A wonderful discussion between Linda, Steve, and Graham that starts the show. Then Sanat Kumara, Raj, enters giving us his perspective on where the human collective is along the Ascension process, what to look forward to, and how to improve the process the next time around. Many things to ponder.

Sanat Kumara
An Hour with an Angel
Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
GD Host

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. We’re doing something a little different today, so Linda and Steve I will ask you to explain the plan.
Steve Beckow: Well thank you very much, Graham. What’s going to follow rises out of the conversation that we had just before going on the air. I have asked permission to really talk to Sanat Kumara, and tell him: “Look. We’ve been waiting an awful long time. Many of us are broke, are sick, are lonely, and, please, for God’s sake, take care of your ground crew. Do something nurturing for us because we’re really um – we’ve been waiting an awful long time for some nurturing of some sort.” And that led to a discussion between Linda, Graham, and I – interestingly, from different positions. It was as if Graham was part of the personnel department, Linda characterized herself as the merchandise, and I was the complaints department because I receive all the complaints about why aren’t all these things happening.
So, what I’d like to do is just to invite Linda, first, to perhaps give us her view. Because you use both that side and this side, Linda, which is unique. You don’t necessarily agree with me that I should be telling the Company of Heaven, “Start moving, let’s get this show on the road,” in some respects.
LD: [laughing] Oh, Steve, you’re putting me on the spot!
SB: [laughing] Life is all about being on the spot!
LD: [laughing] Now, first of all, I’m going to revert back to what I was saying in our conversation, that I don’t necessarily agree that I am in a particularly unique position. That I think there are lots of light workers out there, you two fellas included, that do have insight and access, whether it’s in a channeling form, or in a meditation form, or simply in intuition, that you are accessing the Company of Heaven.
However, I also started our conversation by saying, when I got your email saying, why don’t I talk about Ascension today, of thinking to myself that I seldom, these days, think about Ascension per se. So, I don’t spend time in meditation prayer or in my work really thinking about, “Am I making the quantum leap or is humanity making the quantum leap of Ascension today or tomorrow?
You know I have a thing about dates, because my experience has been that dates are fluid and changeable, and often misdirecting and disappointing. So, when I tend to think about Ascension, myself, like many of you who are light workers and love holders, we’ve been flying and walking and strolling back and forth through that what we think of as the Ascension portal for years now. And, maybe for me, I feel that that energy of Ascension in some ways has already happened, because my focus isn’t on ascension. It isn’t on that process of the jump so much as my daily process, I guess, is on being here, of being on Gaia, of being in my body – which was something I really had to learn – and to be present. And my focus is what can I do in my role as channel of the Council of Love, as teacher and channel and healer and woman – what can I do that makes this world a better place?
So, I tend to be focusing more and more on things like classes. I was saying to Steve and Graham that the last class I did on Core Issues was probably the most intense, gut wrenching, digging deep, and breaking through in terms of personal growth – the biggest work that I’ve ever done. And that, even though the intensity was gut wrenching at times, it was also so sweet, so elevating, so community-building, that it made me happy. It made me joyous to think that this group was coming together and really doing the work. And, I’m taking to heart, you know, what the Divine Mother is saying is that when we are embodying the love, when we are being the love, that that is Nova Earth, that we are embodying Nova Earth, that we are creating Nova Earth.
So, my focus has shifted, not completely away, but certainly has shifted enough to the here and now. What am I doing? And rather than saying – and I mean think of it, you’re talking to the star girl here – “Where is my family? Where are the ships? Where is Disclosure? Where’s this, where’s that? And, I’m just, I’m focusing on my daily tasks. So, that’s kind of where I’m at in terms of Ascension. What about you guys?
SB: Well, thanks, Linda. And, before I turn to Graham I just wanted to make one comment for the listeners, and that’s to listen to our voices today. Linda talked about her attention moving from Ascension to everyday unfoldment. And we have been unfolding, the three of us, and we are available on a radio show and you can hear in our voices that we unfolded.
I am at this moment in a space that I characterize as transformative love and conscious awareness. Before the show I could hear Graham’s beautiful lustrous voice. He’s in some space as well. Perhaps he’ll talk about that. But, remember us, say, a year ago, and listen to how we sound now, because we are in completely different spaces.
Just before going to Graham, Linda, do you agree with that statement?
LD: I absolutely agree with that statement. I don’t think that we are in those doldrums now. Are people still having those challenges? And I hate that word. [laughing] Are they still having, you know, issues, and things coming up, and, you know, are people sick, are they broke, are they lonely? Yes. But I think it’s shifted.
