A great group of people!

A great group of people!

I wish to speak this day about the importance of union. You are anchoring union with yourself, with beloved partners, with your family and with your soul family, with your community, with us and with your star family…

This picture of the Joshua Tree participants represents the concept that Archangel Michael is conveying…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

We’re switching gears a little bit today. Our guest is Archangel Michael. So, with that I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. I have to say that I’ve got a bit of a cold today and hope it doesn’t interrupt things.

We’re coming up to the second anniversary of InLight Radio and An Hour with an Angel. And Linda is the star of the show. How has it been for you for these two years?

Linda Dillon: [laughing] I have never thought of myself as the star of the show!

SB: [laughing] Without you, there is no show!

LD: Quite the contrary! But thank you for the kudos! I’ll wear the crown! [laugh]

SB: Uh-hunh…. It’s been quite a journey!

LD: It has been an incredible journey and one of the things that, you know, Graham, you and I have laughed about is that we’re still standing!

SB: Yes, indeed!

LD: Or as is the case today, sitting. And we have been through so much! It, to me, Steve, it feels like we have compressed, I don’t know, maybe lifetimes, but certainly 20 years’ worth of growth and understanding and expansion into these past two years. And we’ve had our struggles and our disappointments and our… our disappointment with soon or demonstrations. But somehow we’ve always managed to really keep our focus on the fact that not only Hour with an Angel but InLight Radio and everything our team is doing — the Council of Love, the Golden Age of Gaia — is really about our spiritual journey, and going back to that sense of One.

And so, even in what we have thought of as challenges, we’ve accepted it and anchored in a bigger and deeper, and I think in many ways more meaningful, understanding and more wise understanding of what those challenges have been about. And then there’s been these phenomenal gifts that come along, like the latest gift of clarity from the Divine Mother, that just make it all worth it.

So, I’ve loved it. I’ve just loved the fact that we are reaching out and that we have this global community that we’re having a conversation with.

SB: Absolutely. And, Graham, you are the founder of InLight Radio and the moving force behind it. You’ve had your own radio program. How are you with us coming on our second anniversary?

GD: Oh, it’s exciting. It… we’ve accomplished a lot. I’m so proud of the team, and we’ve created what we created because of every individual who’s been involved with it. It’s been a wonderful co-creative process and team effort. And I’m just so proud of what we’ve done and how we’re doing it, not only in terms of what we’re rolling out and the shows, the quality of the shows, but also how we’re functioning as a team, and growing and learning and expanding. It’s a microcosm of what we discussed we believe is happening on the planet.

So, boy, it seems like we started yesterday. It’s a funny thing with time. At the same time, it seems like we’ve been doing it quite a long time. So, I feel really great about it.

SB: And we’re going to be meeting in conference at some time in the future, talking about what comes next, and also you, yourself, have been setting out in new directions like workshops. What do you see for the future?

GD: I’m open. And I am learning to take one step at a time and be as present as I can, and really connect in my own wisdom, and just see how things unfold, especially during these times that are rapidly changing. And many new opportunities are coming to the forefront and just trying to enjoy the ride as much as I can. It ain’t always easy but it’s quite… it’s quite gratifying and fulfilling in many respects too, right? I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

SB: No, me neither. Okay, well, thank you both. And today Archangel Michael is joining us, and he’s going to give what Linda has described as the State of the Union. And so….

GD: Steve, before we go there, anything you’d like to share about this journey?

SB: Ah, well…

GD: From your personal perspective?

SB: Sure! I have never been a radio host. That’s been a tremendously gratifying experience. And it’s actually allowed me to break the… break into, I guess public speaking is what you’d call it, because I always see myself as a writer and here I am doing a radio show.

So it’s been a wonderful opportunity for me. And all the shows, you know, Stephen’s shows, your shows, Suzie’s shows, all of them — Linda’s shows! — have just…

LD: Geoffrey’s shows.

SB: Geoffrey’s shows… yeah. It’s been wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in something so groundbreaking and unusual and just horizon expanding. So, I’m thrilled. I can’t wait for whatever’s next.

LD: You know, one of the things, Graham, that you said last year when we gathered in Sedona and you were doing your presentation was talking about the shift and the new paradigm and the fact that so often we end our conversations by saying, “I love you,” and you saying, “And, folks, this is work we’re talking about!” [laugh]

GD: Right.

LD: And I think that’s really… not only have we maintained it, but it’s… it’s what sustained us, that this sense that we really are this soul family, that we’ve come together in this really big mission and purpose that isn’t the core of what we do, for any of us, and yet it’s become such a key element in our everyday lives.

SB: Yes, the ease with which we work together. It’s just astounding.

LD: It’s a gift.

SB: Yeah. Okay. Well, let… I’ll let Linda relax and step aside to allow Archangel Michael in, and Archangel Michael, again, will be giving us a kind of state of the union. Welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings. I am Michael, archangel of peace and warrior of love, and yes, I wish to speak this day about union and the state of union and the importance of union.

And I also wish, in this time when you are speaking of Hour with an Angel, of InLight Radio, and all the wondrous beings, the host, the channel, the sponsors, but mostly the listeners. I want to thank you for listening, and for listening and heeding with your hearts.

My beloved friends, you have changed, and you have changed from listening with your ears and your head to truly listening with your hearts. And this expansion, this shift, this movement and Ascension is not only known and noted on our side, it is celebrated. It is funny to say this, but I thank you all for giving me a platform where I may address you of matters that are of import to the Mother/Father/One, to each of you, and to all of us who serve the Mother in tandem with you.

The most significant shift that we — and when I say “we” I mean all of us who speak with and through and to you; yes, Raj and St. Germaine and Gabrielle, the Mother — all of us — we have entered into union with you in a deeper, more profound way than ever before. And certainly we have not been in this state of union with you since the very beginning of Gaia.

You have come and you claim your place, in mastery and as creator race. You claim your birthright to love, to joy, to light, to healing and yes, my beloved ones, to Ascension.

There are many aspects and facets to each of your lives, and to the many talents and abilities that you have brought to the forefront for this journey. But within all of that, for all of you, consciously, unconsciously, knowingly or not, is this journey of Ascension, of becoming. And I do not mean becoming the totality or the wholeness of who you are, because you are already doing that.

One of the reasons I have requested to speak to you this day is you do not always realize just how far you have come. Many of you have had those nights, even when it has been broad daylight, when you have been in the dark night of the soul, when you have cried out to the Mother, to me, and you have felt that your prayers or your desires have not been heard or been acted upon.

I remind you what the Mother has said, “There is not one prayer, one plea, one request, one desire that goes unnoticed, but more importantly, unanswered.”

Now, do we always answer in ways that you expect or anticipated? And I can hear you across the planet saying, “No!” But sometimes we do as well. But do not think, because we do not respond in what you consider your understanding of what you have asked for or require, that we are not responding, because that would be, at best, an incomplete understanding. And I do not mean incomplete as ‘wait until you are 90 years old.’ I simply mean that you do not always have the full range of variables or aspects of the plan that are already in motion.

But before I discussed with you how well you are doing, how far you have come, how proud we are to be in this union with you, it was important to acknowledge and to reassure you that we know of your struggles and when you struggle, and you are never, never in that struggle alone.

This belief and the destruction of this belief of isolation, of separation, this value has been one of the most destructive aspects of the old 3rd dimension. And it has also been one of the ones that was most firmly entrenched.

But look at you, where you are sitting in your heart, whether you are alone in a cabin, on an island, or the Arctic, or in the streets of Bombay, you know you are not alone. And not only have you come to realize through the wonderful plethora of channelings and information that has been shared, both on the Golden Age of Gaia and the Council of Love, to say nothing of these various programs, you’ve come to know that you are part of the circle of love of lightworkers. And even if you feel that there are moments when you do not have a colleague at your elbow to turn to, that electronically, etherically, spiritually, you do have colleagues, brothers and sisters of your heart that you can and do turn to.

This realization alone marks a turning point in the evolution of humanity. This realization that you haven’t been abandoned, forgotten, or that you never had to earn worthiness or deservingness, marks the biggest shift in consciousness, really, since Atlantis, and even before.

You have reached the point in understanding that you are creator and co-creator, not only with the Company of Heaven, with us, but also with each other. And that, my friends, brings peace to Earth; in the knowing, not only that there is someone to cover you, but who loves and cherishes you, not only above, but below, not only within but without, that there are human beings, star brothers and sisters, angels and archangels, masters and enlightened beings, who love you. That knowing, that truth and that wisdom, is firmly instilled within each and every one of you.

So what does this shift really mean? Well, it certainly meant that you were prepared for the Mother’s gift of greater clarity. And she has given that directly into your very core heart being. And what does that do? It promotes and allows greater creativity, cooperation, a deeper sense of knowingness, and a willingness to go forward and to claim the fullness of your birthright. And that birthright, my friends, is this topic that seems to be skirted around often these days, is Ascension.

It is the elevation of your being into an entirely different, higher, expanded realm of heart consciousness. And with that, the attendant abilities to create, co-create and bring forth Nova Earth.

Now, in the past while, and for some of you for decades, there has been much discussion about the shift — the shift of the planet, of the axis of the Earth, of political systems, the elimination of cabals or Illuminati, the shift in societal structures, political structures, financial systems, et cetera. None of this could occur, or would occur, unless humanity claimed it. And that became even more so with the decision of each of you, of each of your hearts, that you didn’t want to leave anyone behind, that you came as a circle and that you would ascend as a circle.

Now, you have anchored this knowingness of worth. Do you have moments when you waver? Yes. But you aren’t falling off the bicycle, and you keep going.

Now, you are beginning to truly see the shifts in all these systems that we have spoken of. And each of you, my beloved friends, are very busy with me at night. Some of you are with me in the White House. Some of you are on the ground in Afghanistan, in the caves. Some of you are on the plains of Africa with me. But never do you say to me, “Michael, I am too tired.”

There are times when the Mother will say to me, “Put them on sabbatical,” and I do so, so that you do not overdo it, so that your physical form can continue on because your physical form, and the Ascension, while in form, is the Mother’s plan, but it is also yours. You will note… you say, “Michael, point to the changes.”

One of those changes that I wish to point to is the greater enjoyment that you are beginning to experience of your body, of actually being in form. And this is particularly true — my sweet lightworker, love-worker, love-holder friends — because many of you have spent decades floating out of your body and seeking escape. Now you are coming to know, to cherish the physical form rather than thinking of it as something that needed to be conquered and brought into submission.

The judgment factor, which was another false grid which has been so destructive as well, is pretty much gone. And how are you measuring this? How are you knowing? Not only are you being gentler and wiser in your decisions and discernment of each other, and I mean each other in your families, in your neighborhoods, in your communities, nation to nation… you are being more discerning and not judging your physical form. You are anchoring in the joy and the sound of laughter; the feeling of a smile on your face, and yes, even the acknowledgment of the sweetness of tears, be it in sorrow or grief or joy, and in the loving embrace of the physical reality.

You are also coming to a gentler place with Gaia. Most of you have been committed to Gaia and the healing of Gaia, in one way or another, since the day your incarnated, and long before, even if you are completely off planet and starseed or walk-in, or braided walk-in.

When you love yourself, you can feel the love for everything that Gaia has to offer, not just the animals, the trees, the rocks, the air, the water, but the people as well, because they belong to her, you belong to her, as she belongs to you. This is part of your soul contract. Otherwise you would not be on Gaia at this time.

She has begun her Ascension. She is anchored, as you know, in the 5th. She did not shrug you off, which was completely a choice on her part, and certainly was completely feasible. But she has seen the work and the love that you have extended to her, particularly as her own flame flickered and as she was at a decision point of whether to stay or go.

And you have held that flame for her, and you have nurtured her, and you have promised her, and you have kept your promise, to restore her, to defend her, to protect her, and to hold her in sacred union.

The cleansing in a very dramatic way, and I don’t mean drama in terms of human drama. I don’t mean drama in terms of tsunamis or hurricanes or tidal waves or earthquakes, although those will occur from time to time, I mean the dramatic cleansing from the point of view of determination of all kingdoms, finally including the human kingdom, to restore Gaia to who she is, and then some, is in place.

What we are seeing as a promising, even in the most war-torn places — and there are still far too many — but in those war-torn places what we are witnessing — not in those who are still involved in the struggle for power, but in the populace — they are declaring themselves and their intent that they want their country back. They want the cities to be clean again. They want the water to be available. They want the green fields and the fresh air and the skies to be clear of bombs and planes, of devastation.

The mood, the human collective mood, of revenge is gone. It is not dissipating, it is gone. So now what you are working on — and, yes, sending to all these war-torn places everywhere — is the clarity of what love and peace and beauty can bring.

Beauty is a divine quality that is often forgotten or overlooked, particularly in places of devastation; and yet it is beauty that restores the heart and emotional bodies, the mind, rapidly. When a child or a mother finds a flower that has survived between the cracks in the mortar as they leave the village, it is a gift not only of hope, but it is the memory, not only in this lifetime, but many lifetimes, of what can be. And that is being reactivated.

My dear hearts, the human heart, the consciousness of your center, which is the center of love, is being reawakened, and you are saying, “Yes!” You are saying ‘yes’ individually and as one. And the number of times the collective has said ‘yes’ as one are rare.

You are progressing. I have said to you weeks ago, that many of you have been milling about in the waiting room or in the terminal as pillars, as gate-keepers, as way-showers. Now, some are still milling about, those who are unconscious — and it matters not; the ticket is love — and they are feeling that, because they are in that waiting room with those who are expanding and giving love without condition.

You are ready. Now, you say, “Well, what does that look like, Michael?” Now, I know I could refer you to my sister, the central administrator, and she would give you great detail! But what it looks like is being awake, being in your heart, being in love, being the love, knowing you are the love and sharing the love.

You have learned — yes, you will continue to learn! — the currency of the universe, the currency of the Mother is love. And you get that. Now, my currency is peace and love, and you get that as well.

Because you get that, now you can translate it into currency, into political systems and social systems that are inclusive and generous and kind and considerate and filled with grace.

So often, when those who pride themselves on intellectual prowess have said, “You cannot transform Gaia or the planet or the world without massive upheaval. You cannot change this system in a blink of an eye. It will take decades, hundreds of years.” And I wonder who they are talking to, or who they think is listening, and why they would limit themselves in such a way.

Every day you inhale and you exhale, and you do not think about it. Every day, you shed skin, and you do not think about it. Every day the Earth moves; Gaia does not think about it. Change of a significant, unimagined nature can happen this rapidly and this simply. One of the things that you have spent the last two years — not simply the last year, but the last two years — perfecting is the power of ‘yes’ and the power of ‘no’.

Now, you do not always exercise the power of ‘no’ as rapidly or as quickly as you do the ‘yes’. But you are well underway. You are learning, and you are embracing, you are anchoring. It is not theoretical, it is substantial. And I use that word specifically as in “substance.”

You are anchoring union. You are anchoring union with yourself, you are anchoring union with beloved partners, you are anchoring union with your family and with your soul family, you are anchoring union with your community, and you are anchoring union with us and with your star family. That is what this is about. It is about having a journey of love. And when that is in place, then you are already through the Ascension portal.

That is your litmus test. That is your yardstick. Think about — yes think about, your level of understanding of what you comprehend and know — in your bones, in your tummies, in your heart, in your head — what you know today about who you are, where you are, what you are doing and what this is about as compared to a few years ago. My beloved ones, you have traveled leagues, spiritually, emotionally, mentally.

Now, Steve, what do you have for me this night?

SB: Well, I have three questions. You can address them as you wish during the rest of the hour, Lord. The first one is more a comment. I’ve noticed recently that the major obstacle for me these days is regret, the feeling that I haven’t used this lifetime to the best possible way that I could.

So if you could address a few comments on what regret means, where it fits in with… what you’ve been talking about worthiness as being the primary step forward.

The second is — and other listeners may have this question as well — whenever I contemplate union, with another person, say, I don’t know how to unite. There’s this physical body and that physical body. They’re not going to unite! What is it that unites? And what does the act of union look like? So that’s the second question. Sorry, I’m having trouble talking with such a cold.

But… and the third question is, there may be some people who may not have experienced the changes you’ve described quite as much as other people. They still choose Ascension, but they may not have, for instance, have experienced as much of the grace or pur… I’m sorry, oh, [yeah,] purity and clarity of the Mother’s baptism of the last two weeks.

What would you have to say to them that … who are wondering, “Gee, am I really getting benefit from this?”

Those are my questions.

AAM: Let us start with the last question first — the gift of the Mother, years ago of her Blue Diamond, and now, as you have put it, this wondrous baptism of clarity.

You do not need to be fully aware that you are receiving it, or can we say labeling it as such, but there is a growing awareness. How do you know this? The tension, the stress, the sense of separation, the illusion of separation, is going to begin to ease.

You say, “Well, Lord, what do I need to do to allow this to happen, to participate in making this happen?” It is very complex, so let me explain: you have need to breathe, period. It is as simple as that. You are in a free will zone and that is not interfered with. But when the mother decides to shower you with her grace, she does not wait for your permission. And if you are feeling in that dark night of the soul that I have referred to in the beginning, it is even more so, not less, but more, because what happens is you are more thirsty for this grace, for this shower and so you are more eager to accept it — unwittingly, unknowingly, it matters not.

So, how you will know is by an easing of the stress. And yes, you will have the physical signs in your various societies — and I speak to all of you. I speak to you in Pakistan and in China. I speak to you in South America, in Venezuela, in Peru. I speak to you in Canada and France. You will see the shift and the ease. So do not worry about it. Keep breathing. And yes, keep allowing. That is necessary.

About the union. Yes, there is physical union. And what you are seeing is physical union with yourself as well. But when we are speaking of sacred union, of course the body is part of it. But it expresses in various ways — with yourself, with us, with community. And then there is the sacred, individual partner.

It is the heart connection. It is not simply the ecstasy and bliss of physicality. It is the tenderness. It is the sweetness. And it is a sense of surrender, not surrender of who you are, but the willingness to find that fine balance that we have talked of so many times. There are times when you give more and there are times when you receive more. There are times when you may be very certain in an ideation or a belief system, but you open the door a crack to allow your partner’s ideas, thoughts, beliefs to enter in and to be given due consideration; not that you are under some dictum or requirement to do so, but because you want to know them, you want to understand their experience and their view of this journey called life. And that is physical, it is mental, it is political, it is spiritual. There are no restricted areas.

It is entering into greater telepathic communication. It is understanding the look in the eyes, or the quiet time, or the time to be frivolous, or serious. It is being free to truly and fully, in all the faces that each of you have, to be yourself, and knowing that in being yourself you will still be loved and cherished.

When I say that your judgment of your sweet self has disappeared, when that is happening you don’t hold judgment of others either. So that danger zone, that destructive annihilation of judgment ceases. Now that does not mean that you do not act out of consideration. Quite the contrary. What it means is you act in greater consideration, in greater tenderness, because what you are sharing is so precious that you would never betray it. And betrayal, both on and off planet, has been a theme for eons.

So, entering into union is this feeling that you won’t be betrayed if you are revealed. And it is something that grows. And from our perspective, when you are in sacred union, the key component is co-creation. It is the coming together of heart, of mind, of emotional need, desire. It is not detachment. It is detachment, and then attachment to the idea of co-creation. It does not have element of manipulation. But you come together to co-create, each in your own way, what you desire to experience in that sacred union. And it cannot be done in isolation.

Yes, as an individual you have your own creations. But the co-creation is the element, the driving element in the sacred union partnership. And it is the co-creation of a home, of the relationship, of how you operate — some very basic fundamentals — to “What shall we do with the rest of our lives? How do our missions intersect? At what points do we serve the Mother and the plan together? And in which point do I hold and support you so that you can go and do what you need to do? And how do I create the atmosphere of love and protection, that when you have completed that mission in the outer world, you have the place of being cherished to return to — and I am not just speaking of a physical place, I am speaking of the heart space. Am I free to talk about any idea without fear of being chastised? Can I be a child and can I be an ancient? Can I be tired and grumpy? And can I be youthful and playful?”

It is all of these things, and that expands to your family, to your community, and to the planet. This is the foundation of cooperation and Cities of Light. It is deep honoring and respect, not always agreement, but respect, and the knowing that as close as you may be that there will still be differences.

Regret? There is no room, because regret, my friend, is a form of judgment. You are judging that you have wasted — an hour, a day, a decade. There is a school of thought that Gaia and your journey here is a school. Well, it is a form of school, but it is so much more. But can you be gentle with yourself and say, “I was learning, I was expanding, and I was doing what I thought or felt I needed to do”, even if that was taking the scenic route or perhaps the very long detour? It matters not. Because you think you are operating inside time and you really aren’t.

But there is only the moment of being in your heart, right now, with yourself, with us, and with the Mother. When you are in regret you are attempting to live in the past and it will get you nowhere. So this is the opportunity for you to forgive, to be compassionate with your sweet self, and in humility to say, “Perhaps I did not understand that my divine perfection included error, or detour.”

You love yourself. Hindsight, and understanding you can do things differently means that you do things differently now and as you go forward. And that is the purpose of reflection, not to be sad, not to be in regret, but to celebrate that you have the wisdom to see where you might have behaved, or thought, or felt differently.

Give it no more energy than that and go forward. Go forward with me. Go forward with all of us in this union that we have. And go forward, my beloved ones, with each other. You are so cherished. You are almost there. Do not hesitate. We are with you.

SB: Thank you, Lord. That was a tremendously inspiring talk. Thank you very much for that.

AAM: Go in peace, dear hearts. Farewell.

SB: Farewell, Lord.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-24-13