It’s time to awaken to love. The expansion of your heart consciousness, the ability to feel and to be the love is the most important thing that you can possibly do. And it is the love energy that will heal all.

Steve We’re going to be talking today about 11/11 and 12/12 with St. Germaine. Of course, it’s not only a date, but it’s the opening of a portal. And before the show, Linda and I were discussing some of the history of 11/11. It’s been going on for some years, you were telling me Linda.
Linda: Yes and I think we should share with our listeners, Steve, that we are doing the pre-record for 11/11. And so it has significance. And, this is not a normal time for us to do a pre-record. So I almost feel like this arrangement has taken place in order for us to really have the conversation and be in the 11/11 energy. So, away we go!
So, as we were preparing for today, I was led to go back and look at some of the original channeled material that the Council of Love had brought through around 11/11 and 12/12. And, I opened my book, I think it’s in the preface section of The Great Awakening book, but I opened it right to the place where they begin to talk about 11/11 and 12/12 as being part of the Ascension process. And that’s way back then. They said that these are portal openings. And they went on to talk about, although this process of Ascension has been planned, literally, as we know and the Mother has told us, for thousands and thousands and thousands of years…that in terms of our human process that this phase of it began in 1987 and that was with the Harmonic Convergence.
We were all laughing as we were getting ready, talking about, you know the 80’s, and peace, love, and rock and roll, and what we were up to then. But on November 11,1992, which was a triple 11 – so 11 being November and 11 being the day and 1992 adding up to 11 – there was a huge, massive portal opening and that particular portal was a spiritual and interdimensional portal. It was an energetic opening and the purpose of it was for the collective movement of humanity to the love and to the One.
It was the beginning, and if you all think back…that is if you’re old enough to think back…it was the beginning of a lot of experience and discussion about interdimensional travel and contact with our star family, with our star brothers and sisters. And it was also in the opening of that gate, of that Ascension portal, that was the beginning of the movement of Gaia, her literal physical, etheric, esoteric, and spiritual movement from the third dimension to the seventh dimension. So, it was a huge, huge opening.
And, then a year later, we had December 12, ‘93, which again was 12/12. And that was another opening, another portal. And that was the beginning of our DNA, and our electromagnetic grid, as well as our esoteric bodies being transferred, transmitted, transformed, into our light bodies. So, that was another huge activation. And, the theme of 12/12 was and is, the challenge and the anchoring of balance and joy. So it blew me away as I was reading this actually to think back, way back then, ’93 – my goodness – how many years ago was that…and to talk about this beginning of working with balance and joy. They said, in terms of the 12/12 energies, that it was the ‘portal of Ascension preparation’ with many phases – and what reminded me, and jumped off the page at me is that it concludes at the end of 2020.
SB: Wow.
LD: So, when the Council and many other fine channels that are on your portal, talk about this being a transition process…it’s a process that, way back then in ‘92, they were talking about it being concluded, was the sense I’ve always had, by 2020.
Now, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t ascending before then. Because, as we all know, in 1987, with that opening of the Harmonic Convergence was to land in December of 2012. But because, of course, of our collective wisdom and spiritually evolved, mature decision to go through these portals together as One, that process has been extended.
But, they always said that these portals have never closed. That in fact, the portals for these energies, just like the energy that is being sent through the Tsunami of Love, just like the energy that’s being sent through the 13th Octave, and all the other downloads that have been coming from the ascended masters and the archangels…that those portals don’t close. And I think it so behooves us, now and then, to remind ourselves that these flows of energy have continued all this time, helping us, assisting us, preparing us to really go through this incredible Ascension process, which is Ascension in form and which has never been done before.
SB: But, you know, this is not like going to the airport and they say go through portal number three and board your aircraft. So the fact that a portal is opening, what does that mean to us? We can’t just say I’d like to go through this portal, can we?
LD: What it means is, think of it being an energetic doorway. And you know there are wonderful graphics all over the Internet of these etheric doorways or arches. It means that these doorways or portals open. And it’s not even, from my perspective, us going through those portals, but through that open doorway is the energy from what we think of as the Divine, as Source, as One. And it is flowing more clearly, more fully, more sweetly, more rapidly to us individually and collectively. But I also know that if we’re aware of these portals, and I think that’s why we’re talking today, then we’re more likely to align with them, and allow the energy to caress and fill us.
