I am asking you to recover, to restore, to reclaim, to reignite that sense of joy within…what I am asking is to reignite what is already within you, it came with you the same way your skin, your heart, your hair, your teeth, your toes came with you. It is part of your basic equipment and it is part of the Shift to acknowledge and to know that and it is also part of making peace with the 3rd.

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening. It’s a pleasure to be with you tonight, I’m GD. Our guest today is Archangel Gabrielle and we certainly encourage you to join us tonight by calling 323-784-9697. Linda had a really great idea tonight as Archangel Gabrielle will be talking about JOY, we encourage you to share how you touch in with your own joy, what brings you joy? And so we encourage you to share that tonight and Suzanne will do her best to bring you on to the studio. And Linda, welcome, you had another really great idea tonight…

Linda Dillon: Oh, I’m just rolling tonight (Laughter). It’s great to be here tonight Graham, thanks for having me.

GD: Yeah, it’s great to be with you this week.

LD: Go ahead; you start because it actually emanated from a conversation that you and I had, well that the team had actually.

GD: Right, we were talking with some other members of the InLight Radio team, some other hosts, and we were having a discussion about how we are certainly doing what we can to disseminate information, raise awareness on this platform and of course what the 2012scenario is doing and the Council of Love website is doing and we really see ourselves as ambassadors, if you will, for the Ascension process, for our galactic brothers and sisters and for raising awareness about the co-creative partnership during this most important and significant time on the planet.

But we’re also ambassadors, using the word emissaries, which Linda suggested earlier, for the human collective as well. We humans, we starseeds, we way-showers, lightworkers, light-holders, we are all working together in concert with all of the partners I’ve already named to bring in the New Earth and to bring in the New Age. And so we were discussing how can we help facilitate and bring about during this very important and critical month in December where we have some pretty key dates we’ve been talking about, December 21st is one of them, next week 12-12-12 is another, high energies and portals and opportunities for advancing this whole effort, we were talking about what can we do as individuals, as a team, as lightworkers to advance that? And so Linda you had a really great idea for tonight’s show…

LD: Well I felt that insofar as we, we of InLight Radio feel that we’re emissaries, not only for the galactics and the celestials but for the human collective, that we, and now I don’t mean just Suzi, you and I, Graham, I mean we, everyone who’s listening tonight should collectively and in a unified way really make our request, our prayer, our desire, to the other realms, because they don’t call themselves ‘higher realms’, but to the other realms of what we are hoping to accomplish. And we are told, we are spoken to, we are told again and again that we are in partnership and that’s a sacred partnership and that they are working with us. But you know, it’s like sometimes when you’re in a relationship and all of a sudden one day somebody says “Well you never bring me flowers” and of course up until that time there’s never been any indication that that person wanted flowers…

GD: I’ve been there…

LD: So I just thought as we’re nearing and we’re at this juncture, and I know each of us individually do this, we do it in our prayer work, we do it in meditation, we do it in the creations that we’re working on, but I also thought energetically tonight if we just wanted to transmit the message that “We are ready to go and that we want this shift in consciousness, with signs that will make us joyful, to proceed and proceed not slowly but right now.”

GD: Indeed, indeed. Tonight’s discussion is about JOY and many times on this show we’ve talked about, along with our other shows, we’ve talked about the importance of being in joy, the importance of raising one’s vibrations because that’s the experience in the higher dimensions, it’s a joyful theme, a theme of peace and love. We talked about that as well. And so I am putting the call out that while we’ve definitely seen some real progress that we can look at on the physical realm in terms of greater movement toward peace; we saw recently how the US had accelerated troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, we have not seen war start with Iran as some suggested would happen. Certainly the reelection of President Obama, who, if one looks at his track record and efforts, it’s irrefutable that he’s working for a higher, better planet and a more evolved planet. There’s greater accountability in the corporate and government realms, we’ve seen changes in leadership, resignations, and we’re seeing many more sightings and there’s a greater awareness about our star brothers and sisters, chemtrails are no longer the large scene they used to be, we’re not seeing the global Armageddon or catastrophes that have been anticipated, so there are things that we can point to, those are just some examples where we can say “Hey, things are really improving and there’s a lot to be joyful for.”

And we have also been talking about NESARA and Disclosure and significant governmental changes and we recognize that these events, particularly as we come closer to December 21st, these events will continue to bring about joy, escalate joy. NESARA is not about money for the sake of money, it’s all about raising peoples vibrations and giving people hope and getting people out of that struggle mode where peoples basic needs are met and we can start thinking in terms of what’s next, what are our dreams, what can we really go for and envision and create in this new world? So my call is that we put intention out that by the end of the month, preferably sooner, that we see some real significant progress in these areas that we’ve been talking about right along.

LD: Yeah, I agree. And in tandem with that, because Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle is nudging me, I also want people to think, to feel, and we’re going to do a little meditation on this, that she gave me earlier today, but to really think about what brings you joy? what ignites that joy within you? You know, we’re always being given, the Council of Love loves to give us little tools and assignments and one of these assignments, I’m thinking of two in particular, one of the assignments that Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle has given consistently, or through people’s guides has given consistently over the years is what she calls her 15 minutes, actually your 15 minutes of joy. And she consistently, persistently, asks people to do something, not meditation, not prayer, but something physical, in the physical realm, that gives you joy, and to do it every single day for 10 to 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s taking a bubble bath, sometimes it’s looking at old family photos or your favorite movie or reading a favorite poem or looking at the flowers or looking at a child’s face, but not multi-tasking, just allowing that joy, that warm glow to come on up in you and to feel it in your physical body. And I am amazed when she asks folks to do this, and that’s why I gave a bunch of examples, is how often people are at a loss as well, what could I possibly do that would give me joy? And so, we’re asking for the big stuff, but also it’s within and without, it’s that Universal Law Above and Below, Within and Without, and if we’re not practicing it within our own lives then we really can’t expect to see it in the bigger picture.

The other assignment that Archangel Gabrielle has given us over the years is requesting us to get…you know those little spiral notebooks that you buy at the drugstore?…every single day to write in those books what you are creating, what you are asking your guides and her for. And I’m not talking about journaling, I’m talking about a couple of words. So, today I’m asking for a good day at work, or I’m asking not to have an argument with my teenager, or I’m asking for some sense of peace, or I’m asking for that check to come in, or I’m asking for world peace. And you write it down on the one page and then you just turn and the next day you write your next thing and the next thing and then as these things start to come in you go back and you put little checkmarks and note the date. Then you start to understand how you’re co-creating. But again what I’ve seen over the years is that people may do it for a couple of weeks, sometimes a couple of months and then they just let it go, they just stop. And so here’s this incredible Archangel and all your guides making this offer to help bring in the joy or ignite the joy and then we kind of get bored with it…’oh, give me the next tool….bring me the next thing.’

So this focus on joy is a major, major undertaking and it’s so connected to the love which we know is the bus ticket to Ascension. And if we’re feeling joy and if we’re in a joyous place, that’s being communicated not only through our person but through our field, to the rest of the human collective. And it works, it just works.

GD: And it starts to your point with us individually and so that inner peace, that inner knowledge, looking within for the bench marks or a sense of progress people are looking for ‘Hey is this really happening or are we making progress?’ It definitely starts within and I know that there are many too, lightworkers included, but also others who are in the ‘show me’ camp as we’ve talked about, that are wondering ‘Hey, okay so I’ve been hearing about this Ascension thing, I need to see something’ and in the spirit of being in joy the request that I’m suggesting we put out as a collective with our collective attention and power, recognizing that this is not being done for us, that we are co-creative in this process, that we ask for help from our celestial and heavenly and galactic brothers and sisters and others and we certainly work on the eternal joy and feeling joy within and following the exercises you suggested with Archangel Gabrielle will help us with in a little bit. But also in concert with that, to advance in earnest what we’ve talked about right along in terms of significant global changes, because we are ready.

LD: We want the demo.

GD: Well, how about a meditation?

LD: Alrighty! Well guess what? We’re working with gold tonight as Archangel Gabrielle is gold. So relax and really relax, let go of the day, of the week. Let go of what’s going on in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house, let go of that ‘to do’ list and just feel yourself relax into the chair or the bed, the floor or the couch, wherever you’re sitting. And let’s together take a nice deep breath of gold and it’s that rich molten gold, the Florentine gold, it’s the old gold and it feels warm like molten lava and it’s fluid, it’s like that golden glow at sunset. Just for the fun of it let’s throw in buttercups and Black-eyed Susans, the centers of daisies, golden pears and golden apples. So breathe in all those scents and feel the warmth of that gold coming down through the Great Central Sun, through our sun, down into your crown filling your head and let those fissures of your brain open up, fill your pineal, your pituitary, your hypothalamus. And feel your jaw relax; so many of us carry the tension in our jaw. So, if necessary, just take your fingertips, just give your jaw a little rub or relax your occipitals, your neck, your shoulders, your entire body inside and out dipped in this wonderful molten, joyous gold of Archangel Gabrielle. Fill your lungs and your heart, your kidneys, and your liver, and your tummy, your legs, your intestines, your central column of your spine; just become a golden being because you are.

Now anchor with me in your heart, in that beautiful heart, the truth of who you are and allow it to be. Now what I want you to do, what Archangel Gabrielle wants you to do is to find that tiny little nugget, that gold nugget about the size of your thumb’s fingernail and you’ve stored it somewhere in your body and this is the ignition for your personal joy and our joy because we are in this together. So anchor in your heart and go deeper and take another breath of gold. Now explore your body. Is that golden nugget in your heart, in your throat, in your solar plexus, your legs? Go and find it. No, it’s not hard, you put it somewhere safe but you also put it somewhere you can remember. Take this golden nugget and bring it back into your heart and feel it, feel it igniting, like a flame, like a starburst, like a firecracker on the 4th of July. Let it explode and fill you.

Breathe in the gold and remember this feeling of joy, not from outside of you but within you. Now bring it down into your solar plexus, feel the warmth as you place that golden nugget, that Golden Flame within your solar plexus, your hara, your place of will. Now bring it down into your tummy and what we’re aiming for, Gabrielle insists upon, is that we restore that feeling of the smile in your tummy. When we hear children, especially little kids, laugh and giggle and it’s really that belly laugh, they haven’t forgotten just the joy of being alive. Let that feeling blossom in your tummy, in your sacral, in your fullness. You are entitled to joy, it is your birthright. So stay in that place and I’m going to step aside for my ‘go to’ gal, Archangel Gabrielle.

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I AM Gabriel, I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome, welcome my joyous children, my bright angels and yes, I have blown my horn, I have sounded my trumpet and I am beckoning to you. It is time, dear one, and I speak to each and every one of your hearts and do not think your petition has not been heard, it has been, loud and clear. That does not mean it doesn’t bear repeating, but it has been heard and received.

But I wish to speak of your joy. Often I have given you my Golden Heart of joy and courage, I have given you my Golden Keys, I have given you my Golden Elixir. There is nothing in this universe that I may lay claim to, and that is pretty infinite, that I would not gladly share with you. But today, dear heart, just like you are turning the tables on us, I am turning the tables on you and I am asking you to recover, to restore, to reclaim, to reignite that sense of joy within.
It is not something that you desperately need to go searching with, yes we have used the visual of a golden nugget because you can all understand the meaning of that; it is something small and precious and something that you can carry with you always. So I am not suggesting that you go searching for joy tonight; what I am asking is to reignite what is already within you, it came with you the same way your skin, your heart, your hair, your teeth, your toes came with you. It is part of your basic equipment and it is part of the Shift to acknowledge and to know that. And it is also part of making peace with the 3rd.

You cannot ascend if you are not happy, if you do not know the meaning of joy. There is no grumpiness in the 5th, 6th, and 7th child and there is no sense of disappointment or despair. So what I am saying to you is you have been given basic equipment as you have incarnated as angels in form, even if you are starseed, hybrid, or earth keeper you have begun this journey as a spark of light and within that spark of light was and is the joy. It has never abandoned you. Has it been hidden away in darkest times? Yes. But let me also suggest to you, this is not the darkest times, so it is quite safe to bring it out, admire it and get it going.

Yes, I do speak to you with a certain sense of urgency, no not emergency, but I am anxious to see each of you glowing and I have missed seeing you glow. Long ago, at the very beginning, you have said to me “Gabrielle, when you blow your horn, when I hear the trumpet of truth I will be there.” And I am not blowing the horn to announce the end of anything, other than pain and suffering. But I am blowing the horn to announce a New Age, a New Time, Nova Earth and Nova Being. So dress up, put on your wings, and come. And I am saying to you, the joy that I am speaking to you of this night is to be anchored within you. And if you are having difficulty in locating it, of course I will help you and you may pull it from the Warehouse of Heaven, and you may pull it directly from my heart, you may pull it up from Gaia, you can receive it from your family. For some of you joy is a dim memory, but that memory is still there even if it has never existed during this lifetime.

So it is not only St. Germaine who is in charge of bonfires, it is I as well and I am beckoning you, in this moment, in this time, let us ignite not only your heart, your solar plexus, your tummies, let us put wings on your feet and let this joy spread. That is the thing about joy, it is contagious, it is viral, so take your joy within your heart and then send it, particularly as 12-12 approaches. But there is no need to wait; child, I think you’ve waited long enough. So spread it, spread it through your eyes, through your smile, two fingers to the heart, it matters not, but once you have your flame going share it and share it with outrageous generosity. Now you are not giving away your joy, because the more you share it, the more it will build.

This is not a time where I am asking you to be martyrs or to sacrifice. The only sacrifice I am asking you to make it to take 10 minutes and do what brings you outrageous joy. Now, this has been a foreign concept for many of you but it is part of letting go of the old reality of the 3rd, which has been exceptionally heavy. I would think you would be eager to leave, but there are some that cling. But let us discuss it together. Dear Graham, I am more than prepared to speak to your audience and to my listeners, to my angels, to my friends. Let us begin.

GD: ……..press #1 and we’ll go ahead and do our best to bring you on and we’re encouraging you tonight to share how you connect with your joy, in addition to any other questions or comments you may have. Archangel Gabrielle, you mentioned that there are those who have the experience of joy being a distant memory. Can you share, please, what does being in a state of outrageous joy look and feel like? And I’m not talking about, as you of course know, momentary experiences of happiness influenced by external elements. What does being in a state of outrageous joy look like and feel like?

AAG: Yes, because happiness is reactive and so it is definitely not, it is not that I do not want you to be happy, of course I do, but being in a state of outrageous joy is this feeling that you are alight, that you are, quite literally, on fire, that you can’t stop this golden glow within you, that regardless of external circumstances, which may or may not be dismal, they may be fabulous, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care, it is just that it does not influence or rob you of this feeling that all is right because you are in alignment. What outrageous joy feels like child is in being in direct alignment with Mother/Father/One. And when you are in that place and sharing that space you can’t wipe the smile off your face, now sometimes you will put a serious look on your face, but inside you you are still smiling. Because you know, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement, almost a feeling like you are coming out of your skin because so many good things are happening within you and around you. And even if it looks dark, you know that you, with us, are transforming it. It is a feeling of power and might and sweetness and gentleness. It is the ability to sleep peacefully at night and to bounce out of bed in the morning knowing there is a brand new day and it is all yours.

GD: You mentioned a sense of anticipation and excitement and you talked about the joy when good things are happening around you and so you may get a sense of where I’m headed now, at the beginning of the show we talked about some of the big benchmarks that we’ve been discussing on these shows for over a year now, that we have anticipated would be happening and that includes the abundance/prosperity programs, it includes the recognition of our star brothers and sisters in a formal way where all beings can experience them fully and they’re acknowledged formally and those are just two benchmarks that we’ve been looking at and they are external events but they are significant in anchoring the excitement and the fact that things are moving forward and we know a lot of people including lightworkers are in the ‘show me’ camp and are waiting anxiously for this. Now what you’re saying is so important, of course, the sense of joy, the sense of outrageous joy is maintained regardless of external stimuli. But can you please speak to these events and how it ties in to one’s own state of joy and what else you’d like to speak to about these events?

AAG: Well, you aren’t going to like much what I have to say, but never-the-less I have been known as an outspoken Archangel, perhaps that is why they do not let me speak on the radio very often. But there are a couple of things that you are referring to and I am not denying that your patience has been tried mightily, in terms of what you think of as events. But I want to speak to you in terms of Universal Law and the unfoldment of the Plan of the Divine Mother, because I am her messenger. You can’t convince me child, with the if/then/BUT, big but, arguments. If you say “If you give me a home, if you give me my relationship, if you give me a million dollars then I will feel joyful” because that is the way the old 3rd has operated, it is completely conditional. And what I am asking of you is to stop looking outside, claim what’s already within you, ignite that joy and because that joy is present, other externals will appear. But it is not “I will wait until I get the present I want and maybe then I’ll let you see me be joyful.” That is blackmail and that is of the old control ways of old earth and it will not work, it never has, that is a child bribing their parents for a sucker. So what I am speaking of you having is this capacity for infinite joy. Now that I have made my point and made all of you extremely unhappy, I will also say to thee we know that there would be dancing in the streets if there were star beings out there on the streets to dance with. Now the interesting part of that is there actually are star beings on the street and in the woods, in the mountains, in the streams, certainly beneath the ocean, but you aren’t seeing them. So to you it feels that they are absent and not acknowledged and you are anxious. But what we want you to consider it as is that you want them to show up to your party. They are not the party. Will they contribute mightily to the party? Yes. But the party is the love and the joy and the peace and when you have that, when you are walking down the street in joy, in love, in balance, then you will start to see. And before you know it a ship will be in front of you or someone will be taking your hand and saying “Let’s dance.”

So it is not that these events are not going to occur because they are, but what I am saying to you and my entreaty and my reminder to you tonight that you promised me eons ago that you would show up, that you would show up when I blew my horn. And I am telling you, the clarion call has gone out. So in many ways I am turning the tables on you and I am saying to you what would make me joyful, what would make us show up to the party would be to see the golden radiance of your heart lit up with the Golden Flame.

This is not a stand-off, this is us in co-creation meeting in the middle. And I know, dear one, I perhaps know even better than each of you because I am watching and I am proud of you, how you have endured, how you have practiced patience and perseverance, how you have maneuvered and not allowed despair or defeat. I am not suggesting for one millisecond that this journey has been easy or smooth and yet despite it all I am asking “Can we please ignite the joy?” I will help you but I have, we have such tremendous, deep faith in you. We know that you also know how to ignite your joy. Look out at your mountains, your meadow, the birds, the frogs, the grass, the flowers, the snow, and let that mirror of beauty warm your heart.

GD: Some may hear your earlier comments that one cannot ascend if they are not in a state of joy, that that’s a requirement, and so I could anticipate that some may be thinking ‘geez, I’ve been feeling miserable, I’ve been feeling depressed, I’ve been feeling anxious, I’m definitely not feeling joyful’ as a theme. Can you provide some words of comfort for these folks, please?

AAG: Yes, we have been actually for about two weeks now absolutely flooding your planet with joy, with golden radiance of joy. So we have seen very clearly that that is helping. But yes, for those who feel that they are still in that place, that is why I am asking each of you “Can you give me, yes it is a personal request, can you give me 10 minutes of your day?” and I will teach you joy. All you have need to do is be present, not multitasking, not sending your mind working over the family budget for what money you do or do not have for the Christmas Season or the Hanukkah celebrations. Simply give me 10 minutes and I will teach you joy and it is going into your heart. It is not something that I am asking you to do on the fly, it is to go into your hearts, feel the warmth of the gold, feel the golden nugget, if you can’t find it, ask me, I will help you. This is not intended to be a game of hide and seek, you’ve been seeking enough. And then I will ignite, keep your eyes open, I will ignite something in your environment even if you have no pictures to look at, no flowers to smell, no candles to burn, no bubbles for your bath, just sit there and allow the joy to well up, allow the smile in your tummy to return and to expand every day. I am here to help.

GD: Thank you. And we’re all deserving of joy, it’s our birthright, it’s who we are.

AAG: That is correct.

GD: There are a couple of callers in the queue and I want to get to them, but I did want to first ask you, if you would, expand on the date reference of 12-12, next week, you brought it up and you indicated, I heard you share that it’s important to be doing these intentional exercises, being in the joy now is pretty important now for next week on 12-12, why is that, what’s happening?

AAG: Because you are entering or going through a flood, a portal of unity, of unification. It is the next step and you can’t, you simply can’t join in unity and community, not genuinely, not fully, if you are not in joy.

GD: Is this a highly significant portal day? I’m thinking about some other recent ones such as 11-11, is this…?

AAG: It is the most significant portal date.

GD: It is the most significant portal date?

AAG: It is the most significant portal to date.

GD: Oh, “to date” I see. Okay.

AAG: So yeah, it is very important.

GD: I hear that, okay. Debbie from Connecticut, welcome to the show.

Debbie: Hi, Thank you so much. You have brought me joy this evening but I wanted to just share with you what brings me joy very consistently and that is getting outdoors and I really like to go hiking and I really like to go to the beach and there are places nearby that I can do both those things. And I can be in a real funk or feeling very not in center and that will always bring me back to center and truly bring me joy and I wanted to share that.

AAG: Thank you child because it is true, as soon as you step out of doors you feel the expansiveness of Gaia and the energy floods you. But thank you because that is wonderful advice for all who are looking.

GD: Debbie I can so appreciate that, I am there with you being out in nature, hiking, I don’t have the ocean right here in Vermont but I can get to it, I can appreciate it and certainly resonate with what you’re sharing. Thanks so much for your call tonight.

Debbie: Wonderful. Good evening.

GD: Have a great night. Lorraine from Virginia, welcome, what is your question or comment?

Lorraine: Hi. Just a comment of what brings me joy and I have to say ditto, I love the ocean and the ocean just surrounds me with peace. But also what brings me joy is observing my grandchildren or any children, but because my grandchildren are in my family, being with them and observing their love brings me joy. And the other thing that brings me joy is to celebrate with a person who has accomplished or succeeded, a person who is celebrating, to celebrate with someone who is celebrating, do you know what I mean? Just to share in that person’s completion or success, etcetera. When people in my family have accomplished something that they have worked for for such a long time, it brings me joy to see them in joy and to succeed.

GD: Beautiful, wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing that.

Lorraine: Thank you.

GD: Have a great night. Okay, Carol from North Carolina, welcome.

Carol: Thank you. I have a quick question about the Woodstock Concert in 1969, of all those who were there and felt that bliss, either with or without drugs, was that experiencing the 5th dimension?

AAG: Yes.

GD: Great question. (Laughter)

Carol: Thank you very much.

GD: Were you there?

Carol: Yes.

GD: And so what was your experience…

AAG: And so was I child!

Carol: Oh my…and you didn’t need drugs, it was just so blissful and people were sharing and you appreciated everything…

AAG: There are many occasions when people are coming together in a sense of community to simply celebrate…and that is joy. So yes, and wherever there is joy you know that I am close by.

GD: So Carol, what was your takeaway from Woodstock? You touched upon it a bit but you asked if it was a 5th dimensional kind of experience, tell me more about what you experienced.

Carol: Well I think it was just feeling so good, so pleasant, and you wanted to share, other people wanted to share and appreciated the trees and I could hardly hear or even see the stage but it didn’t matter and everyone we were sitting around I suspected they felt the same way but I didn’t know and you didn’t have to worry about food because people were sharing what they had, you didn’t even know them but they just passed it, you took something then passed it along. It was just so supremely pleasant.

GD: I think of the theme of where we’re headed, unit consciousness, collaboration, family, sharing, togetherness, so beautiful, wonderful. Thanks so much for your call tonight.

Carol: Oh thank you, thank you.

GD: Have a great night. Alright, Aggie from Pennsylvania, welcome to the show, what’s your question or comment tonight?

Aggie: Thank you for taking my call. I have since yesterday, I have such an excitement building in my being, it’s so thrilling, it’s like, it’s an expectation, I can’t even bring it into words, it’s just amazing. I’ve never felt that way and it’s being building, you know since yesterday and today and I’m just so happy I think I’m deciding to be in bliss and joy.

AAG: You are allowing your joy to come forward child; you are allowing it to explode within you. Well done.

Aggie: Yes, I love you all so much. Thank you all.

AAG: And we love you.

GD: Absolutely, absolutely, thank you so much for calling and sharing that tonight. Archangel Gabrielle, can you please share with us what people can anticipate with, you mentioned that within the last couple of weeks, I believe that’s what you said, that there’s been an infusion, I’m paraphrasing here, but an infusion of joy and I’m sure, love to the planet. What can people experience with that as that comes to them as they step into that?

AAG: Your listener has just explained it and it is this sense of simple well-being, of this growing excitement and this sense of joyousness, of heart expansion because that is what the joy and the love do and that is what the Shift is about, of course. It is the descension into your heart, it is descending out of your mental body and your ego, not killing it off but simply descending into the energy of your heart fullness. And so what we have been doing is penetrating the planet with pink and gold and it is accomplishing miracles because people are feeling it and it is not simply a seasonal occasion. Because what you are seeing is peace treaties being written and peace treaties within the home being written and a sense of renewed trust and respect, honoring, a room for difference, that is one of the things that joy does. When you feel that your joy is yours and it is not dependent upon either us or a human being or a star being doing this or that, then your expansion grows and it aligns you with exactly what you have been working on and hoping for. So it’s not “first let everything happen, then maybe I’ll feel joy.” That is why I have asked there is a sense of urgency, feel the joy, let it in.

GD: Thank you so much for visiting with us tonight, it’s been a pleasure as always.

AAG: Go with my joy and go in peace and I move for Linda to speak as well.

GD: Thank you.

LD: I want to remind everybody about the 10 minutes of joy, practical, eyes open, something that makes you happy and I also wanted to remind people, because we’re reaching the full point, about the upcoming webinars, webcasts, on Ascension. So if you have any outstanding questions go to the Council of Love website (www.counciloflove.com) and sign up for the 15th of December and the 22nd, the day after when we all begin our new adventure.

GD: Beautiful. Thank you, it’s so good to be with you. Have a great night everybody.

LD: Love everybody, bye.

Channeled by Linda Dillon