390902_233446673392919_179181975486056_570159_2042084282_nYour spiritual quest is not simply done in spirit form, many of you have been at this for your entire lives, consciously or not. You have let go of the idea, the mental construct, the concept that Ascension is being done for you, to you…take the time to reflect back because then you are thinking, “Lord, what will it feel like? How will I proceed?” To many of you, that year ago seems like a dim memory…

Hello and welcome to An Hour With An Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening and Steve Beckow founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and the author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And before we go to our guest, Archangel Michael, I’d like to talk to Linda as Linda, and just ask you, Linda, how was that for you? How was the conference for you?

Linda Dillon: Oh, well. This is actually Linda playing Lauren Bacall because I have a bit of a cold, so excuse the broken voice. But I thought the conference was phenomenal. And I’m saying that both as, you know, my personal self as it were, and also as the channel for the Council of Love.

It was really a coming together in so many ways of spiritual family, of soul family, and people beginning to unite as family in a sacred purpose. I think that the time that we had together, which seemed far too brief, really gave us a chance to begin to integrate the new energies of the New You, but also just to come to know and respect and to find that love, very spontaneously and very quickly, for each other.

So, to me, it was a springboard. And then as the channel, of course, I could see how the room was very full, and not only full with our spirit guides and with the archangels and the masters, but the room was also full — and some people were also lucky enough to also be able to perceive that — with our star brothers and sisters. There was a ship, you know, positioned over the sanctuary, over that long spire — which is a transmitter, by the way.

So it was a chance for us to receive a real upgrade and a deeper anchoring of the fifth, sixth, seventh dimensional energies. I thought it was wonderful.

There wasn’t… it didn’t come across or perceive any ego, any arrogance, any disassociation. It was just a love fest. It was great.

SB: I agree. I especially noticed how well everyone worked together. There was nobody trying to grab the spot… In many conferences there’ll be somebody who plays the joker, whatever, but everybody was aligned on the purpose of the conference. So it was just wonderful.

LD: Yes.

SB: Okay. Well,

LD: Yeah. It shows how… how far we have come. Because what I really believe is that this was a microcosm, this hundred-plus is a microcosm of the larger lightworker community.

One of the things that I walked away from the conference with — and I don’t believe — you know, I don’t always remember what I channel, after the fact — but I don’t believe Archangel Michael has ever spoken about the lightworker community as that original group that he recruited to bring light throughout the universe, the multiverse, eons ago.

So that was a bit of an eye-opener to me about our collective ancestry and where we started as lightworkers. I found that very interesting.

SB: Hmm. I don’t think I could say one way or the other, myself. But I enjoyed the Divine Mother saying, “Well, it’s not really a New You. You’re going back to the old you.” [Laugh] I thought that was really… really right on!

LD: [laugh] Yeah, I didn’t remember that part!

SB: Oh, yeah! That was great. So true. Okay!

LD: Shall we step aside while…?

SB: Yeah. I’ll give you some time to adjust, and wait for Archangel Michael to come in.

Archangel Michael: Greetings. I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of blue. And welcome to all of you. And yes, on behalf of Linda and on behalf of this entire Council of Love I also wish to thank all of you who have made this journey to Joshua Tree, for it was not always easy. But might I say, from our perspective and from yours, it was certainly worthwhile.

Welcome, my fellow lightbearers, lightholders, lightworkers, love-holders. Welcome to this time of reawakening, of becoming, of expanding, and, yes, of new beginnings, of spreading your wings, not merely those of you who have gathered in Joshua Tree, for this opportunity has been extended to all of you. It is a time of decision, of choice — yes, one of those lines in the sand where you choose to go forward, where you decide to create, where you jump over that line in the sand and continue on this journey of growth, of joy, of love and of infinite becoming.

So, my friend, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Well, you… one of the readers has asked me to ask you about the significance of October. I think Blossom’s sources have been mentioning it, and the Arcturian group’s referred to it. So, could you tell us — you’ve just mentioned this is a time of choice and a time of going forward. Is there something special going to be happening in October? What might you be referring to?

AAM: It is not so much the singular event — and I know that I will sound very much like I have said this before, but nevertheless I will repeat myself. October is the time of harvest. It is the time of many of what you have been working on coming into fruition. And it is a time of new beginnings, of new thoughts, new actions, new undertakings, which have been a result of the spiritual choices, the human choices, the physical choices that you are making on Gaia at this moment in time.

So you can think of October as simply a further unfoldment of what has already begun. But these months of September, October, some of November are very significant in terms of what you think of as tangible events.

SB: Okay.

AAM: What do I mean by this? Now, what is the litmus test for you to know, you, my brothers and sisters, my legion of blue, all rays, all colors? Your spiritual quest is not simply done in spirit form. And you know this, and you have, many of you have been at this, well, for your entire lives, consciously or not. But your physical reality, what you think of as your… your waking mode, certainly that is not the perception throughout the universe; but what you think of as your waking mode, your physical sense of reality, of your physical… environment and your body, is beginning to anchor the energies so deeply and so clearly, along with, of course, the shift from carbon to crystalline, along with the activation of various flags, markers of your DNA. So what you have been seeking in terms of what you call tangible evidence is coming to be with you more clearly. So what has been taking place in what you think of as the unseen realms — which is just a matter of your perception, by the way — but what has been taking place in the outer realms is coming to rest more clearly within your physical experience.

Now, why is this taking place? First of all, it is because you are anchored more fully, more completely, more deeply within the fifth dimension of Gaia. And we have said, and will continue to say, that the old third fades away — yes, even with the chaos, the mayhem, the war, the cruelty; it continues to raise its head so that it literally can be eradicated.

So, what you are seeing during the process of October, this beautiful golden month, is the fruition and the coming to fulfillment of many promises.

So, is October significant? Yes, of course it is. Is every moment, every choice, miniscule and mammoth, important? Yes, it is. Because you have need to know, as interdimensional, spiritual, human, physical beings that every breath is a choice and a decision in terms of how you are proceeding. And are you proceeding in love and joy, in creation and fulfillment? Or are you proceeding in fear, trepidation; are you clinging to the old paradigms? Most of you are not. But when you catch yourself, please, we beg of you, let it go. Give it to me, give it to the masters of your choice. Give it to Gabrielle, give it to the Mother, but do not hold on to it. Give it to Gaia, for she is a master transmuter. Look at her!

So that is what you are looking forward to. You have paved the way. The energies that have been penetrating you for years now have been heightened. Your capacity to perceive in very different ways… if you compare how you perceive and proceed today with a year ago, when we were having very similar conversations, you will notice, dear hearts, that you have shifted. You are well into your Ascension.

It takes the time to reflect back because then you are thinking, “Lord, what will it feel like? How will I proceed?” To many of you, that year ago seems like a dim memory. But take the time to reflect back and to see, to feel, to know just how far you have come.

You are in a place not only of cooperation, of surrender in the finest meaning of the term, but in partnership. You have let go of the idea, the mental construct, the concept that Ascension is being done for you, to you, and you have moved to understanding that it is truly with you. And it is also with you, with you, with your sacred selves. And you have assumed far greater sense of knowing and responsibility, again in the clearest sense of the term, of knowing that your thoughts, your heart, your actions have need to be — yes, need to be — in alignment with the love and with what you are choosing to bring forth and to experience, so that not only you ascend, but in that energy you bring with you so many.

So, is this a significant time? It could not be more significant.

SB: Okay. Well, thank you, Lord. That’s wonderful. I’m going to turn to the re-val, the global currency reset, in a second. But before that I have an errand of mercy. And I don’t… I promise I won’t often bring up individual cases. But in this case it’s concerning editors of the blog and members of the discussion group, et cetera. And that’s that Andrea Scully and her husband, George, face a possible separation in their marriage because American border officials suspect that George is working in the United States, and of course he isn’t. He’s a long-haul driver who takes his load from Canada, brings it down to the States, brings a load back from the States to Canada. So he’s… he’s bona fide, but they are interpreting it as if he is working in the United States.

And so she can’t go to Canada, he can’t go to the United States, and they’re very concerned. Can you give them the benefit of your council, please? And I won’t ask this very often.

AAM: And while this is a question regarding sweet Andrea and sweet George, understand, this is a question of justice. Now, I know my beloved friends and my sacred allies who have been gridding and gridding and gridding the light and the love across the countries, plural, that you do not simply wish to hear eloquent reassurance. But I truly wish to address this subject.

Let me begin first by giving you some very wise counsel. Get a very sharp immigration attorney immediately. And I will lead you to the correct one. And you will not be separated. Let us also be clear about that.

But what Andrea and George are bringing to the forefront for clearing is this whole issue of separation, of false boundaries. Now, you — and I say “you” who are listening — you who are the lightworkers, the way-showers, the pathfinders, the gatekeepers, you are welcoming your brothers and sisters from the stars and from the heavens, and yet still on Gaia there exist these international borders that create havoc and mayhem and that prevent movement and ease.

Yes, we know that many of you have very strong ties to what you think is your nation-state. And you guard it because it has certain rights and privileges that are very positive, such as in Canada, universal healthcare, and a place where not everybody in your neighborhood is armed with weapons. And these are values that are worth preserving.

But let us speak to the true issue at hand. There are para-military and military forces that guard these imaginary lines. And it has to do with money and finance, greed and power. And this is one of the areas that will need to simply go by the wayside. So of course they are going to target the brightest lights of all, because they can feel — they do not know this consciously; they would say, “Oh, we are doing our job,” but what is really going on is they feel that the power structure is crumbling and that the light is the one that is doing the destruction work. And so it is natural that in their defense they will target the brightest lights of all.

This will not be permanent. So understand, above, below, your star brothers and sisters and many forces are on the ground are working on this issue.
What has also occurred — and this is particularly true of the United States of America, which was founded by St. Germaine as a country of freedom! And it has become the most insular, isolated country in terms of these belief systems of accessibility. You see this with you refugees — and this is what we call them — from the south. And we do not simply mean Mexico; we mean all of Latin America, where there are many, many very cruel dictatorships and absurd poverty. And so they migrate to the land where opportunity and freedom was supposed to live.

So this paradigm of rigidity is being challenged and broken down; this belief that there are enemies at every portal. So whether it is New York and the interrogation of everybody who looks as if they are not blue-eyed blondes. If they look Muslim they are interrogated. If they look Islamic they are interrogated. If they are in Arizona and they look Hispanic, they are interrogated.

So this is changing. And that is what this is about. So, now and then, I ask of you — yes, I request on behalf of the Mother and the Company of Heaven, I wish you to begin to erase borders. And you can see it as a child’s exercise, to take out of a map and with the child’s pencil eraser begin to erase the borders, and particularly, Andrea, George, begin immediately to erase the borders that you are crossing. But do it all over Gaia. Begin to erase the borders.

This is about unity. This is about sharing goods and wealth and information, family, love, health…. You cannot in the same breath be reinforcing national borders and inviting your star brothers and sisters to come live with you. Such borders are not known to them. Can you imagine the hubbub if they land directly on the border of Canada and the United States? Which is very likely, by the way.

SB: [laugh] No, I can’t! But that does sound very interesting. Geoffrey West just chimed in — world citizen passports!

AAM: That is correct. Claim your right to be a citizen of Gaia.

SB: Well, there we go. Moving on to the re-val, Lord, the global currency reset. There are people saying the re-val is a fake. There are people saying this is not spiritual, it’s greedy. What is the spiritual purpose of the global currency reset, Lord?

AAM: Now, you know that I am always a practical archangel — perhaps not as practical as my sister, Gabrielle, but I have been known to be practical. But let us speak of the spiritual undertaking behind this — what you think of as re-val.

And for some of you I bring you back a year, and for others of you I bring you back a decade, and for some of you a decade and a half, because many of you have been at this for a very long time. And let us speak of the spiritual import, undertaking. You have all been going through a spiritual reevaluation, re-valuation, e-valuation, evolution, valuation. Think of those three terms. And how do I present this?

Think of your currency, the currency of you. Do you feel trust, know yourself to be of greater value in your heart now than you did previously, one year, two years, ten years ago? Has your self-worth currency grown? Has your sense of connection and connectedness to All grown? Has your knowing of the value of your path and your service and your place of love within the heart of One grown? Of course it has. That has been part of your awakening and part of your Ascension.

Now, I have said to thee that there is a time now — and you are seeing it in many different areas of your physical existence, where things that have been on a spiritual level are floating down, sinking down like the penny in the pond, down to the physical level. Are there some who have approached this entire project with, can I say, with less than pure intentions? And even some with intention of greed and control and simply money? Yes, of course there are.

But there are many more who have approached this undertaking with an idea and a belief and a faith that in fact this could change the face of Gaia and equalize what you think of as currency and wealth.

Now, let me be clear about this. Do I want you to be focused on RV and money morning, noon and night? Absolutely not. Do I want you to be focused morning, noon and night on what you can create and bring forth and share with humanity? Absolutely, because you have the heart, the knowing and the spirit to deal with this; because you have expanded. Is this a scam? It is a prayer, a promise, a trust and an act of change, not simply an act of faith, but an act, a pro-active movement of change. You cannot stay in fear. You cannot say, “This is simply a scam, because you are the movers behind this action. You are those.

Now, there are many points, as you know, that have been difficult in this process, and there is still great mayhem in the country called Iraq. There is great upheaval, and there is question about the stability of that government to even stand behind the resources.

But you are holding the energy and the space for this to transpire, not in a needy, fearful way, but in the way of declaring, in a different dimension, in a different reality — yes, one in transition; we grant you that — but it is in a different reality, you are bringing this forth.

Now, there are those who will also say to you, and to me, “If we are full anchored in the fifth — sixth, seventh — if we are fully anchored, then we have, we have no need for currency”. And that is true, and it is false. And let me tell you why.

Humans, of which you are, and which you intend to remain, love currency. It is an idea. Currency has never been more than a concept and an idea. And it is an idea of abundance for many. Freedom, for food, clean water, housing, play, attending to your community. So you like currency. So why would we, when we have no need for currency, why would we say, “Now, you have no need for currency” when you love it? It is showing you, and it is transitioning you, into a place where currency becomes what it is — an idea.

And the more you work with this creation of abundance, for many, for all, then the more it becomes your ability to simply create out of thin air because that is what you are really doing.

So that is what I say. And it is in process — I keep telling you this — it is in process. And you have a very practical saying, I believe, on Gaia, and that is “The proof is in the pudding.”

SB: All right, Lord.

AAM: There are those that will naysay because they do not wish change, and they do not wish to risk. They do not wish to risk being made fools of. But is it not foolish to not believe that you can create and bring forth? This has been in process for much longer than any of you can dream. So let the naysayers go. Hold the vision and keep going.

SB: Well, Lord, when people benefit from the re-val, some people could think, “Well, look, I’m going to hold on to what I’ve gained,” and other people may think, “No, no, no, I’m going to get my… what I… a portion” — we’ll come to that in a minute, but a portion” — “of what I’ve gained out to others, to help others.” Am I correct in thinking that those people who cultivate generosity will — how can I say this? — well, why not just say it frankly? — will be used as channels for further abundance?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. Understand: love begets love; generosity begets gratitude, begets generosity; joy begets generosity, begets gratitude…. You are absolutely correct.

SB: Okay. Well,

AAM: You see, one of the starting points of the density of the old third was this issue of hoarding and greed: I will hoard what I have, and I will not share. So it is like having a campfire to cook meat on and not being willing to share an ember with your neighbor. Well, you already have your campfire. Why would you not share? It is as if someone is stealing your power? That is absurd.

The hoarding is the root, because it is fear-based. It is the belief that you are not taken care of. So, to hoard, whether it is new wealth — and there are people all over your planet who become, through circumstance or what you believe is luck, instant millionaires. And then in those groupings there are those that become benevolent and generous, and then there are those who choose to maintain the old paradigm and hoard.

What you are doing is setting the new paradigm, and that is that unity is important. And so what I say to you, whether you have inherited money, whether you have earned money by the sweat of your brow, whether you have won the lottery, or whether you have invested in currency, it matters not. Whether you have been a recipient of one of the prosperity funds — and there are many of you who have — the point is to share.

Now, I tell you this because it is very important: take care of yourself. It is part and parcel of honoring the vessel that you have chosen to inhabit, to ascend in and with, and to continue on as vessels and wayshowers and builders of Nova Gaia. You take care of your family, your friends, your soul family. And I do not mean in a small way. You provide.

And, my friends, I am always telling you to dream big! So, allow those dreams to come forth, but take care of the basics as well — your health, your home, your family — and then share! It is that simple.
SB: All right. So…

AAM: There are so many creative projects. Now, some are flimsy and have need to be solidified, to be built out, as it were. Some are ready to go. And we are not talking merely small projects, we are talking about projects that will change the face of Gaia. So, proceed bravely. That is what the role of the pathfinder is. It is the shower of the way, not the follower.

SB: Well, Lord, if I can just interject, you gave me advice on how to proceed myself. And let me just recite that advice. And nobody wants anybody to come into sudden wealth and then find themselves having gotten themselves into a difficult position. So maybe we can talk about a kind of a formula for managing sudden wealth. You told me to pay — now, this may only apply to me, but you said to pay my tax right away, and I’m happy to do that. Then you said to take care of myself first, take care of my family and friends, put aside a significant contingency fund, and then, with the disposable income, if we can call it that, the leftover, to do the work that I want to do. In my case it would be with lightworkers.

Could you tell our listeners how they should approach coming in to sudden wealth, please?

AAM: Yes. That is a very good formula. And it can be applied across the board. It is that simple, and it is not… it is not just to do with this RV that you speak of, it is to do with everything.

To be given any form of wealth, yes, even that that you believe that you have achieved through hard work — and all of you work very hard; make no mistake about that; and that is recognized above and below — but we are not encouraging anybody, in any nation, to be foolhardy. So of course you tend to yourself. You keep a significant portion aside so that you can tend to yourself.

We do not simply send down rains of money — although that can happen as well — but for this instance we want you, we ask you, and we guide you very clearly to practice discernment. And discernment is quiet. Discernment is not showy. Discernment is being the observer, not the judge. It is not a question — let me be very clear — it is not a question of “Do I deserve this?” It is a question, in any situation, whether it is $10 or $10 million, it is not a question of whether, “Do I deserve this?” It is a gratitude to the heart of One for the blessing you have received. And then, from the place of the discerning observer, to decide, I have said to you, ‘this is a time of choices and decision.’ You decide what is important. And what can be more important, first and foremost, than taking care of your sweet self and family?

Then you discern, with your heart. What appeals to you? Is it projects that promote free energy? Are you the unseen benefactor? Are you one who wishes to build new schools, what we would think of as nova schools, star schools? Do you wish to be in communications, like you, Steve?

So, you discern where your heart and your mission and purpose has always pulled you towards. And then you invest not just money, but your energies, your love, your focus in that direction. Always with your eye on the larger undertaking is what promotes love and spirit? What creates the new Earth? What anchors the Cities of Light?

SB: Very good, Lord. Thank you very much for that. If we have time at the end of the program, we may come back to the subject. But for now, let’s turn for a moment to Pope Francis, who has allegedly excommunicated an Australian priest who was apparently working for the ordination of women. We don’t really know, and that’s why we’re coming to you.

This move has reportedly shocked many Catholics who thought that Pope Francis was a progressive. Can you give us your perspective on the matter, please?

AAM: First of all, there has not been an excommunication. And it is a matter of timing. And it is a matter of bringing the women into the priesthood. So this is not the truthful report.

SB: Okay. Well, that…

AAM: It is that simple.

SB: Has somebody tried to undermine Pope Francis?

AAM: Oh, yes. There will be many who will try to undermine.

SB: Well, I’ll be darned!

AAM: But that will not be permitted. The truth will win out.

SB: Okay. Well, thank you very much for that. After…

AAM: Understand, too…

SB: Please?

AAM: The role of women, and the role of women in what you think of as traditional churches, is going to shift. Now, this is the time of the anchoring of the Mother’s plan, and the anchoring of the Divine Feminine. Now, there is not one of you who does not know or who has not experienced the attempts of many structures and paradigms, belief systems, to keep women in a position of servitude. That is not possible, and it most certainly is not possible in the new reality.

The Divine Feminine within both men and women, and the awakening of this power, cannot and will not be halted.

SB: Lord, could we spend a moment on the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine so that I can understand it, anyways, because the Divine Mother and the Holy Father, the distinction between them is not a gender distinction. So what is it that… obviously, people have been divided into genders, and there seems to be the suggestion that some set of qualities inheres in one and some in the other. But what is the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine? What is being referred to, and how does it relate to androgeny?

AAM: Well, androgeny is the mixture of both, as you well know, and in many places it is simply thought of as the ideal combination. But the masculine form, the gender differentiation, the feminine form is part of the beauty and the diversity that the Mother has created.

When we speak of the anchoring of the Divine Feminine, we are talking about the creative force of love, the ability to bring into form love. It is the movement of love — throughout the species, throughout the kingdoms, throughout the entire galaxies and the multiverse.

So, you can think of the Divine Feminine in terms of that movement, and the anchoring of movement into creative force. That is why you are staying in form. It is to anchor that energy in the form. It is to rekindle that energy that has always been within you, in form.

When you speak to the masculine, to the Divine Masculine, you are speaking about the force and the power — not just the stillness, but the power of that stillness that fuels the energy behind the movement.

SB: Okay. So that’s the distinction between the Divine Feminine… Thank you for that. That… now, that… that is not a… how can I say it? Where does that separation or distinction of the two stem from? that’s not inherent in a body, right?

AAM: It has come from the mind of One to assist those to understand the differentiation, and that both are necessary and present in all, all energy and all energy forms. So that you have both. You have the stillness and that power, and you have the power fueling and inherent in the movement of creation as well. It is not an either/or, it is a both.

SB: But men can love, and women can be powerful, right?

AAM: Oh, it is never meant to be gender restrictive!

SB: Okay. Just trying to get a sense of it. Okay. All right…

AAM: You see? That knowing innately of the differentiation came to be so abused, misunderstood, so that you see, if you look to the Old Testament of your Bible, for example, you see the patriarch, the autocrat, the unmoving father figure that is demanding in many ways and must be adhered to, and then you see the female figures in servitude — it was never intended this way!

SB: Right.

AAM: It was a transla… a human translation of a knowing, and a faith-based knowing of how things work. Was it done with the, mmm, heart belief that they were trying to emulate Source? Yes. But it was not an accurate emulation.

SB: All right. Maybe I can squeeze in one or two questions just before we go. At this moment it seems as if in the American political spectrum the same blind opposition to President Obama is still apparent. When and how will the governments of the world emerge as uncorrupted institutions, given that there will now be a wholesale move towards new administrations? I don’t mean a toppling of administrations, but a reformation throughout the world.

AAM: The political landscape, not only in the United States but in many places, is going to shift rather dramatically in the coming year, and particularly within the next several months. Do not be overly concerned about opposition to Obama. What it is doing is bringing to the forefront those — and making it very public — those who do not wish this energy to be in a leadership position. That is not going to change. It will come to the forefront and the light will win.

SB: Oh, that’s very reassuring.

AAM: You are very present in the White House.

SB: Oh! Very good! Okay. You mentioned… I think I recall you mentioning Medicare in Canada. Canada has a wonderful system of universal Medicare. When will the United States enjoy the same quality of Medicare? Or other nations, for that matter.

AAM: You see, this is one of the fundamental rights, and your United Nations has just begun to peek at this. But universal healthcare…. All of your — yes, all — all of your medical systems have been based on false grids that you are eligible for disease. Many, many industries have grown up around this belief system.

Now, we would not dismantle this in a day, because the displacement would be very large, but the shift… you have already begun to see the shift to wellness, to healing centers, to alternative methods of energy healing. And with the arrival of your star brothers and sisters this will become even more so.

So, not only universal medical care, but universal health care and the right to wellness is going to become the simple stand-alone fact over the next year to two years. Oh, and it will happen much more quickly in the United States.

SB: Oh, that’s — that’s good to hear. So many people are bankrupted by a sudden illness. And it never should be that way.

AAM: It is an atrocity that one may suffer and die because one does not have adequate money. That is absurd.

SB: Yes, indeed. Well, I’ve finished with my questions, Lord. Is there anything more you want to say about the re-val? I’ve been encouraging people to go out and buy some currency, and going out on a bit of a limb to do that. Anything…?

AAM: Re-val your sacred self, dear hearts. Go within and see how your currency has changed. Go forward in trust, and go forward, period, knowing that you are loved and cherished and attended to. Do not drop into fear. Do not drop into need. Do not do this out of a sense of greed. None of that will work. And know that you are the agents, and the angels, of change. You are anchoring Nova Earth, and this is part of it. And know that you are supported, not only by this Council, but by the Mother, the Company of Heaven and your star brothers and sisters.

Go, my dear hearts, in peace.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Anchor my flame.

SB: Thank you, Lord. That’s … it’s not only very, very informative, but very eloquently put. Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-30-13