It is a walk of faith. It is a walk of trust. There is only one choice, and that is to align not only with the Mother, Father, One, but with the truth and divinity of who you are…you are the physical reminders of love…

How to continue on when faced with many obstacles?
Mary Magdalene
Hour With An Angel

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Linda, welcome. You have some events coming up in your future. Do you want to talk about that at all?

Linda Dillon: Are we funny, Steve? Welcome everybody. You’re calling it events; I’m calling it procedures. We’re dancing around it. Yes, I have the honor and delight of having to have a, well, of choosing to have a second surgery on my shoulder, and it’s called a shoulder reversal replacement where I get some bionic parts. And I will lift tall building with a single finger. (Laughter)

I have been told, guided, as you well know Steve, because you assisted me in this – to give my star families two to three months to help regrow my neck, my shoulders…both shoulders, and my arms with star technology and being on the healing ship. And for a variety of reasons, and I’m sure we don’t need to know all the reasons – that hasn’t been successful. While I have regained some mobility, I can’t continue to endure the level of pain that my shoulder is giving me. It’s hampered my ability to work, as many of you know, and my quality of life.

So, I am ‘electing’ (laughter) it’s a funny word, isn’t it? … as if there’s really a choice – to do this in order to really be up and at ‘em for what Jesus Sananda has told us is this extraordinary year. And, I can see it already.

You know, it’s funny. What is it Dickens, “the best of times, the worst of times?” And, I’m seeing it not only in our lives, but in many people’s lives, and certainly in our political situation and the world situation. So hopefully, I will be out for a very brief period of time, but that’s what’s going on in my world. And, I know, and I thank you ahead of time, that you will all be sending me healing thoughts and healing energies and tons of love. So, thank you my friends.

SB: Absolutely. Hopefully that will remove all the issues for you.
LD: And be done with it. You know a lot of the parts are of Gaia, and so I’m thinking this will help anchor me even more into my human physical body, which has always been ‘touch and go’; and that I will be here with everybody to go through this shift, ascension, bliss, ecstasy; we have more words for what we are experiencing. But, it all means the same: the big change, the great awakening, the shift in consciousness.

SB: Well, let’s give you a chance to make your transition. After that happens, we’ll be welcoming Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene: Greetings. I am the Magdalena. Yes, who you often call Mary Magdalene. You may call me by many names. You may call me The Rose. You may call me harlot, and I will chuckle. It does not matter. That is what we are here to discuss this day, is it not?

SB: Yes.

MM: What truly matters in the scheme of the things, in the Mother’s plan, in the unfoldment of her dream and our dream, and the bringing forth of Nova Earth and Nova Beings, and, what we know and hold to be true; in this, there is no separation between what we know and hold; and what you, my beloved friends, my beloved family, what you know.

Has the path been smooth and easy? Have all difficulties been washed away by the Mother’s Tsunami of Love? Have you ascended into the truth and the experience, the expression of your multidimensional selves? I come to you this day in concert, by the way, with my beloved one, Jesus Sananda. I come to you as woman, as human, as Gaian, who has walked this planet with exuberance, with pain, with suffering, with being blinded by that suffering, with experiences of trepidation and suspicion of fellow human beings. Of being judged by many and been found wanting, and the exact opposite of being loved and cherished and in the deepest form of communion and unity and community of never being judged and always being seen for the truth of who I am.

This has been the experience of being human for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, long before I walked the planet. Many declare, yes, and I bow always to our sweet Saint Germaine, he is quite the wild man, is he not?

SB: Yes, he is.

MM: But, they declare the end of duality, of polarity. But, there is a situation in humanity still, and now I speak to you, not only to the entire planet, but to you, my beloved family of light workers and love holders. Because you still feel and are in what you consider reality, physical reality and experience. You are still experiencing this duality. It may be the residue, but nevertheless, it feels and is experienced as the highs, the lows, the null zones, all of the above. And it is a challenge.

There are times when you turn to me knowing that I have walked, in many ways, in your shoes, as you do in mine. And you say to me, “Mary, what is this about?” The question and the plea that I hear repeatedly is, ‘Why?’ And in that question and plea, there is a prayer. There is the deep heart-felt request for relief, for upliftment, for breakthrough, for the bright light of love to shine upon you and through you and be with you. It is not a question, my dear hearts, of your willingness to proceed.

Let us start there. You have shown, you have demonstrated through action, through holding the faith, the trust, the love…you have demonstrated your willingness to be the instrument of the divine, to be the holder and the action of the Mother’s love.

That is not in question. You live in your time, in the Mother’s new time, in what I would term one of the most difficult, yes, ‘difficult’ We know this is not a word that is used often in these conversations. But, I come at this from a different perspective. You live in one of the most difficult transitions in the history, not only of humanity, but of Gaia herself.

Now, why do I say that? The illusion, the paradigms, the false grids, all of which you are fully aware, all of which are meticulously being destroyed and eliminated have been in place with the solidity of institutionalized beliefs and behaviors for eons.

What you are doing, in any perspective, in a very brief period of time – and I say that even if you come back to my time – but in a very brief period of time, you are not only challenging, you are breaking, destroying, eliminating what has been in place in solidity, in form, in all of the bodies – the collective and the individual – for a very long time.

In this destruction, is there disruption? In the creation, is there also dis-creation? And, of course, the answer is yes. You, this legion of light of blue and rose, of red and violet, of gold and magenta, of every hue and every ray of every planetary system of every dimensional reality, have stepped forward, and not merely declared yourself in your statement of “I will,” – you are also doing on every level, from the most subtle and sublime, to the strongest physical actuality. You have come to this planet, all of you whom I bow to, in service to the Mother and in fulfillment of her plan. And, it has been a plan long in the making.

You are the bravest of the brave. You are the most creative. You are the most courageous and in your terminology, you’re all a little crazy. And I say that with the sweetest affection.

When Yeshua, my partner, my spouse, my beloved husband – both as Yeshua and as Jesus Sananda – has said to me, “We will change this paradigm and we will lay down a new understanding, the basis of which is love,” I knew fully and completely of which he spoke.

He did not need, nor did he teach or train me. There was a mutuality of understanding, of comprehension, of the task and the promise that we had both undertaken in service to the Mother, the Father, the One, but also, in service to humanity and in service to Gaia, to every other species and planetary system in existence.

We were the physical reminders of love, of what love in form looks and behaves like, what compassion and passion looks and behaves like. What relationship looks and behaves like. It did not matter one iota that there were many who dismissed us, who thought us crazy, who did not want to hear what we had to say. And I do not simply speak of Jesus Sananda; I speak of the apostles, the disciples, all of us. For while we all had different expression and ways of bringing forth our mission and purpose, we were unified and we were in unity in our mission and purpose, as are you.

Is this easy? It is challenging beyond belief. Are the rewards, the understanding, the breakthroughs, the gifts, the blessings, the pathway in and of itself, is it miraculous and filled with light and understanding of love and the truth of One? Yes. But, in the practicality of translation and in your transition, transforming humanity, which is a far larger group at this time, it is not easy.

It is a walk of faith. It is a walk of trust. And, for so many of you, you feel exactly as I have in that time, that there is no choice, that there is only one choice, and that is to align not only with the Mother, Father, One, but with the truth and divinity of who you are.

I was blessed beyond belief to have the honor, the joy, the pleasure, the support to be with my beloved. It made everything endurable. And, yes, we knew well beyond what many people did what was the unfoldment to come. But, it was endurable because we had that decision point, that choice, where we had made the alignment with our path, our decisions, our options. But, it was a very high price to pay.

Would I change it, even if I could? No. And, I daresay, my friends, you would not change it either. So part of what we speak of this day, rather than sharing the joy of our love, of procreation, of creating family and community, is what do you do when you are faced with these obstacles, these challenges, those moments when you feel lost, or forgotten, or misled? How do you stay in the place of your heart truth and continue on when you feel battered and bruised and betrayed and let down, when you keep asking “why?”, followed very closely by the question of “when?”. I share with you what I have learned both as woman, as mother, as wife, as daughter, but also what I have come to know from beyond what you think of as physical life.

This question of “how to continue on in the midst of significant challenges?”… because as my beloved has said, this is a year, a period of extraordinary change. And, the most significant change is the awakening and the coming – not approaching, but being, in unity together. Not merely heart to heart, but as I will put it, hand to hand, and yes, wing to wing. When I say hand to hand, I do not merely mean that you are holding each other’s hand. I use it in the way that indicates action, busy hands, hands that are doing. Not just folded in prayer or in mudra of contemplation and meditation. Is that essential? Yes. But, it is also the reaching out in action and that can be extraordinarily difficult to do if you are feeling impeded and unheard.

When my beloved died – and make no mistake about it, there is much discussion about it – he died. He rose, but he was no longer in form with me. And in many ways, first of all, I escaped with my beloved Sarah because our lives were endangered. But, I also in many ways withdrew. I did not withdraw fully my presence, my love, my guidance from my community. But, I would spend days in solitary contemplation. For, it was much easier to continue to talk, not only with Yeshua, but with all, when I was in such a situation. Long before I met Yeshua, I was trained in ritual and to be a channel and that was my role and that continued on. But, I withdrew from the active part, the participation and action within my community.

I am asking you, you the bravest, most creative, to not do so. In many ways, it is easier to simply withdraw, to be with like-minded, like-hearted, an enclave where you do not need to engage with those who are either still indifferent or filled with lust and blood lust. But, that is not why you are here.

You are the warriors. You are the spiritual warriors, you are the gate keepers and the way showers, the pillars, the path finders. All of these imply and entail action.

So, we speak this day of how to endure. With Joy! Not merely with the quality of fortitude or prudence or endurance, consistency. You have that. You have already proven that. The key is how do you proceed with love and joy and the knowing of that existence?

So in that tenor, dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, I do want to come to how do we proceed with love and joy, but I thought, Mary, that I’d like to start with the question of light workers’ suffering you mentioned earlier. As I meet more and more light workers, and, I say this especially about women, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of suffering people have gone through. In the case of women, it’s so often predominantly sexual suffering. Sometimes it’s assault or rape or other form of sexual attack, so to speak, or impropriety. And, it’s not only this lifetime, other lifetimes as well. And I think they would like to know where this fits in with the Mother’s plan. How is it that they come into this most important life with this amount of suffering to overcome?

MM: It is the abuse of power. It is called oppression. And, yes, while much of it is sexual, there has also been enslavement, financial oppression, inequality. It is ironic because the Mother has told you, and will continue always to tell you, that you did not come to this incarnation, to this time of shift, to be a martyr. But, that time, that period of martyrdom, which in some views has served a purpose…but this is not that lifetime.

So what is this about? I do not wish to skirt this issue. How do you break oppression, the abuse of power, in so many forms if you do not see it? If you do not encounter it? If you do not know the misery, the yoke? Such lies. It is not merely historical. It is not just that the structure has been in place. And, yes, women have traditionally been the brunt, borne the brunt of such oppression, might I say because they are the strongest of the strong.

If you come – and yes, I speak in generalities, not of judgment – if you come into an environment, a life, a situation where there is global and omniversal shift in what is acceptable, and you come into this life in a situation of privilege and of not knowing of what that yoke of oppression feels like, then how, how do you change it? And, we are not talking violent upheaval. We are talking dismissal. We are talking spiritual, mental, physical refusal to allow that to be the defining truth of your life.

Men, and, even more so women – and you have seen it in the variety of societal changes – say that this is not, not only unacceptable, it cannot be allowed to continue. And, each in their own unique way declaring not only neutrality, but the shift to a different way of being and refusing, eliminating that, yes, core issue, belief system, that somehow makes you in the wrong. So, it is not an evolutionary step, it is a revolutionary step.

Now, it is one thing to observe, from a distance, oppression. And at the same time we are telling all of you to be the observer participant, participant observer. But it is one thing to simply observe, from a distance, oppression. But when you have been oppressed, whether it is through slavery or rape or pillage or poverty or illness, it is not theoretical. It is personal.

This is not a theoretical shift. It is not a galactic shift in philosophy. It is right down to the core of your bones, saying this is not the way to love. This is not the way to live. And I am not merely a vagina or a uterus. I am not merely a vessel for child bearing. I am a divine representation of the Mother. And I demand to live as such and I demand to be treated and acknowledged and loved as such.

And, so, all of those, male and female – because you have all been both – are saying this not from a place of mental understanding which is very worthwhile, but from a place of emotional and spiritual knowingness. The declaration that you all have made is very strong leadership. I might add, in 2012, that it was not sufficient for some to pass through the ascension portal to know the bliss and ecstasy of oneness. That this time, that you have declared that it was all or nothing.

Now, did that cause adjustment? It most certainly has. But in that, even with the enormous challenges that most of you have faced, and might I say, you have faced not only with courage but with a calm equanimity. Are you tired? My beloveds, you are beyond tired. And, yet, you continue on because you refuse, no matter what the challenge, no matter what the ailment or the obstacle or the financial difficulties, no matter that you still witness rape and abuse and enslavement, human trafficking. You still say, “No.” And, you still are saying, “Yes.”

It is too trite to say, “Well, this is what you chose. This is what you signed up for.” I used to shudder when people would say that to me. “Well, you knew what was the outcome, you knew what the deal was. You knew what was the process of introducing, re-introducing love.” I would shudder because it was thoughtless comment. So, I do not say to you, this day, my beloved love holders, this is what you signed up for. I say to you that you are the spiritual warriors that are facing, and facing down, oppression, the abuse of power that has been in place for so long that there are some who actually believe that this is the structure of the universe. It’s just absurd.

Yes, you have assumed form for this planet and for the Mother, to be the planet of love, not of war, not of abuse, not of obsession. You have and you are enduring. But, make no mistake, you are also in a phase – not next week or next year or 2000 years hence – of mighty creation, of co-creation with us at a level that has never been undertaken before.

Now there are pros and cons to this. Because, in this sacred union and partnership that you and we have forged, we are equal. Different. Unique. But equal.

Now, does that mean that you must continue to endure? I suggest not. Many of you are declaring this. Not in a way of threatening us. I learned long ago that doesn’t work. But, in a way that is saying this is not acceptable. And I take this, I take my future and my now into hand and I am re-laying, which is part of your shift, I am re-laying the ground rules for my continued existence. And, I declare and I insist and I bring forth joy and love and partnership and comfort.

And, when I say comfort, I mean it in every sense of the word. I do not use the word abundance, for that is not my area. But, I do use the word comfort to mean physical comfort, mental, emotional comfort which means, in the reference that I use it, that you are not faced day-in, day-out, with obstacles and endurance lessons. You have seen oppression. And it is over.

Is this clear in your question, dear Steve?

SB: Thank you very much, Mary. That was a very full answer. I wanted to take the exploration a step further and say that light workers who have had such difficult experiences, such painful experiences when they go to enter into relationship, turn out to be very gun shy. We can turn around and run the other way rather quickly. And, it’s interesting because light workers have this experience, anyways, of not fitting in, of being judged as being crazy, of being ostracized, thereby ending up in a very lonely place, often. And, yet, light workers have difficulty making relationships with each other because they’ve had this round of suffering go on and they’re very, they don’t want to go suffer again, so to speak. What can you tell us about how to create relationships, how to have relationships proceed from light workers who have come from these circumstances of having tasted oppression, what can you tell us about successfully creating relationships?

MM: Well, I will address everybody, shall we say from 15 to 105. because all of you yearn for sacred relationship, sacred partnership, sacred union. And, in this I have shared the same desire and had the physical, human manifestation and experience, delight of such a partnership. So, right off the bat, you would say, I am declaring that it is possible. And, that is point one.

Now, most of you have entered a new phase in which you’ve had relationships and, also unique to most of the light worker community, you have had multiple relationships. So, you have tried on various suits of clothes. Have you not? And, that was important because it has also given you a greater sense of discernment, of being the participant observer. All of you have declared an unwillingness to engage in anything that is not deep, profound, joyous, blissful, real, co-creative, unique, that can take you throughout the various 12 dimensions and far beyond.

You have declared, and are holding in intention, that anything less than sacred union is a waste of time. Now, partnered with that is your physical self, your emotional self that has had this human experience, that is chemically, hormonally geared, both on the spiritual level and the physical level, to attraction and repulsion. Now, that is not duality, that is one of the universe of love. You look at somebody, you recognize them, you are attracted on every level, and immediately, you want to jump for it and say, “Let’s be in sacred partnership.”

Now, often, my beloveds, you have not quite completed, might I suggest gently, you have not entered into the fullness of sacred partnership with your beloved self. And because of that, you are also seeking not merely a divine complement, a human complement, a twin-flame complement – because it is very involved – but you are also seeking someone to complete what you think or feel is a missing piece within thee.

So, let me preface what I say by suggesting to you that there is a need, yes, a need, for that sacred union within your being to be firmly anchored. There is always room for growth, eternally and infinitely. But, that it needs to be present within thee. So, that is step one in this sacred partnership arena.

Now, there is also – and I know whereof I speak – this human desire that you have this alchemical, hormonal, spiritual, emotional attraction to somebody whom you recognize from our side and from previous incarnations, and you decide that you are immediately going to turn this into a sacred partnership when that was never the intention at all. Your expression would be you jumped the gun, rather than allowing organically the relationship to blossom. And, I know because I have done this with Yeshua. I jumped the gun. So, I know how it feels. But, you do not allow it to organically unfold so that you see the nature, not only of what was intended divinely, but what you intended.

The number that each and every one of you brought forth upon Gaia at this time as potential for sacred union and relationship is many. And, that was the plan individually and collectively so that you would be able to have the joy of this, because, it is also part of being Nova beings and Nova Earth.

It is the sacred union within, above and below, and among. So, many of the sacred partnerships are friendships, collegial relationships, project relationships, if you call it project earth or Gaia. So, there are many forms. But today we are speaking of that one-on-one, that special, unique bond.

Now, not only is there a tendency, often, to jump the gun, as it were, there is also projection, as you know, that takes place. And, as I have said, most of you, the majority, yes, even the 15 year old, try on a number of different outfits to see what suits them, what they like and don’t like, what pleases them or does not. But, what many of you are doing is you are carrying that suitcase of old clothes, of old outfits, around and you are making, encouraging, asking, your new partner to wear those clothes. You are projecting and it does not fit. It will never fit.

Now, it is simple enough for me to say, “Stop it.” But the real question is why. Because, in those previous relationships, there is a sense of desire and there is also a sense of failure, that somehow what you experimented with, what broke your heart, what didn’t work, was a failure, when, in fact, it was simply part of your unique process of definition. So what you do, you take the quality, or what you have judged as a shortcoming, and you apply it to one who has full potential to be your sacred union partner.

So you say, “Well, for example, in Henry, I loved this quality. So, in my new sacred union, I will project onto this person that quality. I will look for it in them, even if it has a completely different way of expressing. And, you don’t give it the chance to organically blossom. You try and force it out of that person. Or, you ask them to behave in a certain way. Or, they behave in a certain way and you interpret it as a quality that you really do not like – I will not say despised, but you know exactly what I am saying – that you did not like in a prior relationship and you say, “Oh, that will never work.”

You are jumping the gun often. If you are in the place of joy within and you are meeting your partner who is in the place of joy within, you are sharing and expanding and creating something brand new, even if you have known each other forever. You are creating something new.

Oh, there are many things new in the universe. The Mother has never run out of things to create. But, what happens so often is you halt this, you rush it or you dismiss it. This person that I wish to engage, that I was so attracted to, isn’t perfect. Well, it creates a revolving door. Until you allow yourself, from your own divine perfection, to literally see and engage and co-create with the divine perfection of who you are choosing and who is choosing you.

I am not suggesting that you ignore all the tests that you ran, all the various suits of clothes you tried on. But, that was information gathering. It is not the determinant of your heart. And, I might suggest to you, you are not the same individual as you were then.

This light worker community, of which I ask to be considered an honorary part, has grown within and without, leaps and bounds, light years, love years, in the past couple of years. Even what you thought or felt you wanted then is not what you demand and command now. So, rather than saying finding a partner has been so difficult that I am prepared to walk alone, can you not allow the beauty of the encounter, the dance, the blossoming?

When I first beheld Yeshua, I knew. And, just like you, my heart expanded and exploded and I wanted us, right in that moment, to declare our love, to be wed, and for everything that lay ahead to unfold. But, there was an engagement, a process in the human realm.

Had I tried on a couple of different outfits? Yes. And, it was part of my training in the mystery school to know, in human, in feminine divinity, what I desired to create. Even knowing what my path was, perhaps not in the same way that you do. You cannot use the past when you are creating something brand new.

You are creating a planet that has not been known as a planet of love since its inception. This is part of that. So, approach it as the grand adventure, in many ways the ultimate adventure in form. But, do not rush to make it over before it’s begun. Patience truly is a virtue, my beloveds. And, so is passion.

SB: Thank you, Mary. I think we have just about run out of time here. There is so much more I’d like to discuss. There’s the need to talk about relationship at the level of how it’s conducted. So much of our ways of conducting things comes straight out of our conditioning, what you called the past. So, perhaps at another time we can get down to a more granular level of talking about relationship?

MM: I would be honored and pleased to continue this discussion.

SB: Thank you. Are there any final comments that you wish to make?

MM: Open your hearts even wider. Declare, command, demand the end to oppression. And, please, come and walk with me and share my heart. It is yours. Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Mary. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon