Divine Mother penetrates us with her gift of clarity so we can help her infuse the entire planet!!!

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Archangel Michael talks about how lightworkers are breaking “old 3D paradigms”

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Archangel Michael updates us on global events as of Sept. 16th

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Notes coming out of the Joshua Tree Gathering

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Sanat Kumara explains his role as Planetary Logos, then talks about Syria, 9/11, and global currency

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Archangel Michael updates us on current events…

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Archangel Gabrielle speaks to the renewal of our indivdual and collective golden grid and that of Gaia’s…

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AA Michael brings us up to date on world events including the prosperity programs, politics, mass media, etc…

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St. Germaine gifts us again with his Violet Flame and discusses current Prosperity Programs

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Archangel Michael gives updates on a variety of subjects…

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