Look at the sacredness that is inside a child…that sacredness is inside of you as well. Channeled by Lee Degani.

Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Bringer of Joy, Trumpeter of Truth. This is an awesome time. It is an auspicious time for it is a transition time, a transition of what was and what will be. You’ve been feeling this and your antennae are correct in perceiving that this is what is happening at this moment in time.

Many are being moved aside in ways that are gentle and in ways that are not so gentle, but this must be done very delicately. And so there has been this feeling of that there must be a rushing of time but that will defeat the purpose of what we are all trying to accomplish and what we will accomplish, what we are accomplishing. And you notice that I say we because we are co-creators with this. And it is a time when love will be the queen or love will be the king.

And yes the children, the children are already in that place of love, of joy, of spreading joy. But many have absorbed that which has come down in the generational lines and so when they take the step and become awakened, when they are connecting to their light, then that is dissolved. It doesn’t need to be done in such a difficult way, in such the way as the long-term journey, as it was with the adults, because the energies were different then.  And the adults are more solidified in their thinking and their brainwaves.

And so, this is something that has been taking place, but the children, the children are easily able to slip into the next dimension, the next vibrational pattern. You have seen this and yes it is quite easy to reach them telepathically, especially the children that have the so-called learning challenges…the children that you would refer to as on the spectrum.

Beloveds (laughing), they are on the spectrum of light! They are graced with perfection. They have come here to teach, to show that what has been done to Mother Earth no longer can be allowed. How people treat each other can no longer be allowed. That the Divine does live in each one of us, in each one of you. And this, to see this, must be allowed. For that is what they have come to teach.

And yes, this is in the ancient writings that these highly evolved ones have agreed just as you have agreed to come into physical bodies, into vessels and bring this understanding to all. They know in the deepest levels why they are here. Often they are trying to communicate but they do not have avid listeners. Trust in what they are showing you. Yes, they are still children and yes, they need their boundaries and yes, they need to be taught right from wrong, how to live in our society. And you notice I say, “our society” because yes, we are co-creating with you every moment, all of us in the spiritual realm.

But the days of disciplining with anger and with restraints that are toxic, toxic to the psyche, that time is over. Now it is the time to have love rule. But this doesn’t mean that one should not be the parent. The children need parenting. They have an inherent sense of what is right and what is wrong but they still need to be guided. And for the child who is saying at the age of two, “No mommy, I no longer want to eat an animal,” listen and respect that. They know in the innermost levels what is the best for their divine essence.  And perhaps the other family members will be joining in.

This is not to say that there is something wrong with eating meat, for there is not.  But when it is done in a gracious way, in a way of gratitude, in a way of love, then the animals gladly give unto you. But for many of the children, these highly evolved souls who have come into their physical bodies, they cannot tolerate that. For they cannot tolerate the way the animals were treated and the way they are led to slaughter.

So that is why many of them are saying no more to eating of animals. But for the animals that are treated in a sacred manner, they understand why they are here on earth and what their role is and they gladly come to serve the humans. For they know that this is just an experience and they are able to see on all levels.

And for the animals that have run away or exploring or become loose, they are bringing together thousands. They are bringing the vibration of love, of caring into the world, of respect, of the understanding that each living being is sacred.

And you beloveds, that sacredness is within you. Look at the sacredness that is inside a child. Know that that sacredness is inside of you as well. Guide them with joy, guide them with love, guide them with parameters and boundaries. Guide them in the way that they are calling to you. Give them the simple toys and the simple gifts. Let them be in nature. Let them have time to just be, to be children, to be children that can explore and discover the excitement, the beauty, the treasures that are here in this dimension in earth.

Can you too, beloved, find that also? Take the time, take the time to nurture your beloved self. For those of you who are parents or teachers or mentors to the children, you need this as well.

I leave you now with much love, with joy. We honor you and the paths you have chosen. You are loved. Farewell.