Our thanks to Dr. Sue Lie and the Arcturians for filling in once again for Linda. This show has some thought provoking concepts which we look forward to exploring.

Dr. Suzanne Lie Guest Channel
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Linda Dillon is away this month recuperating from shoulder surgery. Ordinarily, we’d have Jesus on before Christmas, but today we have Sue Lie with us again with the Arcturians. Sue and I both have strong a strong connection to Arcturus, so this is like old home week. How are you today, Sue?
Sue: I’m doing great!
SB: And how are the Arcturians today? Do the Arcturians feel universally and continuously wonderful, or is there such a thing as a bad day for an Arcturian?
SL: Laughter. That’s a good question! I’m going to ask them!
SB: Okay.
Arcturians: Greetings Steve, we are very happy to communicate with you again. And yes, we do have a range of frequencies, in that when we spend a great deal of our energy patterns interfacing with the third dimension, we often need to take a break, as you would say; for, it is difficult down there. And we appreciate that.
SB: Difficult here and near the fourth and third dimensions? What is the difficulty? Could you describe how it is for you when you approach these dimensions?
ARC: Well, we use the word difficult because we find that is a word often found in people’s consciousness in describing the challenges in the third-dimensional life. For us, it is …we live in energy patterns that flow in unity in unconditional love. And when we interface with the third dimension, we also experience there are energy patterns that still flow in the darkness of control over others, power over others.
SB: Right. How do you experience that? What is the experience?
ARC: We don’t experience it as much as we perceive it. We can perceive the flow of energy patterns within your third-dimensional reality. And when there is a situation, person, place that is flowing within harmony, all the different frequencies of the energy patterns flow like a calm river or a still ocean. But when we see energy patterns where there is an attempt to overtake, or have power over, or control, or on the other end of beings who are frightened and who are feeling under control, there is that energy field almost as if the waves of the ocean are hitting against each other. So energy patterns, instead of all flowing calmly in the same direction, they move in different directions and bounce off of each other to create yet even more dissonance.
SB: Are you seeing this, or experiencing this, or what?
ARC: We perceive it. We choose not to experience it. But we live in empathy for our grounded ones who are wearing an earth vessel that do have to experience it on occasion.
SB: So is there a component of your own experiencing that is perhaps rattled or plunged into dissonance?
ARC: What we will say, that we have evolved enough to know when we need to release that attachment and to return to our own innate higher frequencies. So we would say yes, there are times when we choose to, as you would say, take a break.
SB: And, when you take a break, what do you do? (chuckles) Sue went on a three-week vacation. What do you do?
ARC: When we take a break, we …ahhh…we just bask in the unconditional love and multi-dimensional light and unity with all that is. We wish that we …that you are feeling what we are feeling. We wish we could project it out. But, we’ll just have to find a word for something that is only a feeling that can’t really be experienced by words unless one has already experienced it on their own.
SB: I totally know what you’re talking about. It’s the same with bliss or ecstasy. How do you describe it? It’s impossible.
ARC: It is difficult to use a third-dimensional word to describe it. But just a projection of the conversation is enough to assist you to feel.
SB: Yes, indeed. Since I’ve mentioned love, bliss, and ecstasy, can I begin our discussion by asking you are these are each of these – of course love transcends everything, so it’s a little difficult to talk about love – but are these states of being associated with dimensions, or are they all available to us on the, say, fourth dimension? Certainly in the fifth.
ARC: Yes, they are available on the fifth dimension. And, third and fourth dimensional ones can experience them if they can expand their consciousness into that frequency. And, then, that expansion of consciousness, if maintained for a period of “time,” then that expansion of consciousness will begin to create new neurons within the physical brain and even for us in the multi-dimensional mind, which is the fifth dimensional, what we call “separate hard drive.”
Then, that person…in other words, every time one of our grounded ones has that experience, it is easier to have that experience again.
SB: It’s very interesting, I notice that we just accept the words you use, but I don’t know if we necessarily know what you mean. For instance, you say expand your consciousness. What does it mean to expand one’s consciousness? What exactly does that refer to?
ARC: What it means to expand one’s consciousness is to create a conscious road, pathway from your third dimensional consciousness of your everyday life into your fourth-dimensional consciousness of your higher everyday life, and then into your fifth-dimensional consciousness. And then once you are able to create that initial portal from your physical self up to the portal into your fifth-dimensional consciousness, then you have a much easier ride into higher and higher frequencies of reality.
SB: Wow. I also had a brief experience of a state of being that I call exaltation. I’m not going to be talking about that a lot, but could you tell us a bit more about where that is to be found dimensionally or what that is?
ARC: Yes. Again, exaltation is a word that you chose for your experience. Others may likely choose a different word for that experience: bliss, joy, surrender, unity, unconditional love, fulfillment. But it is a frequency, much as we are just speaking of the fifth dimensional being, that doorway to the higher dimensions. And once that doorway…when that portal opens wide, your sense of exaltation is much like a preview of coming attractions. And so these higher frequencies…initially one who is lost in the third dimension might find some creative activities that opens them up to a higher frequency of reality. If they continue and move into a state of a degree of mind control, so that they can choose to not allow fearful thoughts into their consciousness…chosen time of meditation, dreaming, creativity, whatever they wish to call it. Then, there is a mastery over the mind.
And then, that mastery over the mind begins to blend into a mastery over the body. And so therefore at that time, then you begin to understand your body’s communication about what you eat, what you do, what you don’t do, what you don’t eat. And so you begin to improve your instrument of resonance.
Your physical body is your instrument of resonance, which you plug into the body of Gaia so that your portal is fully grounded and you can share that which you have received in your interdimensional travels.
SB: Because…when I receive energy, say, and I ground it into Gaia, this is part of the plan? We’re supposed to be doing this, right? And, can you describe the circuit that results including Gaia sending it back out?
ARC: Yes we would be very happy to describe that for everyone, for it is such a joyous thing. One of the first things that happens, when a human remembers to ground their higher dimensional and interdimensional experiences into the actual core of the planet, they become a component of the planet. The personal human consciousness begins to expand more and more into their planetary consciousness. Now, as you move into the core of Gaia, you see that you are definitely not alone, as there are many ascended masters, and planetary logos, and angelic, and galactic, and the millions that live there and have their reality there. And there is that fifth- dimensional experience. It’s like a preview of coming attractions.
So when you go back up to your daily reality, you get the feeling of something that you can replicate. Whatever it is, whether it’s learning to dance, or sing, or meditate, the first time that you do it is the most difficult because you are doing a novel act. So, when you ground your experiences into the core of Gaia, you are surrounded by all these loving people that share their experience with you. Also, when you actually share it with the core crystal of Gaia, then you are becoming your crystalline self. For, you are giving your life essence into crystal and Gaia is a cause and effect planet, so, what you put out, you get back. So, if you give your life essence to the crystal, then the crystal will share its life essence with you.
SB: You say Gaia is a cause and effect planet, are all planets not cause and effect in the lower dimensions?
ARC: No. There are planets that are not cause and effect planets.
SB: What would it look like to be on a planet that’s not cause and effect?
ARC: Well, it depends on what the rest of the program is. Like on Venus: Venus is a planet that resonates to the frequency of love. And so because she resonates to the frequency of love, she doesn’t have to have the experience of cause and effect. The experience of cause and effect is to teach people how to love. Because, if you put out hate, what comes back is hate. But, if you put out love, what comes back is love. So the theory is that you will learn to put out love because it feels so good when it comes back and you will learn not to put out hate, because it does not feel good when it comes back. But on Venus, there is just love. And, many humans go to Venus to learn about love, so that when they come back to Earth they can learn how to send out love so they can get back love.
SB: Are there more planets that are not cause and effect oriented in these lower dimensions?
ARC: There are. Now Gaia has chosen a very difficult path because not only does she have cause and effect, she also has free will. So, if you have free will, then you can choose to put out something that is damaging. But other planets, they may not have free will. Other planets may have that there is cause and effect, but in order to walk into that planet, you have to have created a resonance of a certain frequency in which you visit in love.
SB: You know I have such trouble thinking of a planet that doesn’t have free will. How does it run if it doesn’t have free will?
ARC: Well, it’s not a teaching planet. Gaia is a teaching planet. On Gaia, people come to learn. They learn that the energy they put out is the energy they get back, and they learn that they have that free will to decide to put out darkness. And, it has almost destroyed Gaia on myriad occasions. So many other planets have not chosen that because it is very dangerous. because those who have the free will chose to do something negative and then put it out, and then it came back into that person, eventually.
But, unfortunately, when someone has a very low frequency of consciousness, what they put out takes a longer time to come back. So they don’t learn. They don’t realize that that bad thing happened because they put it out. But as the frequency of the consciousness expands, then what goes out comes back quickly. So, if they put out something that isn’t very loving, and it comes back, and they are like “Oh, okay, I’m going to transmute that. Sorry, sorry, didn’t mean to do that.” And so that allows them to go through their process of ascension.
But there are planets that aren’t specifically learning planets and ascension planets. There are planets that are hubs of intergalactic exchanges. And so, out of the challenges that arise from free will and from what goes out comes back, could be greatly distracting.
SB: I think that it was Sanat Kumara who said a while back that Earth was one of the few planets that did not know that there were other civilizations in the cosmos. And, how could that be that we’d be the only planet that didn’t know? What was Gaia’s original assignment? I’ve heard that it was to provide a playground for angels. And maybe that’s the answer.
ARC: Well, what happened with Gaia is that Gaia is a very loving, loving planet, and some planets are not as loving. Her dear sister Venus is very loving. Other planets are not as loving. So other planets are more detached, or funny, or have a little anger.
But, because Gaia was such a loving planet, she allowed lovers from other planets, that the other planets ascended and these beings could not ascend because they could not raise their frequency. So they asked if they could come to Gaia and she lovingly accepted them. And then they did to Gaia the very same thing that they did to the other planets that they destroyed. And, so that is why she had to put out a call for help and bring in many beings to counter-act that. And, she is now moving into the fifth dimension. She is graduating. Some of her beings will graduate with her while some of her beings will move on to another school.
SB: Yes. It seems at this time we usually honor either Jesus or the qualities that Jesus exemplified. I wonder if you could talk to us a bit about how we can, ourselves become like Jesus, reflecting the divine qualities he did. What does that call upon us for?
ARC: Well, it has to begin with unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. And very often, for humans, it begins with unconditional acceptance. And that acceptance is that you are the creator of your life and you chose what you created. And when you accept it, then you will not become the victim to it. Because once people become victims to their lives, then they move their power of creation. They are the victim as opposed to the creator.
And then, the other thing that Jesus taught is unconditional love. That he would love a leper as much as he would love a healer. He loved everyone unconditionally. And then of course, his final words before he ascended were “Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do.” So the unconditional forgiveness is very important.
And, that, of course, has to begin with oneself, that one must forgive themselves unconditionally and accept themselves unconditionally so they can love themselves unconditionally…and love themselves unconditionally so that they can accept and forgive. It is a triangle that is connected. So, wherever you start, you are going to go around those ‘stations of the cross,’ so to speak, to experience all three of those because they are actually one. They are forgiveness and unity.
SB: And, of course, that serves another purpose as well and that’s to release us from our attachment to the third dimension, which has become for us a complication, coincidence, and trying to dig ourselves out in ever deepening conflict going on with other people.
ARC: Absolutely, and the best way to go through that process is first, unconditionally loving yourself. Because unconditionally loving oneself breeds courage. And when you have courage, you can do some things that seem frightening, like unconditionally loving someone who has seemed to have harmed you and unconditionally forgiving someone who seems to have harmed you. But, if you unconditionally love yourself, then that gives you the courage to move forth into a new reality.
SB: Right. Now, I may be wrong in what I’m about to say, but I think most people believe that when you say unconditionally love yourself, that we’re just talking about an attitude. But you’re actually talking about a flow of love up from our hearts throughout our bodies. You’re talking about something that’s palpable, right?
