Truly look at the impact you are having. You have been receiving the gift of purity and clarity directly from the heart of the Mother. If you are breathing, you are absorbing the clarity and the purity. You see, this is the way you are being prepared to step forward not only as Nova beings, as Ascended Beings, but to fly through the Ascension Portal.

An Hour With An Angel Radioshow

Archangel Michael and the Sacred Partnership of Joy; we also hear from Nelson Mandela

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

I’m so pleased to share that today is the second anniversary of InLight Radio. We started two years ago today on 12/12, launching this show with our guest, Archangel Michael, and here we all are again. It’s just been such a wonderful journey.

Steve Beckow: And, Graham, by the way, we’ve also passed two million listeners.

GD: We sure have. We sure have! So we’ve grown and expanded, and since, of course, our launch date, we’ve added such a great group of people to the team, including Geoffrey West, Stephen Cook, Suzanne Maresca, and a whole bunch of different shows that have come and gone. And so the continued expansion of this platform has been just a delight.

And so, here we are, two years later, still at it… and I’m just thrilled to be with you both.

Linda Dillon: Now, Graham, does that two million include all the Star brothers and sisters that are tuning in?


GD: Well, it’s interesting you say that, Linda, because it doesn’t even capture all the shows that are regenerated or reproduced on other media. It doesn’t capture all the people that don’t listen to the shows but just listen to the recordings or read the transcripts. I mean, we know that these shows and the content of the shows are widely disseminated. It’s still quite a milestone and so, good for us.

SB: Yeah. Linda, you are the star of the show, the undoubted star of the show. How has it been for you over the past two years?

LD: Well, I would never say [laughing] that I am the star of the show, but thank you very much!

SB: I would! [Laughing]

LD: Oh, I wouldn’t. I would say the Council of Love is front and center, and I certainly feel incredible gratitude to be the channel. So, yes! But, you know, I was thinking about this, and I guess because we started talking about happy anniversary early this morning, I’ve been thinking about it on and off throughout the day. And of course, 12:12 is such a big portal day anyway which is, of course, why we chose that date.

But remember how nervous we were when that first… especially that first time; well, the first several times… but how nervous we were, and the feeling of knowing that we were on this momentous undertaking in service. We knew that Ascension was underway, we knew that we were in process, we thought we knew what it would look like, but we didn’t! And we’re still learning, and we’re still in process, and we’re still expanding and receiving and learning and growing.

And the whole team, the whole InLight Radio team, through some challenging times and some incredibly uplifting times, we’ve stuck it out together. We have really committed to going forward in this process, not only to produce radio shows… because I know, like all of you, I feel this incredible gratitude to everyone who listens to this show, whether it’s live or after the fact… but we’re building community and it’s an amazing feeling.

GD: We want to thank all of our listeners that have been with us right along, and for those that have recently joined, welcome. And we’re happy to be on this journey with you. And so it continues. And so we’re celebrating this anniversary in our own way, and if we could we’d hand over some cake to you folks and… but you’re right there with us in this journey and this celebration.

We felt it was important to make reference to this important day. So, over to you, Steve.

SB: Is that my cue, Graham? Am I now to celebrate? Here I go. [blows harmonica] There we go! That’s the celebration.

[inaudible comments and laughter]

LD: I want some virtual cake!

SB: Coming up! Okay. Well, today we have Archangel Michael with us, and when he joins us I’ll of course leave it to him to make his opening comments, but after that I hope he’ll talk to us a bit about Nelson Mandela’s accomplishments and his reception on the higher plane. There’s also a report from South Africa that angels appeared at his memorial. It’s a controversial report, but we’ll hopefully get a little comment from him on that, the truth of that statement, or not.

So, with that, I welcome Archangel Michael to our second anniversary.

Archangel Michael: And I welcome you! And happy anniversary!

SB: Thank you.

AAM: And while you count it in years, we count it in other measurements, for we have fine-tuned measurements, you know, and we count it in love! We count it on scales that measure commitment and service, and we count it in the way that we have come together and joined together in this Sacred Partnership of Joy!

Yes, we have committed together, all together. So it is the realms, what you think of as the Council, as the Company of Heaven, the Mother/Father/One, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Archangels, your Star brothers and sisters, Gaia, the many planetary beings that you are not even aware of, and every human. This is what I wish to say to you.

Often, you look at the planets, you look at the collective of humanity, and you say, “Lord, where is the progress?” And I say to you, “Of course, I am Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love. Ignite your Blue Flame of Truth and have a look!”

Truly, look! — at the impact that you are having, both in the tangible and the obvious, of those who join you willingly, lightheartedly, in times of distress or trouble, and those who are impacted, knowingly and unknowingly, by the work that you do.

We have repeatedly said to you — and we know sometimes we sound like a broken record; nevertheless, I say to you — and we will talk about that today as well — as you have expanded, so much of what you do is done through your field, through your expanded being, your energy fields, your grid, your connectedness to the unified grid, to the bright, golden grid of Gaia and far beyond.

You do not light one candle in the dark; you light millions and millions and millions, and then we reflect them back to you and throughout the Universe. So, do not ever think, my beloved friends, my colleagues, my co-hearts, hearts, that you are not having a substantial ripple effect and impact upon the shift of humanity that goes forward, continuing forward — and I will give you a new phrase — “in this pro-active process called Ascension.”

It is the unfoldment of the Mother. And yes, we understand the fulfillment of promises, and we understand about time, even though that is a framework that is unique, basically, to Gaia and to the human experience. Do not forget who created it! So there is an understanding.

Sometimes your heart cries out and you say, “I don’t think you get it at all. I don’t think you hear us.” Well, I come this day, in what I hope is heartfelt conversation, always and in all ways, to reassure, to encourage, to celebrate, not only to reassure that we understand that we are in this pro-active process with you, in partnership with you, in tangible and intangible partnership with you — as are your Star brothers and sisters, whom we haven’t spoken of in great detail lately because there has been a great deal unfolding behind the scenes — but we also come and we hope you can feel us, the entire Company of Heaven, we come this day to celebrate with you — to celebrate your temerity, your patience, your forbearance, your prudence, and to bring you gifts of joy, of sweetness, of fulfillment.

Now, we are also celebrating on this side because, yes, a Mighty Angel has returned home to us. Now, in other venues and situations, we have all spoken of what transition, death, leaving your body mean. And it is always peculiar how much of the old fear is still present in this wondrous transition in and out of form.

Tell each of you, my brothers and sisters, as we celebrate the return of Nelson Mandela to us, it is no different from how we will throw open the gates and our arms and welcome you home with great fanfare. Because although we are always with you in one way or another — and that is particularly true of your guides, your guardian angels, your circle — you are missed. Yes, we are with you, we observe you, we help you, we assist you — and sometimes we vigorously nudge you! — but when you return home, as Nelson has, in the fullness of who you are, you are welcomed.

Now, let us speak of this angel-man who has never veered — which is unusual — never veered from his mission and purpose, and that is true in this life as well. And this is the life we wish to honor and celebrate.

We have spoken to you of the vital importance of knowing who you are. This is not a universal mystery. This is not a murder mystery. This is not even a complicated puzzle. When you scratch the surface, there you are.

Nelson knew from inception that he came as a warrior of peace, as a bringer of love, much the same as many who have gone before him. And he was willing to live, to suffer by some definition, to endure, and to not deviate from that mission and purpose — not hoping but knowing within his heart and within his soul that he would succeed. And he would succeed not only for himself, for that is minor, but that his life, his actions, his endurance, and his commitment would set the tone and the example for millions and millions and millions of people.

And you say, “Well, what was the purpose of all those years of incarceration, of deprivation, what could only be said mildly difficult?” Look at the outcome. Now, while we have often said to thee, and guided you not to be focused on the outcome but to be in your heart and in your consciousness, in the moment, now and then is it not worthwhile — it certainly is for us — to look forward and to see why?

If there is one question that we hear from you consistently other than: “Why am I not loved? Why am I not worthy? Why do I adhere to this illusion?” the other secondary question is: “Why? Why is it hard? Why do I suffer? Why must I endure? Why must others suffer because of injustice or unfairness? Why do such unfairness and such brutality, such control, exist?”

Now, my brothers and sisters, you know the answer. I am speaking, quite literally, to the choir. It exists because of the creation of human illusions by the Master Creator Race, humanity, but you are also creating the new. And what Nelson Mandela has done is demonstrate — in physicality, in form, in love — how the paradigms can be broken, how you can say, “I do not accept; I do not surrender to that which is unjust; I do not surrender to that which is not of integrity and truth and love.” And in his victory is your victory as well.

Nelson never hesitated to call upon all the energies that were available to him — and still are, by the way. He is becoming what he has been in life as well — which is a spiritual leader for the warriors of peace, for the demanders of liberation. He has shown you that it is not simply enough to say, “Well, this is caused by Illuminati, by dark forces, by old paradigms, by false grids.” He took his sword and his shield and he cut a swath for humanity.

Are we celebrating? You know it… as are you! And there is not a nation, nor the hearts within those national boundaries, which we do not acknowledge in the political control method. There is no heart that looks to the example of this life, to the embodiment of this life, and does not receive immediate, tangible inspiration, encouragement — en-courage-ment — to go forth, no matter what.

The other thing that Nelson Mandela has taught — again mirroring the master teachers that you all know — is his love not only for his family but for the family of man, for the family of humanity. It was not an us-against-them. That was not how he proceeded. Was there conflict? Yes. Creative chaos? Yes. But the goal was never division and derision. It was unification and equality, outrageous courage and patience.

Of course, the angels were in attendance! How could we not be? The only difference is that you, my beloved friends and family, those who are awake and those who are awakening, are beginning to see us.

Does that answer your question, dear Steve?

SB: Well, yeah. So you’re saying that the sign language interpreter did see angels?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Really? Is that what you’re saying?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Yes, that’s very helpful, Lord. Thank you. What is… I mean, you mentioned just very briefly, but perhaps give us a little more detail as to what is next for Nelson Mandela?

AAM: He will not be at rest very long. Now, when one returns, regardless, there is always the initial welcome home party, shall we say… the incredible galactic heavenly celebration! And there are also many at various levels — intergalactics — who are also having a celebration because Nelson represented them in many ways as well. But there will not be a long period of reflection; there will not be a long period of rest — you know that this one would not rest in human form!

SB: Yes.

AAM: Well, it is even more so as he joins the Angelic Realm. He is a Warrior of Peace and will be working very actively on… can we call it “the liberation movement/the freedom movement?”

SB: I know you choose your words carefully, Lord. Are you implying that Nelson came from the Angelic Realm?

AAM: Oh, yes, I am!

SB: All right. I ask that kind of question with hesitation because I know you’re not wanting to detract from his mission or what he went through. But thank you for answering that.

So John Kennedy will be returning to the Peace Councils. And Nelson Mandela will also be back at work. Has he a role to play in Ascension?

AAM: He will be back at work very shortly. You have heard of a revolving door…

SB: Yes.

AAM: …and Nelson is slated very much for somewhat of a ‘revolving door’. He wanted — and he will — witness the transformation and the anchoring of peace and equality on Earth.

SB: Well, he’s made a tremendous contribution to all of us, that’s for certain.

AAM: And you to him. This is something that he wishes you to know.

SB: Lord, lightworkers? Is that what you’re referring to?

AAM: Now, listen!

Nelson Mandela: People of Earth, I welcome you!

SB: Welcome, Nelson.

NM: And I am pleased to have one of these last opportunities to speak to you in this way.

SB: You’re most welcome.

NM: My life… it is but one tiny grain of sand in the firmament of the Universe and of Heaven. But what I have known is the life of every man, every woman, every child — and I use this word “man” generically, of course. Every life is important and precious, and a gift from the One, and it can never be wasted. And no matter, it cannot be sabotaged, it cannot be stolen. Freedom is not something that man grants to man. It is a right that comes directly from the Divine. And this was my purpose — to set our people free, but to set all of humanity free.

I have often called out in the dark nights of my soul to Gaia, to God, and to all of you to strengthen me, to increase my forbearance, my compassion for those who would hurt and harm and injure me and my fellow humans — and knowingly or not, you have answered my prayers.

My answered prayers did not only come from God. They came from the people willing to step forward with me, in front of me, next to me, behind me to say, “Yes, freedom is non-negotiable!” And so, as I leave your plane, I give you my thanks and I ask you: Receive my blessings, for we are on this journey of humanity as One.

SB: Thank you, Nelson. Thank you. And your example will continue to inspire us as we go forward building Nova Earth.

NM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell. Okay. Linda is transitioning now. That was Nelson Mandela talking to us. What a rare privilege we’ve been given.

AAM: I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love — and yes, do we not have many gifts of celebration to share this day!

SB: Remarkably, thank you, Lord!

AAM: And do not forget about 12:12!

SB: Yes.

AAM: …for this is also your opening, your gateway, and I invite you to step through! Now, my friend, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, I’m quite, quite overwhelmed, Lord. Boy, that was really a gift to all of us. But where I would wish to begin is that you are going to talk to us I think about the up-swell of the human spirit for liberation, renewed and deepened clarity and a sense of purity, and how human beings behave. So I’ve been on the edge of my seat all day to hear this, I have to say. Please, please, go ahead and tell us.

AAM: You have been receiving the gift of purity and clarity directly from the heart of the Mother. Now, we are a little surprised at how few of you have taken the opportunity to fully connect, but it matters not. The Mother does not ever hold prejudice and neither do we. And her blue and white, and the energy of purity and clarity expansion…

You see, this is the way that you are being prepared to step forward not only as Nova Beings, as Ascended Beings, but to fly through the Ascension Portal. It is not simply repetition. If I was to say to you, oh, 10 years ago, “I will give you a dollar,” and then I say last year, “I will give you 10 dollars,” and this year, “I will give you 100,” and now, “I will give you a billion,” would you say to me, would you say to the Mother, “Oh, don’t worry. Thank you, Mother, but I already have that dollar bill you gave me 10 years ago. I don’t need any more.”?

And I use the example of money and currency because it is spiritual currency and the expansion of your value, the understanding of your worth, and your value that we are addressing. And it is phenomenal, it is extravagant, and it is beautiful. There is not one of you, actually, consciously or sound asleep, that has not said yes!

You have wondered — and I will frankly share, at times so have we — we have wondered “how does humanity ascend as One?” How does this collective desire/translate when it is not, shall we say, an indefinite clock? But the Mother, as always, steps forward and shows the way and you simply do it with the most delicious ease by absorbing. If you are breathing, you are absorbing the clarity and the purity!

Many of you, particularly in this latest phase, are having an expansion of your vision, of your inner knowing, of what you call intuition, of connection with the Divine, with your guides. It matters not what you call it, and we want you to call it everything — and we particularly want you to call it partnership!

You are becoming clearer. Even when you do not know every single minute detail, you know, and you are actively, proactively, involved in the shift, in the change, of who you are… and allowing that expansion and growth to take place.

Now, how does it express? Let us be practical because the Mother is. If nothing else, She is practical! Now, that does not mean that She is not also ‘esoteric’ in your meaning of the word. But she is practical — and what she is doing is giving you the personal/individual understanding of who you are, and in that clarity and purity the insight on how to go forward.

So many of you are feeling that there is a significant shift, not so much in your mission and purpose but in the practicality of what that looks like, what that translates as in your day-to-day business and existence… family, social, community, and spiritual inner life.

There are two things, and this is where your expansion comes in understanding. You are holding what appears to be two converse processes, ideas, beliefs, and systems at the same time. Previously, you did not fully understand that you can do this. On the one hand, you are letting go of what you have considered important physical reality, the tangibles, the touchable. And even as you are doing that, you are taking renewed pleasure, expanded pleasure in physicality, in the tangible, in the touchable. And this is a perfect time of year in many parts of the world to experience that physical reality.

At the same time, in the expansion, you are embracing your primary spiritual self over-and-above everything joyfully — yes, even for those of you who have been in what you perceive as struggle — joyfully embracing your physical reality in the smallest things and in the greatest things.

What Nelson did not address and where I suggest to you this day, in conjunction with the Mother’s gift, a fuse has been lit is in igniting the collective human heart-demand for freedom — because you cannot have clarity and purity and be in the illusion of subservience or servitude or imprisonment. It is not possible.

Now, some of you are still working your way through because you are more mental than intuitive — and that is all right. We need you! So, in the mental body, you are thinking, “Well, how can this work? What does this look like?” and you are applying it in different arenas. Most significantly, you are seeing around your globe collectives coming together in unexpected combinations, saying, “We demand! We demand our freedom! We demand our liberation! We demand equality!” even in financial arenas, and social structures.

And where there are social structures such as the example we used of the gay movement in India where there has been so much controversy and naysaying, and the belief by established institutions that they can keep this cry for liberation down… Well, they cannot! It is no longer permissible! And humanity is rising up and simply saying, “We are free – and that is the truth of who we are.”

Now, what does the Nova Being look like? What does the 5th, 6th, 7th-dimensional being look like?

Well, first of all, look in the mirror and see the bright angel, the starseed, the human being, the earthkeeper that looks back at you, and celebrate that first and foremost! But what does the Nova Being look like day-to-day? Because that is how you can tell; that is how you can turn to me and say, “All right, Michael, I get it, I know I am on track!”

First and foremost, you are true, you are genuine, and you are true not only to the Mother, to what you think of as Universal Law and the Divine Qualities — that is a given — you are true to yourself! You are true to your right to love and to joy. And in that, you translate it to how you live from the moment you open your eyes to the moment your close your eyes at night and come to work with me.

You are kind — kindness, an overused word, and an underused quality! — kindness, consideration, and in that, flexibility and latitude not only for yourself, not only for those you are in Sacred Union with, your beloveds — and that is increasing daily — with your family, with your soul family, with your circle, with your community, and with the enormous differences culture to culture.

The starting point is kindness and consideration and love. You see this always within species — well, perhaps not always; this channel reminds me that all the birds do not share the pond when there is an alligator there! But think: the alligator is the old third. No, there is a place for them in creation, but generally, when you look to nature, to Gaia, to creation, it is harmonious.

So the Nova Being is harmonious. When you go to the grocery store, there are smiles — and they aren’t phony smiles, they aren’t religious smiles, they aren’t holier-than-thou smiles. They are genuine, heart connection, eye-to-eye, “I see you, I honor you,” and, “Yes, you can go in front of me,” and, “Yes, I can reach that package on the tallest shelf for you,” and, “Yes, I can help you to the car.” It is kindness in the workplace. It is the realization and the anchoring that what you have thought of as light-work, what we call love-work, love-holding, happens everywhere.

So many of you say to me, “Michael, Lord, I want to do my light-work.” And I agree, and I say, “Yes, proceed, and proceed bravely, softly, kindly.” But, dear heart, how does Nova Being define love-work? It is in dental clinics; it is most certainly in the chaos of hospitals; it is in every single classroom; it is on every garbage truck — it is everywhere!

There is the realization that nothing — from Wall Street, to healing, to channeling, to writing, to banking, to governance, to social work — nothing is not love-work! And when you begin your day — and the Nova Being does — by bringing yourself into that higher octave, into the alignment, into your heart consciousness, into your ecstasy and your bliss, and then proceed in what you are doing at the moment, even as you know this is in the process of dramatic and rapid change, you do it.

It is what Mother Teresa did. It is what Nelson Mandela did. It is what Gandhi has done. It is what John Kennedy has done. It is what Francis has done in many forms and many lifetimes. It is what St. Germain does. And it is what you do.

The loveworker, the Nova Being, is not the exception to the rule. It is the new normal. It is the sweetness, the good fortune to be alive. You have chosen, my beloved family! You have chosen to be on Earth at this miraculous time not as underlings, certainly not shackled in slavery. You have broken that, and we say Hallelujah! So you are going forward in your mastery, which is gentle, sometimes with very strong words and actions.

It is a process, but it is proactive. It is in the doing, it is in the living, it is in the embodying of who you really are. And as you do this, my beloved friends, you are doing it not only for yourself. Because of the magnitude of your energy fields, you are doing it for thousands… and some of you are doing it for millions.

So how does the Nova Being behave? In humility, in wonder, in awe, in restored respect for one another — and for all the myriad of roles that you have played and that you are now shedding, letting go of, eliminating — and assuming and allowing the mask to drop, and the light of your truth, your brilliance, to shine forth.

We are in awe of you! Now, the challenge is, can you be in this place of awe with us?

SB: Well, if I could intervene for a moment, Lord… I’m still a little dazed from all that you’ve said and Nelson Mandela’s appearance on the show. But these are the first days that I can turn to you and say I’m feeling the change. I feel myself almost expanding hour-by-hour, never mind day-by-day, in ways that you’ve just discussed. And it shows up for me as almost miraculous. So I’m ready, definitely ready.

AAM: And my friend, my brother, you are expanding moment-to-moment, hour-to-hour. At various times we have said there is never a prayer that is not heard and answered — yes, in divine timing, but the divine timing is right now! And when you say’ yes’, understand, all three of you, you are saying ‘yes’ for millions and billions!

We do not put this onus on you. It is just for you to realize it is underway. So it is time to celebrate!

SB: Indeed. Lord, just before we go — I think we have about two minutes — how can it be that one person, when one person says ‘yes’, that person says’ yes’ for millions? Can you just expand on that a wee bit, please?

AAM: Many, all over the planet, in their hearts, are singing, whispering, shouting, crying ‘Yes!’ And so we want you to know that you are simply part of those who are vocalizing the ‘yes’ on their behalf. And all those whispers, all those cries, all those shouts, all those songs are heard, are welcomed, acknowledged, and acted upon.

We invited you, we declared — actually, the Mother declared — the partnership was transmuted and expanded, certainly over the past two years. And many, and even those who have never heard of InLight Radio, the Council of Love, or the Golden Age of Gaia are saying ‘Yes!’ So we tell you this, we share this information so that all of you know your work is not in vain. It is potent!

SB: Thank you very much for that. It’s heartening, but it’s also… well, it’s just very inspiring, Lord. Thank you. And I certainly — and I know Graham would say this as well — we join you as your partners. Thank you.

AAM: We love you. Farewell.

SB: Farewell, Lord.