We welcome Linda back to our show, An Hour With An Angel…And we welcome Archangel Michael who brings us good news!

“I have asked to speak this day, to extend my arms, my energy, my being, in tandem with Jesus Sananda, and to beckon to you to join me, to join us, to come into being, to enter and to anchor and to inhabit and embody a new state of your beloved self. to step into a new form of unity, of community, and of creation through focused action…”

An Hour With An Angel 01-19-2016

Steve: I am very happy that Linda Dillon is back with us today after a long recuperation from surgery. Linda, how are you?

Linda: Hi, Steve! What will I say? I will say it’s fabulous to be back and to be doing this channeling with everybody who is tuning in and everybody who will be tuning in. And as the Council of Love so often tells us…we’re really talking to the entire planet and the collective when we do this. So, I’m juiced and good to go!

SB: That’s great! And I think that we have Archangel Michael today.

LD: Yes, yesterday Archangel Michael indicated that he would like to be the one to step forward. It seems fitting at the beginning of this new year, that we begin with Archangel Michael who has been our on-again, off-again host with you, Steve. And with me, I guess. So, we’ll hear what he has to say as we begin a new chapter.

SB: Okay, well just before we do that, though, you probably had lot of conversations with a lot of higher beings. Anything you want to tell us about all that time recuperating, spent talking with them?

LD: It has been an expansion of real personal growth time, in terms of insight, understanding, and endurance. Understanding the bigger plan, understanding that as a warrior, both a physical warrior and a spiritual warrior, that there are times when we are put, shall I say, on sabbatical and prepared for our next assignment, which I am beginning to gain deeper and deeper insight into.

But the biggest thing – I guess there are two themes. I’m glad you asked this. One is this theme that the Mother and the Council have been talking to us about in terms of this year. Jesus Sananda has been very emphatic and very present in terms of us going through a period this year of extraordinary change. And behind that is something that I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at, and thinking, talking, and meditating on, that so many people are going through. I don’t know if it’s part of the extraordinary change or the preface to the extraordinary change, but it is massive clearing and massive letting go, surrender, health challenges, financial challenges, emotional challenges, and relationship challenges. You name it…it’s up for grabs.

Now, the past year 2015 saw us do two rounds of the core issues class and we knew that we were working with the collective in terms of doing that. And it would seem on a global level that core issues and everything associated with letting go of those core issues – of clearing them up once and for all in the physical, in the third, renewed third dimension – is really present. So we’re seeing a lot of that.

That people, on the one hand, are really ready for what lies ahead and for the changes that are being referred to by Jesus and others. But, at the same time, they’re exhausted. They feel that they have been beaten down and that we’re seeing people leaving the planet in droves. And, I have to tell you, that’s really good news for them, because they’re certainly going to a better place. But for those of us who have chosen to remain and really see this through, it’s been a challenging time.

So, have I been in a position where I’ve been encouraged to stay still and to reflect? Yep. But I know that there are a lot of our listeners that are going through very similar circumstances. So, we need…we need both. We need the help in terms of the letting go and surrendering. And then we need the juice to take the next jump.

SB: And, you mentioned new assignments. Is it too early to be talking about that or do you want to give us a little preview?

LD: I am going to be working more…well, let me back up. My mission and purpose on Earth, and elsewhere, all the time, has always been to be the channel for the Council of Love. That’s the message. That’s the one I work on: I’m the Love girl.

But, as an intergalactic and as a human woman – and no, those are not exclusive to each other – I will be working more with the Intergalactic Council in terms of formulating patterns of behavior, of thought, of action. In terms of how Nova Earth looks, what it feels like and behaves like, not in terms of erecting institutions or fixing Wall Street, but in terms of really what it means to be human in a new reality, in an inter-dimensional reality. What does love in action look like on Nova Earth? So really addressing how we see ourselves, how we see our ability to create, get going on creation, and then, how do we interact?

You know, the mother spent, what, two years with us talking about sacred partnerships, sacred union within and without, above and below. And, this is where we start to put sacred union and love in form, in human reality – into practice. And, that’s what I’m going to be working on, even more intensely.

SB: Wow. Thank you for sharing that. That’s very exciting.

LD: It is exciting, and what’s really exciting about this is that, although it’s being called Project Earth by the Intergalactic Council, it’s not restricted to the collective of Earth. What we’re doing is we are working, in a spearhead approach, with all our galactic and intergalactic brothers and sisters.

SB: And, of course, there’s going to be just a rippling of the ascension after ours, based on ours.

LD: And that’s why it’s so important for us to get this template, this pattern down, because, if it’s going to be replicated, it needs to be really clean.

SB: Wow! What an assignment! Eh?

LD: Laughter: Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water!

SB: And, I’m sure Archangel Michael will tell us more about that, too.

LD: Oh, I’m sure he will. It feels like tonight is a love fest. So everybody put on your warm and fuzzies and get ready.

SB: Wonderful. Well, why don’t we let you transition and then we’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

AAM: Greetings! I am Michael!

SB: Greetings!

AAM: Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Yes, I wanted to sneak that in, dearest Steve. Welcome. And, welcome to all of you! Welcome back. Welcome forward! Simply, welcome from my heart to your heart. From all of our hearts and the heart of One. Beloved ones. Terra Gaians, Galactics, Inter-galactics, Earth keepers, way showers, you know who you are. You have always known who you are. Have there been times, decades, lifetimes, where you have shied away from this truth, this basic truth, of who you are? Yes.

You have done so out of a variety of reasons. Sometimes out of self-protection, security, fear of repeat of rape, pillage, death, mayhem. Sometimes because it felt too egotistical to step forward and declare the mighty nature of who you are; sometimes because you have been concerned, not fearful, but simply concerned about the how-to… concern about letting the Mother down should you begin and hit stone walls or dead ends. All of this is part of the human experience, as it has been in the old paradigm. But, my dearest friends, my family, my angels on Earth, my masters upon planet…you no longer live, exist, or even manifest in the old paradigm. It is past time that that illusion simply be surrendered and let go.

So yes, I have asked to speak this day, to extend my arms, my energy, my being, in tandem with Jesus Sananda, and to beckon to you to join me, to join us, to join the Mother-Father-One, the Angelics, the Archangelics, the seraphim, the masters, those who are sheer energy, sheer galactic star families, to come into being. Not only in union and in unity with us, but to enter and to anchor and to inhabit and to embody a new state of your beloved self. And, in that new state – that expanded state of bliss, of ecstasy, of joy, of truth, of might and of action – to step into a new form of unity, of community, and of creation through focused action.

Many of you, sweet friends and allies, say to me repeatedly, and make no mistake, I hear you all. You say, “Mi-ka-el, I am prepared. I am willing, and I believe I am able to step forth and assist you, to stand by you and by all in this creation of Nova Earth, of unity, of the new expression, the original expression, of what it means to be human.”

And then you pause, and you say to me, “But, Mi-ka-el, I don’t know how.” Sometimes you feel restricted by what you think of as physical circumstances. Everything from family responsibility, to money, to health, to societal norms, there is still a concern about being excluded, about being shunned, or about having your family pay the price for your choices and decisions. Sometimes, it is simply a knowing, of not exactly being clear about how to proceed.

Do you ever think, dearest hearts, that you could be judged or found wanting for this not knowing? Of course not! Even in our reality, which is more fluid and, might I say, more clear than yours, not everything is defined, predestined, spelled out. The only constant that is our guiding light, our guiding star, is love and the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream. With the quadrillions and then some, of variables, there are alterations, there are changes. Why does it not disturb us? Because, we know of the fulfillment. And I need…I am asked…by the Mother, to share this understanding with you. The fulfillment for us, for all of us, is not at a future date. The fulfillment is constant. It is a wellspring that is constantly refilled. The fulfillment which is constant is because we are in the experience, the knowing, the existence, the expression of love.

In every blink of what you think of as an eye, in every motion, every movement, every breath, inhale and exhale, we are in the love. We are the love. We are in the bliss. We are in the ecstasy. We are the ecstasy. So, the fulfillment is ever omnipresent. Now why do I speak of this other than the fact that the Mother has directed me to and I would never deign to say no? She says this to you, my beloveds, so that we shift with you, right now to this experience, this knowing, this expression of constant fulfillment and love.

The truth of your divinity, your unique expression of the Mother’s essence was never intended to be put on hold. It was never something that had need to be earned. This was not a process of life in which you would finally arrive at that place of love and the knowing of self and therefore divine, or the divine and therefore the self. For these are both two ends in balance.

Now, how? How do you get there? That is your ultimate question. And it is our ultimate question to you. No, we are not playing riddles this day. You do it by deciding, by claiming in what you consider not only the Mother’s new time, but your time within that time. Every moment you are accepting, you are claiming, you are surrendering, and you are living the love…the love that you are and the love that is all.

So, it is forming new habits. It is allowing the truth of your inter-multi-dimensional selves to truly blossom, so that you may exist and claim this love wherever you choose, while at the same time, bringing it into your body – yes, your physical form – and expressing it, sharing it. Because if there is one truth about love, it is that it is to be shared and in that sharing it grows, not at the speed of light, but the speed of love. The most extraordinary change that you are experiencing right now is this shift into love like you have never felt before.

Is there some clearing of the decks? Yes. Is there some residual letting go? Yes. But the primary motion is the bringing in, the bubbling up, the allowing of this union. Previously, we have talked and discussed, necessarily a great deal about unity consciousness. For this was somewhat of a foreign concept, particularly upon Terra Gaia. And it had been lost in the evolution of illusions and the old third. And it was a necessary base for you to incorporate within your various fields, not just your mental, but your emotional, your spiritual, your etheric, etc.

Now, you take this knowing of unity consciousness existence and you are transferring it, allowing it to spread out into your life. You say to me, “Mi-ka-el, that is beautiful, but how do I do this?” And, we circle back to your question and your concern. What does it look like?

It looks like a smile. It looks like a smile on your face, your lips, your eyes. It looks like a smile in your tummy. It looks like compassion and the shedding of tears, for what you see is the denial and the pain, the suffering of others. Not to assume or to descend into that pain and suffering, but to understand it, to extend your hand and your heart and to lift that person, that situation, that environment up.

Your world, this Archangel, who in service to the Mother’s sweet Gaia assumed this form…knows all about that. And she and all the kingdom and us, are supporting you in this. Your world is changing. When I say your world, I mean your experience of what it is to be human, personally and collectively. So I am not necessarily speaking of planetary changes, although there will be those as well. I am speaking about the experience of what it means to be on Earth. What you think of as the megatrends are shifting, the mega events are taking place. And you may, or may not, be involved in what you think of those grand events. And, let me say, “think of,” because, my friends, you are absolutely involved in each and every one of those shifts. Some of you are at the conference table. Some of you are fully participating as what you think of as the limelight. Not all of you have volunteered for that. And, I hear your collective sigh of relief, saying, “Thank God!”

Those who are in the leadership, the new definition of leadership, not the old, cannot proceed without the support and union, unity, with each and every one of you. So when you extend your hand in love, in friendship, in support, in commiseration and compassion to another, you are immediately contributing and activating the global changes.

When your heart, through your decisions and choices, flies free, then you are declaring freedom and liberation, and might I say, my favorite topic, declaring peace on planet. Not at some future date of fulfillment, but in the moment and the ever-present moment of now. This is what you are doing. This is not what you are going to be doing at some future date. It has already begun. And, yes, that is what it means. It has already begun.

Now, dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: You’ve covered quite a bit of ground, Lord. My first question goes back to something you said in the beginning in relation to the light workers. Recently we had a light worker who was ready to give up. She just ran out of money, she was about to be homeless. And, the emails onto that article showed that there were many others in the same position. What words of comfort can you give to people who are hanging on simply by their fingernails?

