How do we communicate, not only in the usage of words, but in the usage of energy, both Gaian, and galactic, and intergalactic, and universal? Love in our communication is the starting and the finishing point…It emanates from your heart, from the seat of your soul…

Meaningful Communication and Relationship
Archangel Michael
An Hour with an Angel 7/23/2015

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, In Light Radio

SB: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to an Hour with an Angel. Today, before we hear from Archangel Michael on the topic of communication, perhaps Linda you could talk about the new site you have, called Nova Earth-A Global Conversation.

Linda Dillon: Yes, thank you Steve, I’m being nudged by Michael and others to talk about this. We have started, on the Council of Love, a portal to focus on various areas and various projects related to the building of Nova Earth. And, as part of that, we’re also going to have, what I would call, a semi-public forum. And, it’s been created to have a safe place – an honoring, respectful place – for all of us who are light workers and light holders to exchange ideas.

And, we’re starting with discussion around the 13th Octave, which is a process of union with God. We’re talking about the Tsunami of Love, Peace Now! , the Pray for Rain project, which parallels the elimination of lack and limitation, and a general discussion about What’s on your Mind.

The entire purpose of this is for us to begin to engage, as light workers, as love holders, to be able to have that conversation, not only what we’re thinking, what we’re feeling, but to pose questions and answers to each other. Just share news. And to be able to do that in a place which is heart centered, heart focused, and where we come from a place of love.

So, I would really invite you, come check us out. Either go to or come to the site, and go to the portal pages, and just start reading and allow the energy to penetrate you. The site is filled with channelings, meditations, videos, and this exchange. So, welcome aboard.

Steve: Thank you Linda. And so we now turn to Archangel Michael who wants to talk to us about communication, relationship, and heart consciousness. So with that, I’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And, I will welcome you. Welcome, I am Michael. I am Mi-ka-el. Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And, yes, often it is my sister, my brother, Gabriel, Gabrielle, who speaks to you on matters of communication. But, we are entirely interwoven. And, we are entirely interconnected. As, my beloved ones, are you. Perhaps there is no more important and timely conversation to be had than that about communication. For particularly in what you think of as your human realm, upon beloved sweet Gaia, in the inter-galactic and galactic realm with your star family, brothers, and sisters, your interaction with us, from the most recently arrived angels to the Divine Mother herself, the key, particularly from your perspective, is communication.

And, it is from communication that our partnership, our co-creation, the emergence of Nova Earth arises. If we are not engaged, in truly heart-felt, heart-centered, soul connection, then at what level are we truly communicating?

We can have, and you already do, many levels of communication: mental, emotional. But, the most substantial, the most authentic, the most genuine conversations are those that are truly rooted in all of the above; that take into account, of course, honoring the mental, and emotional, the past life, the future life, the causal reality, the inter-dimensional reality. But, where does meaningful communication and relationship emanate from? It emanates from your heart, from the seat of your soul, and then it manifests in body language, in the internal conversation you have with your beloved sacred self, in the conversations that you have with each other.

You cannot talk about relationships – and, as you know this has been a theme with our Mother, particularly during the past couple of years – the foundation of our partnership, we are in co-creation with thee. But the foundation of that, of course, is how do we communicate, not only in the usage of words, but in the usage of energy, both Gaian, and galactic, and intergalactic, and universal, and of love, This, for us, and I know I have said this to you many times, the love in our relationship, the love in our communication is the starting and the finishing point. And, there is very little else that we would wish to focus on.
Now, you say to me, “Michael! Michael! Michael! What about peace? What about your peace initiative?” And, I thank you for bringing this to the forefront.

But, how, my beloved ones, do you have peace without meaningful conversation, communication of the most deep, and honest, and truthful level? How do you achieve this peace within you, and therefore, the expression of peace in every area of your life upon planet, if it is not based from your heart awareness?

So, I come this day as your brother, as your friend, as your ally, as a communicator, to speak from my heart to yours about how we communicate in sacred relationship, in sacred partnership with each other.
And, let me say, further, before I ask you, Steve, to begin the questions: is that every relationship? Every communication? If you are asking the price of bananas, or negotiating world peace, or at the table with the inter-galactic council, all communication is heart centered.

If you ask someone in the grocery store, “What is the price of bananas?” And, you are grumpy, and you do not engage, and you do not look the person in the face or the eyes, and you are busy counting your pennies, they will say, “Well, the price is right there. Why don’t you look?”

But, if you engage them and say, “I need to know about the price of bananas.” But, really, what I want to do is to look at you in the eyes, the mirror of your soul, connect to your heart, and engage in a connection.

The response is really different. You will have a discussion about the quality of the bananas, the color, the texture, what you like to make with them. Do you eat them raw? And, the conversation will continue, not only to fruits and vegetables, but the entire store. The person will leave the store feeling that they have had a meaningful connection.

And, this is the difficulty upon sweet Gaia, is that there is not enough of this heart connection, of meaningful connection, and, that too many upon the planet still feel isolated, alone and lonely.
So, that is what I wish to speak of this day. Where do you wish begin, my friend?

SB: Well, Lord, I’d like to zero in on one difficulty here in talking about communication or listening to what is being said about communication, and that’s that I’ve been in workshops where I’ve seen successful communication. And, one of the characteristics of it is that it comes from a space of conscious awareness, and what you call heart consciousness, what I call transformative love. So, when it’s not in conscious awareness, when it’s not in heart-consciousness, it’s hard to find, it’s hard to communicate successfully, it’s hard to find what to say. If you are in that space, it’s effortless. It just comes out naturally, the kind of conversation with the clerk about bananas as you’ve just described, it just comes out effortlessly.
So, I don’t know how to get across to people, um, this higher-dimensional space, let’s call it that, in which communication is naturally successful. And, I’ve always had difficulty with that. I wonder if you can address that to begin with?

AM: I would be happy to. And, I will begin this part of our conversation by reminding you of what the Divine Mother has said about love, some time ago on this very show. And, it is that love, transformative love, heart consciousness, inter-dimensional awareness – it does not matter how you term it, because we know we are talking about the same thing. It is highly contagious.

SB: Yes.

AM: So, have you a tool kit of several, many, many methodologies that you can use. And, yes, of course, I always bring you back to meditation, to reflection, to prayer, to ritual. But, putting that aside, think of it in this way: You, both you my beloved brother, you who are listening to this very show this beautiful evening together. You are in the midst – you are not at the starting point, you are closer to the finish line – of your collective ascension. You have been embraced by the Mother’s Tsunami, several times, and continue to be. Think of it as: the stage is set for the opening to this transcendent love, to this level of awareness.

Now, many people, most people, are not aware of either the terminology or the situation that I refer to. But, there has been, you can almost think of it as a precept within their very beingness, both in terms of physicality – there are various, eight or nine bodies, depending on how you are counting – and in their very core, to seek out someone who is, in many ways, flipping the switch, and saying, “Come join me in this higher level, this expanded awareness of love.”

So when you are at this juncture, engaging someone, whether they are thinking of it as pleasantries – and making their day, by the way – what you are really doing, is by sharing your field, your energy, with them, you are raising them up. You are flipping their switch, and you are allowing them to bathe in that love energy, which immediately – it is not an effort – it raises them up. And, what they do when they leave that conversation, they are finding themselves yearning for more. Not only is love contagious, it is highly addictive.

Think of your own experience, my sweet friend.

SB: I do.

AM: When you have been in transformative love, and then you find yourself – because of the chaos, the mayhem of the human condition at this time of breakthrough, breakdown, shift – that you find yourself yearning to return to it again, and again, and again. Deeper. Higher. More.

SB: It is addictive.

AM: So, when you are engaging, you are, truly, you are sharing your addiction with others.

SB: Oh, yes. There’s nothing more addictive than love, nothing that I can think of.

AM: It is the fuel, the substance of the universe. It is the glue. It is the bricks. It is the fabric. It is the grid. It is the energy of the Mother, Father, One. And, so, it is the magnet that draws you. And, it is drawing you, not only to a higher realm of conversation, engagement, co-creation, because that is our goal. It is drawing you home.

You are like a moth to the flame. Because at some unconscious level, at your soul level, you are recognizing it and knowing: “This is what I want.” Even the person who has been severely abused, the person that has created war and mayhem and continues to do so, when they are engaged in the love, they find themselves leaving it wanting more. It is an autonomic response. They can’t resist it.

We have talked to you in terms of our peace initiative, which is not complete as yet, and it is not over as yet. But, we have talked to you in terms of our work with Isis, for example. About how Mohammed is speaking to many, particularly at the leadership. How we, as the archangelic realm, are working with this group. And we are just using this as an example. But, what are we doing with this group? Because you often wonder what it is that we are really up to, we know that.

What we are doing is communicating with their hearts, with their souls, with their emotional being, with their mental being. But, our starting point is communicating to their hearts, on a higher frequency – because they are not hearing the truth of the human frequency – and, in that, we are activating, opening, attuning, rising up their heart opening. And, that is blossoming out into their physicality and their other bodies as well. It is a communication.

Have we taken action? Have your galactic family taken action to avert Armageddon, as you would think of it? Yes, we have. But, the true shift is through this level of communication. Because, we know there are many variables, and we have talked about this over time, when we have discussed the various steps of ascension. But, the one sure variable, the one thing that never changes, is the yearning for love. It is the one element that is shared by all of humanity. And this is what we work with.

SB: I don’t want to interrupt you, Lord, but, is this a place where I can pose a question?

AM: It most certainly is.

SB: Okay.

AM: Because, I am practicing what I am speaking of, and ensuring that we are having equal communication.

SB: I really do …well, I guess that communication without love is not really communication. I mean, it’s …you know, we’re sitting facing each other and we’re propelling words at each other, and, while I’m preparing words, there’s the other person, they’re thinking of their next sentence, and, you know, usually it’s about what we like and don’t like, and how we did with the boss, and this kind of stuff.

What is it about communication apart from love, communication with no love and no conscious awareness – just, just, conscious awareness has to do with the soul, and unconscious awareness just has to do with the thoughts and feelings and senses and desires. What, how, can you give us a picture from your vantage point, what communication appears like now, where there is no love? Can you paint a picture for us what we’re actually doing under those circumstances?

AM: By and large, and I wish to be very gentle in what I say, by and large, there is a great deal of empty energy that your current level of communication contains or doesn’t contain, because it is somewhat of a vacuum. Now, you know that in a vacuum, sound does not really exist. So think of this.

But in your human communication, there are times when you are simply exchanging factual information, whether it is that price of bananas, or the wording a peace treaty. But, that happens so seldom – that it might be .00001 percent of the time. What has evolved, and I take you back to the beginning and what you can think of as the destruction of the original Creator race and the fall into the false grids of control, and greed, and lack, and limitation, death, destruction, you name it. Inside most of your communication is negative intent.

Now, I want to discuss this, because, my beloved ones, you have advanced. You have moved forward in your process of ascension. That you are mature enough, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, to have this conversation. In so much, and you have referred to this, dear Steve, of conversation, there is an agenda. There is an agenda of vying for position, of ascendancy, of control, of greed, of selfishness, of wishing to create further chaos. And, so, even when you think, too often that the words may be housed, or prepared – such as in speeches – that they are neutral, that the intent agenda, background, behind the words, and therefore the energy that is contained in the words, is negative.

And, so, in its simplest way… think of a sacred partnership, or potential sacred partnership, where one of the partners is grievously upset, or wounded, or feels ignored or unheard. And, then they say, when they are asked what is wrong, they say, “Nothing.” And, I use this example, because all of you who listen have heard that expression: “Nothing!”

And, of course, in that expression is all the hurt, the anger, the feeling of being disempowered, and unloved. So, all of that is in that word.

Now, long ago, we have told this channel, that when we – as Archangels, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love – speak to you, that we are placing the love in every letter of the word, every sound, the space in between the letters of the word. In the statement, we will infuse the love. And, that is what we are modeling and inviting you to do. Because, what happens when there is that ‘less than’ communication – because, first and foremost it is not honest, it is not of truth, it is not of wholeness, and it most certainly is not of joy and love, or peace – it confirms to the receiver and the speaker that, in fact, both of you are inadequate. That both of you are not worthy of honesty, of truth, respect, and love.
And, here you are yearning for the most precious energy throughout any universe. And what you are receiving, and giving, is a negative message that you aren’t worth it. “I will not make the effort to tell you that I love and cherish you and that you hurt you. And, so, that you are not worthy of speaking it and you are not worthy of hearing it.”

It is a completely futile, self-defeating exercise.

You are all becoming more telepathic. It is part of your spiritual and physical DNA. And that is another reason why we are so anxious to expand, shall we say, the quality of your communication. Can you imagine, when you do get those flashes of telepathic or even body language, and it tells you what the speaker or the listener really gets? It is abhorrent. It is anathema. So, it is better, in some ways, to remain silent.
But to remain silent, literally armors you as human beings. Because you have this innate desire to communicate with one another, to communicate with us, to communicate with your star family. But, this is the opportunity, rather than focusing on the negative, this is you to say collectively, as sweet Gaians, to say, “You know, this speaks to my heart and I understand. And, therefore, I would like to clean up, expand, anchor, raise, the vibratory rate, the frequency, of my communication. Because, not only do I want love, not only do I know that I am love, but that I want to exude love, I want to engage in love.”

And, anything else – and you have all been feeling this, and that is why we can talk about it – you don’t want anything less. And, you aren’t interested, as light workers, as path finders, as way showers, you’re not interested anymore in the other kind of conversation. They are completely meaningless to you.
So, it’s time. And, to this we say, “Hallelujah!”

SB: Well, I’ve another question for you, Lord. It’s especially applicable to light workers. Light workers have had a history of being not listened to and, uh, dissed for their viewpoints which seem too far out to most people, etc. And, that happens also with partners and spouses. And, it’s not just restricted to people outside, but, even one’s partner and spouse can give out a look of disrespect, etc. So, to the light workers, who perhaps might feel afraid to venture into such an intimate area as love and communication, worry about being disrespected. What words of encouragement or advice do you have for them?

AM: You are the strongest of the strong. You are the path finders. You are the re-gridders. You are the way showers. You have chosen, and now I speak in terms of my legions of blue and the peace initiative which is global and beyond, you have chosen, and I thank Mother, Father, One, every day. You have chosen to be on the front lines.

Have you been injured in a whole variety of ways? I know this, my beloved ones. And there is nothing more injurious than having one that you really love, cherish and adore, sling unloving words at you. We know this. We have observed it and, long ago, we have experienced it.

I am asking you. I am requesting on bended knee, and I am offering you also my sword and shield. But, I am asking you, I am pleading with you, be on the forefront. And declare yourself, in loving ways. Declare yourself in the truth of who you really are. Not as defined by society or culture or your spouse or your family. And, yes, it is hard.

But dearest, we are in this sacred partnership and we say once more: “You are the ones. You are the feet on the ground. You are the agents of transformation of Nova Earth, of building this new world that belongs to you, your children, your grandchildren, and many, many generations to come. You are the ones that have suffered, inordinately, in terms of the old paradigms. And, you have suffered inordinately because you are aware of the grievous level of injury that was implied or literal in this type of negative communication. But you are re-gridding, you are re-patterning, you are setting a new foundation for Nova Earth.

So, I am asking you. I will stand with you, we all will. But BEGIN. Begin right now, physically, emotionally, spiritually, heart centered. Speak the love.

Now, does this mean that you are never angry? Does this mean that you are never upset? Does this mean that you are never disappointed?

Of course not. But you are creating and it is like teaching a child to speak. And, there are certain ways of communication that children learn.

Now, the human race is way ahead of this. Are you the first wave? Are you the tip of the wave? Yes.
But the human race, think of it, all of you are ready for the shift.

Let me be practical. If you lived 20 years ago, and you said to something, to somebody, “Instant message me. Skype me. Text me.” People would not have had the foggiest notion what you were talking about. But, this has become the framework of how you communicate. And, the communication, the conversation, has become global. There aren’t the barriers that used to exist. And, that has been one of the most powerful weapons, swords, of destruction of what you think of as dark forces. Because you, as light workers, are hooked up.
Now, when you speak to each other and let each other reinforce you, not only us, when you speak in this way, it becomes a new paradigm. It becomes a new form. And when people tend to fill that negative space with venom, it becomes unacceptable. And, then people are redirected, called on it. Because, they find themselves alone with no one to talk to, because no one wishes to engage in that lower vibratory conversation.

So, you as light workers, as my beloved love holders, BEGIN.

You have already begun. Let me be clear about that, too. And, you say, “Michael, you are speaking to the choir.” I am singing to the choir, and I have the entire angelic chorus behind me. But I am begging you, communicate with us. But, also communicate in this way with each other.

SB: Thank you. I’m sure that there is a special role given to communication by the fact that we’re in this age of mayhem, not age, but this time of mayhem, when the Illuminati, the economy is being deconstructed and dismantled. What special requirement does the mayhem that’s happening around us put on us as light workers in the area of communication?

AM: You know that your star family, your brothers and sisters, have been on full alert for some time now. And, how this mayhem, this chaos, reflects into you as this cadre, the ballast of anchoring for the new, is that you are holding the energy and constructing the new. You are looking all around you. The core issues of humanity, all revealed in the incredible myriad of variations that boil down to lack of love and lack of self-worth, are at the surface. They are at the surface, not only in esoteric ways, because many of you have witnessed the prelude to this physical breakdown for years, but now it is in the physical realm.

And, what it means is that you are being more vigilant, more aware, more cautious in how you communicate. Not cautious in terms of, “I will keep quiet because it’s dangerous,” but more cautious in terms of your phraseology and ensuring, in your words, is that energy of acceptance, allowance, recognition of the value and the worth of each other individually, in a community, in a circle, nationally, culturally, and globally. The breakdown in the physical is good news. You are in a period of transition.

Seldom will I ask you to be stalwart, and I use that word particularly. But, that is my request. You are the stewards of Nova Earth. Not us. Not even your star family. We are the working crew to assist. That is our sacred journey and our sacred journey together.

We all follow the fulfillment of the Mother’s desire, the Mother’s plan. They are inseparable. But, you are the creators and co-creators of Nova Earth. You are the ones that say to each other and to the kingdoms and to Gaia, “I get it. And we are going to be the embodiment of a higher realm, a higher dimensional reality of awareness of consciousness, of vision, of talent, and we know that we are entrusted with this.”

And, it is a sacred trust. And it is a promise that you have made with and to the Mother long ago.
And, now it is the fulfillment, not the end of your contract, not the end of your mission and purpose, but a transition phase. So, you are walking observing, interjecting – where you have need to – into this chaos. But you are doing so from a place of discernment. Is there a part of you that is so excited, elated, and in a state of awe and wonder that it is finally occurring? Of course.

Because there is also a sense, not only of the rightness of the unfoldment, but the righteousness of the unfoldment. And you are on that path. So you do not engage in the chaos, you observe it, you insert your love energy. Then you back out, you hold it. Because you have rewoven the grid and it is bright and shiny. Gabrielle has ensured, and it is brilliant gold and it is ready to go!

SB: Well, that’s wonderful news, and thank you for that review of what’s happening behind the scenes, too. One of the problematic areas you touched on earlier, and that’s when your partner, when you say to your partner, “What’s wrong,” and they say, “Nothing.” The whole area of withholding, of having secrets, um, of being unwilling to share what’s really going on, probably, you know, usually, out of fear, that’s the central problem that we have in our relationships, especially. Somebody is not telling us what’s really going on.

It has an impact, it seeps in the cells, it creates bands of tension which restrict awareness. That’s one thing that I can see. But you have a much, much higher vantage point. Could you tell us please, what the cost is of withholding and keeping secrets, and having resentments that aren’t being shared? What is that cost in terms of the physical body, in terms of our awareness, and in terms of our heart?

AM: On a individual level, it absolutely exhausts you and wears you out, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. You will note that many are returning home at this time. And, it is simply that they feel worn out. They do not know why. Some do and some don’t.

In the larger sense, first of all, it creates, dare I say, such withholds, secrets, holding on to hurts and grudges, being afraid of your self, creates a life not worth living. And, yes, that may sound melodramatic, but from our perspective, the Mother has created this wonderful playground for her angels to play, for the inter-galactics to join in, to experience love in physical reality, joy, peace.

If you’re not having that, then what is the point of your life? To simply know what cruelty, and lack, and greed, and fear, feel like? Those lessons have long since been learned. And they never had any value!
So, it creates a life not worth living. And, therefore, you wear yourself out and you come back, and you are exhausted on every energetic level. And, you feel bad because you feel that you have, somehow, let down the Mother. So, individually, that is what happens.

Upon your planet, what happens is that unity, what you have called, dear Steve, unitive consciousness, is stalled, which means that peace has stalled, that means that reorganization is stalled. That means that love is stalled, that Nova Earth is stalled, that ascension is stalled. All because people aren’t willing to engage in the very thing that they are composed of, which is love.

So, when you say to us, “Why has X, Y, and Z not happened?” It is because the level of existence, of communication, of relationship, is stalled. And the time for that is over. And, you, as our ground crew, are really feeling that. You’re saying, “No more delays.” We hear this loud and clear.

SB: I have also noticed, Lord, and thank you for that, I’ve also noticed that some communications actually have more power to call the Self forth than other communications. I think of stand, taking a stand on something, or making a declaration, or telling the truth, sharing a withhold, making a promise. These communications all have tremendous impact on us. Can you tell us why it is, or help us understand, why some communications are more powerful and have the ability to call us forth in the moment? Please.

AM: It is the calling forth of your birthright. It is the direct alignment, not only with your heart, and mind, and will, but with the ‘I AM,’ the force, heart, and mind, and will, if you will conceive of it that way. It brings you to a place where you are saying, “I deserve truth. I am truth.”

I will speak of our goal. We would be delighted if there was no more secrets upon the planet, if the only secret was a surprise birthday party. Because, when words, energy, actions, are used as secrets, they are used as weapons. And, the most powerful weapon upon planet is not your nuclear devices. It is, in fact, the weapon of words. So, when the spouse turns and says, “Nothing,” that what they’re saying is, “I’m going to keep the fullness of my upset, my wounding, my hurt, my anger, my feeling of not being loved and worthy. I’m going to keep that as a secret for me. And I’m going to use it against you.”

Because, make no mistake about it, that is a declaration of war. So, what happens in that case, there needs to be, immediately, what you would do for children: time out, cease fire, whatever you call it.

But it needs to be, “No.” It is the power of no. “No, this is not acceptable. Perhaps in this moment you cannot speak to me. But if we are in love, if we are committed to love, then tell me at what time, what day, are we going to sit down and sort this out, not from a place of conflict, but from a place of caring.”
Because, if you did not desire, if you had not said to the Mother: “I will go. I will do this. I will complete this plan that has been thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years in the making.” If you were not committed to that, you would not be here. You would either be on another planet of greater evolution, or you would be a soul existing on a planet for one.

So the desire to be in a relationship is already there. And what you are learning, and what you, as light workers and love holders, have to share, is the wisdom to know that it may be uncomfortable, it may be painful, but we are going to talk as evolved, spiritual, loving beings. It may feel uncomfortable in the moment. But, there is no place for withhold. There is no place for secrets. It is that these deals that have destroyed your planet behind closed doors cannot exist any longer.

SB: I’m very happy to hear you say that, Lord. Then there’s this other concern, I think, that light workers may have: and that’s they’re obliged to keep some secrets. I’m obliged to keep some matters confidential. Does the need for these secrets, the real, concrete need for these secrets, harm the light worker? And, by the way, I have one question after this. We’ve got seven minutes left. So, have all your angelic time keepers leave a little bit of time for my question, please.

AM: Let us, discern. Now, you are in a time of transition. And, there is a difference between the honoring of confidentiality and simply keeping secrets for keeping secrets’ sake. But, truthful communication is based on heart. So, if someone says to you, for example, “I would like to talk to you about X. I would like to talk to you about the peace treaty that the White House is negotiating with Iraq.” And you are in a position of power, you would say, “I can’t wait to be able to discuss that with you. Right now, because we are at a tenuous interlude, I am in a position where I have agreed to keep this matter confidential.” But you say that. And, you say, “I will talk to you and we will communicate.” And your communication is of truth and honesty.

It is not saying, “Oh, there’s nothing going on.” It is being clear with your words in a way that honors the other person, whether it is a nation, or a governmental structure, or your sister.
SB: In the keeping of that secret, does it not result in muscular tension?

AM: Oh, yes, it does. And, so, you have need to be very clear about what you are willing to agree to. And I need to emphasize this in terms of confidentiality, that the secret – because there is a difference. Withholding, simply to use it as a weapon against somebody, think of it that way.

SB: Okay, so there’s negative energy in that.

AM: Yes, whereas confidentiality can be expansive, but timed.

SB: Timed? Is that what you said? Timed?

AM: Yes. Timed.

SB: What does that mean, Lord, timed?

AM: It means, “I can’t talk to you about this today because I have agreed to be confidential about this matter. But, I will talk to you about this next Tuesday, when it becomes more acceptable to those who I have agreed to be confidential with. I can talk to you then.

So, you are not cutting off the conversation. You are being forthright about what you have agreed to. Not in a way that says to the person, “I’m not talking to you because I have a secret. I am not talking to you because I have given my word not to speak of this matter at this time.”

SB: So, there’s a value…that’s not quite the word I’m looking for, but there is a benefit.

AM: There’s a benefit and there is a statement of respect to the person you are talking to.

SB: Right. And, the benefit for us is that we are in integrity. And that itself carries a kind of a blessing and there’s a feeling of…my chest expands when I know I am remaining in integrity.

AM: That is it exactly, my friend.

SB: Okay, thank you. Boy that’s very valuable. Thank you very much for that. My last question before we have to leave, what communication most moves and inspires and empowers people?

AM: Now, you know I have been called a little biased in this area.

SB: Right.

AM: It is truth. It is heart. Not ignoring your brilliant minds, your sensitive emotions, your personal insights, but it is truthful, honest communications. It is not merely passing the time of day. It is, truly, projecting into every exchange the truth of who you are. And that, to go back to my original example, when you look at somebody over the banana counter and you say, “I see you. And, I really want to talk to you. So, I’m basically using this excuse of bananas.” And you engage. And in that engagement, the floodgates open. And anything is possible.

SB: You can even hear it in the tone of voice. I when I’m in trans…

AM: Yes, then we are union.

SB: Yes. Okay. That’s exactly as described. Whenever I’m in transformative love, and talking to, you know, the ordinary exchange with the clerk, they seem to hear it right away.

AM: Yes, they do.

SB: It’s as if they’re listening to my tone.

AM: The tone creates the climate. It creates the environment for the exchange.

SB: Right. Well, I’m afraid we’re going to have to end, Lord. We’ve reached the top of the hour. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

AM: I would like to say that my faith, my trust in each of you is beyond measure. You have this capacity to raise the bar of this communication and relationship you have, not only with us, but with everyone. And, I know you will do so.

Go with my love. And, go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Thank you very much. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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