It helps to remind you of why you are here and how you can contribute, in the most exhilarating ways, the path of joy. Channeled by Lee Degani.

I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpeter of Truth, Bringer of Joy. And I bring you joy this day, for there are times, beloved, when one must step back, when one must give the joy of being in physical form to oneself. And I am speaking to many of you. For you are dedicated, you are diligent, you are determined and we applaud you and we recognize you. And we laud you and we love you for this. But there is a time to enjoy the simplicity and take the burden that you feel, of carrying the world, off your shoulders, for it is not meant to be like that, beloved.

You are needed. Yes, it is true. We need you. We are in partnership with you to raise the vibration of the planet, to be the support, to bring the love to Gaia. But you are a connection to Gaia, you are connected to Gaia. When you go outside and put your face up to the sun and delight in the golden rays, you are doing more than you even know. You are bringing love to Gaia. You are bringing it back and thus you are contributing to the raising of the vibration of the planet.

It does not need to be that you immerse yourself in all the goings on.  Yes, we ask you to send your light. But it does not mean that you should not have space to enjoy yourself.  Each one needs to have that space and a vacation time. And the vacation time can just be a few moments a day. Are you remembering to take that time? Are you remembering to carve out a space for your precious and sacred selves? Are you remembering to not only send love to others, but to send love to yourself? In doing that you do more than you know.

So take the time, take the time no matter what your responsibilities are in the physical world, no matter what you feel that you must do, no matter what is going on around you, take the time. Take the time to breathe. Take the time to breathe in the essence of the rose, of the beautiful flower. Put your finger up to the sky and let the beauty and the glory fill you up. In doing this you do more than you know, beloveds. It brings you back to a state of joy. It brings you back to a state of grace. It brings you back to a state of love. And no, you never left those states. But it brings you deeper. It helps to remind you of why you are here and how you can contribute in the most exhilarating ways, the path of joy, the path of simple joy.

That is what I am reminding you of this day. And so I bid you farewell. I leave you with much love.