The Mother has addressed you repeatedly about this manner, this way of being with your sacred self and with others, of sweet gentleness. Gentleness my friends, is strength, is valor, is courage, is humility, is joy…the rule of engagement is gentleness, kindness, consideration, unity, connectedness, and balance.

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour With An Angel, I’m Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth Towards A World That Works For Everyone and with me is our channel, Linda Dillon, author of The New You and The Great Awakening. Linda, welcome and your Core Issues course is coming up very, very soon…

Linda Dillon: It actually is going to start on Thursday night, Steve, and yes, thanks for mentioning it. I’ve taken a few days off, actually, to prepare for the Core Issues, to completely unplug and to let myself renew, regenerate and to be ready to tackle such a huge area of concern, let me put it that way. We have a wonderful group, not as many people as I had anticipated or been told about…which is interesting…because frankly I think if you’re alive and breathing you have core issues, but I know that this group, which is around the world, is going to be yet another group that is doing the push for the collective and really getting down to breakthrough because the course, of course, isn’t just about core issues it’s about what comes after you’ve dealt with the core issues. So, I’m really excited and it’s the first time I’ve ever done a webinar series, or any class for that matter, at night. So, I’m curious to see what the difference in the texture and the nature of the energy is. So, I’m excited!

SB: I often wonder if core issues ever stop. Every new situation brings up a new set of core issues.

LD: I think that we do break through on ‘core’ core issues and what we do is then we have the equipment and the understanding to really be able to deal with whatever comes up in our daily affairs, as it were. I know that even as I’ve started to prepare for this class I have a new level of core issues emerging and it’s interesting because it feels much easier than the first round where, again, I had core issues come up and that’s part of being not only the facilitator but the participant as well. So yes, core issues do go away.

SB: I’m looking forward to the day they go away, Linda. So, why don’t we give you a few moments to make your transition and then we’ll welcome in Archangel Michael.

LD: Great.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome my beloved friends, my beloved allies, keeper of Gaia…yes, each of you as wonderful, gorgeous Gaians. You step forth into new reality, into interdimensional beingness, getting ready to exhale with the might of the north wind and the gentleness of the south.

My friends, much of what I wish to speak to you about this and every day, is about peace, is about truth, is about love, about worth and worthiness, but particularly in this moment of this night as we join and conjoin together, I wish to speak to you about gentleness.

The Mother, our Mother, not merely your Mother for she is Mother to us all, has addressed you repeatedly about this manner, this way of being with your sacred self and with others, of sweet gentleness. Gentleness my friends, is strength, is valor, is courage, is humility, is joy. This is not a quality, a state of being, that is to be ignored or thought of in terms of weakness. To be gentle with your sacred self, with your physical, emotional, mental self, and with every being, human, canine, star, angelic, it matters not; the rule of engagement is gentleness, kindness, consideration, unity, connectedness, and balance. When you are too vigorous with yourself and with others, when you feel that you must apply force in order to achieve or gain your goals, then I ask of you to step back, to step back and to examine, to feel, to think, and in your heart knowingness to ask why you believe that any measure or modicum of force is required.

Now, do not think that I equate persistence, consistency, constancy, alignment, with force; I do not. It is when you feel that you are pushing and pushing and pushing and that you are not getting anywhere, either with your sacred self, with the totality of your being, with your sacred union above or below, with your sacred partnership, with your family, with your friends, with the planet, you can not…what is your expression?…win friends and influence people if you are being forceful. Be gentle, as gentle as the mild spring rain, not torrential, not a hurricane, not a tsunami unless it is the Mother’s.

I wish to talk about some of this today and I know beloved Steve, my ally, my partner in this undertaking that this will come up as we chat as old friends, as allies, as forever allies. So where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well I think Lord, the first thing I would like to discuss with you is the events of the Blood Moon Equinox are historic; can you describe for us what actually happened on those days so we can understand those days?

AAM: First of all, you as a collective and as individuals…do not think that we only speak to you as a collective, that is not the truth; I speak to the heart and mind and beingness of each of you. So, each of you has a tendency to hear me, to translate, to perceive what I say differently…and that is alright, that is your filter.

So, let us begin by saying the events of what you refer to as Equinox and Blood Moon is a response to your desire individually and collectively to look at dates. You love events, do you not? And that is not a critique it is a conjoining. So often you have asked and requested for dates and seldom, if ever, do our dates coincide, but events do. What has happened is exactly as I have indicated; there is a higher frequency, a higher vibratory rate, a willingness to receive and to exceed expectations and to go forth in a manner of ease, of acceptance, of surrender, while coupled with meaningful action. You have been sent energies directly, for some time, from the Mother, from the Father, from the One, from our realm of angelics and archangelics, seraphim, Elohim, cherubim, you name it, from the masters and enlightened ones, from your star family, you have been bombarded. And let me be extraordinarily clear, you continue to be bombarded, to be filled, to be lifted up, to be grounded, to be elevated.

Many of you have felt this shift. You have known that you are in the Ascension process, some of you more fully than others, it matters not, everyone is invited and none are excluded. Some of you have felt the intensity of the energy but because your vibration, your frequency, your light-body, however you conceive of this, is at a higher frequency, a higher level, you are more able to absorb and to cohabitate with these energies. So, while you know, mentally and emotionally know, that the frequency is higher and very intense, you also feel that it is smoother, more gentle; this is one of the things we are talking about. So, you are not feeling the same sense of your finger being stuck in a light socket. You are not feeling the same levels of complete exhaustion. Issues, what you have defended and kept sacred to yourself as issues and problems are coming to the forefront for definition, for redefinition, for deeper understanding and comprehension on all levels, for compassion and passion, for resolution.

My dearest friends, you say to me, “Michael, Mi-ka-el, I am in the process of this Ascension and yet simultaneously I am encountering difficulties with my finances, with my family, with my spouse, with my colleagues at work, I feel separate and at the same time conjoined in sacred union, what the heck is going on?” Let us say that the body, individually and collectively, of issues, of areas that have been as unresolved as yet are gently, and that determination of gentleness comes from you and us, they are gently coming to the surface, not to be ignored but because you have the expanded capacity, you have the talent, you have the mastery to address, resolve, release, surrender, eliminate what does not work for you.

That is being gentle with yourself. Now that does not mean the former practice of simply ‘I can’t deal with this right now, I am too tired and turning your head away’. It is allowing the issue to coexist within your sacred sphere, within your expanded being, and allowing the resolution to simply emerge, to be presented. It does not mean absenting yourself from the process; but what it does mean is seeing yourself, your beloved sacred self, as a participant in the process, but not having to force resolution. And the wisdom that is incorporated in this higher vibratory rate allows you to see that and is allowing you in the outer realm to see the miraculous occurrences that are occurring on every level, from the mundane to the very public.

So, what has occurred is this amazing jump, a quantum leap in terms of your heart consciousness. That is the simplest answer.

SB: Okay, well thank you for that. There are actually some people who interpret the fact that they may not have felt something or they have not felt very much as meaning that they are excluded from Ascension. Could you address that please?

AAM: And I address those particularly who are feeling this way for this is an age-old problem. And so, I thank you for bringing this to the forefront. You are my family, each and every one of you who listens this night; you are friend, you are ally but you are also part, not only of our family but of my family. I claim you as sibling, as friend, as dearest heart. You say to me, “But Michael, Mi-ka-el, I am not an archangel.” I would say to you, “Do you mean to deny your angelic heritage? Do you choose to deny your magnificence?” I am born of the Mother/Father/One and so are you. My dearest heart, brothers and sisters all, so why, why then do some of you have these wondrous experiences and then why are some of you left feeling as if you are left behind crying in the shadows and doubting your worthiness, your very worth?

Sweet angels, let me be clear once more, and I speak on behalf of our Mother: None are excluded from this process of Ascension, from this upliftment into higher, different, inclusive realms, where you are headed, all of you, is inclusive. The Mother did not decide to banish some and favor others; be very clear about that. And then you say, “Then it is not fair, Mi-ka-el, because she is favoring some with visions, with bliss, with ecstasy, with knowing.” And with that, with that knowing, with that conscious news of movement, of exaltation, of expanded heart consciousness also comes enormous responsibility. And you say to me, “But Michael, Mi-ka-el, I am more than willing to accept the responsibility; give me the enlightenment, give me the tools.” Beloveds, the tools are at your fingertips.

If…let us play this out…if some of you are not feeling the expansion, the bliss, the love, that does not mean that it is not occurring. Do you feel the blood running through your veins? Do you feel the constant division and growth of your cells? Do you feel the synapses in your brain, the neurons? Do you feel that movement? You do not always even consciously feel the beating of your heart unless you are taking your pulse, unless it is pounding extraordinarily. That does not mean that your body has ceased to exist, that somehow you have died. This expansion, this upliftment, this increase in your frequency, is taking place regardless.

You say, “Well, that’s all very reassuring Michael, but I would really like to feel it.” Beloved friends, there are several things I would like to say to you: Number one is “are you asking?”… not from a place of feeling excluded, not from a place of anger or fear of being left behind, but from the very core of your heart-soul, are you asking? Secondly, “are you taking the adequate time, the gentle time to simply receive?”…not going into meditation with a visualization, not going into meditation with a list of questions, just going to the stillpoint of your being with a readiness to receive. And inside of that what you can think of as number three, “have you deemed yourself worthy of the bliss, of the expansion, of the knowingness, of the gentleness of the Mother’s touch, of the caress of her hand, her veil, her gown? Or do you still think of yourself, think of yourself as less than, as part of the excluded?” because beloveds, the excludeds do not exist. So, do not put or even think of yourself as potentially being in that excluded category because it is not in existence; it has been an illusion of your old 3rd that somehow you are being prevented from your joy, from the love, from your very birthright.

It is in the silence; go deeper into the silence. No thought, no action, no movement, simply be and allow the infusion to occur. The infusion, the knowing of the infusion…shall I say generally…and I could say always…takes place when there is no movement, when you are in the place of beingness. So, it does not occur when you are running and seeking and demanding or crying. When those things are occurring, and they do occur, then turn to us, let us soothe you, let us reassure you. It is not that we anticipate or think that you will never be in distress, we know that there are moments of distress, of loneliness, of continued feelings of disassociation, that is a different conversation and still we say “turn to us.”

But the expansion feeling, the enlightened feeling, the knowingness comes in the silence of no movement. Now you say, “Well what about a long-distance runner who has done their 10K and in that moment has the explosion of complete connectedness?” In that moment that being, male or female, is in fact in no movement; they have found the space between the spaces of movement. That is why they enter into an ecstatic field and that is what I mean when I say I could pretty much say always. None are left behind.

Why do you think, sweet angels, that this has been such a slow progression, in your terminology and ours? The human collective reached an incredibly mature decision to progress as one, because of your mastery, because of your heart, because of your wisdom, because of your knowing of the truth of who you are. Has it completely reached and penetrated your mental or your emotional bodies? No, but it has begun to. So, you must be in a state of allowing; allowing the doubt to dissipate, allowing the fear to disappear. None are left behind. I cannot say it more succinctly or clearly than that.

Now some of you have remained very much in your bodies because you are way-showers and you have need to collect the collective. And you know, maybe you don’t know in your limited human self, but your higher universal self knows that if you are completely in the bliss you will not pay attention to the rest who are being left behind and feeling left behind. So you say, “Okay, I will stay with the troops. I will stay until the last person is through that portal.” You are doing your service and you are appreciated and supported and loved for that service. Do not dismiss or minimize what you are doing sweet angels.

Is this clear dear Steve?

AB: Yes, it is Lord and thank you very much for that and I am sure that will help a lot of people and reassure them. I have a related question from a listener, Cammy, and she says, “Linda, in your Core Issues panel with Steve and Suzy you mentioned that many lightworkers were 80% plus, the general population was 50%, and those in containment, still being held, were very high in their light. I had such a strong reaction to this that I wanted to understand it better. Become unfair that an average, descent, perhaps unaware person is less (?) than those who knowingly corrupted our world.” Would you care to comment on that Lord?

AAM: Oh, sweet angels and dear Cammy, you speak for so many. This is the difficulty when you speak of the collective in terms of averages. So, let us clarify, let us begin with the simplest part of this and this is also related to that feeling and this despair and aggravation of being left behind.

When we say that about 50%-60% of the general population is in their knowingness in the Ascension portal, knowing and unknowing, understand what we are talking about…so we have taken all those. Now let us take the lightworkers and put them separate from the general population because that is another issue. But all those descent, hard-working, kind, loving, faithful, courageous people are in the mix with those who still cling to the illusions of your old 3rd, those who are still living lives dictated by control, greed, lust, bloodlust, inequality, lack, limitation, so they are mixed in; when you give a general percentage for the general population, they are mixed in with the war lords, with those that are part of ISIS, with those that are raping and pillaging, and stealing and selling drugs and killing the populace in order to sell those drugs. We are talking about those who live from greed and control, who control government and corporations and stock markets.

So, in the law of averages, beloveds, what happens is the general population absorbs, so that is why you feel ‘oh my goodness, what happens to the good person?’ And let us be very clear because in other conversations we have stated “those who live by the old paradigms, by clinging to the old rules, are very few.” Do they bring down the averages? Significantly. But as your frequency is increasing you are also touching those who are resistant, recalcitrant, reluctant. Now, I am not suggesting in the lightworker community, in the general population, in the recalcitrant population that there are still not core issues to be resolved because there are, that is the nature of the clearing. But you are underway, let us be clear about that.

Now, let us talk about the general population, not about the side pocket of those who are in that category that we have called reluctant, recalcitrant, resistant because that is a separate issue. Most Gaians, by their very nature…listen to what I say…are heart centered, are heart conscious. Now, have they forgotten that? That is what all these increases in the frequencies are about; it is to bring up…and what you are seeing in the billions and billions and billions of people is an expressed desire, not simply unspoken, not dependent upon political leanings or financial where-with-all, there is a collective desire that is being spoken to live in peace and harmony, to have and to find ways…I am not suggesting that the ways are all known…but there is the spoken desire to find ways to accommodate in a more loving, humane – that is the term that is used – humane – fashion.

There is a growing desire to eliminate violence of every kind. There is a desire to tend to Gaia, to tend to the planet. There is an upsurge in the desire for leadership based on values, and what you are being given in every country is the juxtaposition between those who hold values and those who do not; now, when I am speaking values, I am speaking Divine Qualities, Blessings and Virtues. So, the general population, excluding some categories – to put it in your parlance – is, in fact, increasing daily, hourly, minute-to-minute. It was never a requirement that every person, every Gaian, every person on the planet become a lightworker. And, do you know why? Because every person who chose to be upon the planet at this time already is a lightworker, whether they know it or not!

What is the requirement to be a lightworker? To be aware that the Archangels speak to you? No. It is to be kindhearted, it is to be gentle, it is to be generous, it is to be in gratitude for the blessings that are given every day. It is to accept what is viewed sometimes as tasks and hardships, knowing that there is a plan and that you have the inner stability and strength and virtue to go through whatever is presented. There is not a being upon the planet who incarnated at this time without knowing fully and completely what lay ahead. Now, have many forgotten? Yes. But what the population has not forgotten is that they are good people and that they are just as deserving, just as worthy, just as welcome as the most diligent lightworker.

They’re going about their business and in many ways, their business…the taking care of family, of providing shelter and guidance to children when they don’t know what to do, of breaking bread, often of going to jobs they despise because it means they can take care of their families, of being part of a community, of trying to secure safety and shelter, of giving money to the man on the street who has no food, of having compassion for the woman who is 14 and bearing an unwanted child.

This is the fabric of what you have called the general population. They do not carry hatred or cruelty in their heart. Are there areas for vast improvement in terms of racism, gender inequality, misunderstanding of the violence of war, the violence of democracy, of totalitarianism, of commercialism, of finance? Yes, there is great room for expansion, but let me tell you my beloved friends, that desire for improvement rests in the heart in each and every one of them. And in that, I would even include the recalcitrant. So, do not think they are left behind…they are the structure of change, they are the masses and the army of change. They are not discounted; they are being worked on beginning with the Mother’s Tsunami of Love years ago. So, do not worry about them, they are very high in their vibration.

Now, let us talk about the gift of those that are in containment. I think that there has been some misunderstanding about containment, as if this is an extraordinary gift; and in fact it is, because you are put into what you would think of as a chamber, as a box, where you are continually penetrated by light and love. This is not an option that is exercised unless the circumstances are very dire. So, you do not put someone who is an angry neighbor in the box, not the box that we are speaking of. So, of course your quotient of light is very high because that is the only option and you stay there…there is no release program, no choice! Think of what I say to you. This is a rare occurrence because humans are born for choice. So the very fundamental of being human has been removed from this because the egregious nature of who they have acted out as. The final choice is they emerge rehabilitated, or they come home!

Now, the moment they reemerge, they’re besot by free choice again and they are given the choice to either reengage in their old patterns, in which situation they will be removed yet again, or to be the leaders because those who have been put in containment, as egregious and offensive as their crimes have been, also had stellar leadership qualities. That has been part of what we can call the light rehabilitation, was for them to come to realize who they really are and that their true qualities are needed to build Nova Earth. And if there is still an unwillingness, well then, they will return home; so, it is not such a tremendous gift. Now in that, let us also speak of the lesser gift that the Mother has given you, all of you, of the Blue Topaz box; that is very different than the containment that we put people in, which is a light box – period.

The Blue Topaz box is where you have assisted us with millions so that they would be penetrated by the gentle light of the Mother, and within that spectrum of free choice, come to realize that nurturing and gentleness and love is the answer. And you all have been working with that Blue Topaz box tremendously and have done incredible work. But again, when released the free choice option comes back into play but they have been exposed and aware of how beautiful the loving choices are and the impact that those loving choices have. So, we commend you and as lightworkers, you increase your frequency every day and you do so, of course because you long to come home, but home in this Ascension is upon beloved Gaia and within your magnificent vessels, your bodies. You are doing stellar work.

The channel has asked about what the pause is and how this feeling of everything is in slow motion or on pause and the knowingness that all is prepared, the banquet is on the table. If you come to look at the theatre, the audience is seated, the orchestra has tuned, the actors are behind the curtain and the hush has fallen over the audience…you know the celebration is about to begin and you are holding your breath. But as Einstein has explained to you, you are all about to exhale and to enjoy and participate in the celebration, in the gentleness of love, in the rebirth of what it means to be human.

SB: Thank you Lord. I’d like to point out for our listeners again, I do this from time to time but you’re answering questions on my paper without my asking them…that always is a thrill for me. I can see one predictable battle looming, Lord, where someone, political leader, that used to be corrupt, has been in containment and has emerged and has been again exerting leadership and half the lightworkers welcome that, they know he has been in containment, and the other half call the people who welcome him a traitor. How do we know that a leader has reformed his or her character, how does the general populace know?

AAM: Listen and watch with your heart. The history of the human race, since the time of the Creator Race, is ancient. Now, there are many of you that have been aware or have had lives where you have acted in a traitorous manner, in a manner that you would deem, as judge and jury, as less than. That is why we do not ask you to focus so much on past lives. When you look, when you listen to a leader or to a neighbor, to a beloved friend, I am asking you not to erase discernment but erase history. Stop looking through the lenses of the past and look and feel and discern through the lenses of the present and the future.

My beloved friends, you know full well when someone is not speaking from their heart center, when they are not speaking truth, when they are bluffing for their own personal gain, when they are trying not to come from a place of balanced view but of self-interest. You know this. When you don’t know it is when you say, “Oh, but she did/he did/they did that in the past.” So, ask yourself very simple question, use kinesiology if it is useful for you, use whatever you want…the answer is in your heart…say to yourself, containment? And it will be clear…yes or no. Reconstructed? Yes or no. Heart centered? Yes or no. Three very simple questions not based on the past but based as you all face the future by walking hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, heart-in-heart, in the present.

SB: We only have about 2 more minutes; could you tell us who do we have to thank for readily directing the energy to us? I don’t mean Father/Mother, I don’t mean going back that far, but I think there were galactic civilizations that participated and especially modulated the energies. We’ve heard about (?) some call it the Earth Alliance, who do we owe a debt of gratitude to for what has happened recently?

AAM: There is no group that wishes to take credit for this alignment. There is no group that has not been completely involved in the attunements that have been given to each and every one of you. Your star family, particularly under the direction, the harmonization, of Sanat Kumara have done stellar work. So, it is the galactics, the intergalactics, the various alignments; you have been invited to the Inter-Galactic Council. You are not fully realizing what this means, that how everyone has aligned to help you sit at this table as full partners. And yes, we will be addressing that. But where we would like, where we would respectfully request the vote of gratitude would be to each and every one of you. Let us give this vote of gratitude, and pay it forward, to what you have called the general population who in their unknowingness have said ‘yes!’ and have braved the unknown to accept the expansion of themselves and of the collective. Let us leave it at that dear friends.

SB: Okay, well thank you very much Lord. We’ve reached the end of the program. Thank you so much for giving us many insights into the process…

AAM: I wish to end with a joke: Do you hear this hammering? Well, that is me knocking at your door, let me in dear hearts, let me in. Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.