the creation of the lily which always has the form of the horn of the trumpet, it is to announce, it is to broadcast that love into each and every one of your hearts strongly, profoundly and without reservation; and that is my purpose, that and being the messenger, the communicator. These are the honors, oh yes there are many other things I do such as Central Administrator of many universes actually, but this is the core that I share with you today of who I am. That is why I am chosen, I am selected and I am honored to be the primary spokes-being for the Council of Love. So when you have need of love turn to me, I invite you turn to all of us, for this Council is much larger than you think and we are at your service, we collectively and individually, Mikhail, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, the Ascended Ones, the Mother/Father, your star brothers and sisters, UFOG, we are all here in tandem with you. We are here to help not simply in ways that are esoteric, that are of spiritual import, but very clearly in the human realm regardless of what dimension you are inhabiting and I suggest that most of you are well underway.

I come this night to give you once again and to reinforce and expand my gift of the rings of fire and let me explain why I do this; the rings of fire are concentric circles, a circle within a circle within a circle and within the very center of the inner most circle stands you my beloved one, my golden ones that I claim for this night as my own, beloved children of the Mother that we are honored to serve. When I have ignited these triple rings of my golden flame it was to give you a sense of security and absolute, not quasi, but absolute impenetrability; nothing gets through my triple rings of fire and child I will assure you of that time and time again. Many of you feel precarious in your situations upon the planet, upon this time of Transition and during this time of change because so many of you are in this period of Transition you often feel insecure emotionally, mentally, etherically, spiritually and because of that I have a desire to reassure you that you are safe, you are secure and you are cared for and therefore I place you within these rings of fire tonight, right now. And in the center of this ring of fire I stand with you in full attendance. Now why is this important at this time? It is not simply for reasons of your security, for understand you are mightily attended and you are mightily protected not only by my rings but by Archangel Michael as well. I am placing you within these three rings of fire of the golden flame, first of all that my energy of truth and clarity will penetrate you and the sense that you are protected, that you are loved, that you are cherished, that you are warmed by the flames, that you are penetrated by the flames of clarity and truth of love; that this will also occur, but I also do so for reasons to assist you in your own process of Ascension. Yes my beloved ones, humans love tools, they love many tools to choose from and so I give this one to you from my heart to yours the same way I have given you my golden heart of courage and joy.

When you are in the triple rings of fire, it is the anchoring of your sacred space and within that central ring you may create your temple, your home, your nest, it may be where you commune with One and with All, but it is protection of your sacred space and I do not simply mean your field which is massively expanding even as we speak, as you are penetrated gloriously and infinitely by the love of One, but also your home, your what you think of as your body. These my beloved ones are also your sacred space and although you are all upon the magnificent golden grid, you are all, whether you realize it or not, within the golden grid of unity, of consciousness, of connection. You still have need and sometimes that need is increasingly to recognize and to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of who you are, of everything that you have brought forth in this lifetime, in this incarnation because it is from that place of acknowledgement, of acceptance, of allowance, of celebration that you go forward. And it is from that place of being in your sacred space, whether it is your vessel, your body, your field, your home, you feel secure in going forward and fulfilling your mission and purpose which is in divine perfection and alignment with the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan and the restoration of love upon Gaia.

This is why I invite you with me, right now, to step within these rings of fire as if they are triple hula-hoops and yes, play with it. If you wish to imagine yourself at the cosmic circus do so, for we love to laugh with you, we love to play with you. Let us return to what I have just said, during your many incarnations, whether it was upon Gaia/Earth or elsewhere, generally, usually you would not bring the totality of your talents, your abilities, your divinity to Earth. And you would do that for a variety of reasons; sometimes you would do it because you would say not only do I wish to, for example, learn the greater lessons, the deeper lessons of humility, not because of universal law or karma but because your heart wished to explore that more deeply, more fully, or I wish to explore the role of leadership, or even to live in lack, in poverty, to understand how on Earth that illusion ever came to be so strictly and strongly reinforced upon the planet. So usually you did not bring all of your talents; that is why you have had so many teachers, so many gurus. But that time is old and past, no we do not say that there are not wonderful, magnificent, sacred holy teachers upon your planet, but beloved one the most sacred teacher and guru of all is you. It is your heart, it is your higher self, it is you universal self. During this incarnation knowing prior to departure that you were about to come to Gaia to assist in the Shift, the anchoring of the Divine Plan and the fulfillment of your plan, the restoration of love on Earth, you brought the totality of your being and yes it has been further anchored and activated by the Mother’s gift of Pink Diamond. But you brought the totality of your talents, of who you are, your unique, magnificent self just as I am the Lily of Love, the Trumpet of Truth, each of you have wondrous, unique identity that is celebrated throughout the galaxies and the universe and it is time for you to know that. And what I suggest to you is what better place to come to know it than within the triple flames where you are in the protected, secure truth of your sacred space, yes that I am creating and holding for you. But it is my gift to you; this is yours wholly and completely. So come to embrace, in the secure knowing, the beauty of who you are, of your mission, of your purpose, of your next steps and know this and know that I am there.

And while I am with you, while I am with you within the central circle I wish to give you a ring; let this be the day of rings and no I do not give you yet another ring of fire, I would suggest to you that three is plenty and they are formidable. And whenever you are in a situation when you feel the slightest insecurity, when you might feel that there are agents of either darkness or chaos, confusion, or your own fear, place yourself, come with me again to the center of the rings of fire and it will immediately dissipate and you will feel my presence. Look into my eyes and feel my presence with you my beloved ones and feel the love, the admiration and the sweetness with which I hold you in my heart. I have given you many gifts and long ago I have given you my ring of gold and if you look on your hand, if you hold out your hand in front of you and simply allow yourself to perceive, to see, to know, you will see that ancient ring of gold, of my rich, burnished gold that I have given you so long ago.

This night I wish to give you another ring, another gift from my heart, so please reach out your hand my beloved friend and receive this gift I give to you now. Gaze at this ring of bright gold, of white gold and of white diamond and see the beauty of this clarity, of this stone, for it is the diamond of clarity, it is the diamond of purity, it is the diamond of my heart and I give this to you because I love you. If you are willing I will put this ring on your hand and I will meld it with my earlier, ancient ring of gold. But before I do I wish you to glance, to feel, to perceive, to intuit, you have so many talents do not deny yourself, gaze at the inscription that I have placed within this ring and yes my beloved ones each inscription is different and it is unique to each of you so look inside this ring, this ring of white gold and white diamond and see what I have written there for you. Go ahead. Yes, this is my acknowledgement of who you are. Now I wish to place this upon your finger gently and serenely for although I can be quite forthright, and the channel even says ‘pushy at times’ I can be brash and I can be as soft as the petal of the lily. Give me your hand child, I take the ring from you and I place it over the ring of gold that I have given you so long ago, that you would remember me, that you would remember my love and my promise to watch over you. Allow the two rings to meld, to fuse into one the way that joy and courage have fused into one heart and look at this beautiful white diamond and know this is the gift of clarity and it is clarity that you call upon as you proceed in this journey of Ascension, as you discern, not because we tell you but because your own being, your own heart tells you what is truth and what is not and shows you the path directly in front of you. You do not need to go seeking, the way is clear. I give you these gifts from the depth of my heart to yours. I give you these gifts that your journey may be swift. Gaia is already anchored in the 5th dimension hovering to the 7th. Let the illusion go that you are in the 3rd because you aren’t, you are with us. Go in peace sweet angels because I know that Graham has questions of me and I welcome these questions.

GD: Thank you so much for being with us and for your gifts and your assistance. You mentioned that our fields have massively expanded and by that I assume you mean the amount of light that we’ve take on, is that right and if I’m not fully accurate there then what else do you mean by that?

AAG: You are accurate but I wish to expand. It is the amount of light that you are carrying, the amount of love because you cannot be penetrated from the heart of One and not expand; you would either implode or explode. So yes, even your body you will notice may be changing rapidly and you will notice that either in a youthful appearance or a greater hunger or less hunger or simply looking shinier and brighter dear hearts, feeling shinier and brighter. But let me do a little experiment with you, if I may.

GD: Please.

AAG: Go into your hearts right now, anchor in this beautiful, it can be my golden heart which of course I love you to do, or it may be your heart of emerald with your tri-flame burning brightly but go into your heart and also know that this is your field, the very beginning of your field. But just as you have your physical form, then your astral, your causal, your mental, your emotional, your field, your energetic field has been growing and this is also how you are effecting and healing and becoming part of the larger universe and healing others without saying a word. So what I would like you to do, remaining in your heart, go outside your physical body and feel the edges of your field now. It is going to go far, it is certainly bigger than the chair you are sitting in, or the room, or the building, or the neighborhood, or the community. Take a moment my sweet angels and explore with me so that you have deeper, clearer understanding of what this gift of the Transition has truly accomplished and is accomplishing. Let yourself go to the edges of what you perceive and term your auric field, your energy grid, your field. Go ahead. Now Graham, on behalf of the listeners, are you surprised?

GD: My first experience of my energy field was beyond this building and as you spoke to it being larger, I saw it expanding, felt it expanding but my surprise is about how big it was beyond the building, so that was really nice.

AAG: So as you go, think about it, how you’re effecting in the sweetest, non obtrusive way as one of my lilies and one of my messengers, how you are touching others without moving a finger. And you are touching them, interweaving, dancing fluidly with them in the most gentle of ways because you are just sending your essence of love. But yes, you are expanding, you are expanding infinitely and so is everybody else so there is very much of a cosmic waltz going on and it is beautiful to behold.

GD: Cosmic waltz, I like that, I like that a lot. Today is the day of the solstice, the summer solstice where I am. What would you like to speak to about the solstice and its impact and significance?

AAG: Well, what I like to say about the summer solstice is that it is the golden time; it is the expansion of the energy of fruition. Yes I know there is a time of harvest, there is a time of planting, and there is a time of rest and that is particularly true in terms of the cycles not only of life but of existence that are understood on your planet and far beyond. But the solstice in this timeframe that you are experiencing upon the planet is extraordinary, so do not be surprised sweet angels if you are feeling that you are literally receiving the golden downloads, not simply from me but from all who are of the Golden Ray and all who embrace the energy of movement, of action, of stepping forward. That is the purpose of what you think of as this next phase as your summer, but even if it is elsewhere it is going to be a phase of massive movement. You think of sitting and watching the corn grow or the flowers grow or the fields come into their golden wheat; so it is with the humans. This is a time when the collective is not only being penetrated but activated and at the same time there seems to have been an oversight that you are not thinking about, the beautiful pink healing energy that your star brothers and sisters are also sending you as well. So it is an activation time but the purpose of the activations are for all of you to get going and that is true not only all over your planet but with your star brothers and sisters as well. This is the time, can we say, that has been promised to them for action, for unfoldment, for what many of you have come to call ‘Disclosure’. So yes we know the channel, Linda’s, avoidance of predictions and we do not say this in the way of prediction because that is not our way, it is certainly not my way. But when I say and when I announce to the human race that something is taking place, then I am doing so as the Messenger of One and spokes-being for this Council. So this is the time of movement of things that you have been waiting for when all the seeds that you have planted are not only growing but becoming ready for full harvesting. And that is true of each of you, each of you, and I mean the collective, I don’t mean just those who are the wayshowers, I do not mean those who have recently gotten off the fence, I mean all of you. There will be movement, there will be massive movement in the next few months and it begins right now and that is why I have given you these triple rings. When there is so much activity there is a, sometimes a human reaction that says there is so much going on I cannot handle it, then come with me to the center of the triple rings of fire, you will feel safe, you will feel secure, you will feel reinforced and then you can go forward. This solstice is remarkable and yes we of the Golden Ray, Sanat Kumara, Yahweh, we are in attendance.

GD: Can you speak in more detail in terms of…I hear you’re mentioning that this is the time for movement and for action certainly on a global, collective level but also on an individual level. Can you clarify what we as individuals are being encouraged to act upon?

AAG: Yes, I most certainly can. Because each of you have been feeling the stirrings and the beginning of this movement and there has been a very consistent message that has come forth from this Council of Love to step forward. Now for some of you, stepping forward does not mean and we have never asked, well that is not true, there are some of you that we actually do ask to declare yourselves very publically and for those who are doing so such as the channel, such as yourself Graham, such as the 2012senerio, the inlight group that continues to grow, what a wondrous team and yes you are using the horn of freedom very well. But not everyone is being asked to step forward in that way but each of you my beloved ones are being asked to step forward; perhaps it is in casual conversation, perhaps it is in spending more conscious time beaming in the supermarket, beaming in your building, beaming at your place of work, perhaps you have stopped going to the supermarket or the post office, I ask you to go and to share and do the cosmic waltz. I ask you to increase your healings, each of you, it does not matter what modality you have been trained in and if you have never been trained you have my golden heart, you have the Jophie dust, you have the Silver Flame of Uriel, you have the sword and shield of Michael…get busy and use them and share them. Some of you are not in a position to expose yourselves or so you believe at this juncture, that is alright, we never judge and some of you are under cover and that is good because that is where you are penetrating still what is thought of as darkness or chaos or confusion, do not judge it simply continue to do your work. It is a different kind of undercover work, is it not? The healing, the conversation using my horn, my Trumpet of Truth. When you speak to somebody feel etherically that you are holding my Trumpet of Truth up to your mouth and out of that trumpet is coming the golden words of truth and it is a clarion call and it is reaching not only across your planet but out to your star brothers and sisters so that they see that you are ready and you are calling to them as well. And dear heart, they are answering.

GD: I hear you speak to how our energy fields have increased, that our ability to manifest has increased, so I’m thinking about the added component to this Transition, that our powers are increasing as well. Can you speak to how our thoughts and what we focus on have increased magnification or increased ability to expand with these increased and expanded energy fields; I guess where I’m getting at is just wanting to speak to being mindful of what we put out including our thoughts and energies because as our energy fields expand that definitely is impacting others on a larger level.

AAG: That is exactly the truth and it is a matter of being the steward, the observer and yes the participant, the active participant in your thoughts because your thoughts have changed, or let us suggest to thee that your thoughts are changing and if you are observant of your sweet self and we know each of you are, you will notice that your thoughts are changing, that the drama which will beckon you and will call to you, is fading. And that your desire to engage in that drama is fading. Now we have said to you and we will say again, the veil is gone. So, what are you left with? Only the illusion of the veil. Well you don’t need that child, not that you ever did. So let that go. Your thoughts are an expression of prayer, of intention, moving into your heart, your stillpoint and carrying through in implosion and explosion into action and stepping forward. Your thoughts, now long ago you used to have some teachers who said “if you intend it or you think it, it will happen.” That was completely false or let us say it was incomplete. With this increase in energy, with this increase in your fields your thoughts are directly connected to what you are co-creating with each other, with your guides and friends and with us, with the Inter-galactics and the Galactics, the Council of Love…Bless you my friends. Farewell.

GD: Farewell. -Thank you so much for visiting with us today and for your gifts.

AAG: You are welcome and invited.

GD: Thank you.

AAG: Go with love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon