Some conversations seem easier than others, especially for the lightworker community. In Love+ #2, Linda and the COL address the difficult topics of disruption, chaos, peace, core issues and why bad things happen to good people. Pull up a chair and listen as Archangel Michael offers an update on the Strategic Peace Initiative, AA Gabrielle calls forth our mighty selves, and Linda offers her human perspective.

Channeling – Archangel Michael:

Greetings, I am Michael. I am Mi-ka-el.  Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome my beloveds. Sweet angels of love. Sweet angels of light. Sweet angels of peace. And I thank you for welcoming me to this new forum of Love+, but I also thank each and every one of you for simply welcoming me back. Welcoming me into your home and into your heart.

Never have you been more powerful. And I say this in the truest sense of your assumption of divine authority, divine mastery, ascension; becoming the creators and co-creators of Nova Earth. You say to me, “but Michael, I do not feel so powerful. In fact, in many ways I feel overwhelmed and down trodden.”  That is because, sweet ones, you are feeling the energy that our Divine Mother is penetrating each and every one of you upon the planet with. And because you are loveholder, lightworker you are feeling this energy intensely. But this is not a time to simply turn away. You are being fueled, rocket-fueled, Porlana C fueled for cause, for reason.

And of course, the first reason is your ascension and your ascending self. For you are becoming the wholeness, the freedom, the actuality of who you are. And it matters not whether you are red or magenta, or pink, or silver, or my blue. Each of you are warriors of peace. Each of you have come as part of your mission to re-anchor and to anchor for the first time in many, many thousands of years peace upon this blessed planet.

Now for some of you it is but a small part of your overall mission and purpose. And for some of you, my beloveds, it is a greater percentage – never the totality. Because your dreams, your wants, your desires, your experiences, and your expressions of love are always built in to your mission and purpose.

Confronting war, confronting mayhem, confronting chaos is challenging. I would be remiss if I termed it any other way. Yes, I speak to you of peace, and particularly the peace within. But that pathway, that road also leads to the war-torn places. And I know particularly for many of you who accompany me during your dream time, this has been challenging and exhausting. And that is also why I and the Mother often place you on sabbatical and say time out: time to refill, regenerate, rejuvenate, relax.

But we cannot fully turn away from a world who is still caught, enmeshed, dragged down in that old paradigm of control, of greed, of hatred and anger, and abuse of authority. Yes, and the thunder that occurs outside agrees with me. It is the declaration that we shall be done with it.  There is no room on Nova Earth for anything, anything other than a peaceful heart – a peaceful existence.

That does not mean that differences of opinion, controversy, differences of opinions in what directions to move will not come up. But the situations where there is abuse and control of one’s latitude of opinion of belief systems, of movement – it cannot be so. And it cannot be so because it is not of the Mother’s love. It is not of her design. It is not of the divine plan. And it is not of your plan – let alone, my plan.

So, I stepped forward and yes, I bow to my sister Archangel Gabrielle for allowing me to share this message first. I come to you to plea for peace. Peace is love. Peace is a sense of rightness.  Peace is that sacred place in your heart that knows. It is in your divine knowingness that this is the pathway. And it is the pathway of behavior, of action, of belief of how you treat one another on this planet.

And you say to me, “Mi-ka-el, I agree with everything you are saying. But how? How do you wish us to proceed?” Well, of course I ask of you, each and every one of you to join and conjoin in the Sunday night peace meditations. But I am asking more than that. I am asking you every single day, twenty-four seven, to hold the essence of peace which is unfolded in love within your conscience heart. The time of conscious creation is upon the planet in each and every one of you.

You say, “Well Michael, I don’t think I can be in meditation twenty-four seven.” That is not what I am asking. What I am asking is this: throughout your day when you feel discord – stop. Discern, not judge. Discern the cause. Step back and let it go. Surrender it. Give it to me, give it to the Mother. Give it to Gabrielle, she is more than willing. Give it to your guardian angels and your guides. We are legion. We can’t steal it from you. That would not be of love. And part of you being a conscious inhabitant of your being means that you are making these choices.

How do you know? Discordance is uncomfortable. It doesn’t sit well. It is difficult – that is how you know. And yes, of course in your daily practice, in your daily ritual of holding peace, of doing your entire process, take a few moments for peace. To send kindness and compassion and mercy to those that are living in abject terror, that are suffering violence and abuse and control, in any form. Because it is not just in the countries that are ruled by ruthless dictators; it is all over the planet.

Financial abuse, social abuse, cruelty, meanness, hatred, superiority: all these are declarations of war. So, beloveds, go into your heart with me. I beg you. And let us bring forth the Mother’s dream.

Thank you and farewell. Go in peace.


Channeling: Archangel Gabrielle:

Greetings, I am Gabrielle. Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth. Messenger of One. Welcome.

I am spokes-being for this Council of Love, central administrator for our Mother. And dearest hearts, beloved angels of light, sweet humans of love – nothing is more distressing than these situations, individually and collectively that you have termed or thought of as terrible, tragic, outrageous egregious situations that happen to people, to the angels of our heart. You who have come here as the bravest of the brave, the sweetest of the sweet, the strongest of the strong, the most courageous and valiant, patient and stubborn.

And how these situations – be it war or death or disease, starvation or hardship – and in that I include such an array of tragedies: the sickness or death of a child; the pain or suffering of a disease; of watching a sibling or parent drift away; of seeing the beauty of Gaia devastated by warheads; by seeing the Devas and the humans who live in these places killed or injured. The list is too long, far too long.

We are going to continue this conversation, but this is where I want it to begin. There is no such thing as a punishing, cruel God. There is no such thing. There is no such existence as a cruel or punishing Mother or Father. So often you think or you feel that we do not know suffering or emotion. And nothing could be further from the truth. When we see you in pain, suffering, distraught, in despair, believing that you have been forgotten, it tears our hearts apart. We do not say this to add burden – no, quite the contrary. What we do, and what I do as the Lily of Love, we get to work.

Years ago, our beloved Mother has said to thee that she no longer wanted to be known as the Mother of Sorrows, the Mother of Tears; that she wished to be known as the Mother of Joy.  That is true of all of us. All of us in what you think of as this unseen realm (and that is only because your eyesight hasn’t come fully onboard for everyone, but each and every one of you are seeing, feeling, perceiving more clearly than ever).

We know your pain. Now your question has been through this channel and from us to you and from you to us, “Why do these things happen, and why does there seem to be so much disruption – shall we call it that – so much chaos upon the planet at this time?” Yes, the tragedies have been happening for a very long time from crucifixions to holocaust to war; to dictators of all kinds – because many of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

What happens? You are the mighty ones, and so I welcome you to this circle with Mi-ka-el and Raphael, and Uriel, and Jophiel and I. I welcome you as the mighty ones – the ones that have been strong enough to alight on earth and say, “Mother, we will do the restoration.”  What you have been doing is of course elevating your frequency, your vibratory rate, your light quotient – however you think of it.  And it is all of the above. And so much more.

But also, what you are doing is exposing that which is not of love, that which is of the old paradigm and has no place on Nova Earth; no place in the heart of any human being. And it is this desire to expose that has reached a height that has never been felt before.

It was almost during WWII with the tragedy of the Holocaust – which some have chosen to deny, which is beyond imagination.  But you are exposing. You are ripping off the bandage and you are showing that the wound is gangrenous and it has need to be exposed so it can be healed.  And you say to me, “That’s fine Gabrielle, but that doesn’t explain why I am suffering from X disease.” You have chosen to raise this for the collective so that it may be eradicated, so that there is no more death or disease, or starvation. So that this suffering that in fact has been the essence, with ups and downs, the essence of human existence…it has need to be ancient history that is so vaguely remembered as to not be important.

And so I say to you – yes, we will continue this conversation in and out, up and down. Because it also relates to hope, and trust, and faith, and action, and shift and ascension; so we have just begun. But this is the time of transformation – might I say of instantaneous transmission, this law that Sanat Kumara has explained in great detail.  It includes the law now of elimination. I suggest to you my sweet angels, that the lessons of pain, of suffering, in all realms on this planet have been learned.

So we invite you. We support you. We guide you. And yes,  I have been known as somewhat direct – that we move forward together, as one.

Go with my love, farewell.


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