If you look at the collective of our community, which I think of as the light community, we are shifting. And, as we are shifting, we are shifting the collective. It’s system’s theory, whether you look for sociology or psychology or physics. You can’t change us and not have the whole collective, all seven and a half billion people, shift.
SB: No, I totally agree. Would you agree with what’s been said so far, Graham, or perhaps not?
GD: Well, I really appreciate the conversation and I want to thank you and Linda for suggesting it today. As nice as it is and as important as it is to hear from the Company of Heaven, I think as we were discussing before this conversation, it’s so important to share from the human perspective and the human journey.
And, I would share that my expansion has just skyrocketed and just keeps unfolding more and more. And, for me, I feel a deep resonance with being the change and stepping into self-mastery more, and more, and more and stepping into heart-centered living. And, I know that in that high vibrational state, the quality of my life changes considerably. And, so, while circumstances might not have changed from an outward perspective – someone can still say, “Well, Graham, you know, you still have bills to pay, and you still have some issues that you’ve been working with.” Yeah, that could be the case. But my experience of it is different. Yeah, I fall back into moments of worry and fear and challenge. Yet, you mentioned a year ago, Steve, I would say back then I would get into this place of really questioning the pace and the trust of it. And, I still have those moments. But I’m in a different place right now.
And, so, I find that there’s a theme more of peace, and calm, and faith, and trust. And, so, it’s really been a focus and intention of mine to really zero in on being the change and embodying that which I wish to see out in the world. Because as you were saying, Linda, it’s huge.
What we do on an individual level has huge impacts on the collective. I think it’s really helpful to talk about what the New World looks like. And we’ve been doing that with InLight Radio, and InLight Universal so that people can help anchor that into their consciousness, to dream it, to co-create it, and so we can work collectively and together to unfold heaven on Earth.
And, I think it’s important because it’s also a bit of a carrot. Right? We have something to shoot for. It’s challenging because we want it now. Our souls, you know everything about us, wants that world where all thrive, where peace, and love, and harmony, unitive consciousness is the theme. We want that now.
And, I admit that on this journey I, too, have gotten lost, and you know, when is this going to happen? Whether it’s abundance or disclosure or changes on the planet, I want to sink my teeth into that. The logical, rational mind needs something. But, so much has happened, and I think what we are getting into today is the personal, transformative qualities that we are experiencing have been huge.
And, the other piece is that we are all at different stages of awakening. Right? We’re all at different stages of this Ascension process, different stages of experiencing the shift. And, so, that’s a little challenging. It’s hard to speak to everybody’s experiences. But, I think, what the takeaway is, is that we can share that it really comes down to our own personal journey. And, we have such power, and we have such an opportunity to approach life moment to moment, day by day, as masters, as co-creators, empowered, stepping into faith, stepping into trust, and to help anchor that world which we want so much – but do it first and foremost in our own lives.
SB: That’s great, Graham. I wonder if I could illustrate, you know, being the change, and what happens with us entering the collective consciousness, etc., and rippling out. By looking at loneliness from two perspectives: The normal ordinary, everyday perspective in which I feel lonely and it hurts, and I don’t like it, and I make life miserable for everybody around me. And then the second perspective, which is the space that I’m in now, and that you and Linda are probably, undoubtedly, in, and that’s transformative love, where the love that I feel sweeps aside the loneliness. I am definitely not lonely in this space of conscious awareness, as opposed to unconscious awareness. Unconscious awareness is the body, mind, senses – you now the physical side of things. Conscious awareness is a spiritual awareness. It’s an umbrageous awareness, and in it this transformative love exists.
So I could say, “Oh I’m lonely,” and I could, you know, kick and complain and the rest of that, but I get to see that if I somehow can break through into this transformed space by – and on the blog I’ll talk about how to do that – that that solves the problem.
So, the solution is in my hands. And I wouldn’t have known it was some time ago. But now I see clearly that it is. And this is Ascension unfolding. This is our gradual rising up. This is a step along the way. So, I’m also not only seeing how we are the change, and how we build Nova Earth by building our own internal structures, you know, of self-acceptance and self-pride and self-love, things like that.
You know me and my memory, Graham; you know that I forgot what the main point I was going to say is, right? [laughing]
GD: Well talking about this, Steve, I think it’s really important. I really appreciate what you’re saying, and you’re underscoring our own process. This is hard. Like, this is really challenging. I mean, I’m forty-six here soon, and so I’ve had, on this walk and this life, all those years of, you know, my own habits and ways of looking at the world, and default settings, and triggers.
And, we’re being called to really be diligent, and being masters, and being diligent, and being present, and mindful, and being acutely aware of our thoughts, our feelings, our actions. Knowing that we are powerful and what we think about, we bring about. What we feel – that’s even more powerful. And, so, I just want to say that this is hard, and it’s worth it.
Linda, you spoke about this earlier – the joy, the beauty. Steve you spoke about this, the love. It’s all worth it because I think we’ve all shared how when we’re embodying those higher dimensional qualities, when we’re stepping into our brilliance, when we’re stepping into love – WOW! I mean, WOW! This is just gorgeous!
And, it’s interesting how things that have been problems for us, you know, they tend to melt away or not even jump on our radar screen. Wouldn’t you say? I mean, Steve, when you’re talking about loneliness, that, it sounds like – and what I know about your personal journey, what you’ve shared – there’s something there that’s deep, deeply seated and deeply anchored. It might be from many, many lives past and might be collective stuff that you’re clearing. But when you feel the feelings, and when you give yourself the time, and the compassion, and gentleness, and the diligence to work through that place and get back to that state of love, that heart-centered way of being, that’s gorgeous!
LD: You know, Graham, you say it’s hard, and I’m not disagreeing with you, because I think all of us in various ways have felt that we have put our nose to the proverbial grindstone. But, on the other hand, when you’re in that flow it is the easiest, simplest way of being. Period.
And, it’s not hard. When you’re in that transformative love – and I think this is part of the challenge, the difficulty that so many of us face – is that we’re at that point where we are flowing sometimes in and out, in and out. But when we’re in that flow, it’s like everything comes together, and even when there’s those practical, what people call human, physical challenges, they don’t seem to feel – and we have to think that most of these issues are mental, emotional constructs – we don’t seem to feel as if they’re completely, not only just overwhelming, but devastating. And, when you keep coming back to the love, that feeling of overwhelm somehow, magically – and that’s a fourth dimensional quality; magic and alchemy – it goes away.
So, if we can keep reminding ourselves, it’s either, or, if we keep choosing like, “Oh, no, this doesn’t feel good, I’m going back to the love, I’m going back to the flow”, then it really, really helps.
GD: I really appreciate what you are saying, and I agree. And, I think it’s about that higher vibrational way of being. Right? Because when we’re in that place, when we’re in that state of peace, and calm, and love, and oneness, unity consciousness – it’s kind of what I was saying earlier. Those things that feel so hard don’t feel as acute. And, I think the real work and the diligence comes in when, you know, the body aches feel really painful, or the partner or the child is yelling at you, or they’re looking at your bank account and, you know, it’s a negative $100, and you need to put food on the table for kids and family. Or, you know, the bills just keep coming, or the roof is falling in. Or, or, or. Right?
So the question is, and this is the real opportunity and the real challenge, or, beauty, beautiful opportunity, depending on how you look at it. How can you be in that place and stay in that high vibrational state? And, of course, that varies for everyone.
But, we have a choice. We are empowered. We’re in a position to really decide how we choose to experience the quality of our moments in our life. And, I would suggest that that’s where the real work comes in: the presence, the mindfulness, being diligent, and staying out of that place of fear, staying out of that downward spin cycle where we can go into a downward spiral of just completely feeling overwhelmed, and completely going into panic mode.
And, I would agree. When we can be in that flow, and we can be in that higher vibrational state, and we can be gentle, and compassionate with ourselves – because of all the work we are doing for ourselves as individuals, or for the collective at the same time – and forge ahead, be stalwart, be persistent as way showers, because we all are. This is the opportunity. And, it’s worth it.
SB: You know, um, I’d like to add that what one of the things that both of you have been talking about is a process that moves one from being not in flow to being in flow. Right? And, the difficulty comes in, in making the leap.
I talked about there being two spaces, of unconscious awareness and conscious awareness. The difficulty is making the leap from the one space to the next. I mean, I would think that about 95% of all spiritual teaching is on how to make that leap, right? And, then the next leap and the next leap and the next leap. And the remaining five percent is how to acclimatize yourself after making the leap.
So I just point out that all of us are looking at some part of that puzzle; how to be in flow, to stay in flow, come back to flow, etc. etc. And flow, by the way, I suggest, is the paradigm of the fifth dimension. I think everything’s in flow there. So, I just wanted to add that.
LD: Absolutely. And, the other thing I think that we need to talk about, or I think might be helpful for our listeners to talk about, is that sometimes when we’re in that, quote-end quote, hard place, you know real practical, you’re sick as a dog, or you’re at that minus place in your bank account, and it’s really hard. Because we have been trained and programmed in the old third, that what happens on a very subtle level is we take those situations and we translate them into some kind of equation about either the reality of the Company of Heaven, the reality of whether God loves us – however you term our God, Source – and, therefore, we’re not worthy.