ARC: Absolutely palpable. It is something that sometimes has to be water on a rock before people can experience it, because unconditionality is such a unique concept to Gaia. And it is a concept that many beings have had to meditate for sometimes decades, before they could raise the frequency patterns within their brain to come into that state of consciousness so that they could have an actual, physical experience of it. And you know from your meditation, it is very physical.
SB: Yes, very physical. I stopped using ‘unconditional’ because I didn’t feel I was getting anything across to readers and I’ve since switched to using the term transformative love, because, unlike ordinary love, which yields to feelings like anger, and hatred, and jealousy, those feelings are just swept away by transformative love. They can’t find a foothold, and again I’m talking about a palpable experience of transformative love. Not talking about an idea or an attitude or a posture or something like that. But the actual experience of this kind of love just pushes away these other feelings that would have preempted ordinary love.
Now, is what I’m describing the same as what you mean by unconditional love?
ARC: Yes. And the difference is that Suzille has had a different history, she had clients, and she’s learned hypnosis, and she has webinars in which she can actually use her voice. Because, a great deal can be transferred to voice that can be transferred to the pen, but not as easily as to the voice. And that unconditional quality can be transferred in that manner.
SB: Wow. Okay. I’ve noticed differences between love and bliss and ecstasy. Love, for instance, is very inclusive. It just wants to give of itself and be received and returned is nice but not absolutely essential. Whereas bliss, when I feel bliss, I just want to sit there alone and just enjoy it. And, I have not a lot of attention on the outside world. And when ecstasy comes along, it can go either way. It can enjoy itself with other people or it can enjoy itself in a solitary manner.
ARC: Well it’s much like a process. First there is a connection with the outer world in that it is very important for the grounding process of your physical body so that as you pull in the higher frequencies you don’t literally burn up your nervous system. And so, therefore, then it goes into that holding it within yourself for you have sufficiently grounded yourself such as if you had an iron you would have to have two prongs, but if you’re having a huge stove, you would have to have that third prong. You have to ground that energy field. And that is a gift for Gaia as well as a sustenance; a necessity for your humans…for the human body is actually quite fragile.
And therefore then, after you have that grounding experience, then you have shared it because you’ve grounded it in the planet. And once you have shared it, you have a desire to share it further because you feel that all the energy goes out and it comes back twofold. And it goes out, it goes back threefold. It goes out and comes back out fourfold. It’s ever increasing.
SB: We, the situation for us light workers, it’s almost sometimes like we have a split personality. Because on the one hand we’re going through ascension, along with everybody else, and on the other hand we’re here for everybody else. And, so, it’s similar to the distinction between participant observer. We’re participating in ascension, we’re also observing everybody else and trying to meet their needs. How, what can you tell us about handling this kind of special task that light workers have to both go through ascension and yet at the same time be pulling others through and seeing to their needs?
ARC: That’s a very good question and a very, very important thing for all of our wonderful leaders to remember. It’s that you must keep track of your own abilities. You are wearing a fragile three-dimensional vessel. And, if you do not take adequate care of your third-dimensional vessel, if you are not absolutely sure to sufficiently ground yourself, and ground your vessel before you bring it to the higher light. And if you do not know that, listen to your vessel and if your vessel says, “I am tired, I need to sleep,” then you sleep. If your vessel says, “I am hungry, I need to eat,” then you eat. If your vessel says, “I need to get some exercise,” you give it some exercise.
It’s as if you have a station, a starship, an earth ship. And if you, like your automobile, if you don’t care for it, if you don’t put gas in it, if you don’t take it to the garage, if you don’t prepare it, you don’t get some new tires once in a while and give it new oils, it will fall apart.
SB: I’m a bit lazy in that regard. I keep saying that, “Ascension will fix everything.” But you’re saying, well you might not get there if you don’t take care of your body.
ARC: (Laughter) Well your consciousness will get there. But, you just may not be wearing a physical body at that moment. And, also, remember that it’s just a small percentage of your multi-dimensional self that is actually wearing that physical body. And, your multi-dimensional self is simultaneously wearing myriad other physical bodies.
SB: Excuse me? You don’t mean at the same time, do you?
ARC: Yes. Some work in Earth time and some work in other timelines.
SB: Are you referring to the fact there might be other me’s around the planet?
ARC: Yes! When Suzille had her 50th birthday, she determined to find her other ‘hers’. Of course only within herself, because, you know, she isn’t travelling around the world. That’s not the reality she set for herself. And she found…and now those other versions of your self have a physical body, they aren’t necessarily and very often are not in the same timeline. And they may also be within a parallel reality.
SB: But, that doesn’t affect ascension, right, if they are in a parallel reality?
ARC: Oh, all of them affect it because what ascension means is that you take all of you. That you say, “Thank you very much Gaia for the ability, and I am now ascending beyond your planet. I am taking every tiny spark of myself with me, all of my lives, all of my dreams, all of my hopes, all of my promises. Any darkness that I have left anywhere on beloved Gaia in any of my lives, I am responsible for taking with me.”
SB: So, are you saying parallel realities of Gaia are also ascending?
ARC: We have parallel realities. Meaning that we, the beings, higher dimensional beings that take the physical body, have parallel realities. Yes there are… there have been parallel realities. Whether or not our parallel or alternate realities will all collapse into the ascending Gaia has not yet been determined within the now.
SB: Hmmm. Are you saying there are still some elements of ascension that haven’t been determined? That some aspects of the ascension plan haven’t been firmed up?
ARC: Oh yes, because ascension occurs within the now. The best way to describe it is if you see this energy field of all these different energy patterns and then you shift the energy patterns: then all the energy patterns are different. And so there is a process of you go to the now.
See, if you think in terms of the third dimension and you have a messy house, and first you clean the kitchen, and then the bedrooms, then you do the bathroom, then you do the living room. Okay. Now, if this is one that is all within the now, when you clean the kitchen if affects the entire house. When you do the bathroom, it affects the entire house. Because when it’s all within the now, there is no separation. So anything you do with any part that appears to be separate…it affects the all within the now.
SB: Why am I having trouble grasping the now? What is the difficulty, what prevents me from getting the now?
ARC: Well, there is a comfort in sequence: If I do this, then that will happen. And then, if I do this, then that will happen. And then, if I do this, then that will happen. And it’s like crawling the stairway: Okay, I made it on that stair, alright, now I made it on that stairway. Now, I made it on that stair step, actually. And so there is a comfort within that and the third-dimensional brain is completely based on that type of separation and sequence.
But the multi-dimensional mind, the fifth-dimensional mind, does not have separation. So, it doesn’t have sequence. So there is no sequence within the now because there is no separation within the One.
SB: Hmm. Well, can you talk for a minute about the veil? We’ve come from higher dimensions so there’s no reason why we can’t understand all these things that you’re bringing us. But a veil has been put upon us, so to speak, and we accept it as part of our contract. What is this veil? What is it that has me forget?
ARC: The veil is actually protection. If one were to be born on Gaia, especially during the times that you were born on Gaia…you would likely go insane. It would be too much.
SB: Why would I go insane?
ARC: Well, take for example, what if everyone knew about World War II. This is right after World War II and the United States…there are the good guys, and the bad guys are dead, bad guys lost and the good guys won. What if everybody knew that the good guys took all the bad guys to live at their house and to make bombs? What if people knew that? How would people have felt about that?
SB: Well, I don’t know. Please continue. I want to hear what people would do.
ARC: Well they would freak out. As a collective they chose “no.” And, as you know, the forces of darkness have created all these wars and are busily trying to blow up this and blow up that and frighten them and frighten the other because the power over others have basically lost the war. But they are not giving up easily and they are trying to spread fear.
SB: We used to hear from Salusa that the light knew what the dark were doing, were one step ahead of them and would foil their plans. Then we also have something like Paris. We also heard from Matthew Ward that no large-scale 9/11 events would be tolerated, and then we have Paris. How come Paris was not prevented?
ARC: There are choices that humans make. We of the fifth dimension and beyond, we send our unconditional love. And we see that it is difficult for humanity to believe that they have that power. The indoctrination is so extreme. And so therefore, they become afraid and that power comes when that fear is mastered. And fearful events are occurring because the dark force is in control within that nowness, and that darkness is in control within that nowness because they have not yet hit that it is a full planet of unconditional love. And, with that unconditional love…see, so then what happens, the darkness knows if they do something bad and scare people that people are going to get angry and they are going to hate them for doing that and then they have dropped their consciousness out of the unity, oneness, out of unconditional love. So, they know they cannot win, but they want to play the game as long as they can. So they continue these random acts of violence to spread fear, and then that fear lowers people’s consciousness because they go into fear and they go into anger. And that is why we say to our ascending ones, ‘Send your unconditional love to the darkness.’
Sue: One time the Arcturians told me go to in, go into that, go across that line, go into that darkness. And I’m like …whoa, whoa, wait. But they said, we’re with you, go in there. So, I went in there, and I was going to say, “Okay, I’m going to send unconditional love. But as soon as I went into that I started sobbing so hard because I saw that all of these people have horrible initiations that they went through. Horrible things were done to them. And all I could kind of do was forgive them, love them, “they know not what they do.” But it wasn’t me who could forgive them because I saw something. I saw that they’re victims, too. Victimizers are probably the biggest victims, because they can’t get out.
SB: I’ve known some people who’ve been ritualistically, sexually abused by their parents, their own parents. As part of all this, and oh my God, the work they have to go through to even get a little bit of daylight from that.
Sue: Exactly. So there’s been a lot of darkness that has been on this planet, and so many lives, and so many people do not want to know the truth.
SB: Right. Now why, if we’re told there’ll be no more large scale black ops, and if we know that a time will come when the dark will be prevented from doing these things, what are we waiting for? Why is it continuing? Why didn’t the galactics step in and say, “Sorry, we’re not going to allow that.”
ARC: Because, it is a free will planet and the people on the planet must make the change. And the galactics have already chosen. Many have chosen to take Earth vessels to assist on this time. Because it is a free will planet. When Gaia does ascend, not all of her will go. There are parts of her that will not go. There are parts of her that she will have to release. And parts of her will continue on some other, darker world. She does not want to release all of those people, but she might have to.
SB: And what would that look like?
ARC: What would occur is that, you can only participate in a reality that you can perceive. So those who have been able to perceive the fifth dimension can participate in the fifth dimension. They can go to the fifth dimension for safety. Those who have not been able to expand their consciousness into even the fourth dimension, and their consciousness is only within the third dimension…if something happens to the third dimensional world, that is all there is. They can’t expand their consciousness.
And so, therefore, how does that look? Okay. So how that looks that when someone has that fifth dimensional consciousness they choose not to be in. They are within connection with their own higher self. They are continually following the orders of their higher self. They are knowing that their groundedness is important and that they are having a form for the service of planetary ascension, not for themselves, not even for people, but for the planet. There are others that have come maybe for people, or maybe for plants, but there are those who have come for the planet.
Now, the fact that the entire world was able to perceive what occurred, and the fact that a large percentage of the world stood up and said “No we won’t do this,” and remember when they wanted to march against it and they said no, it’s too dangerous, so they all put shoes in the street. The Parisians…they didn’t go down in fear…they said “No. No. We refuse to participate in that reality.” And that’s what humanity has to do. “No.” Refuse to participate in that reality.
And, just know that the people that were harmed, they volunteered to come into reality to sacrifice themselves. They have gone to a much greater world.
SB: They’ve ascended, is that correct?
ARC: If that is their choice. We can’t say that is everyone’s choice, but they have gone to the reality of their choice. Some have chosen to move on to Venus, some have chosen to go back to their homeland, some have chosen to go back to active duty on their starship. Some have chosen to move into higher frequencies.
SB: I think one worry some people have is that they won’t be able to go back to their own world. They will get stuck here. Forgive me Gaia for saying that. They may not. They may end up becoming karmically involved. But I take it that ascension is wiping out that karmic record, is that correct?
ARC: Well, the thing is, if they are having those concerns, then they’ve forgotten that the reason they took an Earth vessel was to assist Gaia. So, they are concerned about themselves first and about Gaia second. And, so, that lowers their consciousness, which allows fear to come into their mind, which allows them to have fearful thinking about their future.
When they stay in constant connection with their higher-dimensional frequency of self, they know that if their Earth vessel dies, that that’s okay. They’re just wearing it. It’s not them. They know they are not their Earth vessel, they are wearing it. Karma is a third dimensional construct.
SB: Why? No other dimension has karma?
ARC: Well…the karma…we’re speaking of Earth within this Now. There is a third- fourth dimensional construct because people go into the fourth dimension and they hold that belief that they stay in the lower astral planes because they hold the belief that they have to go back over and over again and even though they have the opportunity to confer with their higher guides and release those beliefs, they choose not to release those beliefs and they go back.
SB: Right. Well, we’re nearing the end of the program, so I’d like to spend a little time just asking what do you hope to see as a result of this festive season that we’re in, this time of good cheer, to at least the people who are aware of Christmas. Obviously, there’s a large portion of the world that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, and I’m not referring to them. But, amongst those who do, what do you want to see emerging at this time?
ARC: Well, when we speak in terms of those who are Christian, and those…what they need to do is to read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and see what Jesus said. In other words, they are going to the church which is, far too often, an aberration of what Jesus taught.
Read exactly what Jesus taught. And even that has certain aberrations because much of what he said is lost, buried someplace, and not yet found. But even that small amount is enough. And, if you can only do one thing, remember the final words that Jesus said: “Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.” Unconditional forgiveness. And that means unconditional forgiveness of yourself. Because you have to first give to yourself before you can give to someone else. Forgive yourself unconditional love. In other words, Yes, you could’a, should’a, but I love me unconditionally. Yes, I made this mistake, and yes, I don’t have enough money to give my kids a bunch of fancy toys. But then, I love myself unconditionally. Because I love myself unconditionally I can give my kids what they want most of all, which is my unconditional love.
Christmas is not about what you buy at a store or what meal you have on your table. Christmas, Christ mass is supposed to be the celebration of unconditional love for all life.
SB: Is what you just said the same as Christ consciousness or is there a difference?
ARC: Christ consciousness is a very misused word.
SB: Just talk about unconditional love.
ARC: Unconditional love is Christ consciousness. If Christ consciousness does not involve unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness – “Forgive them lord, they know not what they do” – and unconditional acceptance that you are the creator of your life, then that is a different kind of Christ consciousness than came through with what is supposed to be celebrated. It’s supposedly being celebrated at this time.
SB: (Laughter) It’s not Christ consciousness.
Sue: Well, I have to say, I remember one time when I was a teenager and I was always very connected to Jesus, always. And I never was very giving, but we had what we called the big bonanza, I mean there were so many presents and I said, this Christmas, I will say happy birthday for every present that I get. I maybe got to two presents and I forgot. I was in there opening packages with the best of them. (Laughter)
SB: (Laughter) Uh, huh. So much for peace on earth.
Sue: (Laughter) This is where we unconditionally forgive ourselves.
SB: Well, thank you Sue. And thank you to the Arcturians for a delightful hour, and lots to ruminate upon.
Sue: And, wait the Arcturians want to say something. There is a little bit of fear there and we want to transmute it before we leave.
ARC: And now beloved ones, we wish you to send unconditional love to all the violence, all the fear, all the threats, all the hardships. And blaze, blaze, blaze the violet fire transmuting all shadows into light, light, light. Hold that violet light within your beingness and let it precede you; let it be the protector of the unconditional love that you send to all. And we wish you all unconditional love and violet fire.
SB: Thank you very much and please accept our unconditional love. Thank you for coming here today. Bye now.
Sue: Blessings.
SB: Farewell.