Who is the Council of Love and what is its purpose?

The Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance and its purpose is the transmission of divine radiance and Love! Five Read More

The Mother throws open the door of the 13th Octave! Come!

On today’s conference call, Archangel Gabrielle delivers a very important message from the Universal Mother…I bring you glad tidings of Read More

Surrender Unto Wholeness

The sixth in the orignal 13th Octave channeling series. We have begun with the assurance of wholeness and now as Read More

The 13th Octave: A New Circle of Existence

The fifth of the orginal 13th Octave channelings. Note the continued emphasis on Joy… Greetings from the Council of Love, Read More

The Horn of Freedom

The fourth of the orignial 13th Octave channelings:  Greetings from the Council of Love, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love Read More

A Time of Decision

The second of the original 13th Octave Chanenlings: Greetings from the Council of Love. I am Gabriel, Herald of God Read More

The Doorway Beckons

The very first 13th Octave channelling: Note as you read it – that from the very beginning the Ascension reference Read More

Archangel Gabrielle discusses the gift of being empathic, telepathic, and sensitive…

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadYou come forth as New Race, the reincarnation of the Creator Race. The abilities Read More

Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel: “Dear hearts, you have done it all…”

Every day and in every moment set yourself in the center of the stillness, the place of balance, where you Read More

Archangel Gabrielle: I say to each and every one of you…Thank you!

…Thank you for being in partnership with us. Thank you for assuming form to assist in this unfoldment, to complete Read More