AAM: You are hanging on by your fingernails – and this will sound slightly strange and perhaps even bizarre to you – because you, in concert with all, have brought you to this place of exceptional brand new beginning. Too many of you…let me be practical…too many of you have felt forgotten, abandoned, destroyed; that the work, the extraordinary work, the effort, the years of service have counted for naught.

That is not so. I do not say this because we wish to nay say, or in any way deny how you feel. There are so many of you, and might I say, particularly what you and we might term the leadership of the love holder – light worker movement, who are in this position. And that is why the channel has also referred to it in her opening.

But you have brought yourself to this place not just to hang on. Because hanging on by your fingertips, quite literally, is extraordinarily painful. You’ve brought yourself here, in concert with us, to let go. Not to let go of that which is most precious to you – which is your belief, your heart, your love. What you have dedicated your life to, what you are letting go of is the old world. World, not planet. The old world that you feel and have no experience of in terms of support and recognition. And when I say support, I mean it in practical terms as well.

You are letting go so that you can begin again. Now for some of you, for many of you, this will mean a slight hiatus, what you can think of in practical terms as a reboot; as you return in some fashion to this idea that you do not need to save the entire world all at once. That what you need, YOU, not us…we are cooperating and supporting you; that what you need is to be able to be in a place once again where these old destructive patterns are so far gone that the love of who you are is so almighty that you can smile with genuine glee at yourself and at each other.

Now, having said that – because this will be distressing to many of you – but there are times when you, and I have said this many times, you fall down the well and you think you are either imprisoned or drowning or simply caught in the dark night of the soul…until you realize that there is a trapdoor at the bottom of that well and when you open it you simply fall into the light, fall into the love. It is surrender and it is action at the same time. Think of this. We are talking about a brand new slate. And how do you achieve that slate: empty, of nothingness…unless you let go of it?

So it is truly a new beginning. Now we are not eradicating or asking you to eradicate the truth of who you are. But you are letting go of the belief that you are not supported, and the ways, the many ways, in which you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually supported. So, it is the transition.

Now, you say to me, “Lord, how does this relate in any way, shape, or form to love, and to ascension?” When you are stripped bare, and you realize that the only important thing, as we do, is love, and that you are that love; the feeling, the bliss, the feelings of fulfillment, the feeling of the constant reward – your terms, not ours – begin to simply take over.

Now, I am not saying, let me be very clear about that, that you are intended to live in the gutter, homeless, and without food. That has never been the divine plan and it certainly isn’t your plan. But this shredding away of what is left of the illusion and the clear standing there in the purity and grace of who you are, that is liberation. That is the freedom, which I and St. Germaine speak of continually. And it frees you up to proceed as you are choosing. And I don’t mean a casual choice. I mean from the depths of your being choosing and bringing forth what you create. That will be the most extraordinary change that is already underway.

SB: Wonderful. And, I’m very pensive about what you said, myself. I’d like to talk about the energies; maybe I can give my own case as an example. Yesterday, I found myself in transformative love, universal love, unconditional love, whatever you want to call it and then I moved into bliss and then I found myself in ecstasy and I almost went into trance and samadhi. And I veered away and stopped there. The energies seemed to be out of this world, so to speak. Can you tell us about them?

AAM: Well, they are not out of this world. In fact they are very much in your world. Can an Archangel say a joke?

SB: Oh, absolutely!

AAM: So, that is what we mean. The shifts of the energy are very strong. You are finally fully receiving the Mother’s Tsunami. Might we say it is about time. But, let us not veer away from this conversation. What is changing is your ability to deeply and fully immerse, connect, and unify with these energies that are being made available to you. So what it is doing is also taking much of your tension away from what we have called the mega issues, the big issues, even the small issues of rent and health care and relationships. And it is allowing you to connect with your essence and the essence of all, of the Mother.

When you are doing that, everything else drifts away. We do not mean that it is not important to eat, to breathe, to speak, to love. But this immersion and acceptance into the various forms of love, the experiences of love, is the biggest change. It is the extraordinary change; and it is not an external extraordinary change. First is coming the internal, up close, and personal extraordinary change. And, that is what you are feeling and that is what many are feeling, and that is simply going to continue to grow because the more each of you is doing this and experiencing this…it is like a contagion and it is spreading person to person to person to person.

And that is why we are telling you that it is almost more important in this moment to smile and extend your hand, your heart, your arms than anything else…because, this is the transformation. You can change and you are changing societal, political, monetary, institutional, familial structures. But you can’t change the structure if the participants in that have not already shifted. It will never work.

So, the focus is on the internal embrace of ecstasy, of bliss, of love. Now, we want to be practical as well. Dearest Steve, how many hours did you take to do this?

SB: Well, thank you for asking. Actually, I just awoke to the fact that I was in transformative love. And over a period of maybe two, three hours in the afternoon, it just expanded and expanded and expanded. It was wonderful and I didn’t do anything to bring it on. Does that answer your question?

AAM: You don’t have to do anything. What you have done, oh for quite a number of years, is you have said ‘yes.’ Oh, you have begged, you have pleaded, you have railed at me many, many times. But, primarily you have said ‘yes.’ And you have held the vision and the determination. Yes, determination, which is simply an alignment with Divine Will. You have held that alignment in order for this to come forward.

Any being can be blessed with a flash of ecstasy at any moment, so be prepared. I speak to all of you now. But, on the practical level, you also have to be willing to give some – what you think of as time – to be in the experience. And then when you have had the experience, or are in the experience, then you feel like sharing it either during or thereafter. That is what you have been thinking of as ascension. You are flying through that portal to a different reality, experiencing the truth of all existence, then you come back and you share it with those still on the other side of the portal. But, you have need to simply not be so engrossed in what you think of as the minutia of the old third to not pay attention and give yourself the gift of this wondrous expansion.

So, for those of you who say, “Michael, I love you. Mother, I love you. Jesus Sananda, I adore you. Oh, and by the way, I don’t have time to talk. I don’t have time to listen. I don’t have time to pray.” Our deepest desire is to be in unity with you. It always has been. It always will be. If you are in relation with any being, and you do not take time to chat, to sit quietly, to simply be in each other’s energy fields, to share the blessings of the love that you share, then where is the relationship? Now, this is not intended to be a sermonette on the benefits of meditation, or simply beingness, attentiveness, mindfulness.

SB: Awareness.

AAM: It is a reminder. You have need to be. Simply be. Not distracted, but filled with your love, the love of every person upon this planet. Can you imagine for one moment, sixty seconds, if you allowed yourself to be filled with the love of every person on your planet? It would change you. And when you allow yourself to be filled with our love, it changes you, but not only that; it changes the people who love you. We benefit by the love that you give us. You and your love stream are part of that wellspring that I tell you is constant. It does not simply flow from our one source. It flows from every direction, constantly. So you are learning. And yes, this is part of it. This is part of the next steps. You are learning to open and to receive all of that. Is this not exciting?

SB: Very exciting, Lord. You know this has been such an informative hour so far that I’d like to ask you another question along the lines of seeking more information. And that’s light workers, as they go forward into their service, they may get new requests, new responsibilities. They may find themselves in an expanded arena. And, that will bring up more core issues that they never even knew they had. So, could you talk a little bit about this, to reassure light workers when they take up these new positions and new issues come up: “I don’t want the public speak”, “I don’t want to do this”, or “I don’t want to do that,” that it’s not an invalidation of their service so far and their work and their lives and who they are.

AAM: Of course not. Now the core issues, when you say they are not aware of it, dearest heart, you make me smile. Of course they are aware of it. They may not wish to acknowledge it thus far. But it is a continuum. So until these core issues are eliminated, once and for all, completely, they will arise and with the rise or the increase in the fulfillment of your mission and purpose…yes stepping into new arenas. And, might I suggest to you that most of you in the reboot are being prepared or stepping into expanded arenas. These issues will arise and they will arise because your own insecurities, your own fear of not completing for the Mother, your own sense of unworthiness.

But, it has nothing, nothing to do with truth and whether or not you are worthy and capable and prepared through a multitude of existences to do so. You have always been prepared. Why do you think you have had so many lifetimes? Why do you think we have spent the last several months helping you and assisting you and calling back all aspects of your being? It is because this next step involves having the totality of who you are fully and completely present. So when these issues arise, stop, smile, go into your heart. If you can, laugh. Laugh! See the humor of it! It is like running into an old partner, a boyfriend, girlfriend that was your first love and who you thought you were going to die without, only to run into them and discover, “Thank goodness, I didn’t end up with this person! We were not suited at all.” But they gave you the gift of awakening love. So think of your core issues in this way. Thank them, laugh, and say, “Thank God, Thank Mother, Father, One, I don’t have to take this on my journey any further!” Bless it, pass it to the Mother, pass it to me, pass it to your guardian angels, but pass it. Let it go! Free it the way that you demand to be freed!

If the energy does not serve you, if it is not of love, then there is no room for it. As you fill your Self, as you accept greater transformative love, greater unconditional love, what it does is it sweeps the core issues from you. There will be no room, so you acknowledge and let go.

SB: Yes, yes, yes. Yes! I totally agree. In transformative love, there’s no room for these issues. The other day, I think it was probably also yesterday, when the energies got so high, I had a lot of things happen that were very disturbing. And what I noticed…in the past, I would have gotten really resentful. You know, “Oh, you’re not doing what I want you to do and I resent you and I’m going to punish you.” But, in these energies, there was no room for resentment. I was amazed! You know, I was waiting for my own resentful response to things. And it just didn’t come up. There was no room for it!

AAM: That is exactly correct. There is no room for it, so it is swept away. If you think of a jug that can only hold so much, and then the overflow simply goes down the drain; and that is what you are doing. And when I say you, I mean sweet angels, beloved family, all of you. So, let it go down the drain. Stop hanging on by your fingernails. Let go! Let us catch you! We will!

SB: We’re nearing the end of the hour and you were talking about archangelic jokes. We also talked about time and I wanted to tell you that my friend Sarah and I were discussing what we would get you for Christmas and we thought, well, why don’t we get you a gold watch. And then you could wear this gold watch and instead of saying soon, you could say two weeks from today at 6:45 in the evening. You could even write yourself a little reminder and set your alarm.

AAM: That would be a magnificent gift. My only challenge would be to get the humans involved to agree to show up and cooperate!

SB: Absolutely! And also, do you have an arm to put the watch on?

AAM: Well, I can have whatever I want!

SB: There you go. As I saw in Portland, and as I saw outside my apartment as a matter of fact.

AAM: That is correct. If an arm is needed, I can have an arm. That is not a difficult thing. That is a very minor challenge in the scheme of things.

SB: How is your peace initiative coming?

AAM: It is coming to fruition. You know that I will never give up on this. This is the promise that I have made to the Mother. Yes, throughout the Omniverse, but the focus has certainly been upon this planet of war, for you have been at war for far too long. The weariness has moved into action. And that is why I am encouraging each and every one of you to extend your heart, your arms, your hands, your smile because that is what creates peace. When you are holding someone’s hand, when you have been entrusted by a soul to soul exchange through the eyes, the desire to murder one another disappears. So, we are doing well. It is only a small, small, and increasingly shrinking handful of beings that still worship war, and we are in full attendance with them. And so are many of you, for which I thank you from the bottom of my esoteric, spiritual and physical heart.

SB: Well thank you Lord, we’re at the top of the hour. It’s so nice to have had you back. Is there anything you want to say in closing?

AAM: Yes. Go and play. Allow yourself the time to receive. Think of this as a time of receiving from your Self, from us, from each other. Try this exercise of receiving the love from the entire collective. You will enjoy it! Go in peace and go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.