How love is expressed, and how the Mother and GiAnna have created and co-created is through diversity…


Greetings, I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, Spokes-being for this Council of Love. And yes, I welcome you, sweetest angels throughout the universe, most determined, valiant, stubborn, courageous, holy.

Child, there is no coincidence that you are upon this planet at this time and that you are holding the center of change, creating and co-creating the change, standing back from the center of the melee. There is no room in love for lies; there is no room for distortion; there is no room for separation; there is no room for hatred; there is no room for greed; there is only room for sweet kindness. Yes, I have repeatedly said, and I am quoting the Mother when I say, “Fierce kindness, gentle strength.”

This is not about your becoming. This is about the embrace, the total, full embrace of the magnificence of who you are… in/out of body, it matters not. But you have chosen to be in body, on this beautiful planet of Gaia at this time. Yes, Gaia, GiAnna, is a planet of love, but one of her most determining features, and how that love is expressed, and how the Mother and GiAnna have created and co-created is through diversity.

How many types of grass are there? How many trees? How many minerals? How many birds? The joy is in the diversity, and this is also true in every which way of this collective that you, and we, will call the human race. And far too long this human race has been racing to nowhere. That time comes to an end, and it comes to an end, yes, because Mother decrees it, but it also comes to an end because of your heartfelt pleads for change, for ascension, for becoming, to exist in a reality where the Universal Laws of love are, in fact, practiced, and are part of the fabric of the construction and reconstruction of the entire planet

And so, you have black, and brown, and yellow, and red, and beige people. You have males and females, and everything in-between. It is the diversity, and the diversity of experience…not simple opinions, yes, belief, truths. You have chosen, each and every one of you upon this planet, and there is not a single being who has not chosen to be here as part of this incredible opening… the great awakening. Yes, we did not forget that term, we did not forget the term of the New You, we did not forget the term of Nova Being or Nova Gaian. Those who have chosen to incarnate in India are following a different diverse path than you. And those in South Africa are following a different path, and South America, and Europe… it is the beauty. You have been given so much star technology… this is an example. So that, in fact, you are becoming one community, not just one circle but one community of beings… heart speaking, and heart listening, in discernment, never judgement, and in the sweetness of appreciation for what others bring.

Yes, there are many who have gone on scenic detours. If it is not the Mother’s place to judge, then I would suggest it is not yours either. Yes, as Micki has reminded this channel this morning… Yeshua was an ardent revolutionary! But the revolution was love. There is no room for anything else. You have the gift of clarity. You have the gift of your infinite divine authority, of your divine knowing. It is time, sweet angels, to bring this to the forefront.

When we have, for decades, and decades, and decades, and a few thousand eons, have said to you, “You are pathfinders. You are gatherers. You are stewards. You are showers of the way.” That can only transpire when you are anchored in clarity, in truth, in purity, in grace, and the love within your being.

This is not an exclusive transformation; this is an inclusive transformation whereby all beings upon your beautiful planet are being welcomed equally. Yes, it does mean shedding, letting go, surrendering, allowing, what does not fit, what is not of love. It is that simple. It is no longer the question of ‘does it feel like love?’ It is the answer that ‘you are the love, you are the freedom, you are the liberators, and you do this in gentleness, in compassion, and completely in peace’.

Use your tools, beloved. Write across the planet in the sky ‘love’. St. Germaine is with you, as is Michael, as am I, as is Sanat Kumara. We are not simply the observers of what is transpiring. No, we are not interfering, we are participating. So, turn to us… we are right next to you.

Go with my love, and go, sweet angels, in the truth of peace, and the clarity of love, with the Mother’s infinite grace. Accept, allow, surrender… this is not about struggle, this is about new beginnings. Farewell.