All of your senses will be enhanced greatly and you will retain all of your talents and attributes…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, I AM the Lily of Love, Trumpet of the Truth, Bringer of the News in this day of victory! Yes, I AM the Messenger of the One, in service to the Mother and Father, and in service to you all.

I come today in joy and with great excitement to announce the birth and, in fact, the rebirth of each and every one of you that said “Yes” to this miracle when the Mother asked you just recently.

Dearest brothers and sisters, it is indeed happening in this now moment, and it is with great delight that I come to announce and celebrate with you the arrival of your New You! You know that you are prepared and that you are ready. You have worked hard and diligently on releasing all that is not of truth from your memories and cells. You have been persistent in consciously getting ready for this exciting time of renewal and rebirth while not always being aware of the improvements that you had to bring into your sweet selves. It really matters not, for you have done your best, and you asked and prayed constantly that you be guided and aligned only with that which is for the highest and greatest good of all.

You loved, you shared love with humanity, and finally, and mostly, with your sweet selves, with the good and the bad within you, and with the light, and the dark as well. You have learned to open your hearts widely and to love just as the Mother does, unconditionally, and completely without judgment.

The Mother and the Council have heard your plea dear ones, and here we are in a state of celebratory anticipation and excitement at your arrival – that wonderful, beautiful, and bright New You.

You might want to know what this really means and what it is that you should expect. For one thing, there will be no more suffering, indeed your rebirth will entail no labor pains at all. This is assuming that you let go of any speck of resistance, so that you fully surrender to this process, letting go of any painful memories, or worries and fears for the future.

Your New You has been equipped with everything that you need to be in the fullness of your purpose for this lifetime of collective ascension. This wonderful being of light has the memory of every lesson that you had to experience and integrate, both in this and in any of your other lifetimes, and it has the wisdom to apply it to every situation without much thinking or mental processing.

That’s it! Your mental bodies will have to be kept in balance and just take a step back to listen to what your hearts are indicating. It will feel right to the New You to choose to go into this type of action, or to avoid engaging in that kind of action, because you will be able to assess the repercussions and overall effects on the immediate or distant future, and nothing that is not in alignment with the Divine Plan will be looked at or taken into consideration.

You will retain all of the talents and attributes that you have cultivated and became accustomed to. And, in addition to those, the Mother will bring into full bloom all of the Divine Qualities and Virtues needed for the completion of your original blueprint – the one that you had created for your angelic form before descending into the third dimensionality of Planet Earth. There will be a sense of awe and wholeness of who you are, without a need or desire to compare yourselves with others, or wanting anyone else’s qualities and path.

All of your senses will be enhanced greatly, and so it will be quite easy to discern the truth and the clear intentions of the ones with whom you need to interact. The assistance you offer to others will be in the form of giving love and support, and in creating a healing and nurturing space for everyone who is attracted to your beaming light.

There will be no more taking upon your sweet selves the darkness of others, or for that matter, the darkness of the collective. The New You knows how to detach from this type of work that was never really imposed on you or required of you by the Council of Love, or by the Mother. It was one of the deepest ingrained core issues that you had to let go of, for you and humanity at large had never owed anyone anything – excessive working, energy or moneys, or the sacrificing of your well-being – in order for you to be considered as of being of service, fully acceptable, and lovable.

The New You has a clear knowing of what his/her love duties and purpose are, and would be, following and building its life actions by the joy and the high vibrations of his/her heart!

Congratulations dearest ones! I will leave you now with loads of bubbles of golden love, and with a deep anchoring of my joy into your beautiful beings!

Farewell for now, but know that we are always here with you!