“Are you devoted to your sweet self? Are you devoted to your cause?” And if not, “Why not, particularly at this juncture?” The time of fumbling about is over.

I come this day to issue a clarion call for all of humanity to step forward!

So it is twofold what I say this day … actually, it is infinite! Are you devoted to yourself? Are you devoted to the Mother? Are you devoted to the Plan and to the collective? Are you drawing upon the Mother’s devotion to you – you, precious individual and mighty angel?

 Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 5:14 to 14:26]


Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I am Gabrielle.

Suzi: Welcome.

AAG: I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And welcome to you, dearest Suzanne, my namesake! Welcome to all of you this night of peace, this night of truth, this day of rebirth, this day of transformation, this time of completion and the time of new beginnings that our Mother has declared.

These declarations that come from our Mother are not merely casual suggestions. Oh yes, She will often implant or transmit these casual suggestions – huh, if there is such a thing! – into your heart or into your mind and often it will occur to you as: “Have you thought of this? Have you thought of that? Have you considered this?” or a wild, new idea.

But when the Mother declares the time of new beginning, the renewal of her Tsunami of Love, these are not merely quiet recommendations or thoughts. This is our Mother allowing and sharing what She is creating, what She is doing, what the next step is, not merely for the humans for the ripple effect is far greater and further than that, but She is declaring this partnership not merely with certain segments of her realm but with all of humanity, with all beings everywhere.

It has always been thus, but certainly the human beings, shall we say “after the Fall”, have not always been aware of the power or the proximity or the love and devotion of our Mother. Devotion is a term that is often avoided primarily because of its connotations to various religious sects, and the connotation of surrender, and even a subtle connotation of supremacy. But let us suggest to you… no, let us just say… you may or may not have fully discovered the depth and the power and the potential and the might of your devotion to the Mother, but the Mother is abundantly clear of her devotion to you.

And let me be clear about that. It is not merely an impersonal blanket coverage, “Oh, I am devoted to humanity.” No. When I say to thee: “The Mother is devoted to you,” do you understand, my beloved friends, the import and the impact of that? That the Prime Creator is personally devoted to you, to your mission, to your purpose, to your journey? That She not merely watches over you, observes you, honours your free will, your Divine Authority, your right to choose, but that She continues to nurture you, to teach you, to cherish, and yes, to bring you along because that is what our Mother does?

I speak to you this night in a very personal way because I know, from my experience as her Lily of Love, her Central Administrator, what that devotion means. How would I, yes, even as archangel, how would I be able to… not complete, because it is eternal… but complete a task, a singular task, without this assistance of our Mother?

Oh, I am mighty and I am the first one to tell you that [chuckles], but what this devotion means is I have the Eternal Source to draw upon, that freely fills me and supports me, and encourages me and guides me in everything I do. And that is not merely true of I, but of all the beings – the Seraphim, the Elohim, the Mighty Ones, the grain of sand, the blade of grass, the singular raindrop – and you.

You, sweet angels of light, many of you because you are coming from a history – both the collective human history of false grids and false paradigms, and because of the joy and the latitude of free choice – you may shy away from saying you are devoted to the Mother, that you have a practice, a ritual of devotion to our Mother. So often it has meant slavery: “I am devoted to my husband. I am devoted to this or that leader. I am devoted to this or that guru.”

Where devotion begins is with yourself! Devotion does not only mean a holy ritual; it means an astounding, awesome recognition of love, that it is worth cherishing and expressing and giving energy to.

So I ask you this day, this night, this afternoon: “Are you devoted to your sacred self? Are you fully committed, are you fully engaged with the totality of your being – not this aspect, not that aspect, not this expression or that expression? Have you embraced and truly welcomed the totality of your being? Are you devoting your time, your energy, your love, your essence to the fulfilment of your sacred self, your mission, your purpose? Are you drawing upon that wellspring of devotion that the Mother so freely offers you? We all do, by the way!

Why else would we be having these conversations? It is not simply for newsworthy updates. It is the relationship. Are you drawing upon and truly receiving all the energies, all the help, all the assistance, all the brilliance, all the ideas, all the suggestions, all the inspirations, all the nurturing, all the protection that is your due, that you have complete freedom to draw upon?

And yes, it is a choice. It is a choice that is truly reflective of how devoted the Mother is to you. She does not interfere. We do not interfere; we are not even permitted to interfere. But even if we were, that is beyond choice because your supremacy, the supremacy of every soul, the Divine Authority and right of every being, is fully and completely respected, honoured, loved.

Often you do not see yourselves as we know you to be. We have all said to thee that you are the implementers of the Mother’s Dream, you are implementers of the Divine Plan. And yes, you have chosen, but you have also been chosen, to be upon the planet at this time of Ascension, at this time of change, at this time of new beginnings, and most certainly at this time of rebirth.

It is the springtime of humanity! And yes, think of it. In the springtime where there are seasons, so often there is this sudden frost or chill in the air or a late snow and you think “will spring ever come?” But of course it does, for that is the way that Gaia has created and embodied this planet, and it is in accordance with the cycles of Creation. It is in accordance with the cycles of the Mother.

As the implementers, as the anchors and founders and bringers of Nova Earth, and yes, the paradigm of what it means to be Nova Being, you are honoured.

You have said, dearest Suzanne, in your prelude, in your introduction, that it is a precarious time in the perception of some, and this is truth. Because there is, in the emotional body particularly of many individuals and the collective, there is this sense of nervousness, anxiety, uncertainty – and yet the choices: “Do you choose certitude? Do you choose knowing? Or, do you choose to be nervous?”

And it is not merely a matter of: “Do you choose to trust in the unfoldment?” It is a question of whether you choose to trust in your own abilities as well, because you are powerful, powerful, mighty creators. And the Mother is teaching you and taught you how to create just like her, which She has done with us long, long ago. So it is a choice-point as well.

And that is why I say, “Are you devoted to your sweet self? Are you devoted to your cause?” And if not, “Why not, particularly at this juncture?” The time of fumbling about is over!

I come this day to issue a clarion call for all of humanity to step forward!

And to step forward not just in the fulfilment of what you think of as your mission and purpose, but to step forward in love and laughter, in the glee of knowing. And sometimes that stepping forward is doing it quietly, meekly, and sometimes it is in raucous, outlandish declaration. It is in accordance with your mood, your feeling of exuberance.

So it is twofold what I say this day… actually, it is threefold… actually, it is fourfold… actually, it is infinite! Are you devoted to yourself? Are you devoted to the Mother? Are you devoted to the Plan and to the collective? Are you drawing upon the Mother’s devotion to you – you, precious individual and mighty angel?

Now where do you wish to begin this day?

Suzi: Thank you, Gabrielle, for coming. There’s so much and I don’t want to be cheesy. We, in devotion to the Mother and to ourselves, do what need’s doing. But what I wonder is, are those of us wiggling by every month in trust mode doing something wrong that we have to choose wisely how to use what resources we have?

AAG: Yes, you do need to be wise. Now, having said that, let me also speak as Central Administrator for the Mother, on her behalf. Now do you really think that I go to her, cap in hand, every month and say, “Mother, the energy source on CeeCeeCee is dim and so I need enough resources to bring it back on line.”? Of course not.

There is infinite energy to create and to bring forth what is necessary… what is desirable, not just necessary. What is necessary, in human terms, is a roof over your head and food to eat and water to drink, but it was never intended that the human being – the individual or the collective – be so restricted. And that is why the Mother has said She is devoted to you, and that there is your creative capacity to call forth – and this is where you are and what you are in the process of claiming and learning – which is infinite, because you are like us, of the Mother.

So if you think that you are sitting and waiting, I suggest to you, beloveds: Step it up! Make your plans of what is doable in every single day and every single moment, and then proceed!

Suzi: I have to say it’s hard to get excited about doing things in the old way of doing things which involve the IRS, finances, banking and all that sort of thing. I really do look forward to the time when we are… I mean, currency is necessary at this time and it’s hard to see so far into the future where we won’t need it. But we do need it right now… and it just seems like having a foot in both worlds as we’re aspiring to greater things, and at the same time we have to survive within the parameters of what this world is about right now. It’s weird.

AAG: You do have a foot in both worlds and I… please forgive me if I communicate or relay that I do not acknowledge that, or that it does not have its own set of unique challenges.

And yes, currency… and this is why Mi-ka-el has been so vehement – particularly for my brother! – he has been so vehement about spiritual currency as well. But currency in the world that you are living in, inhabiting, is a reality that you are dealing with. Now, is the whole concept of currency really just a mental construct that has gained a very deep foothold on this planet? Of course! But, nevertheless, it is a tangible exchange, shall we put it that way. We understand this.

You do have a foot in both worlds; what you don’t always fully realise or actualise is that with your foot – and this is why we so often of late have been using the term “your ascending or ascended self” – you can take, literally, from the new realm and translate it into the old realm. What often happens is that… and think of yourself literally one foot in one realm, one foot in the other… you bend down and you think that you have need to take from the old realm in order to pay the old realm, or in order to operate or exist in the old realm.

Go to your inspired self. Go to that side of your being that is literally anchored in what you know to be true, and what you are really creating and bringing forth and birthing with and for the Mother, and take your ideas, your inspirations, your tangible plans from there and then translate it into ways that can get you or give you or earn you currency in the old.

Now this foot in two worlds is coming to an end…

Suzi: Oh, good!

AAG: …and from our perspective, it can’t come soon enough!

What do you think it means when the Mother says, “This is a new beginning.”? Now, of course, She is not eliminating all the beings, and there has been discussion in other shows about this. She is not eliminating all the beings that are still very tied to or engaged with that old realm, but it is fading even as we speak. So bring your attention to the new, to what you wish to do rather than what you think you have to do.

Suzi: Okay… okay, and just trust, trust, trust.

AAG: Your entire life, particularly this life – and I speak to all of you – is a phenomenal walk of trust.

Suzi: Epic!

AAG: Epic. And what is it trust in? It is trust in love. You have this saying, and you actually borrowed it from us, that “love conquers all.” That is not merely a slogan. But how does love conquer all?

Even if I was to leave you with this one thought, how does love actually operate in your life? How does it conquer what you think of as the tangible reality? How does it transform that old paradigm, particularly now?

It is this walk of trust. It is this walk of hope. It is this walk of faith. Because even as we commune with you, even though you know us, the doing – the true doing – is yours.

And why – why would you even venture down a pathway, and might I say, “a pathway of love” when there is no evidence in terms of money in the bank that this is the path that the Mother has directed you to or suggested to you?

You do so out of trust.

Now I am not suggesting that there are not those that have billions in the bank that do not trust and are fully devoted to the Mother. But even that situation of the either/or, the haves and the have-nots, is of old-school thinking. It is that paradigm of control and abuse that has truly plagued humanity and the planet for so long.

So you are torchbearers, you are wayshowers, and you are finding a very different path. But the currency that you draw upon – think of the Mother’s devotion as you draw upon that as a source of currency because that is what fuels you, that is what supports you, that is what inspires you, and that is what makes it possible to continue on.

Suzi: Okay. I have an interesting question… well, it’s interesting to me anyway! [Chuckles] Right now it’s getting hard to discern what feelings are ours and what’s coming as a result of all the disillusion and control systems in place here. It almost feels as though our task is simply to take it all in and process it during whatever quiet moments we may get in the daytime, not to mention our night-time activities. So for days now, I’ve been sitting mostly staring into space. Is that what’s going on?

AAG: Well, it is what has always been going on! And yes, you live, you exist, you eat, you breathe, you sleep in a Unified Grid. There is only one grid, and the greatest falsehood that was perpetrated upon humanity and in this realm of abuse and control was that that unification was not true, that there was such a profound sense of separation which led to abandonment and isolation and on and on and on.

But that has not been the truth and that has been eradicated, but there are still some that remember and they cling to it and they say, “Those were the good old days. Let us reinvent that because I would like to be in control.” But the truth of the matter is we are all on a Unified Grid of the Mother.

Now sometimes that is hard to comprehend because it is so infinite and eternal, but what is happening – and particularly happening with the lightworkers and loveholders – is that that re-awakening… first of all your frequencies have been enormously increased, your vibratory rates enormously increased, your ascending self bringing to consciousness. So part of that is the almost remembering or reactivation of being in this Unified Grid.

It does not eradicate your beautiful, unique self, but you are part of a much larger family, a much larger continuum. So in that, you are also becoming more fully cognizant and aware, connected to those collective feelings. And so, when there is disillusionment, disappointment, despair, war, violence, etc. in the air, you are fully aware of it.

Now this is part of your job as transmuters and transcenders, transformers, transmitters. What you do is you feel that energy – and you can be very clear about what is yours or not; usually it is a foreign feeling. But what you do when you are doing your night work or staring at the wall – which is very important work! – is you are transmuting and transforming that energy, and then you are transmitting out to the collective consciousness, out to the Unified Grid, what is truth, what is love.

So yes, that is absolutely correct. In the collective there are those that are not willing to, as yet, be the transmuters for much of this negativity. So, sweet angels, you who are incredibly impatient to get on with things are doing it for them! You say, “Okay, you want to leave your house a mess? That’s okay, but I’m coming over and I’m cleaning it up because I can’t stand it!”

Suzi: [Laughing] Yeah, yeah! It leaves us a little tired though and really looking forward to the next thing. Bring it on!

AAG: Then lean into the new. Lean into the new! Yes, you keep your toe dipped into that old world because that is where you are leading people from.

Suzi: You know I really want to ask when! [Laughing]

AAG: When you are ready!

Suzi: Like “you” being the collective you of humanity?

AAG: That is correct.

Suzi: Okay.

AAG: You, and I mean you collectively, you are not writing the script. There is a certain level of co-authoring, co-editing, co-implementation, and so there is this participation. The Mother’s Plan is unfolding. So on the one hand there’s no stopping it; it is her Dream and therefore it is. But you are the actors on stage, you are the translators.

Suzi: So if I might just interject here, basically then we need to step it up to get information out to more people, to wake more people up. Is that the idea here?

AAG: Yes, it is. When I say that I am issuing a clarion call across the planet and actually far beyond, that clarion call is “Wake up!” When I am blowing my horn quite literally, I am saying, “It is time! Are you coming or not?” How you express the fact that you are coming is by transmitting, talking, doing, taking action.

Suzi: [Laughing] Yeah! So that nice vacation that we’re thinking about is just going to have to wait a little bit longer because now we have more work to do. And so, I’m just trusting that my own guidance will be clear and strong when my next thing is supposed to be, because I’m already devoted to it. I just need to know what else to do.

AAG: Let me correct you, if I might. Do not limit yourself! I am talking to everybody, of course. You say, “Well, we have more work to do, no vacation.” How do you create? What I would suggest is that your vacation is your work, so do not put it on hold. Create it. Claim it. Engage in it.

Suzi: Have fun with it!

AAG: Have fun with it and trust it.

Suzi: Alright, okay, so that’s where the gratitude and joy come in.

AAG: Yes.

Suzi: Okay.

AAG: Go with my love and go, sweet angels, in peace.

Suzi: Alright. Farewell.

AAG: Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon