The gift that I bring you this day is twofold: it is in further preparation for your release of the old illusions and the embrace of the fullness of your divinity in alignment with the plan and with Gaia and with All…an intensification of my gift of clarity and I pair with this the gift of purity…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is the Divine Mother.

And before I pass it on to you, Steve, I was just reflecting, with that introduction, how wonderful that I can introduce you both and reference the Council of Love, and the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, the Golden Age of Gaia, Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone…. Wow! We’ve got quite a team here!

Steve Beckow: Yes! It’s remarkable, isn’t it? And, Graham, nothing..nothing is more remarkable than our guest who we are about to speak to. And just for new listeners perhaps I could give a little bit of context. The Divine Mother is not a god, the Divine Mother is not an ascended master. The Divine Mother is the Holy Father, if I could use that term, in action in the world of form. And the Divine Mother is the creator, preserver and transformer of all the universes. So this is not .. it’s never an ordinary occasion when we have the Divine Mother as a guest.
And so, Mother, I’d like to welcome you to the show and say what an honor it is to have you with us.

DM: And welcome to you, my beloved children of light. Yes, I am Divine Mother. I am All, and I am so much more. I am the change, I am the constancy, I am the continuity. And it is my honor to use this vehicle and to come to you in this way to speak to you not only of the unfoldment of our plan, but the unfoldment of yours; to speak of the progress — which is an ironic term, but you have a tendency, as a collective, to consider things in forward movement. And that is partly a construct of the time, the dimensional realities which you occupy, and the way in which your reality, as you consider it, has been constructed. I do not mean in any way to decry what you think of as progress, for it is important for each of you to feel that you do have this forward movement, because each of you, in your own way and in your own perspective, have been diligent in the efforts to move forward and to acknowledge and to recognize the truth of your being.

And this has been true, my darlings, even in what you perceive as your darkest hours, even in what you have perceived as past or present or future. For in those moments where you have felt unaware or misplaced, lost, there has always been the glimmer of my light and my love. And it has shone brightly enough that you have found your way through the maze, through the darkness, even when finding your way has meant departure or what you have thought of as death. It has really been sweet release and freedom.

I come this day to speak to you of gifts, for is this not what you consider in many of your cultures a time of giving and thanksgiving and receiving? One of your greatest challenges is to truly open your hearts, your beings, your essence, your divinity and to receive, through this dark time of humanity, that you are literally breaking away from… There has been much grasping and greed and control — all illusion. But grasping is not the same, nor can it ever be construed to be, truly receiving. To be a receptor, to be the transmitter and receptor is the truth of who you are.

Recently, I have begun to bathe you, infuse you with my clear blue light of clarity. And you, each of you, my beloved children, have absorbed this like a sponge. I do not simply speak to those of you who listen at the moment, or after the moment, or before the moment. The reason I mention this is so that you will be encouraged to know all of humanity, knowingly and not, has absorbed this gift of clarity like a sponge.
Now, some of you, my sweet angels, have been diligent, and you have adhered to the ritual of working and receiving and absorbing and meditating and praying to increase the fluidity, the knowingness and the receptivity of this gift of clarity. And for this, I bless you and I encourage you. It is time, my sweet ones, for yet another wave. And the gift that I bring you this day is twofold. And it is in further preparation for your release of the old, the release of the old illusions and the embrace of the fullness of your divinity in alignment with the plan and with Gaia and with All.
I bring you again an intensification, because you are ready, of my gift of clarity, of this gentle blue, of aqua and blue topaz, of the clear blue light.

Now, you may turn to me and say, “But Mother, we have already received the clarity. And while we are grateful, we know that we have already absorbed it.” I have begun this day by saying to thee, by reminding you, I am the Mother of All and more. And, dear hearts, there is always, always more.

We are infinite and we are eternal. And so are you.

Your capacity, your birthright, your ability to gain, to anchor and to be in a state of greater clarity is also infinite. Now, you have begun to see how this — what you, dear Steve, have called the baptism of clarity — the infusion of my love (because everything is my love), how it has shifted you, how it has shifted your perspective on who you are, how you feel, how you perceive, and how you perceive the outer reality of your brothers and sisters of humanity, of our beautiful Gaia, of the Kingdoms, of your star brothers and sisters. Well, that is to simply grow now.
And so, yes, I ask you yet again to begin with me this night, because in your time and in your space, which is mine, time is of the essence. So I ask of thee to begin with me this night and every night again for a full week to do this meditation, to open your heart, your selves, your bodies, your very core to an increase in clarity.

You have begun to see. You have begun the knowing. But there is a broader horizon. And your soul, and the collective of your soul, demands this, pleads for this. And so do I. So do we. All of us.

As I have said to you previously, that this gift comes to you directly from my heart, my core, my essence, to you. Now, am I assisted with all the realms? Is it magnified by all the realms, what you like to think of as the Council or the Company of Heaven, the angels, the archangels, the masters, even your star brothers and sisters? Yes, it is. But it is not a step down or a step through; it is a laser beam from my heart to yours. You are ready. So let us intensify the beauty of your knowing, of your wisdom.

I pair with this the gift of purity. And if you wish to think of this as a ray or a color, it is simply brilliant white light. It is the sunshine on your snow, on the beauty of the winter snows, for those of you who have the wisdom to enjoy all the seasons in the bounty of Gaia.
How is purity differentiated from clarity? And I will speak to you of this. All qualities, all gifts, are of my essence, are of love. This is the substance and the essence of all of our creations. And it is what, with clarity, you are coming back to know and understand and realize, that if a creation is not of love, then it is not worth your energies to invest in. It is of the old illusion and you turn your face away, blessing it but relinquishing it, not slowly, but immediately.

Purity and grace. It is the truth. And with the clarity you have the ability, the wisdom, to see not only your purity, your core essence, which is magnificent, you have the knowing, the inhabiting in physical form of that knowing, of that complete sense of being pure. And you know it not only of your own being, but of everybody else, everything else, every kingdom, and of Gaia herself.

For years now — and as an aside, I thank you, because it has been years now — for years now we have spoken to you of this issue, this vasana, this core false grid of lack of self-worth and lack of self-love. When you accept, when you open and receive the fullness of purity, there can be nothing else. So you are able to experience that state of who you truly are. And I do not just mean this wondrous spark of divinity, I mean you can experience your self as you were created, inter-dimensional, trans-dimensional, creator force, one of a family of many universes.

It is my dearest wish that this occur. And if you are to understand, if I am wishing and desiring it, then it is so. This is what you are also coming to comprehend. This gift is being directed to you from the Father and I, and it is being directed not only to you and to your core, and of course to the heart of humanity, but also to Gaia, my beloved servant who has sacrificed so much.

Often you have said to me, “Mother, how, how will we possibly restore Gaia? How can it be that the air will be cleansed and the water will be purified, and the soil will no longer be scorched?” I am giving you, and she, this gift. It is the gift of restoration. Like clarity, you may not exempt yourself. And again, I say this as encouragement so that you will know that there are none who can say, “No, thank you.” Because even within this gift there will be those who say, in that momentary knowing, then I will return home. And, dear hearts, all are eagerly welcome to whatever plane they arrive to. Or, yes, in some cases, choose.

It is a reawakening, but it is primarily the restoration. And this is aligned with your Ascension because in the purity of who you are, there are no longer any ties to those false beliefs.

When you are doing your meditation every evening — and if it is morning, it matters not! If it is afternoon, it matters not. If it is 12 times a day, it is even better. But I will blend these two, and they will be braided with your own tri-flame. And yes, this is not simply an esoteric or intellectual or emotional undertaking.

So be prepared to feel the shifts. Allow; allow yourself, my beloved ones, to receive. It is not a matter of reaching out even. It is surrender. There is great power in surrender. So it is opening your arms, your bodies, your heart, and accepting … me, us, All and One.

Now, you would say to me, “Mother, will we see…” — in the outer world in what you think of as your systems, your institutions, matters that have been in unfoldment for some time — “…will we see the outer manifestations of this clarity, this growth in the purity?” And the answer is yes.
I am suggesting to you, I am guiding you as your Mother, with a mother’s love. It is not a matter of madly seeking, but it is part of clarity to be vigilant, to be aware. And you will see this awareness growing. You will see that you will notice the subtleties and the not so subtle shifts.

Observe. Don’t pursue, but observe, integrate and allow these changes that have been so long awaited, for thousands and millions of years, of your years. Observe. Celebrate. And it matters not whether it is on an individual to individual basis or a global basis, because this is a continuity of One. Where you have change in the macro, it reflects to the individual, to the sacred union partners, to the family, to the friendships, and vice versa. They cannot, I will not, separate them.

Now, in that paying attention, in that place of observation, also be prepared, as I have been requesting you, as Michael and Gabrielle and all my dear hearts, be prepared to move into appropriate — and do not think that you do not know what appropriate is; you do — appropriate, measured, concerted, modest action. To know the purity of who you are also entails, beloved, the knowing of your capacity to create and to bring forth the new, what I have referred to as Nova Earth and Nova Being.

So to be in the place of observation does not infer to be in a place of non-action. But be measured. Clarity, purity, is not flamboyant. It is the heart of truth, of honesty, sincerity, prudence.

Is this clear to thee?

SB: Very much so, Mother. And perhaps I could ask a couple of questions of you, if I may.

DM: Yes.

SB: The first question — and I’m asking these questions and then leaving it to you how you answer them — the first question is not the most important. It’s how this new intensification of clarity and addition of purity ties in with what other sources are calling the event. That’s number one.

But the more important question is — and I hope you’ll allow me to develop it just a wee bit — Hinduism speaks of the basic spiritual movement as being discernment between the real and the unreal, detachment from the unreal, and devotion to the real. And it seems to me there may be a similarity here with what you’re doing. In other words, clarity seems to resemble the development of discernment or discrimination. And purity seems to imply detachment from the unreal. And I would, if I were to continue with this analogy, I would expect perhaps love to be the next wave, because it seems to have something to do with what Hindus would call devotion.

Is there any merit to what I’m saying, or am I completely off base?

DM: No, dear angel, you are not off base in the slightest. You see, the understanding and the discernment is to be in that place of observation. And to be able to distinguish not simply mentally or emotionally, but from your core being, what is not of truth, what is not real, and what is true, what is real. And so you are moving from that place of unreality. You are moving from that place of your house of mirrors that has been so distorted to a place of clarity, purity and devotion.

I know of your love, of your core and soul and heart commitment to us. And I also know, as we speak this day, this night, that you know of our devotion, our love, to you, to each and every one of you, to Gaia, to every animal, to every fairy, to every tree, to every blade of grass. What the purity and clarity bring forth is you knowing the love of you, of you accepting the reality of you, of allowing the false images, the masks, the charade that has been played out in many ways to simply fall away, to dissolve, because it does not serve you and it is not of love.

Now, how you do that, how we do that, is through this infusion of clarity and purity and greater love. So we bathe you, we infuse you, we lift you up so that this discernment is so powerful it is like the tsunami of love. And you are carried gently and softly on the currents to a new home where you can rest in the knowing of creation, of why you have come, and the sharing of that ecstasy with each other. Because you did not come to simply live in singularity. You are a unified whole, as are we. What you are coming to understand is that while there is differentiation, there is no difference between each of you, between the kingdoms and the realms.

So, as you begin this, the significant portion is you will see that your sense of being inter-dimensional beings is growing very rapidly and in that you have the ability, capacity, to interact and to be able to discern that interaction with many different levels of beings — yes, including your star family.

The event is a tsunami of love. But it is not a singular event. This has been preparation and this preparation did not simply begin with my initial gift of clarity. It may have marked the beginning of what you think of as the celebration, or the final unfoldment, but dear heart, this has been in unfoldment for a long time and particularly over the last year.

So, know this. Welcome this. Allow this. This is not something that I am asking you or wanting you or desiring you to work at. And this is not something that you can push back. If you push back you will stop breathing, and there are very few of you that wish to do that.

So, yes, you are on track. There are many different pathways, which has been part of the richness of the discovery. And the Hindu path of this understanding is very insightful and accurate.

SB: Thank you, Mother. And… at some point I hope that we go into more of the other paths than our listeners, our western listeners perhaps, are familiar with.

The last question I have for you, in the time that remains, unless of course you wish to direct yourself to other topics, is that you mentioned in the beginning that recognizing the truth… well, you made the mention of the recognition of the truth of our being. And is that not the larger reason for our being here, in life? And I ask this question for the benefit of newer listeners. I know that starseeds have come to be waiters at the banquet of Ascension. But even within that, and beyond that, we’re really here to recognize the truth of our being, are we not? And so this gift that you’re bringing us, of clarity, purity and love, is that not a method to approach the larger task of recognizing the truth of our being?

DM: Yes, it is. Now, let me explain. There is not one being that has ever existed, that has been birthed or departed from the heart of our essence, that has been what you would think of as uni-dimensional. Yes, there are many starseeds who have come to assist with Ascension. You have been given reams of material about pillars and gatekeepers and wayshowers. But that is not the fullness of who you are. That would be so incomplete. It would be like describing someone as having black hair and brown eyes, fair skin or black skin. It is not the truth of who you are. That is simply the creation that you have chosen to use during this incarnation.

The truth of your being, the knowing and then the full embrace of who you are and why you are here, and not simply with titles, not simply as peacekeeper or warrior, communicator, healer, for you to know the intricacies of your design of every fiber of your being, of what touches your tender heart, what triggers your mental excitement, of what feeds your being on every level, and how you complete the journey in the greatest fullness.

It is not enough and it is not that it is not enough for me because your sphere is infinite and eternal. You may take as long as you wish. But it is not enough for you to simply complete the journey or the race. Every step, every breath, everything your face encounters, your eyes gaze upon, everything is miraculous. And within that your interaction is unique, because it is you. It is your soul design. It is your truth. And it will never, ever, be identical to another’s.

That is where the unity comes. It is not in all becoming similar or alike. It is in the celebration of that uniqueness and how that design comes together. That is the gift of sacred union. That is the gift of partnership, of family. It is not just the points of conjunction; it is the points of differentiation and uniqueness. And knowing that is the purpose. And that is why I say action is part of your truth. You do not go forward simply as observer and discriminator. You take that and you express it in purity and joy, the sweetness of who you are. That is my desire for you. It is for you to come to know. You have been in the shadow too long. Now you merge, not completely into the brilliance of sunlight where there is very difficult task to differentiate, but into that light where you can see and know and truly embrace and appreciate it.

You did not come to suffer alone in the darkness. That is not my way. It is not our way. So this journey of discovery is pivotal. And so I am sending you a little extra help. Why? Because I desire to, because it is part of my eternal creation, and because I love you. Yes, I love the collective, but do not for one moment think or feel that I do not know and love the totality of you, my beloved, of every fiber, every hair on your head, every cell in your body. And when you can accept that and allow that, you are set free.

Is this a mammoth task? It is only as large as you make it. It does not need to be momentous. It is a matter of simply saying ‘yes’. So join with me. That is truly the crux of my request this day. Join with me. Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Mother. It’s always a supreme gift to us to hear from you. Thank you.

DM: You are welcome.

Channeled by Linda Dillon