I know that when we originally started talking about the 11/11 portal, how I saw it, and how the Council of Love explained it to me. It was that each of those numbers, that one, one, one, one, were like these pillars of light. And, I’m sitting here in my room where I work, and I’m seeing them in front of me, and I thank you very much. And, there are these pillars of light and those two dots that you think of that you see on your electronic clock, are these massive holes, openings, that I just fly right through! And what those portals do is they allow us to do that interdimensional travel and it’s a two-way street. So that ability to be in closer contact with the ascended masters, with the archangels, with the Mother, with our star family became more wide open for them to come to us and for us to be with them.
Some people would explain this as the thinning of the veil. These were powerful, powerful …I mean, all over the planet, thousands and thousands of people were joining and doing sacred ceremony and energetic openings and alignments, because there were also astrological alignments. So, the energy was lined up for us to really expand not only our spiritual awareness and awakening, but our conscious understanding of our connection to One.
SB: Wow.
LD: It’s huge!
SB: Yeah! Well, thank you for that introduction to the subject. I think it’s one of the topics St. Germaine wants to talk about today.
LD: Absolutely. And I’m going to step aside. But, before I do, one last little piece I want to entice our listeners with…because as I was getting ready and sending a reading off, the computer always codes by date. I’m looking at it and thinking today is 11, 11, one, five. So we have five ones and a five. So this again, is another huge opening. And five is the dimension of change. We all talk about going to the fifth dimension. And so, here we have like a line-up of these pillars of light matching with the dimension of change and saying, “Come on in.” So, I’m accepting the invitation and I would suggest we all do. And with that, I am going to go quiet and allow St. Germaine to really come in and wow us.
SB: Just before you go quiet, Linda, I want to mention to the listeners that you will be taking a few weeks off. And the next Hour with an Angel we’ll be having Sue Lie and the Arcturians sitting in for you for two shows.
LD: Yes. And I know Sue Lie is an incredible channeler and I am privileged to say a good friend and I know that she will do a wonderful job and bring great perspective and new information to this show. So, I won’t be around, but thank you Sue, thank you.
SB: So you’ll now be making your transition and I’ll let you go to that. And, when you’re done, we’ll welcome St. Germaine.
Saint Germaine: Greetings! I am St. Germaine!
SB: Greetings, St. Germaine.
SG: I am! This is what I wish to also begin this day with, this night with, this journey with. To remind each and every one of you, yes, I am keeper, honored keeper of the violet flame, and of the I AM presence. But sweet angels of light, star seeds, portals, way showers, gate keepers, you are also, each one of you, keepers and holders of the I AM presence, and the I AM presence that rests within thee, within the seat of your soul, within the nucleus of every cell, within your consciousness and your heart consciousness. Do not, my beloved friends allow or continue to underestimate the truth of who you are.
So I give you a new designation this day: We will together go forth as portal keepers and I call you keepers, not tenders, so that you will know individually and collectively, of the promise that you have made, each of you. Not masters in the making, but in the mastery of your own being. When you have come, whether it was 10 years ago, two years ago or 100 years ago, to this planet, you have declared to the Mother that you would be aware, and that you would be part of this transformation of humanity, of the collective, and the transformation of Gaia. And, these portals to which the channel has spoken, and many more, are the portals of energies, the energetic openings that create not only greater knowing, but deeper connection to what you think of as our side and your side.
Beloved friends, there is only one Omniverse. Many faces, many aspects. Just as there is upon your beloved Gaia, there is but one grid. And all is hedged, and hung, and placed, and participating upon that grid, that grid of magnificent golden light in all rays, all colors, all forms, and all species. There is no separation. And with the portal openings, they have occurred as direct invitations from the heart of One to your heart to come and join us…as we come and join you.
As the channel has mentioned, there are two dots, two holes, two openings, between all these pillars of light. It is a two-way street. It is coming and going. It is both ends of the spectrum. It is all ends of the spectrum. And you have always been free to fly through these portals, to come through these portals, to join with us as we join with you. It is an open invitation.
Now, you are consciously aware and you work with what you think of as the Ascension portal. And, you may conceive of this in many ways. You may think of it as a singular doorway. You may think of it as a multitude of doorways in every city, every town, every home, every nation. It matters not. Because, energetically the doors are open and, my beloved friends, we are beckoning to you the same way that you are beckoning to us.
As humans, as ascended master, I have stood on both sides of these portals, and what I say to thee – this day of 11/11, but every day – is come and join me in the middle. Come and join me in the heart of love. Come and join me. You may name the time and place. We will be there.
So often we hear your cries. We hear your plea. Where is the Company of Heaven? Where is the Council of Love? Where is Archangel Michael? Where is St. Germaine? And, what have they done for us lately? We hear you. Sometimes we chuckle, sometimes we cry, because we are beckoning to you in the same way. This process of unfoldment of the Mother’s dream, this process of your Ascension, is not just your Ascension. Is it up close and personal? Yes. And, is it intergalactic and galactic? Yes. Is it involving a multitude of planetary systems, entire universes? Yes. It is not merely for you. It is so much bigger than that. So, while there are moments, while you shake your head – and I have been where you have been – when you shake your head and you say, “Is any of this real? Am I insane? Have I taken a wrong turn? Am I on a fool’s errand?” And, then you say, “No. I choose to proceed. I choose to believe. I choose to share my love within and without, above and below.” You do not do so alone. We are with you every step of the way.
Now, before we begin this discussion, I also wish to speak of this day, November 11, that in many countries and in many nations, marks the fallen warrior, the soldier. I do not wish simply to speak of the futility of war, because this is something you already know. But it is a day in many countries that the fallen soldier or those who have fought, as I have, for freedom and liberty and equality. Does this sound familiar? I am speaking of you.
So, I want each of you to know that your warrior selves – and at times beloved friends, your wounded warrior self, the part of you that feels like an extinguished soldier – is not merely recognized and cherished and loved. In this moment and in this day, it is resurrected. And we will hold you firm and steady and upright each and every hour until you turn to us and you say, “All right, I feel reconstituted, reconfirmed, resurrected. And I am prepared to go on.”
So, do not ever find fault with yourself, or judge yourself harshly when you are exhausted and overcome. Simply turn to us and know we are here to support you, that you, with us, continue on in this miraculous unfoldment of love.
Now, dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin this day?
SB: Well, St. Germaine, is there anything you can tell us about the gradual buildup that this represents, 11/11 this year, 12/12? This year and next year, I suppose. Can you give us kind of a trailer, if we were at a movie theater, a preview of where we’re going in this gradual Ascension that is the first in the universe of its kind? What can we expect?
SG: So, I will not begin the trailer by…I’ll not be talking about the downfall and the elimination of the Creator Race. So, I will not spend time talking about how the old third evolved with constructs and conditions of control and greed and hatred and lack of trust. But, what I would do if I were creating this wonderful film is I would show a beautiful planet, much the way you have seen it when you have photographs taken from space. And, it will have begun as a sparkling jewel of sapphire and emerald. Then, in somewhat slow motion, I would show you how the planet, sweet Gaia, became covered with volcanic ash, with grit and mud and debris. Then I would bring you to the opening scene of this magnificent film. And I would name this film, “The Mother’s Dream.” And, it would begin with the cracking of the crust of Gaia. And, all the debris, the ash, the sludge, the polluted air, would be falling away and the audience would see as Gaia began to ascend, that beautiful, pristine gem of emerald and sapphire, yet again.
And then, I would talk about, perhaps I would ask the three of you to star in my film, and it would be having many light workers. And they would not be extras, they would be primary characters, and they would be showing this sense of waking up. It would be as if millions and millions and millions of people on the same day woke up with a message ringing in their head saying: “Now is the time to love.” And no matter what they did, as they got ready for work or school or simply a day at the beach, they would not be able to get this message out of their head. And everybody, in looking at one another, would say, “I woke up with the strangest message.” And, it would spread. You would call it going viral. And everybody would be saying, “What does this mean?” Because it would be dramatic enough even for Hollywood, that everyone would be questioning what on Earth was going on.
But, because it was a similar message for everyone, and it talked about awakening in love, there would be a gentleness in the air and the sense of great anticipation and expectation.
And, in this, you would be looking not only to one another, but to the distant horizons and to the skies, and you would see many of the smaller ships of your galactic and intergalactic families coming in for a landing. The stairway, as you would think of it because it is energetic, unfolding, and that millions of people would be welcoming their galactic family as if they had been off on a distant excursion and had finally come home and there would be much joy and laughter.
And, in all of this, people would discover in their pockets, in their handbags, in their briefcases: keys. What you can think of as ATM cards, or small caches of cash that would give you access, not only my beloved friends, to what you think of as currency and money. I will not take the time in my movie to talk about Michael’s spiritual currency. But this card or this key, depending on how you wanted it to demonstrate, would give you access to science or information or technology. It would give you access to healing, to the codes that would re-awaken your ancient memories of how to create.
Now, am I describing a film…am I describing to you what is actually transpiring at this very moment, not in some distant future, not even in 2020? For, then it will be pretty much a fait accompli. I am describing your now. I am asking you to participate in the film. But I am also, not just suggesting to you as so often we do in channeling, I am saying to you, my beloved friends, that these events are occurring even as we speak this night.
So, let us be practical. I will answer your question in a forthright manner. Because you know I can tend to be rather outspoken. You will see your galactic family very shortly, very quickly. Many of you already are and have, and certainly there have been numerous, numerous sightings of various vessels. Now, why the sightings? Because it is to build your excitement, anticipation, acceptance. To eliminate what has been the paradigm of the old realm – which is to create fear of the unknown. It has kept you under the thumb of control for far too long.
So you’re seeing the sightings, many of you are already having encounters with your star family. Many of you are already receiving and enjoying gifts of prosperity, the unfoldment and seeing and being part of…this is key to the unfoldment. It is not that the unfoldment occurs and the doors are open. You are also part of the unfoldment. So, you are part of the unfoldment of the prosperity. You are part of the unfoldment of the re-structuring of your society. Look around you…rebellion…what I would term revolution. And you know I tend to be a revolutionary. Even on this side, I am considered somewhat of a rebel.
These changes are happening not next year, not in future years, but right now.
Now, why are they important and why do I bring them to your attention? Because in and of themselves they are meaningless. Meaningless. They are important because it signifies the re-unification, the reconstruction, the re-anchoring, the building of NOVA Earth, the partnership that we have been engaged in for a very, very, very, long time. But it is exhibiting in the tangible, physical dimensionality that you know.
Now, I bet you, dearest Steve, that that has raised 1200 questions in your mind.
SB: Yes, I have written down my questions, no doubt about it. One of the first things that occurs to me is that right at this moment, and by moment I mean weeks, months, one or two months, we are about to …we’re about to go through the re-val, we’re about to have the galactics show themselves a lot more prominently, boots on the ground even. These portals are opening and the energies are flooding us. It’s hard to know which way to turn. Can you help us ground ourselves as these amazing events loom before us? Do you know what I am saying? One can wonder if I should I be paying attention to Ascension. Or should I be paying attention to abundance or should I be paying attention to disclosure? How should we look upon this series of events that are coming our way at this time so as to remain grounded and stable?
SG: This is a perfect and very important question, my friend. If I am to rank them, what I will say to thee is pay attention to your heart consciousness. Because the expansion of your heart consciousness, the ability to feel and to be the love, is the most important thing, act, behavior, state of beingness that you can possibly do. As you experience the expansion, the joy, the love, the bliss of the expanded heart consciousness, of the implosion, explosion, of the exhale that Einstein has referred to, you are in your Ascension process. You are flying in and out of that portal.
So, first and foremost, pay attention to your heart consciousness, the unity consciousness, because in that, everything else – and let me make a little aside here – if you do not know which way to turn, you have two choices, and both are perfect. The first choice, beloved ones: stay perfectly still. Stay put. Stay anchored. It is critical at this point that you ensure that your feet, your physical vessel, is firmly, firmly anchored upon beloved Gaia. So, the imagery I wish you to have is if you are buried in the soft earth up to about the mid part of your shin bones.
Your second choice: if you do not know which way to turn, I would like to say take my hand. Take the hand of Michael or Raphael and we will be there by the way. But if you are uncertain about which way to turn, energetically – and it is different for all of you as it was different for me – turn and face the Mother, face to face, heart to heart. You can never go wrong. And, you say, “Yes, but St. Germaine the Mother is everywhere.”
What I am suggesting to you is put a figure, a face to the Mother and look at her. She will guide you. Then, as you undertake – and again, each of you have come with beautiful but very unique and highly differentiated missions and purpose. Some of you are earth keepers, some of you are star beings. Some of you are bridges. When you undertake your actions, whether it is transforming government – which is one of my favorites, whether it is acting as an emissary, an ambassador with the galactics, whether it is becoming one of my healers of the violet flame. Regardless of what your journey is about, when you pay attention in the now, which is moving not only at the speed of light, but at the speed of love – which is more rapid than you can even conceptualize – what will happen is all your actions, all your thoughts, your emotional field, all your fields will approach the changes, the disclosures, the revaluation, etc., etc., etc., with love, with kindness, with consideration, with gratitude, with expansiveness. So, first focus your heart.
SB: That’s very helpful, thank you. We’re…many light workers don’t know their missions and you told them, what’s come to all of us, to focus on our hearts, open our hearts in loving kindness. But, for those who are sitting listening to you tonight and they don’t know how to discover what they should be doing, as particular individuals, what would you say to them at this time?
SG: I would say to them, and I do, and I thank you for this opportunity! What I say and what I suggest, because I am not going to be in control, none of us desire that, of your choices. But, my friends, it is actually very easy. Go into your heart. What is your greatest desire? And I am not simply speaking spiritually. As I have said, I have always had great interest in several things when I was human: Government, creation –particularly in art, and adventure, discovery. What is it that even as a small child you were always drawn to? Are you a person that always wanted to be outside? That could see the faces in the trees? That wanted to talk to the flowers, the animals, the bears? Did you always think that your idea, your dream, of a perfect vacation was to go out into the wilderness and simply stare at the sky? What is your connection? If you are one of these people, then you are drawn to Gaia, to the care and tending of Gaia and the kingdoms: Earth, air, fire, water, elementals, animals. If you are one that always wanted to take your Lego set, or go to the beach and build very complicated castles in the sand, you are an engineer.
Now, what do I mean by that? I mean chances are that you have a great history in terms of Halion and the evolution of that planet. But, you are here for the construction, literal building, of NOVA Earth.
You say, “But I don’t know what that looks like.” The engineers work with love, with cells, because love into form takes materiality and form. You think about things like clean energy. You think of things like atoms, and scientific code. Many of you tend more to the science side of things. From a very early age you were fascinated with computers, with electronics. Again this is part and parcel not only of your human heritage, but of your star heritage. One of the greatest gifts our star families bring is the expansion of clean technology, a very advanced, what you think of in terms as science and technology.
Perhaps, as a child you always wanted to play nurse and doctor. And, I do not mean in the sense of investigating each other’s genitals. That is a whole other area of exploration. But, I mean that you would want to take care of your dolls, your baby brother. You would want to tend the sick, whether it was a sick kitten or a sick baby. You are a healer. You are a physician. And, you will find many ways in which to restore the love energy. And it is the love energy that will heal all.
Yes, I will encourage you to work with the violet flame, but that is my preference. Maybe you are an explorer. Perhaps, as a child, you always dreamed of being on pirate ships, you’re building rafts to go out into the swamp, go fishing. You always wanted to go into the caves, climb the tree, find out what was around the next bend. You are here to explore and to create new frontiers, perhaps to travel to other planets.
So, it is very simple if you go back to before you were programmed, and what still speaks to your heart. If your greatest joy is to tend your garden, then there is your answer. If you have dreams, not just for the sake of being famous, but of truly being in government, of speaking to thousands and millions of people about the importance of sharing, of equality, of equity, of resources, then you are an agent of change. So, go back before society, and religion, and culture, and your parents told you what to do. You will know.
SB: Very nice. We’re gradually discovering things about Ascension as we go forward in the process. And, one of the discoveries, for myself in particular, is that Ascension is both gradual and sudden; gradual in the sense of the buildup that’s been happening over years, but sudden in the sense that I suddenly blossom into a transformed state of consciousness. Will Ascension be different for different people? My experience was one of consciousness. I didn’t go somewhere else. I didn’t see a vision of something. My consciousness expanded. Well, I’m not saying that I ascended; I’m merely saying I’m in a transformed state. Will these experiences for different people be different, or will everybody expand in consciousness?
SG: Everybody is, and let me be bold, is and will expand in consciousness. Now, will they experience it according to what they desire, and want, and wish for, and create? Yes.
For you, dearest friend, you have been a student of consciousness for a long time. And it is natural to your state that the gift come in that state of expanded consciousness.
