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Hour with an Angel

How do we communicate, not only in the usage of words, but in the usage of energy, both Gaian, and galactic, and intergalactic, and universal? Love in our communication is the starting and the finishing point…It emanates from your heart, from the seat of your soul…


A wonderful discussion between Linda, Steve, and Graham that starts the show. Then Sanat Kumara, Raj, enters giving us his perspective on where the human collective is along the Ascension process, what to look forward to, and how to improve the process the next time around. Many things to ponder.


Like you, we are the servants of the Mother, completely determined, committed, and in joy to the fulfillment of her design – which as you know, as soon as she has thought it, desired it, it is done.


We have left our last conversation in speaking about the hidden fears. We continue this discussion of what it means to truly be in unity…Now you ask, “How would you define Love?” There is still a propensity in the human condition to wish to define love…You are shifting to the higher realm where you can …


[powerpress] We were privileged to talk to the Lord Maitreya, who is sometimes lovingly called the Big Buddha, and the Master of masters for this week’s Hour with an Angel. We asked him to explain in the simplest of terms what unitive consciousness is. In the end we asked him if universal love and unitive …


The fundamental reality is that we are all connected, interconnected, interwoven, inter-gridded as One. There is nothing that you can feel, or believe, or hold to be true that does not impact – not simply have ripple effect – but directly impact the entirety of the whole. Now, if that is not power and might …


[powerpress] I have begun to speak about the new form of leadership…it is this union between — not only above and below, within and without — but the individual and the collective…we cannot have a conversation about leadership without speaking of unity consciousness, of what you would often think of as teamwork, as the exercise …


[powerpress] In a recording for An Hour with an Angel this week, Archangel Michael continued his discussion of leadership. One extremely interesting part came right at the end, and we intend to continue that discussion, when we delved into exactly what the collective consciousness was and how it works. He compared it to an ocean …


[powerpress] Tonight our beloved Jesus discusses the differences between these two processes: Enlightenment is more a state of being. Ascension is also a process, but ascension in and of itself is not an outcome…ascension is a doorway that one is passing through.


[powerpress] Linda Dillon channels Jesus who explains the differences between Ascension and enlightenment.