HWAA conversation about Ascension

Steve: Linda, we were talking about the old third and you presented the notion that our means of evolving past this point is not going to be the same as our means of evolving until this time and in the afterlife where we let go of one body after another.  I wonder if you could continue that discussion.

Linda:  Several years ago, probably more years than I want to admit, Albert Einstein came forth and said that his work on earth had been incomplete and that one of the things that he wanted to do was to help us as human beings in preparation for ascension really understand the various dimensions.  So, one of the things that I was thinking where we could start today is for me to read a very brief discussion from good old Albert about describing what the third-dimension means.

“The third-dimension is defined by the quality of the perception or experience of physicality meaning the universe is perceived through the experience of length, width, depth.  But the growth quality is the ability to embrace all dimensions, realities, emotion and spirit.  It also has the unique quality of freedom of choice.

“All of the numerically higher dimensions have the opportunity to exhibit in the third –  which means we carry our body to the higher dimensions and can live in the realm of physicality.”  And he continues,  “The growth opportunity and quality of the third is the ability to choose to expand beyond the mere perception of physicality and incorporate all aspects of self.

“This is what the Universal Mother talks about when she is discussing incorporating all aspects of the self.  The third-dimension is not limited by the time-space continuum.  It merely appears to be.  That is the challenge and the opportunity in the third, to reach beyond physical appearances.”

Linda: I think that so often as light workers and love holders we’re somehow thinking that our existence within the physical realm is going to alter and I think that part of that is because we are referencing back to the old third-dimension where the cleaned up third-dimension is simply this experience – the joy of having a physical body.  And of course that’s what has made this ascension process so different than other planetary systems or even galaxies that have ascended, because it always meant releasing the body – even releasing the planetary form.

But, in our new realm, because all the rules have changed, we’re adding on, we’re adding on so that when we go to the fourth into our physical body we’re adding on the ability to work with alchemy or magic to have relationships with what we have previously thought of as the unseen realms like the elementals or the fairies, et cetera.

And, it grows and it grows but it doesn’t mean that we’re not flowing like that infinity sign that we keep talking about: that we flow in between the dimensions and we bring it back to the third and we flow out and we bring it back because we’re carrying all of the twelve dimensions and having experiences with all twelve dimensions.

So what we’re talking about in terms of this ascension process is an anchoring in the higher realms whether it’s the fifth of change, the sixth of creative chaos, the seventh of Christ Consciousness and Love.  We’re changing who we are.  We’re expanding who we are, but we’re still having the experience of being in physical form.  Does that make sense to you Steve?

SB: Well it does but just for the listeners to really appreciate what you’re saying here, let me repeat what I said earlier at this point – that the old paradigm, well it’s not an old paradigm, it’s a way of being, a way of living – was that we would die and leave the third-dimensional body behind and we’d then be in the astral body.  We would in a sense die within the astral body and go into the mental plane and so on.  We would divest ourselves of bodies as we evolved on that side of Light.  So now it is all different.

LD:      It’s completely different.

SB:      It’s completely different and that’s just one illustration in our conversation earlier Linda of the ways, our very ways of seeing things are going to be so challenged.  We are going to have to let go and not hold on to things.

LD:      And it’s funny because all of us, as you and Suzi and I were talking before the show, have these expectations and excitement about what ascension looks like but we also know at the same time that as we progress around the circle – rather than the ladder – it’s going to be so much more than what we can possibility imagine.

But the rules have changed and it is, rather than losing your body, it’s expanding, expanding, expanding, expanding – because the Mother has given us this incredible gift as modeled by Gaia, who is an Archangel taking on a physical form as a planet and she’s saying:  “I’m giving you this gift of physicality to know what joy and love and beauty look and feel like in the physical reality.”  So it wouldn’t make sense within her expanded plan for us to lose that joy of being in form.  So, it’s not about escaping, it’s about expanding.

SB:      Right and I’m tempted to ask you questions but they would be questions that I am asking Sanat.  Too bad, we should continue this discussion at some point.  It’s very valuable.

LD:      I’d be thrilled to Steve but right now (laughter) I’ll just go away – very happily.

SB:      Thank You Linda.

SK:      Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SB:      Greetings Raj.

SK:      And welcome.  Welcome to all of you, you beautiful physical beings, you angels and star beings in form, you Pleiaidan and Venusians, Andromedans, you Earth keepers – hybrids all.  Welcome, welcome my beloved friends for I am with you not only as keeper of the Universal Laws, as Planetary Logos – I am with you as brother, as sister, as friend, as ally, as father.  You are advancing.  As Michael has suggested to you, you have moved into pre-construction and I would suggest even further along than that.

Let us begin this conversation in a very controversial manner…something that puzzles us upon this side.  The portal to ascension has been open for some time and we have said whether it is the Divine Mother Herself, Michael or Metatron, Gabrielle or Yeshua – we have been saying to you, you are flying in and out and through the ascension portal.  And yet so many of you resist the acceptance or the admission that in fact you have shifted, that you have flown, crawled, walked through and that you have begun to implement, to integrate, to anchor the qualities of these numerically higher dimensions into your very being, into your life, into your personality as you think of it, which is different than ego.  So stop denying the progress that you are making for it is to be celebrated collectively.

Years ago now you have made the collective decision to ascend as one.  That does not mean, my beloved friends, that when you have scurried forth, flown through the portal, anchored the energy and brought it back to share with the collective, that there is any need to be timid or even in denial about this.  It is a quality of joy that you are bringing back to the collective to help them, to assist them, to share with them what lies ahead, that in the true meaning of the word is leadership.

Because it is leadership, it is being wayshowers from a place of unitive consciousness.  It is not you leaving.  It is as if you have gone on the exploratory expedition and you are reporting back to your circle, to your crew, to the people what you have found…and sharing the bounty of what you have been blessed with.

So do not hesitate my sweet friends to say:  “I have moved forward, I have tasted the difference, I have experienced the difference, I feel expanded.”  There is great discussion continually about the quotient of humanity that is through the portal – the quotient of your light body, the quotient of your frequency, how the vibratory rate has changed.

But you are the physical embodiment of this project – the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream that we are all diligently, overtime, full alert, working on.  You are the litmus; you are the measurement of how this is going.  So please my friends, share the shift.  You are very clear about sharing the yearnings of your hearts and it is beautiful.  The yearning to share abundance, to fully participate in community, to anchor on earth that is beautiful and new, to anchor the Cities of Light and new forms of friendship and collegiality, of family, of sacred partnerships and union.

But many of you, many of you are already doing this.  In fact this is what this platform – and I mean all of the platforms – are about.  So do not naysay or underestimate, under talk, under value what has already been accomplished, not merely by our side for that is insignificant.  What counts in the true measurement of this ascension process my beloveds – is you.  So step forth in celebration and share.

Now, I know you have many questions for me this day.  Where do you wish to begin?

SB:      Thank you Raj.  You saw me acting like the conductor back here I’ll bet – right?

SK:      Yes I did.

SB:      Okay good, glad to know that worked.  Yes I do have many questions and many listeners are probably hoping for a very clear answer to them.  The first thing is, we do not like dealing in dates.  But, other channels and other sources have talked about a date so we have acknowledged that that conversation is going on and said that ok, we’ll be happy to join in, but we won’t complain if nothing happens on that date.

September 28th is being said to be the date of the first wave of ascension even though that probably happened a long time ago.  Is there going to be something like a discrete snap or ignition on September 28th Raj?

SK:      Now are you attempting dear friend to get me in trouble with this Channel?

SB:      No, no, no.

SK:      I am teasing you, I am teasing you.

SB:      I’m trying to avoid the massive disappointment that happened last time, as you know.  I’m trying not to have to go through that experience again collectively if we can avoid it.  That’s what’s happening.

SK:      And it is an excellent question.  So let us begin by suggesting to you that no, this is not the first wave of ascension.  Many of you have been flying in and out of this portal.  And even if it were the first wave of ascension, those who go through that portal do not disappear.  The ascension process is the ability to access in joy, manifest, and experience the numerically higher dimensional realities beyond what you have thought of as linear existence.  The energies that have been penetrating your planet sweet Gaia, particularly in September but with a very big build- up in August, and many of you will point to events, astrological events, the Tsunami of Love – it matters not.

As we have said, the Masters, your star family, the Mother herself conjoined with the Father, the Archangelic, the Seraphim, and the Elohim – all of us have been sending a level of energy to each and every one of you that has been unsurpassed.  And this has been growing.

Now you as human beings love dates.  You do not love disappointment when dates come and go.  So from our perspective there are times when dates are given.  The most recent in fact had been Michael’s Peace Initiative.

It is a message to humanity that on or around that time that your frequencies are of an elevated nature that you may fully engage in the fifth, sixth, seventh dimension.  So you may think of it because people love to mark occasion.  September 28th is as good a date as any.  But let us also say September 17th is as good a date as ever.  November 8th is as good a day as ever.  It is a time frame, which you are moving within and the energies are there.  They have been given to all of you.

Now this reference to  “a third will ascend,  well might I even suggest that a third of you, at least a third of you have already been flowing in and out of the ascension portal.  So it is to those that are awake, aware and ready,  they can say,  “alright, I have my party dress on or my dress slacks on and I’m prepared to go forward.  My bag is packed.”  But let me be clear.  You aren’t going anywhere.  You are upon Gaia for the ascension process.  You are ascending within your form.

Now, what we guide to pay attention to my sweet ascenders, is the expansion of your awareness, of your heart, of the knowing of love – the knowing and understanding, the growth of wisdom, of how things truly work and proceed.  So it is an opening within that also expresses in the without, in the collective and in your very life.

So is it a moment in time when there is a snap?  We would suggest not.  The ignition has already been turned, but the value – because we do not wish to naysay in any way shape or form these wonderful channels that have brought this information forward in their guidance – is to give human beings that indicator that they so long for.  Is this clear to you because I wish to be extraordinarily clear on this matter?

SB:      It is extraordinarily clear Raj.  We’re going to have to come up with new words on how clear we are being because there is so much about this that is new.  A little later in the program I’m going to be asking you to talk about this totally new domain that we are going to be entering into.  But, for now there are some listeners who think that they won’t be able to come back to the third after they ascend.  They won’t be able to complete their missions.  Is that correct?  Is that true or not?

SK:      It is incorrect.  Now I would pose a question to you, those of you who have been thinking, and I am emphasizing the mental body in this question.  Where do you think you are going?

The experience of this beloved planet and the original plan of this realm is to explore twelve dimensions – twelve. Think of it as different realities.  But within this, the plan of the Mother is for you to be in physicality.  If you exit the third-dimension, which is the place where you anchor your physicality, the physicality of Gaia, the physicality of the mineral kingdom, of the animal kingdom, of all kingdoms is all anchored in the third. You see how you were thinking of it – and I am pleased to talk about this and interrupt me if you feel the necessity.  You are thinking of it as either/or.  And what we are telling you, what we are sharing is the magnificence of the plan.  It is not either/or – it is everything.

You are entitled, it is your birthright, it is your plan within the Mother’s plan to be able to experience it all.

Now it is a continual expansion, what the channel and I and many on this side have said in terms of creation – add on, add on, add on, add on?  Yes.  But you do not leave. It was the free choice decision of your collective, which I am in admiration of, that you would do this together.  So if a third of your population leaves and is not available in form to assist with the remaining two-thirds, then that promise that the collective has made is broken.  I do not see that occurring.

SB:      Let me tell you the difficulty that I’m having with the notion of add on, add on, add on.  We have to choose metaphors to talk about these processes.  It wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  And this by the way illustrates that we are going to have to drop our old ideas.  I know that’s the case but I’m having trouble here.  The self, there is nothing that can be added on to the self.  It’s always been about revealing the self or the self emerging.  When you say add on, add on I have great difficulty.  What’s being added on?

SK:      There is nothing that is added on.  What you are doing is emergence but it is the concept that people have.  Not that they are leaving something behind but that they are expanding to incorporate.  What it truly is, is a return to the truth of how you were created in the first place.

SB: Now if we could go to this expansion idea, it’s going to be necessary in regards to domains and dimensions.  When ascension comes we will be entering into a totally new domain.  It has not been in existence before.  I guess it is being created as we speak.  We’ll be multi-dimensional.  We will be able to visit other dimensions.  I don’t know for a short time or a long time.  Can you talk to us about how one goes about creating a new domain?  It’s too marvelous for me to grasp so to speak.  What’s involved in it, where are we going?  Tell us about what lies ahead please.

SK:      Now we have just suggested to you that in fact we are using the analogy of “add on” to overcome this concept that you are losing something and that your true self is emerging or being revealed or expanding.  Think of it that you have only been using a portion of yourself.  The new domain, as you are thinking of it, is in process.  But it is also to a great extent already in existence.  You haven’t seen it.  You haven’t necessarily had full experience of it.

So let us suggest there are those amongst you who on a regular basis have conversations with animals or stones or minerals or trees or rivers or oceans or mountains.  There are those of you that have the ability to use what we would call healing alchemy where with energy you transmute or transubstantiate disease or imbalance into health and wellness.  There are those of you who create or understand and connect deeply with the beauty and the wonder of the human form, of nature, of Gaia.

And you often think when you look, for example, at an artist’s work – how did they capture that?  They see things differently.  So the glimpses of what you are calling a new domain have been there forever.

Now what happened in the downfall of humanity into the illusions of the old third was that much of this capacity to experience, to observe, to be aware of other realities, dimensions  disappeared, because you were under a realm of control.  So you were convinced over thousands and thousands and thousands of years that this did not exist.  But in your wisdom and in the expansion within thee that has already taken place you are co-creating with us the new domain and bringing back, can we say rehabbing, what has already been in existence.

So you have entered into, already, into a sacred partnership with the Mother, with us, to reveal and to allow much of what is already present to be seen, experienced and re-emerged.

Now what has happened in this, and we have begun by saying this today – much of your yearning for freedom, for peace, for clarity, for love, for sacred partnership – to use your words beloved friend: ‘for a world that works for everyone.’  It is not just the yearning and desire.  You are already co-constructing with us what you are calling the new domain.  So it is not as arduous a task…in fact it is a joyful task.  And it is already underway.

SB:      Can you just expand Raj on what you mean that we’re both creating or co-creating this new domain?  Is it happening in our sleep?  Is it happening because another part of us that is above or below the ordinary consciousness has worked on this?  How am I helping you construct a new domain apart from writing a blog and doing these shows?

SK:      Do not discount this – please.  And this is back to where we have begun with the denial and the downplaying of what you have done and what you are doing.  It is happening on the conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious, the astral, the angelic realms both in and out of your body.  Yes, much of it is night work but much of it is conscious work as well.

When you talk, and I’m not simply speaking of you but I’m talking about the willingness to bring what has been thought of previously as exceptionally esoteric material to common every day discussion, to talk about the need for peace, for the elimination of abuse which is simply peace, for the creation of equality, for the creation of sacred partnerships which are anchored in freedom and love – not control or finances.  So you are doing a great deal of the work.  You have been laying that foundation not only pre-construction but you have been doing the work and I’m talking to all of you now.  The limitation of core issues, the expansion into love – all of this is changing the world that you live in.

When you travel at night with Michael and you go to the places of violence whether it is in Syria or Los Angeles – it matters not.  And you are diligently anchoring within the hearts of those who create violence – the desire to peace.  When you comfort those who are the victims of violence and you reassure them of their worth and that they are loved and seen and known.  What you think of as night work – when those people wake up the next day they are changed.

They are anchored in a different vibratory rate.  Not simply because Michael has been in attendance but because many of you have been in attendance as your higher, universal, angelic, star seed self.  And you have spared nothing in bringing these people along.  And by sitting at home and sending love and hope and peace all over the planet you are creating the new domain.

You say:  “Yes, but Lord – look this is still war, there is still mayhem.”  You are in and you are visiting and you are participating in the creative chaos and that is another reality.  So you are shifting but because you are in your body consciously you are thinking:  “Oh no I am not travelling inter-dimensionally.”  When you have a vision, a day, an experience, a moment of such exceptional grace -when you have a moment or a day when you know you are in your mastery – when you fully behold the beauty of a sunset and you are the sunset – you are participating in the creation of that new domain where that becomes what you think of as everyday reality.

SB:      Do you have the ability to know how I am feeling right now?

SK:      Yes.

SB:      So, how would you describe this rather than me giving it in words?  How would you describe how I’m feeling right now?

SK:      You are feeling excited, hopeful, confused, dismayed all together at once.

SB:      Well that is true, yes.  But I’m also feeling ecstatic.

SK:      You are feeling blissful.

SB:      Blissful, ok.

SK:      Because what I am also doing and I hope demonstrating into your heart and into the heart of everyone who is listening and far beyond, because you know that we use these opportunities to speak to everyone on the planet.

We are saying to you this is your new tomorrow,  right now!  And you can feel this sense of bliss, of excitement, of love, of extreme potential even when you might be a little confused and frustrated about the how.

SB:      Right.  Is this, the way I’m feeling right now – is this just a gift that comes with this program?  My emotional floor is definitely raised.  I definitely don’t go down into any states that I could consider at all unpleasant any more.  Well, dismayed, yes.  Where does this fit with the ascension process – the way I’m feeling right now?

SK:      What I have just done is lifted you up to the dimension of the seventh reality.

SB:      So, I’m experiencing this seventh dimension at this moment you’re saying?

SK:      That is correct. It is the Christ Consciousness and ….

SB:      The domain of Love, yes.

SK:      How does it feel my friend?

SB:      Oh God, where’s my cape?  I think I need to fly.  It feels absolutely wonderful.  We’re trying to get a road map here.  We’re trying to get some kind of bearings and markers because obviously we don’t understand what’s going on and it’s beyond our ability to understand.  We just have to go through it.

SK:      No, it is not beyond your ability.  Let me intervene if I might.

It is not beyond your ability to understand.  Now what you were thinking – again mental body, is that you do not have all the t’s crossed, the I’s dotted, the why’s and wherefores, but your heart, your feeling – not in a simply emotional reaction, but your knowing of your heart is your road map.  How you know you are claiming your inter-dimensional self is by this feeling of excitement and bliss, of unlimited potential that you can fly, that you can change, that it is all open to you.  And, you can’t wait because this is one of the reasons you love dates.  You can’t wait.

SB:      That’s right.

SK:      So take a date.  Take today.  Take tomorrow and allow the love to simply lift you up and you never look back.

SB:      Okay right now, this experience that I’m feeling bliss and excitement and yes I was feeling excited that I was – what you were saying – is going to fade – correct?  And then it will build again at some other point and then it is going to change.  We are not at the place where it will be ours permanently yet – are we?

SK:      Yes you are.  What happens is the mental construct.  It is habit forming. Let us start there.  Because you have lived in a domain – your term – that has been governed by the mental/emotional experience/constructs then you tend to think:  “this is so big, this is so wonderful.”  And, you immediately go to:  “I wish I could hold on to it.”  Instead of: “I’m holding on to it.  I’m not going to revert back.”  And this is what those who are thinking that they can never return are really thinking about.  They want to be in the bliss and they don’t know how they can maintain this sense of upliftment and come back and assist with the collective that is still in the quagmire of chaos and mayhem.  But you can.  It is a heart and soul decision.

And every time, if you feel the fade effect coming in, come back to me.  I would joyously – as Planetary Logos, this is my job, this is my joy, this is my mission for all of you to be in this state.  And then I can move on.  Although I will want to stay for a while and enjoy it.  So keep claiming it.  Don’t think:  “oh my gosh, it was so nice I wish it could come back.”  Keep claiming it and call on me if you feel the fade, if you feel that the mayhem is dragging you down, then call and come back to this very place.  I am anchoring this knowing in your heart, in your cells, in your DNA.  It is activated right now.

SB:      Well it certainly is a wonderful experience.

Two matters – one is when you say:  “don’t give it up call it back”, are you talking about an exertion of will?  That’s my first question.  My second question is, I wonder if you can say a little bit more about the heart.  Because I think that most people, when you say the heart, all they do is consult – as you said – consult their feelings.  And, having experienced an open heart, the heart is much more than just one’s feelings.  So could you talk about the will and the heart please?

SK:      I would be delighted and think of it in this way.  What you are doing is the alignment, your true alignment, your true self, your divine self in form – aligned with divine heart, mind, will.  It is not that we wish to eliminate anything and that is the nature of this discussion, but when you think about feelings, too often my beloveds, you are referring to your emotional field which tends to be chemical, biological, environmental and reactive.

When I talk to you and refer, and I speak of all of us now – when I refer to your heart I am referring to the seat of your soul.  I am referring to your capacity for full consciousness, for what we have termed love, which has many, many faces, which is the anchoring and the living acceptance and surrender of your divinity and your will which is your ability to co-create.  So your will brings into form this Nova Earth that we are bringing forth, restoring, rehabbing and  creating together.

You cannot simply remain in your heart, which is your powerful tool to heal, to expand, to create. But when you step out – think of it in this way – you step out holding the bliss and then you say: “well, what does bliss look like in form?”  And, by an act of will you bring into form that which you desire that is harmonious because it comes from divinity and love.  It does not come from the false grids and illusions of the old.  It comes from the purity and the clarity of the Mother, Father, One that you carry within you.  For you are divine!

The biggest piece of this ascension is not just the momentary glimpse of your divinity, but the complete acceptance of your divinity and the celebration of that divinity by being able to manifest and create in a whole array of ways what is truly sublime.

So if it is not of love, if it is not of joy, if it is not of peace then you would not choose to have it present upon your beloved planet.  It is simply that there is no room for it because it is not in alignment with who you are and who the other seven billion are.

So it is the harmony.  It is the harmony of your brilliant mind, your brilliant heart and your brilliant will.  We do not want to negate any part of you, including your form.  Now is your form being tweaked, reconstructed, re-grided?  Are you choosing to reemerge into your perfected idea of your form?  Yes.  It is a co-creation and that is one of the signals to you that you are truly in ascension. It is that your body becomes glorious.  It does not mean that there will not be blips along the way…that you are healing those for the collective.  That is how you are co-creating with us this new domain where pain and disease and imbalance cease to exist.

SB:      Well I’m certainly waiting with baited breadth for a glorious body Lord, I’ll tell you that.  It’s for sure.  Is it correct to say that the more we work with the heart, the more we consult the heart, the more we listen to the heart, the stronger the contact with the heart grows?

SK:      Yes.  How you would think of this – see I have said it.  You live in your heart, you consult the other realms, you consult your brain, you consult your feelings, your emotions, you consult your will but you anchor and live in the expanded consciousness of your heart, of your soul, of the truth of who you really are.  Because you are a collective in transition, you are learning this, you are remembering this, you are – some of you – doing it for the first time in this life.  And we say to consult, for example, your mental/emotional because if you allow that to lead, too often what you are doing is referencing back to the false grids and illusions that have not been of truth.  The evolved spiritual being, you my beloved friend – all of you in your mastery – are in your heart in that seat of your soul.

SB:      Sanat you called the new domain a circle rather than a hierarchy rather than a ladder. In the afterlife, in the olden times as Linda said we could visit the mental plane, the Buddha plane, the causal plane if we had certain protection etc.  And then after a brief time the protection would wear out and we’d have to come back.  In this new circle you seem to be suggesting that we will be able to visit freely.  Does that mean stay a long time?  Are there any limitations?

SK:      Stay as long as you like. What you are going to find, and I will not write your script, is that there is so much to see, to do that you will want to travel between dimensions amongst dimensions.  Think of it in this way – that you see something that is of such enormous beauty and you want to share it with the entire planet, so it is like buying something at the store and you rush home to show the family what you’ve got because you want everyone to enjoy it.  So it is not separated, it is fluid and you are travelling, moving without going anywhere and sometimes going different places. It is beyond what you have thought of as how you live.

But many of you even in momentary experience know exactly what I am talking of.  The protection is already in force.  The mighty ones, the Archangelics have surrounded you and Gaia.  The only level of protection truly that is focused in this period of time is around human emotion and action constructs…mental ideation.  But that is shifting rapidly as well.

There is the expression that has been talked about in Linda’s Joy work, that is: Joy is viral.  Think of it even a decade ago, how limited usage was of internet, social media even cell phones.  It was a select group but then everybody wanted it.  Everybody loves it, everybody participates.  And so it is with this emergence and expansion.  As you carry it, your neighbor wants it.  Your neighbor’s neighbor wants it, until before you know it the entire collective has shifted.  And there is no such thing as having to pay for cellular phones.

SB:      I’m hearing the music come up but just before we go Raj could you just assure pet lovers that their pets will ascend?

SK:      The animal kingdom, beloveds, is ahead of you.  Of course they will ascend.  They are waiting for you. You leave no one behind.

SB:      Thank you very much for that Raj.  Wonderful discussion with you today.  Thank you.

SK:      Go with my Love.  Go in peace my friends.  Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon