Communication is a form and a level of heart connection. It is the sharing of your being with another. It is not simply the spoken word, it can be the look on your face, the body language..some of the strongest, clearest communication is the silent communication. Silence speaks volumes. It is creating the space for the heart speaking…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Happy New Year! We’re excited to be joining you again in this new year of 2014. And with that I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And yes, happy new year to all our listeners. And I thought that we’d start our session off today by talking to Linda, because Linda, I believe you go up on the ships quite regularly and communicate with the galactics. What’s it like?

Linda Dillon: [laugh] It’s wonderful, and it’s normal, and it’s every day. And it’s a form of communication that we are adopting, evolving into, becoming, as we become our higher-dimensional, our transdimensional self.

You know, in thinking about this, I thought a good place to start, Steve, would be to talk about how… that we tend to think of all the galactics or the intergalactics as sort of one group, and that’s not necessarily so. And our galactic friends, our star brothers and sisters tend to vary from 5D to 7D, even some in the eighth dimension. And just like we have customs of communication, in different cultures, different countries, so do they. But just as we also have some rules or forms of communication in terms of how we speak to each other in courteous ways, in loving ways, so do they.

Historically, you know, we’ve all been thinking about and dreaming about meeting a galactic or one of our star brothers and sisters. And what would we say, or how would we behave? Or how would we approach them? Or would they accept us? Would they be able to talk to us?

And the quick answer for all of us is yes, of course, they can speak to us. But it’s important in terms of our own evolution, and our own evolution of our forms of communication, and shifting from ego and very much a mental body into our heart consciousness, that we look at the evolution of the galactic form of communication as well.

Before, on Hour with an Angel, we’ve talked about how, following the intergalactic wars there was a form of language that was developed call Perro, P E R R O, and it was a language that was developed so that there could be mediation and peacekeeping after the terrible annihilation and devastation of the wars, where not only beings but planets were destroyed.

And so what they found is by coming to the table together, with no emotion, just with factual information, that it took the charge out of communication. And we see that every day in our own communication, and especially you, Steve, because you’re a specialist on this subject.

So, that was one of their starting points. And what that led to, evolved to, was mutual understanding and appreciation of each other and how different cultures or how different galaxies can communicate and reach a common understanding.

So now, if we jump forward to where we are today and how do we communicate with galactics and intergalactics, most of our communication with that realm, with our star brothers and sisters, is telepathic. But that is not to say that they don’t have the ability to speak, you know, with vocal cords and mouth and sound to us. And in fact, you know, there’s so many — what do they call it? — boots on the ground right now that in fact we’re probably, many of us, speaking to our star brothers and sisters — and angels, for that matter, our guides — without even realizing it.

But what does that …. Go ahead.

SB: Well, just before you go forward, Linda, you say that they’re — and I don’t know if the word is located — in the sixth, seventh, eighth dimensions; where are you meeting them? In what dimension are you meeting them? And are they coming down to that dimension, or how does that…? You have to have a galactic there in front of you to speak to, and how is that meeting taking place?

LD: If we make it up close and personal, in fact, where I move to is the seventh dimension.

SB: Right.

LD: And just a little quick insight is you don’t, in fact, have to have a galactic directly in front of you to be communicating with them, because don’t forget the communication is telepathic, and that can vibrate or communicate or be teleported over millions of miles.

But when I go to the Neptune, because that’s my other home, it isn’t a matter that I feel that I am dramatically shifting dimensions. Do I feel lighter? Do I feel perceptually different? Yes. Do I hear and communicate and perceive the communications that are going amongst people and between people on board ship? Yes. Do I receive downloads, almost like getting your email download for the day, only it’s one download and it’s completely instantaneous and telepathic? Yes.

But as soon as you are in the company of a galactic, the level at which you are communicating is… different. Now, I wanted to say ‘higher,’ but I won’t! But it is completely different. Because inside what you would think of, what you and I as, you know, human beings would think of as words, and even in between the letters of the words, all the feelings, all the complexities of a thought, all the divine qualities are inside. That’s the foundation, that’s the starting point of having a communication.

In fact, even before you nod to each other, there is a split second — well, in what we would think of as our time — there is a split second where you basically scan each other, and… so that there is a very subtle adjustment that’s taking place so that communication can be on the same plane and meaningful.

And that moment of silence, or that second of silence, is a given, because when you’re talking about having communication at a heart consciousness level, then you always are taking into consideration what the other person is ready to hear, what they need to hear. So before you even begin that download of “Here’s the background, here’s the circumstance, here’s the information, here’s the raison d’être,” it all is there.

And it’s never judgmental. It can be, but it is not always… objective and collegial. There are ways, if there are differences of opinions — yes, even at that level, particularly if it’s 5D — that there is a method of mediation that is not unlike some of our more advanced understandings of what mediation can look like, which is primarily listening and being open and having your heart open.

But even in that scanning, even in the exchange of information, privacy, your sense of boundaries, is never violated. So that when you communicate with somebody you feel the love, you feel the compassion, you feel the warmth, literally, of that communication, but you never feel that you’ve somehow lost your sense of self. So it’s… it’s like taking a warm bath, in many ways.

SB: Yeah. That… is familiar to me from discussions of life in the… life after death, life in the spirit world — there is no death, of course, but — in the higher dimensions again there’s no invasion of privacy, and…. Well, that’s very interesting.

Why don’t we ask Archangel Michael to come in and pick up the topic? Shall I give you…?

LD: Sounds good to me!

SB: Okay, I’ll give you a little time to make the transition.

LD: Yeah.

Archangel Michael: Greetings! I am Michael…

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: … archangel of peace, warrior of love. Welcome! Welcome, my friends, my family, and yes, my humans, my intergalactics, my galactics, my star brothers and sisters. I am pleased in this new year of which I welcome you to discuss this issue of communication, because it is a pivotal and crucial issue, not only in terms of communication with your galactic friends, your galactic family, but with each other, with your sacred selves, with your guardians, with your guides, with the angelic realms, with the Divine Mother and, yes, at times, even Father — with us, dear heart.

Communication — what does this really mean? And how has it been forgotten? It is a form and a level of heart connection. It is the sharing of your being, your sacred self, with another, whether it is a star being, your best friend, your dearly beloved, or we, the Company of Heaven and the Council of Love.

What is unusual in the human realm, and particularly in light of the old third dimension, is how this concept, how this situation of heart connection was forgotten, was placed aside, was considered unimportant.

How many times, my friends, my family, in your lifetime have you heard someone say to you, “I just want the facts? I just want the information. I don’t care how you feel about it. I don’t care how you feel”? This is an atrocity.

No, I do not speak in exaggerated terms. The entire purpose of communication is sacred union. It is a form which was evolved with variation for the human race for beings to come together. And it was to incorporate wisdom and knowledge, feelings and ideas, to share, and in that sharing to come closer and closer together, not to obliterate one another but to come to the deep soul understanding, and in that understanding the appreciation of the wonder of your being and the wonder of the being that you are speaking and communicating with.

Too often it has been overlooked, pushed aside or forgotten that communication is not simply the spoken word. Now, I tell you things that you know, but I truly wish to remind you, the look on your face, the body language — yes, even when you are speaking to me! — all of this is a sacred communication. In many ways that was the foundation of what you think of as prayer. It was the human beings’ attempt to get back to a place where the communication was sacred, where the honoring of each other was present.

You enter into a new time, a new dimension, a new age, and it is golden. It is paradise. It is the Cities of Light. It is Nova Gaia. And it is fruitful. But how is this abundance expressed? It is expressed, my friends, through loving communication. And might I remind you also that some of the strongest, clearest communication with us, with your star brothers and sisters, with each other, is the silent communication. Silence speaks volumes. It is creating the space for the heart speaking. So often we speak to you in whispers. And so often what you say to us is “Can you please speak up?” Of course we can. Why do we not sometimes? Because we are reminding you, we are helping you to remember, to listen also to the whispers of your own heart, to your own being, and to go forward from there.

Let us speak of how we communicate with you. There is much discussion — and yes, Ashira will also speak to this — but there is much discussion of adjustment or attunement, the raising, the lowering of vibrations. And that has been accurate and a good barometer for you to consider, particularly in the past, the past as in last week. But there is also a melding of our hearts, of our beings.

When we come together, whether it is in this form of communication or simply in your meditation or your nature walks or your quiet moments — it matters not. Now, how does this happen? Yes. We adjust our vibratory rate so that it can actually come out as sounds, as whispers, as intuition, as inspiration, as a thought. Adjustment — do not take this necessarily as lowering, but what also occurs, my dear hearts, because as you agree, passively or not, to this level of communication, you are also adjusting your vibration.

If we did not do or attend to the adjustment in vibration, you would either hear a very high… like a shrill buzzing sound or static or nothing at all. So in using, for example, a channel’s mechanism, their physical mechanism, then what we do is adjust so that their electromagnetic vehicle can transmit to you.

Now, if you did not agree to hear — and this is very important — to hear and to listen, then you would not receive the communication. There are still many on Earth who say, “Well, no, I don’t hear that,” whether it is the high ringing sound or the angelic chorus. Similarly, they say, “I did not see that. I did not perceive that. I have no idea what you are talking about.” And it is because they have not, in their own wisdom, have not agreed to adjust their frequencies.

Now, with the infusion and the gifts that have been flooding your Earth very intensely, particularly directly from the heart of the Mother, this frequency on the part of the human race has been raised. So you can think of it as a spiritual, evolutionary jump. And so that adjustment on a mass level has been made.

Now, that agreement, that choice — to hear, to listen, to engage — is still the individual choice.

In human form, when someone is phoning you or texting you or emailing you, and you say, “Well, I don’t feel like talking,” so you simply don’t pick up, or you say, “Oh, I don’t have time right now. I will get to it later,” and sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t, or you simply say, “Well, I don’t like that person. I don’t care for that person. I don’t want to speak to them,” and you ignore them. Well, that is you shutting out communication, that is you shutting down the heart connection, the sacred union that you have, and sometimes — often! — you have done it with us.

Now, do we take offense? Of course not. If nothing else, we are not only patient, we are insistent. And we have, and we never will, stop knocking at your door, the door to your heart, to have this level of communication. Now, there are times, in urgency, when you hear us loud and clear, when you hear me yell, “Stop!” or when you hear me call, “Linda! Graham! Steve!” and then you pay attention, but you do not listen to the full conversation. Or, conversely, you receive the entire message in a millisecond.

So our form of communication is varied. It is much broader than what you currently consider human communication at this juncture. But what you are doing, my friends, is taking that quantum leap. And that is truly why we are having this conversation, why we are having and engaging in this heart communication, because you are ready. And, frankly, we have waited. We have waited for thousands and thousands and thousands of years for the fullness of this communication to begin.

You say to me, “Well, Michael, Lord, what do I have to do to hear you, to hear my star brothers and sisters, to even hear my beloved more clearly?” Be still. Enter into the silence in your very busy societies with a multitude of distractions. Too many have forgotten the blessing and the virtue of silence.

You have grown and you know of the precept of not speaking over one another, of truly listening to each other, and that alone is wondrous. But you have need to be in greater stillness and to listen in the silence. The silence, my beloved friends, does not need to be hours or days — although that is a valuable practice. But what you need to do, what we encourage you to do — let us put it this way — what we beg you to do is to perfect the practice of entering into the silence in the blink of an eye. Because that is exactly what we do and what your galactic friends do.

So, in the silence you set the stage, you make your adjustments, you open your heart, you adjust your frequency and you prepare not only to listen and to hear, but to speak. We do not want… it is not part of the plan — the Mother is very clear on this — it is not intended that you simply listen. Now, when we say “Listen and hear,” we also mean receive. There is an acceptance in the very act of listening, of truly hearing.

Similarly, when you speak to us, telepathically or out loud, and as the Mother has said, all prayers are heard — all screams are heard! — when you speak to us we are also in that silence listening, receiving. And then, like you, and particularly now, as we move into recovery, we both jump into action. We all jump into action, into movement, into creation and co-creation because the purpose of communication is, yes, to heart-share, but it is also to build, to create. That is why the information is infused with constructs, formulas, understandings, insights, inspirations; why it is infused with the qualities necessary to create what Einstein would call that implosion-explosion into the movement of creation.

Communication is fundamental to our existence, to your existence. It is the understanding that you have in your realm of the movement of the Mother.

Is this clear?

SB: Yes, it is, Lord. And perhaps I can ask you a question, if that’s okay. I would think that the most difficult communication that we’ll have, with the galactics or the celestials, will be the first one. We’ll probably be nervous. Some people will be afraid. Some people will have anxieties. What advice can you give us to help us quell these apprehensions that we have in our first conversation with a galactic being?

AAM: There is a universe of difference between nervousness and fear. And your galactic family has been very clear that they will not come in a situation that will invoke or involve fear. Now, having said that — or us, as well — we can do a great deal to assist you, not override you, but assist you in adjusting your frequency to let go of that fear. Nervousness is that concern, that anxiety about being judged, about being found wanting. And that is important for you to understand, that the higher realm of communication simply does not have that element of judgment.

So, can you be excited? Yes. Can you be nervous? Yes. But set aside this feeling that somehow you won’t measure up.

Now, one of the reasons why communication between the realms — and this has been spoken of at length, so I will not dwell on it — but why the difficulty between the realms has existed is because when you are in a state of lack of self-love, lack of worth, high anxiety, fear, that vibration is not compatible to a higher dimension. So all you are ever going to get is static.

Now, does that discourage you? Yes, I know it does. So let us talk about the good news. Because what you are talking about is finding a star brother standing in your front yard or next to you in the movie theatre or in the checkout line. First of all, that element of immediacy is a gift. And the gift of it is that in that, being confronted with it and the realization of it, the excitement and the enthusiasm will override the fear. And at the same time they are beaming directly into your heart and assisting you in that adjustment that we have spoken of to raise your frequency.

So it is as if they have the technology in their very being, in their very core, to assist you to raise that frequency so that you are in a position to speak heart to heart. And yes, they can adjust their frequency downwards, if you choose to use that expression, so that you can acknowledge and engage in a meaningful conversation, even if it is very casual to start with.

And the casual encounter is how you are becoming used to knowing that they are all around you, that you are encountering them every single day. Look into their eyes. That is the clearest and most profound indicator. Look into their sparkling eyes, look into the light that shines right through them, and in that know, feel as if you are falling into their eyes, yes, almost mesmerized, and that there is a feeling of such safety and comfort that the fear is not present, that you are enfolded in that love, in that acceptance, and in the embrace of your star family.

It is not difficult, it is just new.

SB: Well, I plan to go to a movie on Friday, Lord, so I’ll be very diligent and look around me to see if there’s anybody there.

I wonder if we should transition to Ashira, and I should actually speak with a galactic? What do you think?

AAM: Yes, I will gladly step aside. But before I do…

SB: Please?

AAM: … understand, my beloved friends, this level of communication, this jump that we are speaking of, this preparation that you are involved in right now is not just with your star brothers and sisters; it is with each other, and it is with us. And we welcome the conversation.

Go with my love and go in peace.

SB: Thank you…

AAM: And understand, there is no conversation that can be had that does not begin with the blue flame of peace.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Ashira: I am Ashira of Neptune…

SB: Greetings….

A: … Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and it is my honor and pleasure to be here this day.

SB: Thank you for coming.

A: Welcome.

SB: Thank you.

A: I have been eavesdropping.

SB: [laugh]

A: And, might I say that many, well, if not all, of your star brothers and sisters — and it matters not; you call us galactics and intergalactics; we call you by a variety of names as well — but the similarity that we bring forth this day is that we are already part of your family, and we have been in communication with you for hundreds and hundreds of years. And we have been in communication, very clear communication, with Gaia and the keepers of the council fire for even longer. But to have this level of communication, this heart connection — because that is what we so eagerly seek — is a gift to us.

When Linda comes home at night, do you really think that we begin our conversation by asking for a full report of the news of the day, particularly given your mass media? It would be an incorrect report, to say the least! But that is not how we begin our conversations. We begin the conversation by seeking each other out, not invading, but examining and sharing how we are doing, how we feel, the concerns, the trials, the tribulations, the joys, the victories — and yes, even the Commander of UFOG has trials and tribulations! And I would dare say that many of them are located on Earth!

My beloved friends, we know your heart, and yes, in the past communication between our realm, our dimensions, our ships and yourselves has required a step-down, a massive adjustment, and there have been times when even that has not been sufficient. And even as we have tried to reach out to you in a variety of ways — inspiration, technology, learning, information, understanding, visual contact within your stars and heavens — you have not always had and we have not always had the level of communication, the depth of communication that we seek.

Now that is changing. One of the reasons that we have put, assigned, placed, so many of your star brothers and sisters — from all the forces, by the way — upon the planet (so it is very much a mixed contingent on Earth, some back and forth, depending on their assignment, but many what you would think of as long-term assignments on Gaia) was for the vibration to be attuned much like a tuning fork or a piano, or an instrument — a violin — so that our frequencies could begin to adjust to one another.

Now, this has only been possible because the vibration, the frequency — what some of you would think of as light quotient — of your collective has been rising.

Let us use an example. If we were, as a star being, to meet you, or to meet not you, because you are of love and kindness and you have been integrating and anchoring the divine qualities — and I say this not only to you, Steve, but to all the listeners that we also welcome and wish this brand new year to — but if we were to encounter someone who was filled with anger, envy, mistrust, lack of worth, hatred, greed, control, not only was communication impossible and at best difficult, it was for the star being, for us, as if we had been terrorized. Such qualities of the old third, such a field of aggressive, disorganized energy to come at us and try and unite would be unthinkable.

And yes, do we have the shields? Yes. Do we have the technology to heal such an aggressive attack? Yes. But my friends, why would we even expose ourselves to that? So much of what we have done, oh, for hundreds of years, is to prepare the environment, to assist you in preparing the environment so that we could truly be in that sacred space of communication. Until about 50 years ago we held Gaia in a protective cocoon of pink, and that was so that she would not shift her poles or tremble apart, to reassure her that help was here and that love was there. And that energy has penetrated each and every one of you.

Now, over this period of what we term the Shift and Ascension, the focus has not been just merely on Gaia, although that has continued — the cocoon has long since been removed; she is stable — but the focus has been on working, adjusting, teaching, communicating, particularly with chosen seeds, as it were, with each of you so that this community that you belong to, that you have consciously joined a decade ago, of being part of a galactic community and not just a planet of nation-states, so that realization and the communication that that requires and invites could begin to take place.

Now, your span of patience — and yes, it is a divine quality, but it is also, like all divine qualities, it grows and it anchors and it transmutes, and then it grows again. So your framework of what you have thought of as patience in terms of speaking with us, and having clear contact, and having us visibly engaged in your societies has been very different than ours. And that is not a criticism. That is simply the impatience of your collective to escape that old third and to jump to the higher realms. So this impatience has also served you.

But our patience in terms of setting the framework, the environment, so that we could really have heart communication, soul communication that you would comprehend and that we would comprehend and that would not be offensive or injurious to us has been longer than you want, than you desire. And in fact our desires have not been part of this equation. Our desire has been immediacy, but our patience has overridden that.

We practice prudence. We embody fortitude. And so, in many ways you can say we have waited you out, so that we would not be harmed, and frankly so that your fears could dissipate, and that that adjustment could take place. Because if we had done this earlier, while the presence of some of the darker forces was present, it would not have been clear to you who you were communicating with. So their expulsion to an alternate reality was also a prerequisite to our communication, but also our energy field was waiting for your energy field to be raised so that we would not disintegrate you, emotionally and physically.

So there have been many things that needed to be put in place. But now, here we are. And so you say to me, “Ashira,” and might I say to you — my dear friends often call me Ash, and so I invite you to do that — “how do you communicate?” With a heart smile, not masking how you feel, because we know it anyway. And so it is not honoring if you try and mask how you feel. It is not trusting. It is not even engaging.

So you begin by saying, “Hello.” You begin by extending your heart, your eyes, your smile. You begin by saying, “I’m a little nervous, but I welcome you.” Because we welcome you. Many of you are frequent visitors and have very important positions, critical positions, onboard ship.

Now, we have heard your curse and swear and beg to remember this. But until that happens, for all of you, we will hold that memory for you and we will share your exploits. But our first communications — for most of you, not all of you; obviously there are many of you who are very conscious of being with us — but for the general populace, it will be on the ground. It will not be, at first, the mass landing because of the powers that be that are still in flux and adjustment. But the energy fields, the adjustment of the masses is already there. The choice to love, to ascend, has already been made. So you are ready.

SB: Thank you, Ash. And I think you have placed great stress on heart communication, on loving exchange, and many of us have been through — particularly in the last 20 years — a time of feeling that we’ve been exploited, we’ve been… I think the word is conned, and we’re going to initially at least have some fears. And of course fears, fear is inimical, inimical — I think I got the word correct! — to love. So what is your advice to us who have been through this kind of history in the last 20 years to be able to make the jump to loving and trusting communication with you all?

A: And many of you have been, as you have put it, conned for thousands of years.

SB: Yes, that’s true.

A: And the extent of how deeply you have been conned is not even fully known on Gaia.

SB: Yes…

A: Now, I do not say that to be a mystery. I simply say it to acknowledge it. We are not asking for blind trust. What we are asking for is for you to trust your heart for what you have asked for and what you have been desiring. It is not simply our desires to have communication with you that is resulting in this opening. It is the large number of many of you who have been begging and saying, “I want to speak to you. I need to speak to you. I need to know.”

So when you see — and that is why we are saying the first encounters may be the most casual. So when you see us, trust your own knowing, trust your own heart, and then say, “Hello.” Let it flower between us.

SB: Well, thank you for that…

A: We are waiting.

SB: Thank you for that, Ash. And we’ll have to continue this discussion another time. It’s fascinating. Thank you very much for coming.

A: Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon