383485_303050303099222_179181975486056_741117_104251343_nI come to remind you that this state of being in gratitude, of being in joy, of being in thanksgiving is where we ask you to be, to live and to remain. One of the things, one of the aspects of our partnership, our union, that you do not always know or acknowledge is how grateful we are to each of you, that our gratitude to you is enormous, eternal and infinite…but it is also personal.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth, Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And I might mention to listeners that next week, next Thursday, Linda will be away in California. So we won’t be having a show that week, but we’ll pick up again the week after. And, with that, I’ll introduce Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Welcome. I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. And welcome to all of you.

And as you know, I bring you each and every day, each and every moment of existence, throughout eternity, my blue flame of truth, my blue flame of peace. And I ask you, I ask each of you, my beloved brothers and sisters of One, to accept this gift from me and to bring it within your heart, within your throat, within your crown, throughout your field. Give this freely. And I give it to you because you are my family, you are my partners, you are my beloveds.

Before we begin this day, I wish to speak to you about gratitude. Because yes, as Steve, my beloved brother, has mentioned that there is a custom in many countries of having a day of thanksgiving, much the same as there are customs of having a day of atonement, of a celebration of equinox or solstice, of various occasions to mark the change not simply as seasons, but of your growth and of your heart.

So this day, I wish to speak to you just a little about gratitude and about thanksgiving.

Gratitude is a state of being. It is a place of gratitude in your heart, in your mind, in your body. It is not something that you pick up and put down due to occasion or event. Now, there are times when you feel in greater gratitude because of someone or something that has occurred within your life or upon your planet or throughout the heavens, and of course we are always glad to receive that.

But I come to remind you that this state of being in gratitude, of being in joy, of being in thanksgiving is where we ask you to be, to live and to remain. We know the trials and tribulations of this assignment, the various missions and purposes that each one of you have accepted during this incarnation on Gaia. But it has also been your choice and your decision in service to the Mother, to the Father, to the One.

One of the things, one of the aspects of our partnership, our union, that you do not always know or acknowledge is how grateful we are to each of you, that our gratitude to you — to each of you individually and collectively, not only for the service that you render but for who you are, that magnificent spark of love — our gratitude to you is enormous, eternal and infinite. But it is also personal.

You do not tend to think of us often as having personal connections — not attachments, but connections — to each of you, and we do. It is not only on my half, not only on behalf of the entire Council of Love, the Mother, but each archangel, each guide, each brother and sister of the stars, that I express our love and gratitude for who you are, for what you are doing, of how you are progressing, how at times you are enduring — for your willingness to claim your freedom, your Ascension, and to go forth in Nova Gaia.

Receive this gift from us. Receive it unto your heart. Cherish it. And know in this gratitude is also our commitment to you, to assist, to defend, to accompany each and every one of you through the portal.

Now, dear Steve, where do you wish to begin?

Steve Beckow: Well, Lord, I… There’s such a flux of events happening at the present time. There are regimes shrinking and other Earth ally groups growing, and there’s difficulties happening in Fukushima and there’s rumors that all nuclear plants could be shut down at some point. Some of the events at Fukushima sound menacing. We’ve got the re-val happening, we’ve got… so many things happening.

Can you talk to us a bit in the beginning about… can you give us… can you kind of contextualize this tremendous flux that’s happening right now, please?

AAM: Yes, I can, and I would be honored to do so. And that is why it is fitting that we have begun by inserting and reigniting the flame of truth. Each of you request, pray, command, demand the radical changes, the shifts, that are taking place upon your planet at this moment.

And in some situations, given that many of your reference points continue to be the old 3rd the polarity, the either/or, it looks like black or white. In some cases it looks positive, in other cases it looks like mayhem, or negative, but in all of these situations there is an element of what we would call radical chaos.

It is that creative chaos not only generated by human activity, decisions and attitude, but there is also radical change that is taking place because of the influx of energies, the higher frequencies, and, can we say, the influx of inspirations that are being adhered to, listened to and acted upon.

There are very few elements, institutions, situations, upon the planet that do not require some form of alteration. Sometimes it is slight attunement, in others it is radical shift. All of this change is being activated from above and from below, from the changes that you are feeling in your own hearts, your own minds, your own priorities.

Now, what is occurring? And again we are still speaking about the big picture. What is occurring upon Gaia is this change of directions, radical change of directions — financial, societal, political, environmental — the restoration, the bringing forth of the new. Now, part of that is also the newness of this to the human collective, both individually and as a large conglomerate. So there is a great deal of experimentation, on-the-job training, experiment in terms of “Does this work? Can it work?”

Now, you are seeing this up close and personal in terms of your relationships, in terms of your relationship, your love affair with yourself, with the Mother, with divine partners, with family, with friends. And you are finding your way in new paradigms, new behaviors, new patterning, the reweaving of that tapestry of humanity. And you are experimenting to see not only what works externally, but what works within your own comfort level and your consciousness level, and what is in harmony with your internal mechanism of your heart consciousness.

That exhibits outside… manifests in the external as often looking like chaos, because not all the steps in the experiments are in perfection. Now, let me clarify what I say. Is it in divine perfection? Yes. Is it in human perfection? No, because you’re finding your way. But that is part of the expansion of your beings; that is part of you finding your feet in the higher dimensions. That is part of your realization of what you have the power to create, what you have the power to destroy, what you have the power to bring forth, and what you want.

So, that is the backdrop. So, when you look around you, particularly if you do so in a reflective — a deep reflective — or a meditative state, you can see beyond this radical chaos to a sense of unfoldment, of the pieces coming together in new formation, because this is a grassroots movement, because it comes from the bottom up, because, as the Mother says, part of her plan is everyone falling in love. It is not from the old paradigm of the top down, of a power coming and weighting upon you and crushing your will.

So, at the same time as your heart’s desires are emerging, as your creative spirit is emerging, there is that finding of that fine balance between the two as well, and learning in this time of your existence on Gaia, in this lifetime, how that balance between your heart and your will to push ahead, to make things happen, can come into balance, can come into harmony.

Now, there are many things, some more dramatic — such as Fukushima — that are coming forth to clear some of the imbalance and the damage that has been done and created, not only to Gaia, but also to humanity and to the kingdoms as well. But let us start there, with that backdrop of understanding.

SB: Can I ask a question about Fukushima? It appears that a group of engineers are risking their lives to remove the reactor rods. And it has been said by some sources that there will be a meltdown at Fukushima which will then be followed by the closing down of all nuclear reactors on Earth.

Are these true statements? Are the engineers in danger for their lives? Will there be a meltdown? Will all nuclear reactors be shut down?

AAM: It is… there are a group of engineers, and technicians, so it is not simply a small contingent that have, in recognition of the serious nature and the further serious potential damage of these rods to exposure, who are taking it upon themselves — and when I say that, we mean that it is a volunteer exercise — that they will do this, complete this undertaking.

But before we even go further than that, let us also insert — because this is a perfect place for you to understand how we work with you, because you often ask, “Where are you?” — how we work with you in unseen ways. This group of volunteers is mightily assisted. And that is particularly under the auspices not only of myself but particularly of Archangels Jophiel and Uriel, with Archangel Raphael conducting much of the healing, not only of this landmass, of this site, but of the waters, working in tandem with the kingdoms and with Gaia herself.

Simply because we are not seen does not mean that we are not present. And in fact is radiation not one of the better examples to explain this? Because you do not see radiation in the air, and yet, even in natural occurrences it is all around you. So, yes, these courageous brave hearts are undertaking this assignment, but also know that they are attended to.

There will not…

SB: Is… will there be a melt…

AAM: There will not be a meltdown…

SB: Thank you.

AAM: … first of all because not only in terms of the unseen, but perhaps what you would think of as “the glimpsed,” but your star brothers and sisters are well positioned and on full alert not to allow such a disaster, an abomination of Gaia, to take place.

We have spoken before how there would not be a further incidence of what you think of as nuclear war, but from our perspective and from your star brothers’ and sisters’ perspective, this would be tantamount to the same type of action. So this will not take place.

Now, some of what you call scientists may not understand and they may just breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Aren’t we lucky?” But it will not take place. And there will not be an immediate shutdown of every nuclear facility because what this would trigger is greater distrust and greater chaos.

You, as a human collective, are really at about the tipping point, the maximum, about how you collectively can manage this chaos, this rate of change. Now, we know often hear you — and particularly this channel and yourself, dear Steve! — saying, “Bring it on!” But there is a level at which the collective ability to manage this rate of change can be burnt out. And you see this in individuals. And how you often will see it is that there is so much chaos within their lives that there is either disease, illness, or mental breakdown or emotional breakdown. That is not of the Mother’s love and that is not of the Mother’s plan.

So, the shutdown of all nuclear facilities would cause greater trepidation, greater fear, greater chaos. So that is not about to happen. Now, will there, over the next, oh, two to three years, be a complete switch in terms of how energy is generated and collected and dispersed upon the planet? Yes. But in terms of feeling that the switch has been turned off in this manner because of disaster? No, it will not take place.

SB: Okay. Well, that’s very reassuring. Just before we leave this topic — and, by the way, I’d like to, later on in the program, have you speak about the contribution of John Kennedy and how far we’ve come since then — but before that, before we leave the subject, there are people who see the skies around their area filled with chemtrails, they say, and they worry that chemtrails are still being spewed out upon the planet.

Could you address the subject of chemtrails and where we’re at with those at the moment, please?

AAM: Chemtrails are not a reality. And again, there are a couple of situations where there are attempts for chemtrails to be dispersed, but in fact these are being immediately transmuted — again, by your star brothers and sisters. The resources, the real gifts of Gaia — which is, of course, the Earth, the air, the water, the light, the sun — are being restored, and they are also being protected. So, even when it is appearing that it looks like a chemtrail, simply know that there are other elements that have been diffused into these. So the danger — that is really the question — the… there are a couple, literally, of situations, companies, that are dispersing chemtrails. It is not a normal practice any longer, and when they are released, even as they are being released, they have already been infused with codes and elements that are not known or available on Earth. So it is not happening.

SB: All right….

AAM: It is good that we have this opportunity this day, because often I am not the one and I do not have the opportunity to speak about what is truly unseen and the assistance that is taking place. Thank you.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Well, one person who was attempting to bring in radical change, to shut down the Federal Reserve, to declare the existence of the galactics and many other radical factors that he tried to change was John Kennedy. And of course he was assassinated for his troubles.

Can you… can you talk to us about the contribution of John Kennedy and how far we’ve come since those days, please?

AAM: This one was and is a bright soul. Many of you have a very gentle spot, as do we, in your heart for John Kennedy, or for the being that you have known in this capacity. And this one was truly a leader and a pivotal person, individual, in activating change for the planet.

Now, let us be personal. So often, my beloved friends, you are hard on yourselves. And even though we continually say to you that there is no place for judgment, you so often judge yourselves harshly. And you think, “Oh, I don’t measure up,” or, “I don’t do as much as I could,” or “I could have…” “I should have…”.

Why do I bring this up? Because when you look at John Fitzgerald Kennedy you do not see a man who was the embodiment of what you define — not us — as perfection in every arena of his life. There were what you would call human foibles, decisions that were less than perfect, and yet this one was such a catalyst for change. Rather than speaking about the drama, the intrigue behind this assassination, just let us take this one incident and look at what that assassination brought to the forefront.

Not simply in the United States of America, but worldwide, it brought to the forefront the utter abhorrence of such violence, of such a terrorist, in the true sense of the word, such a terrorist action. The snuffing out of such a bright light followed by the assassinations that continued, acted as a catalyst to begin to change the hearts and minds of the people on Earth. His life showed — and, yes, he was very much one of mine, and he still is, by the way — but his life, his positions, demonstrated a desire for peace and yet a strength of principle that many lightworkers are coming now to understand.

There is not one of you that listens this night that does not deeply desire inner and outer peace. And yet you have also learned, and are learning, that boundaries and sacred space, sometimes even the line in the sand, are important and valuable to be enunciated, and to be able to stand in the strength of who you are to defend that sacred space.

The whole idea of nation-states, of borders, is ridiculous. But humankind has not fully reached that understanding or acknowledgement, and, might I say, acceptance. And certainly at the time of John Kennedy that was not a common or acceptable notion. But the right for one to stand for freedom and for sacred boundaries was. He acted as a magnificent catalyst for change, for human rights, for the breakdown of color barriers, of religious barriers, of sexual barriers, of gender barriers.

There are moments, pinpoints, points of conjuncture, of confluence, that are turning points in the course of human history. And this one individual stood forward and said, “Yes, I will do that. And I will do that in my human way to the best of my ability.”

That is truly the legacy that this one gives you. It is the example that each one of you have this power and have chosen as wayshowers to be those catalysts for change. And what each one of you are doing, right now, is having more profound effect throughout the multiverse than you can imagine.

Did JFK consciously know the massive impact that his life did and would have, what that legacy would hold? No. Did he have insight? Yes. Did he have hopes and dreams? Yes. It was a turning point, and it was a turning point in terms of style, in terms of accessibility, in terms of the use and abuse of power.

There are many on your planet who have gone to lengths to attempt to ensure that the legacy of this family has been concluded. But it has not, because there are plans for John Kennedy to return yet again.

SB: As himself, Lord?

AAM: As a Kennedy. He is preferential to that name.

SB: Well, that’s very interesting. He… when Abraham Lincoln was shot, it took him a year on the astral planes to recover. Could you tell us a little bit about John Kennedy’s recovery on the astral planes after the assassination? And can you tell us a little bit about what he will be contributing when he returns, as you just stated?

AAM: Because of the soul agreement, it was about a year. It was more like 15 or 16 months in what we would call a restful peace, examination, recovery, for this one to be prepared in ways to re-emerge and to come fully and completely into his spirit self.

Assassination is a very particular aberration. There are those who would say that assassination takes place every day on the streets of Iraq, in Afghanistan, in the back streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, even Toronto, Japan. But there is a difference. And we do not minimize, ever, the taking of one’s life, of murder, of killing, not only to the individual who is killed, but to the individual who commits the act of the killing.

In fact, in many ways, the injury to the one who kills is even more grievous than the one who gets to return home. And you see this by the heavy situation of so many who are combatants having post-traumatic stress disorders. It is a terrible, terrible burden to carry, and particularly when you believe that you have done so in the name of honor, because these are two discordant belief systems to have within you. But let us go back to assassination.

Assassination of a leader — whether it is a Lincoln or a Kennedy, it matters not; a foreign dignitary, but one who represents ideals, ideals that are in concordance and alignment with the Divine Qualities — the assassination (and they are [carrying us?] in their very person, as do you, my beloved lightworkers), the assassination has greater impact because the action of the assassination is to try and kill, to eliminate those beliefs, those qualities.

And it isn’t that every individual does not carry some Divine Quality. But let us suggest that when there are riflemen killing each other in the caves of Afghanistan, that is not the intent, that I am killing the essence of who you are. And it is in assassination. And therefore the recovery… the injury is more grievous and the recovery is more lengthy because so much has been sacrificed. And it isn’t just the ideals. It isn’t just the human life. It is the dream. It is that co-creation. It is the heart desire of creating a better world that is put to death, and that is grievous. And just as it takes longer for that soul, spirit, to recover, so it takes a nation and a world, a populace, longer to recover. That is why here we are, all these years and decades later, speaking of this.

Similarly Martin Luther King. It was the attempt to destroy a dream; a dream of equality, of freedom, and a significant shift in the way that human beings operate.

Now, when he returns, he will return as an interplanetary human being, and he will be very involved in the intergalactic councils for peace, harmony, cooperation and the establishment of intergalactic peace. That is what John Kennedy will return as, once again male form, as a peacekeeper and ambassador.

SB: Wonderful. Well, there… there have been so many assassinations — Gandhi; you mentioned King; Kennedy, Robert Kennedy. Even Marilyn Monroe it appears was assassinated. Are the forces that did that — and I could name them, but I don’t think you probably want me to — are they out of the picture now? Or is this…

AAM: Yes, they are!

SB: Right. So we needn’t expect this to continue into the future and lose such precious leaders as Kennedy was?

AAM: No. Now, does that mean that everything has been cleared out of harm’s way? What you are thinking of in terms of these dark forces have been… let us just say removed and contained. Let us leave it at that. But that does not mean… and that is why I have been very emphatic; not to instill fear, because there is no place for fear, particularly at this moment, where you are so close. But vigilance is a different thing. Chaos, for some, creates disillusion. And I use it in that sense, not just illusion, but dis-illusion, fantasy, ideation that has no basis in your reality or ours.

So, is everything out of harm’s way? No. Is there potential for someone who is extremely disillusioned, what you would call mentally displaced, or in a place of despair, to act out their real or imagined grievances against a political leader? That potential is still there. That is why we say we are being very careful — yes, you might even say cautious — because of that tipping point of chaos. So the chaos is being managed. You may not feel that we are managing it well, or that your star brothers and sisters are not as involved as you would like. But dear heart… yes, I guess this is an issue of trust. It is being managed, because we do not want any being going over that line.

So for us to say to you categorically “It is not possible for this to occur again” would not be correct. Is it likely? Highly unlikely. Is it possible? Yes, it is within the range of possibility. But also know that those who have been positioned, and who have accepted those positions of leadership — and we don’t just mean political — that they are being protected, not only in the physical sense. If you come with me at night you see that we go to the Middle East, you see that we go to the Far East, you see that we walk the halls of the White House. So, we are on the job as well.

SB: Well, let me put it…

AAM: This is the true meaning of shift work!

SB: Or night jobs. Let me put it another way, Lord, that, as a person who…. [sigh] Boy, I’m still… still affected by… by the memory of that day! As a person who was absolutely enrolled in what John Kennedy was trying to do, the death of that vision of the New Frontier, of the world at peace that he was bringing in, was, I don’t think I could tolerate or stand or get through unscathed another repetition of something like that. It was so — [sigh] sorry — it was so impactful on me.

AAM: It was so…. Yes. But, my brother, you did not give up the dream.

SB: Well, no, I guess I didn’t. No. I was very inspired by the Dream. I’ve always been very inspired by Kennedy.

AAM: And that is what we can only call sacrifices have accomplished, is that while these malign forces believed that they could assassinate the Dream, they didn’t. If anything, what they did was raise the level of the commitment to the Dream to the ideal. So there have been many scenarios — and we speak of Kennedy this day — but there have been many scenarios to try and smear his name, but they have not succeeded.

SB: Boy, I agree with you there. There are people who romanticize Kennedy; there are people who say he was King Arthur. Did he make a significant contribution to the planet before being John Kennedy?

AAM: Yes, he did.

SB: Now, you ordinarily don’t…

AAM: He would not choose to have you know how many times he had been on the planet to effect radical change. But this venue, this assignment was not new to him, not since the very beginning.

SB: Well, I hope he’s listening in. And I’m sure he is.

AAM: He is right where you are, dear heart!

SB: Well, I certainly acknowledge the impact he had on me. There’s no doubt about it. It was as if a breath of fresh air had entered every scene — social, political, economic; every scene you could think of — and when he was killed it was as if the stodgy side of things was reasserted. And it was very difficult to take, very, very difficult to take. And I do honor the man, Lord.

AAM: It was as if the dark curtain of death had descended once again, trying to smother the light. But it didn’t, and it hasn’t.

Sometimes it takes a while for the phoenix to rise from the ashes. But you, collectively and individually, not ‘are rising’; ‘have risen’. So now you are only beginning to recognize that, and recognizing that you are and you can and you will continue to fly free.

Do not allow this image of chaos to pull you down. Look at it. Observe it. Know it for what it is. It is radical change. And then look to your hearts and look to each other. And the love, and the knowing of who you are that is blossoming and flowering and growing there! There is no stopping you.

SB: Oh, I’m sure that’s true. What would Kennedy himself have liked to see happen as a result of his presidency? What would he like to see go forward that acknowledges his plans and his desires?

AAM: He had a dream of peace. As I have said, yes, his heart was emerald green; it still is. But he is completely of the blue ray. And his dream of peace was fitting for a man of his culture to act as a catalyst for change. He wanted to see… his dream was to see the complete cessation of what was termed the ‘cold war,’ and for the nationhood to come together in ways that were cooperative to truly engage in the exploration and the welcoming — because he was fully aware of the extraterrestrials, your star brothers and sisters — to fully engage with them.

Now, was it packaged as space race, as jobs, as economic growth? Yes, but that was not the kernel of the dream. The dream was a world of peace engaged with your star brothers and sisters in economic freedom for all. That was the gift that he brought.

Go in peace, dear hearts.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell, and take my gratitude and blessings.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 11-21-13