St. Germaine reminds us…we are multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional beings…

You cannot have your feet on this planet and not be multi-dimensional. So can we simply begin today, beloved people Read More

St. Germaine asks us to expand the trust within, then share it…

Trust is also the divine quality that you carry within you. It is not a matter of gaining trust because Read More

St. Germaine speaks of the Ascension Portal…

When you encounter naysayers, take the torch that I have given you with the Violet Flame, take it and torch Read More

St. Germaine talks about relationships; sacred, with self…all relationships…

I will leave you with the reminder: Love, honor, respect, torch, and remember you are healing every sacred relationship you Read More

St. Germaine continues his discussion on Energy Healing

The process of healing with the I AM does not need to be long and arduous. I wish you to Read More

St. Germaine asks, “What is love really?”

It is the experience, the knowing, the connection, the connectedness, the union with the One, with Source, with All. Love Read More

St. Germaine discusses ‘Energy Healing and Energy Medicine’

Each of you has the capacity, the talents, the where-with-all to heal and to heal instantaneously and to heal one Read More

St. Germaine gifts us again with his Violet Flame and discusses current Prosperity Programs

I welcome you this day with my gift of the Violet Flame. And I instill it once again joyously and Read More

St. Germaine speaks of self-esteem and with the Violet Flame, heals our hearts

The greatest individual human tragedy is underestimating yourself. It bars your creativity, it bars how wonderful you think you are, Read More

July 4th Message from St. Germaine on Independence, Freedom and the New You

I come to speak to you this day not of throwing off the shackles of oppression, but to remind you Read More