And, so, I think it really behooves us, and that’s the whole purpose of this radio show, and InLight Universal, and the Golden Age of Gaia, and the Council of Love – that we remind each other so that when we go to that dark place, when we get out of the flow, that we have each other to say, “Hey. Come with me. Take my hand. It’s really not all that bad.” And, yes, it absolutely sucks, you can’t make your rent. But it doesn’t define who you are. It doesn’t define where you are in what I would call your love process.
Now, when you’re really in that conscious love process, which is what the Council and all the masters have been talking to us about, is that we get in the flow of creation and co-creation. But that doesn’t negate, because we’re in the middle of it, the need for this mutuality, this unitive consciousness, but also the really practical support that we give each other, whether it’s verbal or financial or moral or spiritual, it doesn’t matter. But that support that we give each other, and that we’re building Nova Earth on, is really, really important.
GD: I like that, Linda. And, I’m also thinking that it’s so easy for us as humans to focus on what’s not happening, right, and what’s not here, what hasn’t eventuated. I know that part of what we are doing today with Sanat Kumara is to kind of get a snapshot as to what is happening. And, I’d just like to share that from a personal perspective, and we’ve all shared, the three of us have shared, how we’ve changed personally. That’s been huge, right? I mean the way – I hang my hat on progress when I can reflect on my own expansion and my own commitment to self-mastery, and, I say that not from an ego place at all, I say that from a celebratory place of my own evolution, and my own heart-expansion.
So that’s been wonderful and great and huge. So, I know good things are happening. The other thing is I am seeing more and more people, and bumping in to more and more people all the time in my little rural state of Vermont, who are awakening, who are really waking up. And that’s really encouraging across the board, and I’m also seeing some big things on the planetary level, too.
Look what just happened with Greece, right? They said, “No. We’re not going to continue on this theme of debt, enslavement. We’re going our own way.” And I recognize that’s a process. That’s just one thing that we need something to hang our hat on in terms of what’s happening on an external sense. I think what the pope is doing in bringing the world together and the global community together, and raising the light on the planet is outstanding. I mean we could go on and on and on.
But, from a personal standpoint, I know that this is happening. You know, planetary Ascension – where we’re all there and the planet is fully anchored in that place where we all hope and envision it to be – that might not happen for years. But, we have to recognize that it is a process and people are waking up at different times. And, it’s really up to the human collective in terms of when this all plays out.
LD: Yes. And, you know, we tend to turn in our moments of frustrations, and our moments of glee and celebration, to the Company of Heaven, or we say, “Well, thanks for doing that, or what have you done for me lately?” But, on the flip side, and probably in a very different way, the Company of Heaven is also saying, “Come on humans!”
You know, the Mother and all the masters have told us that we are their sacred partners, that we are their ground crew. And, I know, Steve, from the complaints department, that people say, “Well, then why aren’t you supporting the ground crew?” But I also want to sort of issue a little challenge – like, are we all doing as much as we possibly could?
SB: I have an illustration of that, Linda. I’ve been wrestling with notions of my origin. We’re all star seeds and we’re mostly angelic. And, then saying to myself, well, if that’s my background, why am I not living up to it? Like, what would such a person behave like? And, even if I can’t manage certain circumstances in other areas, I can at least manage the circumstance of how I behave. And, does it match the stories that are being told to us by the celestials, galactics, and masters? Does it match what they’re saying? Am I living up to what they’re saying? It’s actually getting to be a very exciting journey.
LD: And a challenging one.
SB: Yeah. Very challenging.
LD: But, like Graham says, it’s so worthwhile because I do have this sense – and, I don’t have the full picture, and I don’t think any of us has the full picture – but, when I go where you’re just describing in terms of who I am and what I know I’m really capable of, gosh, I don’t even think I’m 25% there! (Laughter) And, it’s not a sense of, “Oh, you’re not living up to your potential, Linda.” It’s not that kind of icky, judgmental kind of feeling that we might have had a couple of years ago. It’s like, “Oh my gosh! I can do so much!”
SB: Yeah. So much more.
LD: So much more. And, I’m not even sure what that ‘more’ is. And, they just keep showing and adding on. Because I say, “Okay, bring it on. Bring it on!” Gosh they do. They do.
GD: My primary mission right now is to really place a priority on my own experience and my own quality of each moment and how I am stepping into those moments. So, what are my thought patterns? What are the feelings? How am I treating other people? How am I treating myself? How am I walking in the world? How am I being the change? And I feel like that’s where I can have the most impact, and, you know, certainly on my own life obviously has a huge impact, but that also is huge in terms of the ripple effect across the planet, and I’m less interested right now in focusing on the bigger stuff. It’s all big – this I feel is the biggest. But maybe on the more, you know, those outward activities –
SB: Tangible signs –
GD: Yeah. I mean, more outward, tangible signs, like when is the full presence of our galactic family going to be here? Or, when is everyone – the planet and all beings on it – thriving? And, you, know, when are we going to have that full…when are we going to step into that full glorious heaven-on-Earth stage? And, I think we all have to recognize it’s a process. See, that’s where I feel most empowered, when I’m focusing on my own journey. And, that’s where I feel most satisfaction and see the most change.
LD: And, you know, Graham, what you’re describing is miles away from the old third dimension. And, so, I mean, what you’re describing is, you know, a little bit of the third – the third in terms of the new third being physical – all the way up to the seventh, which is being in the dimension of love and still maintaining our form.
I think that, in terms of Ascension, is one of our biggest challenges. Because, let’s face it this hasn’t been done before. So, we’re trying to maintain these physical bodies – that don’t always behave the way we want them to – and into that body, into our field, have such expansive energies that haven’t been ground into a physical form, literally, in eons. So, there’s such an adjustment to be made.
I think it would have been far easier – we’ve talked in other situations and other shows about the halion engineers, or the healers of Trelana, about planets and everything upon it that ascended into sheer energy. But we’re doing a reverse engineering.
So, here we are on this beautiful planet of Gaia, and we’re trying to bring in the love rather than going and joining with the love. We are trying to anchor it into our bodies. And, for many of us, you know, star seed, angelics, inter-galactics, humans, earth keepers, portal – it’s like, not only are we not used to being human, we’re sure as heck not used to trying to do this process that’s brand new.
You know, over my vacation, which was fabulous, by the way, they erased my entire memory, so if I say things that are out of turn, you’ll know why.
SB: [laughing]
LD: But, one of the things that I was thinking of is the capacity of anchoring that love into form and the fact that it’s never been done. So, I’m talking to the Mother, and I’m saying, you know, well you know we had 2012 and, you know, if you go back, we had all these openings: 11:11, 12:12, etc.
But, she starts talking about, “Well, this planet has been in enfoldment and in unfoldment and enfoldment for thousands and thousands of years. And, every now and then we would send you a teacher and remind you that the entire plan was about love, about this expanded awareness. And, if we look to the Buddha, and Lao Tzu, and Jesus, and we’ve had these teachers sort of laying the groundwork.” And we’re right on that – riding the cusp – because it’s not that it’s in some distant future. It’s that we’re in it right now and it’s brand new.
So, when we feel kind of discombobulated, or confused, or – am I here or am I there, where am I, what am I doing, what am I creating – we have to give ourselves some latitude, along with that support, that mutual support. Because this has, like, never been done before!
SB: Well you know, Linda, if I may intervene – the fact that it’s never been done before is precisely, I think, what part of the original motivation with me was. I’m wondering if they have taken certain factors into consideration. I need some reassurance from the Company of Heaven that they’re not going to stretch us like taffy until the whole thing just breaks. And, it doesn’t take much to reassure me. I just need to know somebody’s driving the car.
It is the first time. It’s the first time from so many levels – I mean you’ve discussed two or three of them. But everything about this Ascension is new. And, there’s millions of ships here watching us and pouring over our reactions to this and that. “Oh, my gosh! Isn’t that interesting? Some of them have emotions, some of them don’t.” It’s a big event out there and we’re the main stars.
What shall we do? What shall we do? Shall we go to Sanat Kumara or shall we perhaps go to Sanat Kumara another week? It depends on your energy, Linda, really.
LD: No, I think that this is a perfect moment to begin a conversation with Sanat Kumara about, from their perspective – which is different than ours – where are we? And how are we doing? And, not to be, you know, the psychic hotline, but, just to have some indication about how we are progressing. And, what do we as human beings, and as this community of light workers, what is it that we can be doing? Are we missing something? Or, are they missing something?
SB: Okay, alright, very good, Linda.
GD: Linda, before you transition, this has been such a rich, and, I think, timely and important discussion. I’m also sensitive to the fact that when you channel, it takes a lot of energy. We’re about a half hour into the discussion – how much time do you feel like you’d like to give to SK?
LD: I think about a half-an-hour would be perfect. And, thanks for your input and your honesty, and…you know, I just think that we’re really a good team.
GD: Yes. Really. Me, too.
SB: Me three.
GD: I appreciate the discussion and thank you both for bringing it to the table. It’s important isn’t it? It’s important to share. It’s important to reflect. We’re on this journey, everyone together. And, you know, Steve, you spoke about loneliness. This can sometimes feel isolating, and it’s so important, I think, for us, I suspect for everyone, to just check in once in a while. How’s it going? And, oh, you feel that, too. Oh, yeah. Ok. Got it. I don’t feel like such the oddball.
SB: [laughing] You can’t go through this process without camaraderie, can you, Graham? It’s really vital – comradeship, friendship. Oh, boy. I agree.
Well listen, while Linda is making her transition, let me just say a few words about who we are speaking to – Sanat Kumara.
For those who are listening, perhaps for the first time, Sanat Kumara is Planetary Logos. At some point, in what we regard as the future, he’ll be Solar Logos. And, he is the Keeper of the Universal Laws. He’s appeared on Earth, I don’t know, one could say, many times, perhaps for a person of his background, many times, in the Hindu religion. Some of the Mexicans knew him as Quetzalcoatl. Excuse me if I get that wrong. Persians knew him as Hermazda.
Hebrews knew him as the Ancient of Days. So, he is very well known to Earth’s populations, but perhaps less known in his manner as Sanat Kumara. So, with that, I’d like to welcome Sanat Kumara.
Sanat Kumara: And, welcome to you my beloved friends, Gaians – Gaians all. Yes, with varied background of all races, of all species, of all ilk and realm. I welcome you all. And, I welcome you as Planetary Logos. And, I welcome you as brothers and sisters of the heart.
I welcome you as those beings that have declared, committed, and anchored as strong enough, determined enough, joyful enough, loving enough, confident enough, worthy enough, true enough to be the anchors of this Ascension that, yes, has been planned for eons.
Many of you say when – and you must be hearing the echo of our questions – but, it is also a question of how. It is a process, as you three and all of you who listen to me this night, have come to understand.
Let me be practical. If this was, for example, a stage show, a Broadway production – which in many ways you can think of it as – if we allowed the show to go on with people not knowing their roles, not knowing their lines, not knowing the dance routines, not knowing the songs of Hosanna, then the entire production would be a dismal failure. That is never, yes, never going to happen!
If there is assurity in anything, my beloved ones, it is that you are in the process of Ascension. The channel – as we have had a side conversation earlier this day and a few minutes ago – has asked me to speak about this notion of Ascension in terms of where you are right now in the process of change. Because, what is change? The biggest change that you are undergoing, of course, is within your realm, your field of consciousness, the shift to heart consciousness, to what Steve calls the transformative love.
But let us suggest from our viewpoint where you, and therefore we… Understand this: We are not the silent observers. Think of us as participating directors, producers, actors, stagehands.
For quite a while now, yes, beginning with the Mother’s tsunami – but we are not here to talk about that. But think of the flood gates as wide open. So, think of the inter-dimensional gateways – what you have perceived and termed, and we have termed the Ascension portal – as being wide open.
Now, in that – and this is a temporary measure – I’m not giving a time frame. But, let us say this is a temporary measure: Human beings – the true creation of the human experience – was, and is, and will be for you to be inter-dimensional beings. As the gate has opened, many of you have gone with this flow. And you are floating in the fifth, in the fourth, in the sixth, in the eighth, in the seventh. Some of you have said, “Yes, I am going and I will simply go with the current.” Others of you have donned your lifejackets and are holding on for dear life. But you are going. Others are back at the dam wall holding on for dear life, believing that they can cling to the old third, which is not true. Period. But, they are still clinging.
So, there is a mix of experience, and a mix of experience in and out of that flow. There are some of you that are in the flow and come to the, say, the seventh dimension of Christ-consciousness, of the Love. You have the inspiration, the insight, the wherewithal, then you jump out. And you come back to the dam and say, “Oh, I like that ride. I’m going to do that again and again and again. And some of you are simply continuing on, realizing that in that flow is Everything.
That is where you are in terms of your adapting. Because, the adaptation is significant. This is something that your star brothers and sisters have spoken to you of repeatedly, and that I speak to you of repeatedly. It is getting attuned, not only to attunements that we send thee, but your self attuning to your new self – yes, Linda, your New You. And this is an attunement that needs to be undertaken. Yes, with consciousness, but, also with joy, with gentleness, and with love. The first sacred union, the first sacred partnership, is with your beloved self.
Now, you say to me, “Raj, it’s all very well and good to say or to reassure me that we are in the flow of Ascension. But, what occurs when I feel drawn away because I am ill, because I am not healthy, because I am lonely, because I am not happy, because I cannot pay my rent, because my daughter is ill, because I can’t pay my son’s tuition – what about that?”
Listen. Please. And, I speak right now. I quote and I bring forth what the Mother says. And it is hard. And I understand this. Yes, I have been upon your planet many times. You might say in preferred positions. Nevertheless, I know your experience of being human in form.
You are our co-creators. If you can conceive of it, then it is possible. It is the belief system that it is not possible that sometimes, not always, is the hindrance.
Think of it as our coming together. It is not us just flooding you with health and riches and support in what you think of as a physical way. In fact, our greatest support comes in the spiritual and emotional ways, with a strong influx of mental inspiration. Because, the inspiration is the translator element to bring it into physicality. But, you, collectively, do not fully comprehend. This is not said in a way of fault or blame. That is an old construct. You do not fully comprehend – you are gaining, but you are not fully there – how powerful your ability to create is.
Now there are many – more than you can even imagine – many things that are underway. You say, “That’s all very well, SK, but that doesn’t serve my here-and-now dilemma. It is not sufficient for you to say you are doing magnificently. What I need is some practical help.”
Do you think from the place of Love that those pleas are not heard? And not, in a whole variety of ways, answered? Let me stop there. Because, Steve, I know you have questions.
SB: Well. Yes you have – you know I think I want to make a comment more than anything, Raj, I know there’s going to be an Ascension 200 years from now. I’m sure there will be Ascensions all over the universe, even probably sooner than 200 years, and everybody’s watching how we’re doing. I’d like to say, from the point of view of the ground crew, the light workers from the ground, that in the next Ascension we need more nurturing.
This has been, not only a rocky ride in the sense that we’ve had to go through our own karma and all the ridicule that we had to sustain and everything else. But, there needs to be more signs that the Company of Heaven is actually watching over us and seeing to our needs in the next Ascension.
This one’s been an experience of privation and loneliness – even though we said, “Okay, time to be in sacred partnership,” I don’t know a lot of people that ended up in sacred partnership. There’s just so many circumstances that we’ve felt on our own and abandoned, so to speak. And, maybe that’s my core issue, I don’t know. So, that’s the comment I wanted to make, just more nurturing next time, more attention being paid to the welfare of the light workers on the ground. Would you respond to that? Do you care to respond to that, Raj?
SK: Of course I care to respond to it. And, again, I respond to it first of all – yes, you require far more nurturing than you have been conscious of. Because it is a question, is it not, of consciousness?
SB: Yeah. I accept that.
SK: Let me also say to you, to all of you, we hear and accept this feedback and the necessity for more – that there is a statement of not enough.
SB: [laughing] Right.
SK: But, let us also say, we are sometimes dumbfounded at how we will make our presence known day after day, week after week, year after year, through many channels, through many vehicles, through many circumstances, and that our presence, our nurturing, is not embraced. That there are times – and, yes, you have asked us to speak from our perspective as well – there are many, many times when we experience – because to use your word ‘feel’ would be inadequate – where we experience not even the turning away, which would at least be some level of engagement, but that you don’t open to the fullness of what we are offering.
Now, I know, as your Logos, that this is part and parcel of your level of consciousness. But, so often you yearn for love, and then we offer the love, in practical and impractical ways. And, think of it in this way – it is being in a partnership with a lover and they say, “I love you, I love you, I love you. Why do you not embrace me, kiss me, hug me, take care of me, nurture me?” And, then they turn their back on their lover and walk away not waiting for the kisses, the hugs, the response. And then they say, “You’re not taking care of me. I’m leaving.” We are shaking our heads, not in the biggest ways, not in the ways of disclosure or reorganization of your entire planet and your structures, but in the very up-close and personal ways.
And this occurs with the archangels, with your guides, with the masters, with the Mother, with the Father. And you say, “Well you didn’t respond.” And we are there. So it is a two way street, my friend.
SB: [laughing] Frustrating. Well I think we definitely need more communication between the Company of Heaven on the ground and the Company of Heaven behind the veil. Because, at some point, we need to get into more detail than we are about what’s happening.
I don’t know that we have all that much time left on this program. But what’s happening with Ascension? It’s all a mystery what goes on from your side unless you choose to discuss it. And, I think we need to push the limits of that discussion back quite a bit and start –
SK: We are eager to have that discussion. And we are prepared to have that discussion in minute detail.
SB: I understand.
SK: So, yes. You are at a place in your evolutionary Ascension, expansion process where you are prepared to have, in greater detail, an understanding, a participation, and an expansion in what this partnership looks like. So, that is why we have been very happy, glad, joyous, to see this conversation begin with: “Wait a minute. What are we as humans, intergalactic, star beings, seraphim – what are we feeling and experiencing?” Because, dearest heart, we keep saying, you are the ground crew.
Now, have we been, perhaps, too hands off? I hear your comment. And we respond. And there are responses of every shade of white, of blue, of green, of pink – you get the idea.
SB: Yes. I do. I would like to point out to listeners again that particular evolutionary step that I’ve taken is that I’ve taken the step of consciousness awareness and transformative love and that’s what allows me to talk to Raj this way. And, of course, I know full well that the response that I will get from him will be generous and benevolent.
Well, I invite a larger discussion, Raj. Perhaps we can talk about it through Linda or however you suggest. But to push further out into the exploration of all that’s happening right now from this perspective that we’re evolved enough now to understand and to handle it. I’d certainly welcome that.
SK: And so would we. So would I. Now, humanity is further along in terms of this collective, anchored, human, physical Ascension than you think.
SB: Oh. Ok.
SK: You tend to think, “Oh, seven and a half billion people have need to be fully awake and in the transformative love.” What I am suggesting to you is that most – yes, we are talking percentages here – but most of humanity is in a place where they are willing, eager, anxious, yearning to accept love and to be the expression of love. And, that is the most significant shift that has occurred in thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years.
SB: I think that you’re implying that this is a j-curve here, right? That it’s not going to be one person today, another person tomorrow, another person tomorrow. But instead, it’s going to go up, I think the phrase is geometrically – is that not what you are saying?
SK: That is correct. And, so you are on a rapid ascent projection and you have laid the foundation. There are many – literally billions – of ways that humans are discussing or thinking or considering what Ascension, love, joy means. We don’t distinguish. We do not need to distinguish in the wording. It is the energy of the heart willingness to take the next step.
You have passed the point – which we have spoken of before – of collectively now, that you are tired.
Now, I know many of you say, “But Raj, I am tired, I am exhausted.” But, collectively, you have passed that point where you’re saying, “I am so tired, I am lying on the floor bleeding,” to the point where you are saying, “Wait a minute. I am Love. This is who I am. And I want love, I want to be love.” You are seeing this, even in the most dire situations.
If you are to have the opportunity, and many of you will, to question those that you think and who are behaving in an unloving way, and you say to them, “But do you desire love, do you yearn for love, do you think that love is possible?” They will say yes. And, that, dear hearts, is a major shift.
SB: Is it possible to talk about the stages that lie beyond? Is it possible to put names to them because of our human minds and how we like that kind of thing?
SK: They would not necessarily make any sense to you.
SB: Ok.
SK: But, yes, we can talk about it. There is very little that I won’t cooperate with.
SB: [laughing] Alright.
SK: So, know this – you are not alone. And, when you stay in your heart rather than looking at the old debris – which is but dust and cobwebs – when you stay forward focused, you are in your Ascension. You are ascended. And, as you do this you are bringing the entire collective with you.
SB: Wow. That’s a pretty bold statement. Go ahead, please.
SK: I have been known for making bold statements.
SB: Always. This transformative love that I’m feeling – which allows me to do things I never could have done before – even would have thought I could do before, this is like a bridge that wasn’t there a minute ago and is there the minute I enter the transformed space.
We need to wrap up, so this would be our last comment here – but, first of all, what dimension is this transformed love associated with, Raj?
SK: It is associated with and part of the seventh dimension. You have many references in every culture to what you have termed the rainbow bridge. And many of you have thought it and this is the bridge.
SB: This is the bridge. So, this is something we walk across on.
SK: That is correct. You are not necessarily taking the quantum leap. Now, will some? Yes, because they love the drama and we are happy to accommodate – although it is not our preferred choice. Most of you are walking, strolling, some crawling, across this bridge.
SB: Right. And before we take our first step, the bridge is not there. Then, when we take our first step and enter into this transformed space, the bridge is there.
SK: It is there.
SB: Yes. Ok. In deference to Linda, I think we probably should wrap up. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing, Raj?
SK: I come back to the nurturing because, the nurturing is also part of the creating. We are not simply useless partners. In fact, I cannot think of any being that calls me ‘useless’. So, when you wish to be creative, when you wish to be nurtured, do not turn before you hear my answer. Let us in. Please.
SB: Well very good. And, what a wonderful program, Raj. Thank you very much. I’m sure we’ll all pour over what you’ve said.
SK: And, thank you my beloved light workers. Thank you.
Channeled by Linda Dillon