So, what is my role as Planetary Logos? With Venus, and at the request of the Divine Mother, I stepped forward to offer my service to be the overseer of the unfoldment of the plan of Gaia. I assist you in this awakening, in this remembering, and in this anchoring in the consciousness and the fullness of your being. One of my first and foremost services to the Mother is to bring Universal Law into understanding — you can imagine in how many forms — how the truth of the Father/Mother/One translates operationally.

Geoffrey West: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to another Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening. Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

I’m Geoffrey West, sitting in for GD this evening.

Our guest is Sanat Kumara, or Raj, as he likes to be called. And Raj will be explaining in a bit more detail his role as Planetary Logos and will offer an update on events currently unfolding at this time.

With that, I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Geoff. And just before we begin, I’d like to turn to Linda. Linda, you realize that we’ll be in Joshua Tree during the fall equinox on September 21-22, which are the dates of the alleged event, with a capital “E”. Shall we strew rose petals over the group?

Linda Dillon: Well, I think we’re going to strew a lot of energy over the group. And, Steve, as our roving ambassador, if you want to bring rose petals, that would be great!

SB: [laugh] I will collect them on my journey down! Definitely. What update have you…

LD: That’s perfect.

SB: What update have you on the progress of the conference?

LD: Well, the progress on the conference is fabulous, I think. I’m eating, drinking, sleeping Joshua Tree at this moment, and I think a number of us are. Right now our numbers stand just under a hundred, and in preparation for the conference there’s been a number of emails that have gone out to participants giving them various meditations to prepare themselves and to be in that space.

Last night, on Lift Your Spirit, Taka, who will be joining us at the conference, did a wonderful meditation to etherically prepare the physical space for the gathering. But the energy is certainly, certainly building.

You know, the Council never does anything that doesn’t have probably a much greater significance than we even initially realize. And they were very clear, it was them who chose the date of September 20th, 21, 22, which is that rise in consciousness. It’s also nine months to the day since December 21st, 2012. And I think for all of us it’s the end of a gestation period. And we have been, you know, in many ways, I think, in the Mother’s womb and in Gaia’s womb, very deeply connected and allowing our energies to grow, to become, our fields to expand…. And so I think a big piece of this, of what we’re doing in the gathering at Joshua Tree, as the New You, is the stepping into our new role as Nova Beings. So it’s another level of initiation and attunement; it’s another expansion; and it’s coming together in unity and community as a soul family. So, we’re really excited. Thanks for asking.

SB: Sure. I’m excited! What… is there an upper limit on the number of people who can come?

LD: Well, an interesting thing happened this past week with the folks at Joshua Tree. They unilaterally changed our meeting room from a room that would hold comfortably, with people lying down for meditation, about 200 people to the Sanctuary, which is a very sacred geometry. It was built by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s an octagonal building. But the Sanctuary holds 500 people.

So, after I got over my complaining, I thought, there’s a reason for this. Now, there’s only… we only have access to a hundred and I think thirteen beds at the retreat center, but there are local hotels close by that we’ve been, one by one, filling up. So, is there an upper limit? At this point I would say no. Everybody’s welcome. If you decide the day before that this is something you have to do, call us.

SB: Okay. Well, we… well, we’re expecting the global currency reset soon. I mean, nobody knows when it’s going to happen. But I can well imagine that if it did happen before the conference, a lot more people would want to come along. So, okay. Why don’t I give you…

LD: The link for that is on the Golden Age of Gaia website, I should mention that.

SB: Sure. Thank you.

LD: If you need more information, that’s where you go.

SB: Very good. Thank you very much. Let me give you a few seconds to transition. And we’re going to be welcoming Sanat Kumara, who is the Planetary Logos. Welcome, Raj.

Sanat Kumara/Raj: And welcome to you. Yes, I am Sanat Kumara, known to you as Raj, known to you as brother of gold, known to you as Planetary Logos.

I embrace each and every one of you this evening. As we gather together as one circle, one family, one unit, above and below, for always we have been in this journey together as one. And that is truly what the event, what the gathering of the Council of Love, what the Ascension, the transition, the shift — however you think of it — it is the deep anchoring and expansion within your sacred being, within your heart, your mind, your will, your body, your spirit, that you are one with All, and that there is no differentiation.

Are you unique, delightful and blessed? You most certainly are. But at the same time, you are but a link on a bracelet or a chain. It is a beautiful chain, but it is one chain. It is one grid. And we have always been in this union.

So, what you are coming to realize as your consciousness is expanding, delightfully and gracefully, is that we are in this together.

So, what is my role? It is to assist you in this awakening, in this remembering, and in this anchoring in the consciousness and the fullness of your being.

I am pleased to be here!

SB: And we’re pleased to have you here, Raj. The… you just mentioned a bit of your role in the Ascension. The word logos, the Greek word for word, refers to the Divine Mother. She is the word of God. The Father is silent; the Mother is the voice in the silence.

What… listeners have asked me, what does a Planetary Logos do? Can you give us a description of what your position of responsibility entails, please?

R: I would be pleased to address this. For it is really quite an unusual title is it not, Planetary Logos?

SB: Yes.

R: And you are correct in your interpretation of linking my role to the service of the Mother and of the One. I am part of the movement, of the action, of the anchoring. Let me give you a slight overview.

The plan of the Mother, the divine expansion infinitely of the Mother, began, obviously, before you ever even knew or thought of time. But within her plan, every element was always addressed and present — the diversity, the beauty and the plan of unfoldment.

In my service, and in my love to the Divine Mother and with the Divine Mother, and particularly following the Ascension and the anchoring of that Ascension, with Venus I stepped forward with her request to offer my service to be the overseer of the unfoldment of the plan of Gaia.

Now, when I say this, you can think of every aspect of this unfoldment. So it is not just Gaia herself, this wondrous, sentient being of the highest realm, and her journey back to the Source and One, but it is everything that has been and is and will be created upon this planet during this unfoldment, and particularly with emphasis… during this time of Ascension, of humanity and of all the kingdoms, and of course of Gaia herself.

I am the ascended master who, even before I assumed this role as Planetary Logos, that works with throughout the multiverse, Universal Law. That was one of my first and foremost services to the Mother, was to bring into understanding — you can imagine in how many forms — how the truth of the Father/Mother/One translates operationally.

Now, of course, part of the unfoldment and Ascension of Gaia is also the return and the full implementation and anchoring, alignment, with Universal Law in the consciousness of all beings, and particularly human beings. Now, this is also related and part of the anchoring of what you have called the divine qualities, and what the Council has called 13 Blessings and Virtues.

When you think of a, say, a massive construction project, and think of this construction project as the bringing-forth of a City of Light, there are many aspects to it. There is the building, the literal, physical building of places to live, to work, to play, to heal, to gather, to celebrate, to practice your arts, to learn, to be educated. So there are the physical aspects — roads, sidewalks — but not the way you think of them in the current reality! But there is also the anchoring of these alignments, of these qualities of beingness, that allow the city to function.

So there are many, many construction crews, if you would, some that take care of the healing, some that take care of the spirit, some that take care of the emotions. Now, these are all links in the same chain. But I am the coordinator. I am the master planner. So I guide and direct my teams, seen and unseen. So do not think as Planetary Logos that I am doing all the work. Quite the contrary! And there are many of you who are lightworkers who are part of these various construction teams.
Now, in the realm of the archangels, my counterpart, you can think of it, is Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel, because he/she is also in charge of the administration for the Mother. So, we work very closely together. But Gabrielle’s responsibilities are broader, and mine are very focused on the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, and particularly what we often call ‘the becoming’. And what we mean by this term is the becoming of humanity back in the very eternal Now to the truth and the wholeness and original design of who you are.

And then once that is fully anchored — and that is what you think of as Ascension — then you are progressing with your further expansion and eagerly embracing not only your creation abilities but your multi-dimensional self.

So, that is my job. Now, we have talked or reference in other conversations that at some point I will leave this role and assume my future role, my new role — yes, still in that eternal flow of Now as Universal Logos. So many have asked me, “Well, when does that occur? When are you planning on leaving? When are you vacating your desk?”

Well, I do not plan to leave, first of all, until each and every one of you — you, my beloved friends — have made your transition through the Ascension portal. Now, there are many — and I would say they are correct — that suggest that Ascension is at hand. Many of you, knowingly and unknowingly, have already passed through the Ascension portal, consciously and unconsciously.

Now, the task at hand is also to have this transition and this literal lifting-up, becoming, anchored in your conscious heart, mind and body. And the fact that you are experiencing, many of you, greater ease, a greater sense of grace, a greater sense of connection, and disconnection at the same time, is indicative of that awakening and becoming.

But it is not that you all fly through the Ascension portal and then I leave. I have worked, labored, joyously in the service to the Mother on this task for a very, very long time. My history is long. I will stay and I will see the fulfillment of that promise as well, for I have no desire to not witness, and to be part of, the harvest of this very diligent work that I have undertaken with many, many teams. Often… often Michael refers to his legions, and each of you know beyond a shadow of a doubt who you are. But there are many of you who still question — Why am I here? What is my sacred purpose? What am I intended to do? What was my plan within the plan?

Very often, my friends, if that level of uncertainty is within you, it is simply that you have not fully turned in my direction. I do not say this critically; I am saying it is time. You are part of my construction teams on the ground, with Gaia. And so, this day I beckon to you, not only to awaken, but to get to work with me, because the time is nigh.
Does this explain to you my role, which is a very generic role? If you took this role and you applied it to another planet, it would be basically the same, by the way. But is this clear to you?

SB: Yes, it is. And, interestingly, I have several more questions on the subject, but I think I’m going to have to leave that perhaps until the end of the program, if we have time, and… because we have a number of other subjects to cover. But thank you for that. I’ve often, long wondered about that myself. And thanks to the listener who asked.

Let’s turn now to the global currency reset. Can you tell us what remaining work needs to be done on that? In other words, what are we waiting for at this moment?

R: In this moment that you are truly feeling in this regard is an eternal Now?

SB: Yes!

R: Yes. I will speak to it, and I will tell you that there is very little that remains to be done. I will be somewhat repetitive, because I will say to you pretty much what Archangel Michael has said to you.

My beloved friends, there are a number of things I am asking you, each of you, to do that is very practical. First, detach from any form of fear, trepidation, concern, because these also reflect lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, lack of trust. Detach from that level of anxiety that so many of you — yes, it is absolutely correct and certainly acceptable and allowing to be excited, to anticipate, to plan; this is part of creation work and it is part of what you are doing. And whether you understand it or not, when you stay in that frame of mind and in that frame of heart, what you are doing is energizing the movement of this process.

Send energy, and continue to send, and of course I am very partial to gold. But whatever energy you feel like that you are inspired to send, send it to those who are the ground crew, the people at the teller wickets, at the ATMs, on the worker level of bringing this to fruition. Because this is a massive, massive undertaking.

Now, there have been many dramas that have been human concocted. Some are real, some are simply full illusion that try to distract individuals and groups from this process. Do not buy into this. Hold the space for the fulfillment of this undertaking. Simply know that you, each and every one of you, are in a position to give and to receive, to receive and to give.

So, in terms of what remains to be done, what I say to you is precious little. Simply hold the space and allow. And yes, I will repeat what my colleague has been saying, and do say ‘colleague’. Silence is golden.

SB: All right. Well, I don’t think it’s really a case of excitement about the re-val, Raj, as financial necessity. I mean, many of us are really at the end of our financial ropes. So I think that’s why we’re trying to get a sense of when we can expect this blessing.

What progress has occurred that you can report on on the prosperity programs? They’re said to be 30 percent done, starting with the east coast. Is that a true statement? And when — generally; not dates, of course – can people in the lightworker community expect to see their arrival?

R: Well, I wonder what people mean when they say “east coast.” It is peculiar reference, is it not? Because what you can think of as many of the prosperity programs — because they are anchored all over the globe, first of all — and you can think of it as a shot of sunlight going out, and the beam goes out equally, above, below, sideways. So it covers a great deal of territory.

The prosperity programs have begun in earnest, and yes, having said, do not just look to certain coastal areas, for that would be unequal, and impractical, by the way. But they have already begun, and I would not say that they are at the 30 percent mark, I would say more that they are at the 8 to 10 percent mark. So that is another bureaucratic undertaking. But that is underway, and it is less hampered by bureaucratic obstacles because this is more of an individual action or a group action that is not weighed down by bureaucracy.

SB: All right….

R: So both of these situations — and I do not… as Planetary Logos I am very aware of financial stress, both individually, collectively, by nation, by group, and from our perspective, do we think in terms of money? Not necessarily. But we do think in terms of freedom. We do recognize — and this has been part of my job — there have been certain groups, and particularly those who have worked for change and for love, who have been financially disenfranchised, stymied, shackled. Well, let me be very clear, the shackles have been removed, and your freedom is at hand.

SB: Okay, Raj. Thank you for that.

It’s been said that we’re going through a chaotic node. Could you comment on whether we are or not? And if we are, how to react to it successfully, please?

R: You are actually coming out of the time of the chaotic node. Now, you do not think of a chaotic node as a time of distress. But it is a time when there is a great deal of energy that is churning — yes, simmering; well, perhaps at a slow boil — all over your planet and within each and every one of you. You have felt this time of chaos, of uncertainty, for many of you turmoil. But what it really refers to is dramatic change. And very often the change feels of such a magnitude that it feels like chaos.

Now, throughout the universe, we work with what you think of as creative chaos, to call in all the energy at our disposal. And this is what we have done, directly from the Mother/Father/One, to the archangels, to the seraphim, to the angelic realm, to your star brothers and sisters, the entire Company of Heaven. Everybody has been sending the higher vibrations, the higher frequencies to the planet and to each and every one of you. Whether it has been acknowledged or not, it doesn’t matter, because it has still been anchored within.

Some of you who are obviously more enlightened and aware have been very clear about these upgrades, upgrades, upgrades and downloads, and it has created chaos in the air, planetarily, in this time — yes, time — where the collective of humanity has said, “we will do this as one.” It has also created a great deal of chaos, and even planetarily there has been a bit of a wobble; it is the only way we can describe it. So that simultaneously things have sped up and things have slowed down. And that is the definition of a chaotic node. It is what appears to be, certainly in your reference, discordant energy — and we don’t mean conflicting — but discordant energy — faster, slower — coming together at the same time.

Now, within that is the impulse and the point of creation and also the point where the pause ends, where the pause button, if you can think of it, for humanity is turned off and where the plan continues in its unfoldment.

So this has been a chaotic node in many, many ways, but it has been a positive thing, it has been a positive frame. But you are coming out of this time that you think of as the chaotic node.

SB: Well, if I can intervene at this point, I don’t want to leave people confused by what we’re talking about right now. Usually the word “the pause” has been associated with the time taken to see if the whole of humanity can go forward into Ascension. So, if you say that the pause has been taken off, then I think a lot of listeners will think, “Oh, well, then Ascension’s coming.” But my understanding is that the event, which I hope we’ll talk about in a moment, happening on the equinox is not Ascension, and that Ascension won’t be happening until probably next year.

So, could you — could you just correct me if I’m wrong on anything I’ve just said, please?

R: No, you are not wrong. What I am saying is, is that the pause button, that period of everything being in pause, is coming to an end. It has not been hit as yet.

SB: But we’re not to expect Ascension …

R: And for people…

SB: Sorry.

R: … to think that as soon as the pause button is released that Ascension is taking place would be an incorrect assumption. When the pause button is released, the plan continues into full action, and the next step in that full action is the rising of the human collective consciousness, or at least those who are going forward with their Ascension process.

SB: Okay. That’s very good. Thank you. Could we take a look now at this event that is said to be taking place on the 21st-22nd? It’s happened in the past that we’ve looked at, say, 11-11-11 or 11-11-12, and other events like that, and it’s been said that we’ll experience a great advance, and then a lot of people don’t have that experience. And I’m a little worried that on the Fall Equinox this will happen again, that it will be billed as an event the people will experience, but many people will not.

So, can you tell us what will be coming at Equinox time, please?

R: Yes, I can tell you this, for I am quite a clear spoken master and I have no hesitation to speak of such matters. But I also want to draw your attention to what your archangel friends have said repeatedly. And it is not simply a single event. It is a series of events of which this equinox is a part.

Now, there have been many events, and let us go back to the Harmonic Convergence, the original 11/11, the original 12/12, and all that has come since that time. Each of these has been waves increasing the level of human awareness, consciousness, heart anchoring, and love. This time of this equinox is the opening yet again of that doorway to a greater framework of love, of the capacity to hold and to be, and to experience and to know love, because that is truly what consciousness is.
Now, does everyone immediately feel it the same way? Well, no, of course not. Does the tree feel the energy intake the same as a blade of grass? No. Do the Rocky Mountains feel it the same as the rivers and streams? No.

So the human beings tend not to all integrate, or to recognize, what has taken place at the same time.

Having said that, when you are in a place of acceptance, allowance, heart-openness and anchoredness, the openness to receive and to be consciously aware of that, when you make the decision to be consciously aware — and this is part of the gift — then you will be.

Will it be identical for every single person? No. When you gather, whether it is three thousand or three, does it help? Yes. Do you create sacred ceremony for yourself to receive, to open, to be in that heart space? Yes. So that is what it is about.
The other piece of this — and I do speak to you as your Planetary Logos — let us speak of one of the sidebars of this increase in consciousness, in heart consciousness, in the expansion of who you are. And it has to do with the coming together also with your star brothers and sisters.

Now, you have made enormous strides — yes, you have! — in your love, in your elements, in your anchoring of the divine qualities. And you have done so, especially some of you, in tremendously stressful situations — financial, emotional and spiritual. You have kept going, and for this I cannot even begin to tell you how much you are recognized and commended.
But in the old 3rd, your energy grid — collectively, now, I am speaking — was in many ways — incompatible would be a nice word — incompatible with your star brothers and sisters. The energies required to bring you up even for a brief conversation on Earth would have been difficult. And it virtually became out of bounds when you made the collective decision to ascend as one.

Your levels of consciousness, of heart availability, have been increasing constantly over the past year. Now, what your star brothers and sisters have also been doing is attuning themselves not only to the energies of Gaia, which are very firmly in the 5th and fully compatible, but also with the energies of the human collective.

As you take this next leap — and I do say this; it is a quantum leap — some of you may be aware of it; some of you it will be slower. Some of you wake up in the morning and your eyes pop open and you jump out of bed. Some of you wake up slowly — you stretch, you yawn, you lie in bed for a while. It matters not; the energy will be there.

As you take this next shift, your energies, your heart abilities, your anchoring in the divinity of who you are becomes even more compatible with your star brothers and sisters. That is one of the sidebars, but that is also one of the gifts.
You are coming to a place where the full awareness with your partners above, which have been basically unseen — and seen, somewhat, to an extent in the night sky — are becoming more available to you.

So this is not simply a tiny upgrade. Will you all experience it differently? Yes. But prepare yourself and open your heart. Create a beautiful ceremony, whether it is alone or with others. Open your hearts, beloved ones, and receive. Let go of fear and doubt. There is no place for it.

SB: All right. Thank you, Raj. On previous occasions I personally have been alone, in my apartment, usually. But on this occasion a lot of us will be gathered at Joshua Tree, so we’ll be in each other’s company. What difference is there between opening… well, that’s not quite what I mean.

What I’m trying to say is, is it different when you’re in a group and an event like this happens, than if you’re alone? What can we expect, and how should we be?

Raj: When you are in a group, there is a group energy that takes place, and there is a greater cry, shall we say, because it is a collective statement — we are here, we are open, we receive. So it is a greater call-out. And there is the support, the mutuality, the unity.

How do you know? Because when you are in a group what happens is when you are partaking of this there is this sharing of community and joy. So, in that way you simply are in a hyper state of awareness and vigilance and openness. But that is not to say that this cannot happen as an individual alone in your bedroom, in meditation, before your sacred altar. And your sacred altar, dear heart, may be one picture or one crystal. It is still your sacred space.

Now, the benefit sometimes of being alone is you do not have the distractions of those around you. You have the blessings of your sacred space, of security, and you feel safer to go deeper and truly unite with the Company of Heaven and to have an incredible experience. Do you get to smile, joke and play with others? Well, you can do that thereafter.

So it is not to say that one way is better than another. What is important is to make your choice and to be present and allow these energies. And it will be over the course of several days. It is not simply a moment in time, as you well know.

SB: No….

Raj: You can’t go wrong.

SB: Okay. [laugh] Actually, I didn’t know that it wasn’t a moment in time, but that’s good.

Now we’ve got about 13 minutes left. I want to ask you about President Obama, and then I have two questions on 9/11. I’ve got a lot of questions if time permits, but I don’t think we’ll have the time for that.

So, the first question is: A lot of people are criticizing President Obama because it appears that he wants to either go to war with Syria or take actions which will be interpreted as warlike. Can you tell us where President Obama is on the Syrian question, and…

Raj: What we would say about Barack Obama is, he is being worked with. Now, as Michael has said, does he always listen to guidance? No, but primarily he does. And he has been positioned in this nation for a reason.

Now, what I would say to you is we would suggest that you look at history. And that… and we mean even the history of this individual. Barack Obama is not usually an individual that waffles. He is a person who makes clear and quick, decisive decisions and has the capacity to move into action.

So, our question to all of you is, why do you think that he is waffling so much? And why are the actions of the military not completely aligning with the words?

He is a strategist, and the strategy at the moment is stall, stretch, wait. So we would suggest that you look more clearly at what is taking place rather than just what is being said.

SB: Okay.

Raj: The public — and we do not simply mean the American public; we mean the public of the world — is very actively and vociferously coming together on two platforms. One is saying — and we have spoken to this as well — the information about this entire situation regarding Syria is incomplete. There are factors that have not come to the surface as yet. But the second collective opinion and movement is that, regardless, people do not want war. Finally, the human collective is tired of war.

So, even in the United States, for example, where you have the leadership speaking of war or strategic strikes, you have the populace saying, “No.” And that is significant and has not occurred since the time of Vietnam at this level. So this is an important shift.

SB: Very impor…

Raj: Now, sometimes the words of threatening war makes everybody sit up and pay attention and take a position, including those who are being threatened, and in this case it is the Syrians. But the threat is not simply about the Syrians. The threat is to say that certain forms of aggression, of warfare, are completely unacceptable, that you cannot with invisible weapons kill children in their beds.

But we say to you, many are working, above and below, in the White House with Barack Obama. But I would ask all of you, each and every one of you — and we do not care what your political affiliation is; this has nothing to do with it — we ask you to send energy — love, prayers, meditation; however you conceive of this — to Barack Obama and to the people of Syria.

SB: All right. Well, thank you. That was very, very helpful. I … yes, I understand it a lot better now. Thank you.

I have two questions on 9/11, which is just two days away. I’ll read those two questions to you because we only have about 6 minutes left. I’d really like you to answer the second question first, but I’d like you to answer both questions, if possible.

So, first of all, the first question is, if you could tell us how far we’ve gone in the revelation of the truth of 9/11; what we can expect to have happen this year in terms of that revelation, and….

…the second question is, Muslims were not responsible for 9/11, even though they’re blamed for it. Ironically, nominal Christians were, if one wants to be honest about it. Do we owe world Islam an apology?

Raj: There were many aspects and many conspiracies that still have to come to the surface — or not — regarding 9/11 and the atrocities that have been committed. And the atrocities have not simply been, shall we say, on the American people. They have been on the planet — on every nation, every culture, every religious system. So, those responsible — who are a mixed bag — do they owe an apology to humanity? Yes, they do. But do they also require forgiveness? Yes, they do.

Now, let us also speak of what many still revert to in terms of 9/11. And we do not wish to minimize the level of conspiracy, on many levels — and that is important to realize — that took place. But when you continue in this, you are engaging in those elements of fault, blame, shame, guilt, judgment. And that is of the old 3rd. That is what those who were involved in these actions were all about and anchored in. And they were pivotal in creating human chaos, division amongst people — Christian, Islam, nations, false wars…. So the list is quite large.

But it is time for the planet — because Gaia was also injured, enormously, by this action — it is time for everybody to move to the higher realm and, through forgiveness and compassion and enormous prudence, to move forward. Because when the truth does come out — and it will, and it will very soon, in human time, very soon — it will be shocking to everybody. And that is when discernment on the part of the human collective will be absolutely necessary. And I know you are capable of practicing discernment.

That is what I say on the subject.

SB: Well, let me just clarify one thing, Raj, before we leave the subject. I’m not really suggesting that the people responsible for 9/11 owe world Islam an apology; I’m more suggesting that all the citizens who did not inquire into the truth of the event — shall we say that — and blamed world Islam, I think it’s time that they realize that they owe world Islam an apology in order to bring this situation to a point of healing. Would you care to comment on that?

Raj: What happened with 9/11 was the occurrence and the identification of the external enemy, which in many ways became the world of Islam. And that was correct. This was a group of renegade individuals, on many levels, from many different nations. So, yes. This division between religions and communities has need to come to an end. And yes, an apology is always welcome, on every level.

SB: Okay. Thank you for that. We’re just about out of time, but perhaps I can turn to some questions which I postponed.
You said that you were Universal Logos, or at least that you were going to become universal logos. I heard another version in which — I think it was through Michelle Couton in which you called it Solar Logos. Are they the same position?

Raj: Yes, they are.

SB: And Gautama Buddha is to be your successor. Is that correct?

Raj: That is correct.

SB: Very good. All right, well… Go ahead.

Raj: And… that will be a joyous day for many!

SB: Yes? How is that, Raj, apart from the obvious?

Raj: The energy of this wonderful Buddha is the fulfillment of love and the bringing of deep peace throughout many, many eons. So there is a great deal for the human collective and Gaia, to look forward to.

SB: Oh, that’s excellent. All right. Well, there we are, the music comes on! Thank you ever so much, Sanat, for so much reassuring information and comforting information. Thank you.

Raj: Go with my love, and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon