So, are you in the time, dearest heart, of confinement? Yes, you are because you need it. You need, particularly, to step back from the chaos…

LD: I was guided this week to expand… and thanks, Melissa, for pointing it out… to expand who was participating. I was having a conversation, actually with Mother Mary, and asking what I could do to help support our community in terms of what’s going on with ‘the pause’. And what She was saying, She gave me a whole list actually… and so that list included expanding the Heart Call to absolutely everybody. What I did was I sent out the invitation to everybody that’s been on our mailing list for years and years.

And, in addition to that, because when you come to the Heart Call what it’s also going to do is give you access to the Council of Love Community, and that’s an on-line forum…I’ll talk a little bit about that in a minute… the third thing the Mother asked me to do was to do meditations, one a week, and to simply give them away. And She started off by bringing me to my own personal archives of meditations that I’ve never published and never shared, that were very specific, either to a situation or to a particular workshop, and then She started adding new ones as well.

So, what we’ve decided, Isaac and I decided, is that every Thursday in the Community there will be a fresh, brand new Council of Love meditation for you to… I want to say enjoy, but also to help you through this time, because we’re really deep into the pause and we’re all feeling it.

Before I get into even discussion that, I want to talk a little bit about the Council of Love Community because some of you are familiar with it and some of you aren’t. The Council of Love Community is intended to be a place of heart listening, heart speaking, heart sharing. The reason we did it was that in, particularly in Facebook, that there was so much distraction going on, that we wanted a place that was very similar to the forums that we have when you’re in a Council of Love class, so that the conversations… first of all they are intended to be conversations and they’re intended to be deep, profound… I mean, it’s fun when we share pictures of what we’re up to, but it’s also intended to be that deep conversation about what’s really going on within our beings.

And, if there’s one thing about the pause that we all know is that it’s all about going to the within and going deeper into our hearts, our higher selves, our universal selves, our souls, and really delving into what it is we want. What is it we want to create? Not just in that external world but for ourselves. And from that then we step forward into the actions again about what we’re choosing to create and co-create as Nova Earth, as Nova Ascended Beings. It’s been a tricky time.

You know, when I was talking to Archangel Gabrielle and I said, you know, what do you want me to talk about today? Because for those of you who don’t know, Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel is my ‘go-to gal’, she is my primary guardian. And she is also the spokes-being for the Council of Love. And I was a little surprised when Gabby said to me, “I want you to talk about love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance.” I’m thinking, ‘oh, my gosh, here we go again’, because years ago, literally when I was channeling in the 13th Octave… so we’re talking in the 90s, early 90s… she channeled a whole series of articles about – it was all really simple because what she said and how it started was the keys to haven… we were saying, “How do we get there? You know, what’s this all about?” I was at the starting point… unity, connectedness, and balance… and that’s what we’ve been working on the last couple of years. But prior to that, all of us have been working on love, trust, forgiveness.

So now what we’re doing is we’re bringing that package together. It’s no coincidence that the Mother told us, in Her New Year’s message, that this theme for 2020 was balance. And now we’re working with that final piece, but it’s also we’re ready and we’re working with that whole package. I think that if you look at what’s happening to us individually and collectively, that we’re working on the, certainly the trust piece, and the forgiveness piece.

You know, all of us, probably, with variations here and there, have different opinions about what’s transpiring right now. But, let’s be honest with each other, none of us really knows… these are theories, these are thoughts, these are belief systems. But what we do know is this continual guidance that the Mother has given us and She said… 2020 to 2030 is going to be a period of rebirth, of recalibration, of reconstruction, of resurrection, and of balance.

Now, I don’t know about you, when I got that message I was like thrilled, right, excited, alright finally breakthrough. I didn’t bother, or hear, or see… I knew there was big stuff that lay ahead, but I certainly didn’t see this, and of course, this wasn’t particularly part of the Mother’s Plan, but She certainly is using it to fit in and to weave Her Plan.

Now, the thing is, in all these theories about what’s going on, we do know that we’re being urged… and that’s the polite word… we’re being urged to be still. We’ve all been working with the Stillpoint for years, but we’re really being urged to go deep, deep within. And it’s important that we heed that message because there’s so much chatter and distraction of all kinds that’s going on right now. And I’m not just talking about the Corona Virus, I think what’s happening is it’s making us more aware of all the distractions that have simply became part and parcel of our everyday life, we just built it in, we never really stopped or felt like we had the opportunity to really stop to this degree collectively, and step back and say… What do I really value?

The other thing, the elephant in the room, is this fear factor, you know. And I think most of you, I’ve talked to many of you, and you’re not feeling that ‘oh my god, I’m going to die? Am I going to get this infection? Blah, blah, blah… But the fear and the chaos, which has never been more prevalent on the surface, is in the very air we’re breathing. So, even if you live like me, in the nice, quiet, under the dome suburbs, it’s in the air right now.

So, if you’re feeling that chatter, and you think, ‘well, I’m not afraid, this is good times, this is breakthrough’, also pay attention because all of our nervous systems are on high alert. And when your nervous system is on high alert, and you’re in that security, fight or flight kind of situation, even if it’s momentary, what happens is it’s very hard for us to really stay and to really be anchored in our hearts.

And that’s one of the reasons why Yeshua, in this beautiful channeling, I think last week with my friend, Joe, who’s here today, that Yeshua had talked about this security factor and for us to be paying attention, both for ourselves individually, and collectively, to really be paying attention to our root chakra. The root, you know, is the base of our body, that’s the chakra that’s fight or flight. But what we are doing in that is that we are doing a lot of red.

Now, I tend to be an upper chakra girl. So, I haven’t for a long time paid a lot of attention to my root or my pelvis, or even my sacral. But this is the guidance that we’re being given… is to go to our root and really breathe that red, really feel that chakra open, and spinning, and functioning. And then, to make sure that you’re deeply, deeply rooted into the heart of Gaia, because that’s going to keep two feet on the ground, because our ascension is all about not leaving but being in form, on planet, making this incredible transformation. And if there’s one thing that we do know, this is it… the line in the sand… we are at the transition change point, however you explain it. So, to make sure we are really anchored, make sure that you’re anchored with Gaia.

Now, somebody, I think on the forum, said, “Well, how do I do that?” So, I’m going to give you the quickie version…

Meditation: From the Root Chakra, Anchor within the Heart of Gaia

Close your eyes and go into your beautiful emerald heart. Feel your tri-flame of your beautiful Pink Diamond self, being embraced and spiraled with the Mother’s Blue Diamond, and embraced and spiraled the other way by the Father’s Gold Diamond. Really feel it.

Take a nice deep breath of emerald green, and then the cotton candy pink. Open your heart. Now, as you know there’s a silver cord that runs through you, up through your high heart, your throat, your fourth eye, your third eye, your fifth eye, up through your crown, up to the Heart of One. And that beautiful cord that we slip up in and down in when we go to the 13th Octave is silver. So, out of your crown feel that into your 14th, 15th, 16th chakra, on up to the Heart of One.

Now, come back down into your heart and let’s make this cord… it’s the same cord… it turns into red, and it’s thick, and it’s beautiful. It isn’t like woven hemp… all prickly… it’s like silk and it’s this beautiful, radiant cherry red.

Now, out of your heart, of the tip, out of your Valentine heart, as you begin to go down through your halion, your solar plexus, your umbilical, your sacral, your pelvis, right down to your root, and breathe the ruby, breathe the red geraniums, breathe the red roses, breathe the cherry lifesavers.

Now, we’re going to drop this cord down through the chair you’re sitting on, or the bed, or the sofa, down through the floor, the carpet, the linoleum, the wood, down through the foundation, or the building, the concrete. Breathe red. Down through the new soft layers of spring earth, the loose earth, down through the harder layers, the rock, the gaseous layers, or if you live by water, now you are in the water. Keep going. Deeper until you feel yourself sliding down that cord. And it feels like you’re at the mouth of a cave and there’s no water inside that cave, there’s no gaseous layers, it’s just like a portal.

And there, standing at the door to the cave is this beautiful, beautiful woman. To me she appears ancient and timeless, and yet she’s got still one of those young faces with sparkling eyes… and you know that this is Mother Gaia. And she’s got her arms out wide and you’re going through that portal, and you’re embracing her, and hugging her, and you are so darn happy to be home. This has been a stressful time… you just want to come inside and cozy up with Mom. You know full well you have the Mother above and the Mother below.

And you go with her… she has this beautiful woven blanket sitting by the Council fire, and you sit or lay down, and you allow yourself to accept her invitation. Put your head on her lap. Face the fire so you can feel the warmth on your face and feel her arms gently caressing you, making you feel safe, anchored, secure. And you know that this Council fire is a place of meeting for those who are the keepers of the Heart of Gaia. You feel so honored to be welcomed here.

And the Mother’s smiling at you saying, “Dear heart, you are always, always welcomed here.”
But you know that your mission, your purpose, your heart’s desires, the fulfillment of your dreams lies… at the moment… on the surface of Gaia, working with the kingdoms and the planet, the oceans and the streams, the humans. And you know you have to return but you ask Gaia to hold your red cord to keep you safe and anchored always. And so she takes that cord as you leave the cave and go up, either through the water, or the gaseous layers, the rock, the crystals, the soft earth, the concrete, your floor, back to your chair where you feel firmly and completely anchored. And you continue traveling up to your heart so that you can stay in your heart… because that’s where the love lives.

And then, when you’re ready, open your eyes and we will continue…

LD: I think especially as lightworkers, so often our tendency is to go up, you know, anchor in our heart and go up to the 13th Octave. But it’s the balance, again, to be anchored above and to be anchored below. So, especially during this time it’s important to be fully balanced, not just on the see-saw spectrum because you want to stay centered, but up and down as well.

Any burning questions about that before we go forward to hear from Gabrielle? None! You’re all out there aren’t you? Good! Okay, the other thing that’s so important right now is really, really taking care of yourself. You know, we’re being called more than ever to a higher level… even though I don’t like to think of gradation I don’t know how else to put it… we’re being called to a broader level of really claiming and anchoring and living in our Divine Authority. And part of Divine Authority, as you know, is being in the fullness of your being, it’s being deputized by the Divine Mother Herself, to act as Her agents upon the planet.

We’re also being called to a broader, higher, deeper level of discernment as this little dust devil swirls across the planet… and I’m not underestimating it. But we don’t know, particularly with Divine Authority. If we’re not clear about our path and what our hearts desires are, then it’s very hard to assume our Divine Authority… it’s like… this is my path and this is how I pursue it, being the embodiment of the Divine Qualities and adhering to Universal Law. Because, if you don’t know what you want to do then it’s really hard to say with clarity, this is the direction in which I want to move.

And you know, in all of our lives, whether we’re 20 or 80, we have so many influences, some very obvious and apparent, and some very subtle, about what other people, whether it’s cultural or societal, or family, they have ideas about who we are and what we should be doing. In this pause, this is our chance to really revisit what it is we want.

You know, we all, and particularly because we do come from love and we want to come from love, so we very often adhere to other people’s demands… I want you to be my mom; I’m tugging on your shirt; I want you to be my grandma, my granddad; I want you to be my teacher; I want you to be my mentor. All that’s good, but now is the time for you to take time for your own sweet self… said she who just added a bunch of stuff!!! So, I get it, but really carve out that time, that staring at the wall, that heart speaking, heart listening with your guides, with the Council, ‘cause of course, they’re there for you.

Okay, give me a sec and a sip and I’m going to shift gears… crystal in hand…

Channeling: In This Time of Pause

Greetings, I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And yes, dearest hearts… not simply dear hearts, but the dearest hearts… yes, I am permitted to have favorites… you are my dearest hearts.

As I come to you on behalf of this entire Council of Love, as I come to you on behalf of the Mother/Father/One, as I come to you, yes, in my golden radiance and the deepest humility, respect, honoring, adoration of each of you, of who you are. That is the entire purpose, what the Mother has implemented for using this time of pause. It is for you, and if we can assist, we are, and that is what we are doing right now.

We wish to remind you of who you are… mighty angels, masters, mountains, mountain ranges, oceans, fairies, all of the above in form! You have traveled throughout the galaxies, and you have gathered and garnered the wisdom… sometimes through tragedy, often through victory, and often turning tragedy into victory. You are alchemists and that is partially what you are doing right now… you are using this alchemical moment to transmute, transform, transubstantiate energy into love.

When I say to you, “You are honored and adored”, so often you think, ‘oh, I am human and I have screwed up more times than I can count, I have gone on twenty-two scenic detours, I have lied and accepted lies, I have acted dishonorably, I have failed miserably.’ Dearest heart, who are you talking about? Because you are not talking about the being that we see, the bright angel that we see, that we know you to be… filled with light and love and capable, competent of literally managing, implementing, being this change from what we would call old Earth to Nova Gaia.

Long before this day, when you chose to incarnate, whether you chose to incarnate in Serbia, or Africa, or America, you knew full well and you accepted the mantel of Divine Authority to come as Gaians. You knew long before that there is only one world, there is only one planet, there is only one omniverse, the infinite, eternal spectrum of our Divine Mother. And you knew, and you know the Mother’s Dream, which is your dream… to rebirth love, to be the embodiment so that everybody, not just humans, for that is myopic child, everybody, all beings can experience love, express love. You see it in the animal kingdom all the time and you yearn for it, and you have reached the point where you demand it, and to which we say, “Hallelujah! It is about time.” Because in the demand is the assumption of your divine right and authority, to be the truth, the might, and the power of who you are… magnificent angels of transformation… whether you are from CeeCeeCee, Arcturus, Sirius, or far beyond. Whether you are earth-keeper or star-keeper you have said, “I will go, I will go as Gaian, and I will see this through. And I will not see this through through war and mayhem and chaos.” Yes, that must be revealed, otherwise, it is literally buried in your cells, let alone your heart. You said, “I will go, and I will be the transformation.”

Decades ago, I have said to thee that the keys to heaven are love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance. And this day I say to thee, “The keys to Nova Earth, which is an expression of heaven, is love, trust, forgiveness, unity with yourself and all, connectedness to yourself and all, and balance, above, below, within, without, in every fiber of your being.”

Now, I do not come this day to teach you, or even really to remind you… although I’m trying to… I’m coming to you to say is thank you, on behalf of all, thank you. You have practiced constancy and stamina and patience, and there have been times when you have turned, and you have said, “Where are you?” But we are right here with you, as close as your breath, your skin, your hair, we are directly there with you… all of us.

This is your time. This will not be a repeat of Lemuria or Atlantis. This is not about mayhem and destruction; this is about rebirth. So, are you in the time, dearest heart, of confinement? Yes, you are because you need it. You need, particularly, to step back from the chaos. You have been ardent, stellar in your work. Now you step back… you’re allowing the painting to dry; you’re stretching the tapestry on the frame. You may feel, at moments, empty… like ‘now what? I’m not clear.’

When that occurs, do not reengage. We will tell you when the time of re-engagement is upon you… and let me be clear about that… I do not mean do not engage with one another. This is your family. This is your support. This is your reinforcements, in form. I mean, do not reengage with fear or chaos, lack or mayhem.

Beloveds, you are attended to… not that we need to attend to you because you are master alchemists, you are angels in form, masters in form. You have claimed your divine right for freedom. So, go within, build your dreams, claim your dreams because you are dreaming with us. We are dreaming with the Mother… both Mothers… above and below.

But remember, when you say to me, “Gabrielle, what is this about?” Know it is about love, it is about trust in these times when there is a lack of, shall we say, public certitude. You know but you also trust. And it is about forgiveness. Beloveds, this is not about punishment or revenge. It is about embracing each other and yourself, in the deepest level of acceptance that you have want for thousands, for many of you millions of years. But you’ve never given up, you are here. It is about unity with your beloved, sacred self and the collective.

The diversity of talents, abilities, interests was planned. It is required to build and anchor the Cities of Light and far beyond. You know connectedness; you are the connectors and you are the balance, and you are supremely, personally loved.

We are with you, this entire Council. So, go with our love, and go in peace. Farewell.

LD: Thank you, thank you for coming. We will be putting in the Monday personal notes how everybody can access the Council of Love Community. And if you’re really eager to jump on, just go to the Council of Love website… it says ‘Join the Community’… that will get you right in. For those of you that have been on a subscription basis, I want to reassure you that all those have been suspended.

And, I just want to say… you know what… just take time, just love yourself right up, give yourself a great big hug. You’re doing fabulous. We’re not alone. We’re right there…so let’s go, bring it on!

Until the next time, from my heart to yours, love you!