….. this is my personal invitation to the joy.  Yes, you are rediscovering my golden joy, my golden bubbles, my golden love.


Greetings, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And yes, dear hearts, spokesbeing for this entire Council of Love.  And that is only not just a job; it is an honor.  And it is an honor to come and to speak to you this day and every day.  And to speak to you from my heart to yours, but also on behalf of this entire Council.  And, yes, there is much that transpires upon your planet, upon this beautiful planet Gaia, my beautiful archangel sister.

Now she would not say that she has sacrificed in this undertaking to be of service to the Mother, to be the playground for the Mother’s angels to play.  Sweet angels of Light, those angels that have been selected and self-selected to come to the planet and play are none less than you.

This was never intended to be a planet of hardship, of struggle, of devastation, of cruelty and aberration, abuse of authority. Now has that transpired? Yes.  Of course, child. I’m not going to deny it.  But when you think of the sacred trust and the sacred mission of each and every one of you and, literally, quite literally of this planet herself, then you come to understand and integrate into the very cellular structure of your being, of your entire being – that you were born to play.

Think of this, think of this on a planet that has been literally obsessed with demonstrating worth through work, through earning.  That too often one’s measure of worth has been monetary, rapidly followed by how deep you have suffered, or how many hours in a week you put in.  This is ridiculous.

And this is not the paradigm of Nova Earth.   This is not the paradigm of an ascended being.  And this is not even the paradigm of an ascending being. The purpose of heart opening is to awaken you to the truth of who you are and in that the truth of the Mother, of the Father, the One.  And that truth, sweet angels of light, is that you are deserving of more.  No, this is not a pie in the sky channeling. It is a gentle forceful reminder.

Yes, you have come in service to the Divine – to eliminate, to eradicate all the difficulties that have been created by the human collective and by the human ego, by the illusion and delusion that there is in fact such a thing as separation.  But that is the beginning of your mission.  And all of you here have chosen to be here for the duration, to see the golden age of the Mother, to see and participate and to witness and to enjoy what you are building.

Yes, creation can be as simple as play.  It is not about nose to the grindstone and ignoring what you really want.  It is about being in this integrity that the channel has been speaking of yourself, with yourself, through that with others.  For when you are living with clarity and balance, joy and gratitude are a given.  They fuel your passion to create.  And to create in ways that we would call playful.  When Michael paints the sky, that is playful, that is delight.  When I blow my horn, it does not announce the end of the world, but joy.

It is the word made flesh and it is the silence of the word and it is all the sounds in the Mother’s omniverse.  When Raphael heals you with his green elixir it is a joy, it is play.  We do not sit around in the heavenly rafters and say, “Well, too bad, I gotta go to work now.”   No, child. There are times when the Mother will call to us and beckon us home, not because we are working our wings to nubs, but because we are having so much fun with you.  And you say to me, “Well, Gabrielle, Gabby, it sure hasn’t felt like fun”.  Well, this is my personal invitation to the joy.  Yes, you are rediscovering my golden joy, my golden bubbles, my golden love.  Without the joy, child, there is no progress.  Without the gratitude, there is no joy.

And so I invite you, I embrace you, I guide you back to the truth of who you are, to actions that are considerate, patient, kind, joy-full, and of truth.  Being a Nova Being does not mean hiding under the covers; it means strolling in the sunshine and declaring who you are as bright angel of love.  So look for me. I am with you always.

Go with my joy. Farewell.