Archangel Gabrielle sheds light on the events of the Florida Valentine’s Day shooting. Channeled by Lee Degani.

Well, well, well, I am Gabby, Gabrielle and I welcome you dear one with joy, for I am the ‘Have’ archangel that brings joy! I am of joy! We all are of joy! And how joyous we are that you are filled with joy! And how joyous we are that the flowers are filled with joy and the fish are filled with joy and the mountains are filled with joy.

And you have asked a question and it is our joy to answer it, of the events in Florida, of the shooting, of how can there still be joy when this has occurred? There are many levels and this you know. As multidimensional beings you can be in various places at different times so in the self that is grieving and sad and the tears that fall, the place that is not of joy, that beloved, still is of joy. Because there is a joy in the cleansing and the clearing. And those beautiful souls who decided to leave and give a gift to humanity to all, they are filled with joy for as they cross into the other side they remember their mission and their purpose and why they were on earth. And part of it included leaving at a certain time to bring this joy.

Now, is that a cause for celebration in all realms? Although this might be difficult for some to hear, the answer is yes, for there are inner workings of the universe and deeper levels that are difficult for the human to comprehend. But as you know beloveds, life is eternal. That Godly, divine part of you is eternal and there is joy in being that. So if you are crying, we are crying as well. If you are laughing, we are laughing as well.

Is this a cause for celebration upon Gaia when you are in that dimension where there is the grief and the sadness and the overwhelming pain? The answer is yes and no.  Yes, because this is going to be stopped and this will no longer be. This is not of love. This is not to be accepted. This is not what Nova Earth is. So yes, there is extreme sadness and overwhelming grief, but yet at the same time there is joy that this will no longer be and that it happened so it will no longer be. Can you possibly understand this beloveds? Can you look through the divine eyes?

The dream of the Mother, the dream of the Mother can be a nightmare but your work as light workers, as light holders, as love holders, as pillars, as gatekeepers, you are helping to turn that nightmare into a glorious, glorious dream where the nightmare will no longer be. So yes, a nightmare was necessary because although we are partners with you, there wasn’t enough action being taken. For we need you, each of you, beloveds, to be the hands, to be the eyes, to be the words for us. That is what it is to be a partner. So. as you take this action now to prevent such atrocities, this is the cause for celebration. And the beautiful young children, these innocent ones, the scars and the pain, they are being showered and infused with love. And they are more resilient than you even know, for these are the new ones that have come to earth.

And you are asking why on the day of love, on Valentine’s Day? Again each answer has many levels. So on the level of the physical, of the dear one who shot the gun, and we do call him our dear one, for he is loved beyond measure. Are his actions accepted? No. Will he have much suffering, has he had much suffering? Yes. But on the level of his divine, sacred self, there is much joy that this was chosen on this day of love. For the answer and the only answer that can be is love. So, that love that was already streaming into your hearts, into your essence, into the air, into the water, into the earth, that love creating and is creating a cradle, a cushion for that which must be now as the healing takes place. And the healing will take place, beloveds.

Look deep within your hearts and for those of you who are saying, why and the screams of pain, we comfort you, we console you, we love you beyond measure. We are with you, right by your side. And those of you who are angry, yes, be angry, scream it out, stamp it out but do not take it out on another. Look deep within yourselves and what is underneath there. What is it within you that you are also angry about? What is within you that you also have wanted to take steps to harm another? What is it within you that says ‘I am not worthy, I am not loved’…,for you are.

And those of you who are filled with joy even though this is happening and there is the pain and the grief and the sorrow and the terror of these young children, stay in your joy, for you are doing more than you can even imagine by radiating that joy into the world. Your joy is bringing tremendous, tremendous support, healing, love. So yes, mourn when the times are there to mourn and when the tears come, cry.  But when you feel the joy take away any guilt, for each has their own journey and each is a piece of the team of the puzzle that will bring all to the next steps.

You are loved, you are forgiven. And can you forgive yourselves, dear ones? Can you forgive? Can you come to a place of love?  Find it deep within your heart. For as one does so does the other. I celebrate with thee, our most precious ones that we love. And laugh, laugh! Put your arms out, for you are alive! Live for those who are no longer on earth. Love for them. Be joyful for them and you will be bringing the greatest gift.

I bid you farewell and I saturate you. I infuse you with my golden bubbles of joy and when each one is popped, a fountain of love comes from thee, from you, dear ones and creates the pool, the cushion, the water, the cradle of love for all those who are suffering right now. Farewell.

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