And, you are correct, before I go any further. It has been gradual thus far. But, it is also immediate insofar as the individual is concerned. Because all of a sudden, you begin to meditate, or you are walking down the street, and you are filled with a sense of bliss and euphoria and you love yourself and everything else upon the entire planet and far beyond. And you think, “My God! What’s going on?”
So, is it a gradual awakening of the collective? It has been. It is speeding up because the more of you that are flying through the portal, the more you are doing it for the collective. Think of it as opening the doorway wider, and wider, and wider. Now, for some they will have a sensation of a vision, of literally going through the doorway, through the portal.
For some it will be like a quiet dawning. So can it be different? Will it be different? Yes. Because you are co-creating your experience of this within the Mother’s plan. Her plan allows for this diversification. You put in your order eons ago.
SB: Well, still at this time, the experience, speaking for myself, of the transformed space or a trip through the Ascension portal, is temporary. I expand in my consciousness, and then maybe six hours later, I gently come back to Earth again. When will these expansions of consciousness begin to take? Or, before you answer you might tell me that some of them do last. You do have some continuing effect. But when will it really start to become permanent?
SG: But, let me say exactly what you have admitted to. And, I would suggest what most of you, particularly those of you who listen this night, have experienced, yes it is an expansion, but it is not a contraction back to what you can think of as original state. With each expansion, there is less and less contraction. And, that is important because what you are doing is you are anchoring it in the physical reality, not only the physical reality of your body, but the physical reality of your immediate environment and the larger environment of the planet.
So, understand that as well. Think of it as if you were blowing a balloon. When you start to blow the balloon and you are trying to get it to expand, it comes flat. It comes flat. It comes flat. Then you get more and more, and it may deflate somewhat, but it doesn’t go flat. And that is what is occurring consciously and subconsciously, not unconsciously, but subconsciously, to many of you, most of you in fact. Now your question is when.
And, my question back to you is when. And what I have suggested to you is…right now. I think you would all agree that there has been enough waiting. Now, you would also, I believe, all agree that you are so much further along. Not merely in your intellectual understanding, which is very important, but in your wisdom, in your wisdom vision, in your heart conscious understanding. You are so much further along than you were in December of 2012. So, your true question to me my dear friend is when will we be far enough along to simply stay there. And what I am saying to you is that that moment of transition, not just pre-construction, but full construction, is at hand. Do I give you a date? No. At the peril of turning the channel completely off, I do not do that.
But, what I do say to you, not soon, not shortly, but that it is at hand. So, what I am also asking of thee, in your first focus to your heart expansiveness, to the love, to being the full expression of love, is can you hold it?
Think of it in this way. Many of you have practiced breath work and you have learned to hold and hold and then exhale. Inhale, hold, exhale. Can you simply practice holding love longer and longer and longer so that you don’t feel – because it is a feeling – not a state of being, it is an expression of feeling and of mental construct. So that you can feel that you are holding that state of being longer and longer and longer enough so that everybody can join you in that state of bliss.
So. Let me be practical. You, dearest Steve, are in that state of expanded bliss. You are walking down the street. Your field is five miles wide. Invite everybody you pass on the street, everybody in the grocery store, everybody at the post office, everybody at the coffee shop, everybody on the street to come and join you in that bliss.
Then we’re back to my film. Everybody wakes up with this feeling. It’s time to awaken to love.
SB: Well, we’re just about running out of time, so this next question may need to be answered very briefly. Some accompanying states go along with this ascending process we’re going through. I’ll give you an example: the stillness of mind. And these states could fool people. They could say, “Oh my gosh, I haven’t had a thought in an hour, I better do something,” rather than seeing that this is a wonderful development. What general advice do you have for people about the strange states that they find themselves going through as they ascend?
SG: Surrender, allow. Do not judge. And go back to what we have talked about earlier. Stay still. You are experiencing what you have prayed for. And, what most of you prayed for and pleaded for is something new. And then when you find yourself in a space that is completely new, quite foreign, do not rush, my beloveds, to try to analyze, to try and dissect what is going on. That is ego.
So, allow the monkey mind to take a vacation in Tahiti. And stay still.
SB: All right. Well, thank you very much for that, St. Germaine. Unfortunately we’ve run out of time, but that’s been very, very helpful.
SG: Thank you for having me and go with my love my warrior friends. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon