On this weeks Hour With An Angel, St. Germaine said, “You are truly recovering and restoring your sweet self and this planet from a very long tradition of war and the wounds of war. You are healing the burdens, the wounds, the belief systems, the paradigms of what has hurt you.”


St. Germaine on Personal and Global Healing

An Hour with An Angel

Linda Dillon        Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow        Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone, and welcome to An Hour with An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, and with me today is Linda Dillon. You have a channeling course coming up Linda?

Linda Dillon: I do, I have a webinar series to teach people how to channel and there are just a few slots available still. It’s an online course beginning January 28th, a series of four alternating Saturdays. It’s a process that was given to me years ago by the Council of Love and tweaked and built upon over the years. Hundreds of people have taken the course. It’s a pretty sure-fire method. And, you know I was thinking about it as I was getting ready for our time together tonight and it strikes me that as we’re moving into this energy with this ability to instantaneously channel or have that ongoing conversation with unseen friends, it’s becoming more and more important. The task at hand is so big and unfolding so rapidly that we really want to be able to get that insight and guidance simultaneously. So it’s for written, intuitive and verbal channeling. But, I think we’re all channels and the purpose of this is to open that up so that we’re all receiving that insight. You can register on the Council of Love website. There are a few openings still available. It’s a class that’s limited in size, Steve, because we do break it down and it’s really intense coaching.

SB: Well, I was going to say we have St. Germaine waiting in the wings, but he walks through walls, so he hardly waits in wings.

LD: He’s actually sitting in the chair next to me, (Laughter) making himself very comfortable.

SB: Well, let’s give you a chance to make your transition. I believe St. Germaine is going to talk to us today in part, on how to best to get through this time of accelerated healing, how to open up to what comes after. And I can’t wait. St. Germaine.

Saint Germaine: And greetings to all of you. I am St. Germaine, keeper of the violet flame…of the violet flame torch. Brother and ally and friend, comrade and colleague. Welcome to all of you. And, yes, I do come to speak about a variety of subjects.

And, I wish to speak and to address this issue of healing the wounds of war. And, you say, “But I do not know this, or I do not feel wounded from war.” And, I assure you, my beloved friends, in one way or another in all of the above, you are truly recovering and restoring your sweet self and this planet from a very long tradition of war and the wounds of war. In this accelerated time, in this time, might I say, thank God, of fulfillment, in this time of becoming the truth, the light, the love of who you truly are, in this time of ascension. My friends, you are going through some very rapid changes. And, what some of you have called clearing or healing or elimination or transmutation or even transubstantiation, you are letting go. You are healing the burdens, the wounds, the belief systems, the paradigms of what has hurt you.

Now, I could be very dramatic and suggest to you, especially for some of you, that you are healing the wounds of war as far back as the intergalactic wars; that you are healing the wounds of war from the occurrences of Atlantis. There is a history, not to be denied, but not to be fabricated either – and there is a great deal of fabrication going on upon this planet – but that is not where I am going with this.

All of you – and when I say all of you I do not only mean you, my beloved light workers and love holders, I mean all of humanity – is suffering from the wounds of war. You know that there are times when a wound will heal or scab over. But, if the inflammation or infection is not dealt with underneath that scab, it becomes gangrenous, or it becomes invasive and it can cause greater turmoil, greater trouble.

Now, through the energies that are being sent to your planet – and you think that you move at a rapid pace, and in your mental body you often do say, “What’s new? What’s new? What’s new? What’s new?” And you forget what is current. So, what is current is the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. What is current is the Mother’s Tsunami of One. What is current is your star brothers and sisters literally beaming into you the Porlana C energy. And all of this has accelerated and massively expanded who you are and your capacity to hold energy and to process what is not of love. And, increasingly, what is not of love is like a grain of sand in your shoe, a pebble in your shoe. It irritates you to no end and you can’t wait to get rid of it. To which I say, “Congratulations!”

My friends, my family, my fellow journeyers, you are doing and have done a fantastic, fabulous, phenomenal job. Let us start there.

Many of you have been on this journey for a long time and some of you have been on this journey for what we would think is a short time. It matters not. You are welcome, and especially we welcome those of you who are new to this journey, because those of you who have been on this journey for many years are tired, rightfully so. I know what it is as human being, as man, in human form to be tired, to have those feelings, those moments of overwhelm, of despair and even disgust, of disappointment, disenchantment.

So, to the new people, those of you who have recently felt this shift in energy and who are joining this wondrous parade, we welcome you. And we welcome because your newness, which is truly ancient, but your new vision, your new enthusiasm, your new gusto helps all of us and certainly helps those, these beloved light bearers who have been at it for a long time. You not only reinfuse them, you support them and you show them in visible, tangible ways that the change is underway. So, I welcome all of you.

Now, your planet and humanity particularly, is in a process of fulfillment. That is not merely pie in the sky. That is not merely a distant wish. That is the promise of our sacred Mother. It is the fulfillment of a promise that all of us have been awaiting eagerly and, yes, even sometimes impatiently, even in our knowingness that all is in order. All is in divine order. In this time of fulfillment, there is even greater expansion and acceleration. And, you are seeing this, not merely in your spiritual practice, but in your physical, tangible reality. And, that is important because you are always saying to us, “Show me! Demonstrate! Give me a sign!” Well, my friends, you are receiving a sign, left, right and center.

Now, there are two things, two categories of what is happening, what is transpiring in this accelerated energy. Old, might I say unwelcomed, unresolved issues are coming to the forefront, both individually and collectively. Welcome them. You will notice that this is a theme that I speak of this day, this broad open welcoming, arms flung wide open, heart flung wide open. Welcome them because it is simply an indication to you and to the collective that there is something that has not been fully addressed. There is no need for drama. There is no need for dissociation. Acceptance, because in acceptance you enter the flow. We have been speaking to you, oh, around Christmas or earlier, about willingness and forgiving. Well, when you are in acceptance, bring forth the alignment with divine will. Bring in your sacred willingness to simply accept and allow this unfoldment.

Many of you have done fasts, or purges, or have simply had a bad case of influenza. In those situations, there is often a very big, strong purging. That is a sensation that you may well, and we hope you do experience. Not because we want you hanging over a toilet bowl, but because we want this to be a rapid evacuation of anything that has held on, like that pebble in your shoe. So that is the one thing, one category of what is transpiring.

Now, on the other hand, there is also very rapid acceleration of your creations, of your dreams, of your hearts’ desires, of what you are wishing to bring forth. And, that is the good fulfillment, so that you are beginning to understand more fully how this process of ascension and fulfillment is working. So, accept that and accept it with open hearted thanksgiving, glee, gratitude, because that simply creates the environment for the creation energy to grow and to blossom.

Now, as I have said, this planet, humanity, in one way or another, has been at war for a very long time. Now, I could address, and perhaps I will in another time and place, how this energy of war, of destruction, of hatred has affected Gaia and the various kingdoms. But, right now, I want to talk about how this has affected you. Now, some of you may say to me, “But St. Germaine, I have not directly experienced the wounds of war.”

My friends, it is and it has been in the very air you breathe. Often, when we have these opportunities to speak to the entire planetary system over these air waves called the radio, we say that it breaches everybody, whether they are hearing or not, because the love, the love that I offer you this day, goes out and it is in the air. It is in the frequency. It is in the electromagnetic impulses that cover your planet. Similarly, the energies of war – of this belief system that through violence, through abuse and abusive authority, through the wielding of control – that you can somehow wield peace, has been in your air for a very long time. Now, this is being transmuted by all the various energies that are being sent to your planet, including the Porlana C, and there is a cleansing effect.

Additionally, for well over 200 years your star brothers and sisters have been tempering that energy, that very air that you breathe, trying to cleanse it – and cleanse it a great deal by the way – to help lessen what is in your very vibratory field. But, the energy and the wounds of war have been in your air. So, there is no one, no one upon your planet who has not been affected by this tragedy.

Now, you say, “Why are you choosing now to talk about it? Why have we not discussed this earlier?” Well, in fact, we have often referred to it. But, we are talking about it in greater depth this day because now is the time for the completion of this healing and completion of this cycle of violence and war. Whether it is a child that lives in a desolate village in Africa, or a child living in a camp who has been evacuated from Syria or Iraq, or you are living in a penthouse in Chicago or L.A.  Whether you are living on the French Riviera, with scads of money – I know, I’ve done that – you have been affected, my friends.

And, it is time for this belief system and the wounds that it has caused – and I am not just talking flesh wounds, I am talking about the deep mental and emotional and spiritual scars that have resulted from these many, many wars – to come to the surface and heal, for the new skin to form and for the old to no longer be present upon your planet.

Now, one of the things, one of the qualities that is pivotal, yes, in addition to the violet flame in this healing, yes, is the willingness and the forgiving, but it is also compassion. It is this deep, abiding compassion for everybody. Because to a greater or lesser extent, you have all been victims. You have all been robbed of peace.

And, this is with the assistance of Michael. This is with the assistance of all of us. This is with the assistance of your star family. It needs to be healed and it is done with great, great, compassion. You have need to adopt a system, a pasture of passion for compassion. And, I mean this, my beloveds, for everybody, for those who are totally involved in Isis, for those who have been totally involved in what you have called the illuminati or the cabal, those who have been involved in terrible deeds of abuse of power, political, social, institutional, structural, political, especially political. It is understanding with the heart full of love, that these people, these fellow human beings – who also all come in the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream – that they have been victims and in many ways their wounds of war are even deeper because they have engaged in false belief systems. They have engaged in violence with a firm belief that they were on path or correct, ignoring their inner or their outer self. It matters not. There cannot be one shred of judgment because it is in this way that you all go forth, that we all go forth together.

So, I remind you, and I offer you – and I do so on behalf of my being – the violet flame and the torch of the violet flame, because we wish to do this in partnership with thee. We wish to do this as your brothers and sisters and friends. So, ignite this ancient torch.  And, you may see it as something that illuminated the dungeons in the older prisons of the middle ages, or you may see it as a laser beam. It matters not. Violet is violet, my friends. And, see this and use it to torch your own issues that are arising, to assist others with their issues that are arising and to illuminate the entire planet. Because, as you practice with passion, compassion, it will spread like violet wildfire. I join with all the masters, the entire angelic realms, all the enlightened beings to assist you in this. But, we are doing it with you in this new form of partnership that brings into fruition what you are capable of as well.

Where there is love, there can be no hatred. You say, “Oh, my goodness! St. Germaine, that is a strong word!” Yes, it is. There can be no hatred in an ascended, inter-multidimensional society. And I am talking about a Gaian society who takes their rightful place, in a place of stewardship, of leadership for the entire galaxy. You are ready and we are ready.

Now, dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: I just want to make a comment to our listeners. You’ve talked about how the galactics have been working on our atmosphere, as an example. And, I don’t think many people on this planet really know or appreciate that tremendous amounts of depleted uranium were dumped into our atmosphere as a result of war, the Six Day War of 1973. And, that was a planet killer. That was homicidal. If we had kept pumping out depleted uranium, the planet and all its people would have died. And, the galactics removed that depleted uranium from the atmosphere. Do you want to comment on that at all?

SG: What we would say on behalf of the galactics and on behalf of humanities, is thank you. Your galactic brothers and sisters – and in that I include all the fleets – you are doing stellar jobs, selfless jobs, because, have you ever thought about this? You are absolutely correct, my friend Steve. They don’t get many thank you’s. And, yet they work tirelessly. Yes, with the uraniums, with the catching of bombs, with the cleansing of chemtrails, with the cleansing of this energy of mayhem and war. They have been filtering and adjusting and preventing a great deal of devastation, destruction of this planet, not merely, but of course in cleansing their love of Gaia and of the kingdoms, but of you. And, of course because of their devotion, their devotion to the Mother just like you. They have come to this time and place, this dot in the universe because of their love for the Mother. And you have all said and we say “We will do whatever it takes to bring this to fulfillment, to fulfill our promise and our desire.”

There is great excitement that your galactic friends have been working for a very long time…it is only in the last, oh, thirty to forty years that they have removed what they have kept around the planet for your reference points. It would be like a pink bubble of equalization powers, so that the axis did not tilt, and because there was a calming effect of much of the very aberrant behaviors that were going on. And, that particularly had to do with the nuclear developments and testing that the pink bubble was put in place. But, it was also this dissonance that was in the air of the human race. So, they have been doing a great deal of work, and how often upon your planet do you hear a man in the street saying, “We are really grateful to our star family for helping us out?”

So, yes, I am glad that you have brought just one of their contributions to the forefront because they have been patient and humble in their devotion, not just to the Mother but to each of you.

SB: Thank you. I’d like to go back to the subject of the clearing that we’re all doing and I’d like to get your comment on awareness itself. In the years in which I’ve been following the awareness path, it’s strongly been suggested to me by my own experience, that awareness is not neutral. We may need to be neutral in order to expand our awareness, but awareness itself is not neutral, in fact it’s dissolutive. If I sit in their awareness, an upset that I am having or some distant memory that’s coming to the surface in the rising energies of the time, the upset lifts. It also lifts in the face of the truth. It’s not the only circumstance in which it lifts, but can you correct me if I am wrong? Or affirm if I am correct that awareness is dissolutive?

SG: That is correct. You know, if you think not just as a spectrum, more like the construction of an atom or a molecule, that awareness and truth and love and stillness and spaciousness and still point and peace and joy, these are all interrelated. What happens with awareness is that you take what you think of as time, which particularly now is very fluid and malleable, and you actually slow it down. And, in that expansion, because when you slow it down, you’re actually expanding it, and you become both a participant and the observer. Now it is not a 50-50 deal. You are more the observer.

But in order to be in awareness, you also have to participate. So it is about a 70-30 on the observer side for the 70 percent or the 60-40. And you allow this knowing, because that is what awareness is: it is allowing the external, or what we have often called the without and the within to come to the surface and allow you to witness, to see and as a participant, to relinquish whatever the issue is. And, in that release, then what happens is the physical experience – what I would call your human experience – can then proceed without carrying that baggage, and what is truly you can come to the surface. And, also then blossom into awareness and then take you in that awareness to, “Oh, this is the truth! This is not simply a façade that I have erected. It is truly the truth.”

So, what awareness does, is it dissolves that which is not of truth, or not of love, or not of peace, allowing what is truly your essence, your natural self to come to the surface. Is that clear?

SB: Yes, it is. Is it not the case that we could afford to let go of everything because that which is eternal can never be let go of and that which is temporary is all that we’re going to be letting go of.

SG: That is correct. And, in this time – even though we are talking about an expansion or even a slowing down of time – in the position that you and humanity are now, but particularly you as light workers, this process of awareness and allowing can happen very rapidly. Before, and I mean last year, you might have said, “I am sitting with this issue and I am allowing the awareness of this to come to the surface and to process through. And, it may have taken you weeks, and for some of you, depending on the nature of what was transpiring, even months, and in other old situations, even years. Now, my beloved friends it can happen in minutes, certainly hours. You don’t need to prolong the agony.

SB: That’s great! You know, you said earlier ‘where there is love, there is no hatred.’ And I know that that statement has a number of levels of meaning. One of them would not have been clear to me two years ago. And, that is that when real love, what Jesus called real love, transformative love, what the Divine Mother would call Sacred Love, arises, it fills the space. Hatred cannot enter into the space. It would be as if water had come into a tank and air wanted to come into the tank. Well, no, water is in the tank and it won’t allow air in. So, that particular level of meaning would never have been apparent to me.

Can you talk a little about the, call it the transformative impact of love, the fact that that kind of love, that fifth dimensional love or even seventh dimensional love, pushes aside these negative feelings.

SG: That is exactly correct. Now understand, and your wonderful example of the water and the air; you are love. You are born of love, it is your DNA, which strands created a physical form and on and on. When you allow, first through awareness – and in some cases, people think of awareness as meditation or prayer – it is bringing your attention, your awareness, without interference and you have created in the past many made up illusions of interference. And, it is important that you see that with humor.

When you are in, when you are transformative love, then there is nothing else.

Now, you have talked about a moment ago about the temporary, and is life not temporary. I do not wish to diminish this journey for each of you. It’s very important to you and to us. But when you are the love, all your temporaries, engagements, actions, behaviors are of that love. And, there is no room for anything else. So, whether it is what we have talked about, hatred or disgust, even disappointment, when you are in your sacred knowingness – connection to all the divine including your own divine – then everything else disappears. You see, when you are there, there is no need to be working, your words not ours…be working on clearing or healing.

Now, I have reminded you of using the sacred torch of the violet flame in many ways because it will bring people, it will relieve all these illusions so they can enter into their awareness, however they formulate that. Discernment is a part of this love. It is not polarity or duality or any of that, it is simply the knowing of all, and that will grow within you. You are on track for that knowing, and more importantly, of your Self. Because when you are in that ‘love-self,’ all is done. It is not even a matter of dipping in and out of the temporary, because it is all done.

Where you are in terms of your process, this infamous process that we have talked and talked and talked and talked about, is how you are reaching a place – and not in some distant future, I’m talking about right now – where you can be in the love,  in that place of complete bliss, transformative love and also be in action.

Now, many of you feel that when you are in that space – and I have been there, I know what you are experiencing – that it sort of knocks you out and you just want to be on your bed and float and simply be there. Now, getting to this place of being the love is an essential step in your journey. So, it is not a piece that can be skipped over or hoped for. It is an essential step in this journey.

But, the next step is being in that state of being, and being in action. Because out of that only comes the creation of what is divine love. So, whether it is a job, or a relationship, or money, or an institution, or a building, it all contains – the very fabric of it is the love. So, you are getting there and we ask you to welcome it in and take time. Yes, we know that your lives are busy. I know what it is to be busy. On this side, we are busy. But take the time every day. Say, “Now, I am just going to sit or lie and feel and be in this transformative love.”

And, you say to me, “Well, St. Germaine, I haven’t felt it yet. I wish I did, but I haven’t felt it.” Well, if you do not take the time, my beloved friends, if you are busy searching hither and yon for it, it will not happen. Or, when it does happen, it will knock you sideways and you won’t take time to enjoy it. So get into the pattern. I am not asking you to come to the Himalayas and join me in the cave. That is not this lifetime for you. But, take the time to be in the love.

If you say, “I have not yet experienced it. I wish I did,” what you are doing when taking the time, you are declaring yourself ready, willing, able and open. And you are inviting it in. And, you are inviting what is already within you and always has been, to come to the surface so that you – as a physical, very complex being – can have that experience. Does this make sense to you, my friend?

SB: Totally, and thank you for such a full discussion because that’s very helpful. And, I certainly will pour over what you have said. Now, we have volunteered to be stewards for the Mother’s abundance. And, my own experience with a bit of a preview that happened here not lately, of reval, is that it was very stressful, very stressful.

SG: And, it is important – and you have referred to it, but not fully – that stress is stress. It may be very positive or not so much. But, stress is an internal, emotional, mental and physical experience. Now, my first guidance to all of you, and it does not matter whether you have one note of currency: Relax. There is no room. We have just finished speaking of this transformative love. There is no stress in love. But, you are at this turning point where you are getting in training – and, yes, you are having some dry runs – to see how to manage love in action.

Now, some of you are at the starting gate. Some of you are halfway down the course. It matters not. Can I begin by asking each of you – not even in the context of whether you are a currency person or not – can you please stick to what you know and stick to what your mission and purpose is? There are those amongst you, yes, light workers, love bearers, who are financial wizards. And, that is your calling, your purpose and why you are upon the planet. You are here very often, very green, very grounded, very Earth keepers, to help many work with this transition of what I would call materiality.

So, first line of defense, stick to what you know. Now, having said that, of course, you are all optimists, but, not all of you know you are optimists. Not all of you know the financial workings or the wherewithal. I am asking you very simply, and you know, my beloved friend, this is something that Michael, my beloved Mi-ki-el, has said to you repeatedly and I say to all of you, “First step: Breathe.” This unfoldment of the Mother has been in process in your reality of what you think of as eons, thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years. So, we won’t be upset with you if you take a few moments to breathe and to feel the blessings of what you are bringing forth and what we are bringing forth, whether it is money or love, relationship, health, longevity, loving family. It matters not. Take the time to breathe so that you are not feeling the pressure, because you are manufacturing the pressure.

You say, “Oh, no Lord, that is not so. There are people in need!”

Dearest heart, they have been in need for some time. And, if you do this wrong, incorrectly, you will make mistakes. We want this to go smoothly and correctly. So, take the time to breathe, to step back, to assess, to employ, to engage, to partner in a collegial and spiritual way with those who know how to proceed. Whether it is building a new political system, a new financial system, a new system of building, it matters not. Because the fabric, the molecules, are the same. It is this transformative love.

So, what you have need to do, pretend you are a child. Take two giant steps back and breathe and give gratitude and thanksgiving and look at what is being bestowed from yourself, from each other, from above, from below. Take a moment to enjoy it. And, then surround yourself; this undertaking of building Nova Earth, which I have been committed to, as you know, for a very long time, will not be done in a day.

And, one of the reasons it will not be done in a day – yes, in your time or our time – is that it is to be enjoyed. It is termed a Golden Age for a reason. It is to be in the energy of construction, reconstruction, community, laughter and joy. And, if you are stressed, none of that is true. So, one of the things that we are working with each of you on is this removal of such stress, of this sense of urgency.

Now, I know, my beloved friends,  that this sense of urgency is borne from your desire and devotion – just like ours – to the Mother. You do not want to let her down. You do not want to misstep. You do not want to, deflect the blessings. That is not going to happen.

So breathe. And, then begin surrounded by those who are your help mates, much the same as you are a help mate to them. This is how you and we are building community.

Unity consciousness and based in transformative love, that is new paradigm. And, it is beautiful.

SB: Thank you, St. Germaine. The second possible pitfall that we may face when our financial service begins in earnest is the rising from the depths of feelings of self-importance and entitlement, of short temper with people who are not respectful to us, of a desire to show them to people who we don’t like. Could you give us your counsel, too, on how to handle these feelings that may suddenly burst forth in us after the reval?

SG: Bring them to your awareness. What is it within you that you do not have that passion and compassion for other peoples’ short sightedness, for what they are working on? It is not a matter of demanding or commanding respect. It is a matter of realizing that each being is in a progression and in a forward thrust of such magnitude that they may be short-tempered and confused as well.

Stewardship, as Jesus has taught you, is infinitely patient. There are times when you will nudge and say let’s get on with it. But, you do not do it in a way that demeans another. You do it in a way of enthusiasm and excitement. Let’s all go to the circus! Let’s all go to the parade! Let’s all get a new set of clothes! It is inclusive. It is kind. It is temperate. And, it is prudent. And, that is coming from me, my friend, who, as you well know, have not always practiced what I preach to you this day.

SB: We’re running a little bit out of time. Do you have any closing remarks?

SG: Turn to me. You are surrounded by many, working and sending help, support, love. And, we come to you always as a collective. And, you know that you live in an incredible, helpful universe. But, I also offer you, not just my torch, but my hand, my empathy, my compassion. Let me help. I am with you, my friends. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon