There has been a human obsession with doing. … One of the areas that you are perfecting right now – not in some distant future or some distant past, but right now – is you are also perfecting your beingness – your ability to be, and to be in the integrated wholeness of who you are.

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Today, we welcome our beloved St. Germaine back to the show, and at this time of great change on Gaia, humanity can certainly use some advice. It’s been feeling to me like a blank space lately and I’m trusting that it’s on purpose, as everything is now. Sometimes that’s all we get to know, and the challenge can be in the letting-go of the need to know more than that.

I’m a little shocked that two weeks have gone by already – and a lovely good morning to you, Linda!

Linda: And a lovely good morning to you, Suzi, and to everybody tuning in, either now or later. Yes, it seems like I just blinked my eyes and here we are again – it’s amazing!

Suzi: I’ve been losing food in my refrigerator because I forget when I bought it. Then I look at the expiration date and think, “Oh my God, I can’t believe the date was a week ago!” [Laughter]

Linda: The Mother is talking to us about being in her New Time and this whole idea that we are skipping on the tips of the wave, as it were; that we can dip in here, there or anywhere. I really do have that sense in some ways that time and the flow of time have taken on a whole different dimension, quite literally.

Suzi: Yes, I get that. It’s becoming very squirrely lately as to what day it is, what time it is. I agree with you because things that happened at a different place and space in time can seem like they’re right here in the forefront of our consciousness. Maybe the reason for that is so we can go back and tweak what happened and how it affected us. Does that make sense?

Linda: It absolutely makes sense. As Mother Mary has talked about, those brackets of eternity and infinity of the old 3rd in which we felt previously kind of stuck in were very, very linear. Now, rather than being linear, it’s like we are in the Light and can jump in or get out at any point. It’s really interesting.

Even as we’re talking about it, I’m thinking about what occurred in Belgium early this morning with several major bombings and many deaths – I believe at the last count I heard from my newscaster husband, there were about 30 deaths and it’s just sheer chaos. My understanding is that there was a bomb at the airport and another in the subway.

Not to bring us down in this wonderful time with St. Germaine, but in terms of being able to dip into the water, maybe we could just dip in and help those people, sending them healing, calm and comfort. I wish and, therefore, if I wish, I probably can – we probably can. Somehow I wish we already had the understanding, even though we know everything is in Divine Order, [of how] to go back and unwind that.

Suzi: I’m with you on that. Also, we can send the good energy to the people who perpetrate these things, because they are clearly very separated from Source and any kind of perception of connection to anybody else. It’s got to be a terribly painful way to exist, especially now.

Linda: It’s an awful way to live, and maybe that’s why St. Germaine has been so up front and centre, insistent about coming on this morning to chat with us.

More and more, as we look at these themes of chaos and key into them, the pain of these people who are really in the thick of the chaos – whether it’s war or terrorism or blowing up things, or just the terrible chaos of an awful relationship where there is abuse, hatred and control going on – it’s a really isolating feeling and you just feel desperate, alone and awful.

Suzi: No way out.

Linda: No way out, yet there is a way out. We had the Chakra Balancing / Clearing / Expansion webinar on the Equinox, so I want to thank everybody who tuned in – 17,002 of us! I think, like you said Suzi, about there being 7 billion people on the planet, but I really felt it.

When we are all sending to the collective, particularly to those people who are really stuck at the bottom of the well, as it were – they get it, they feel it. We may not trust or always know because it doesn’t immediately look like the world has shifted, but they get it! It’s those little acts of kindness that are really shifting the planet.

Suzi: Yes. I keep saying it but this really is such a trust walk. It’s stepping out and it’s faith. It’s not easy but it’s totally required right now – and it will make for the easiest transition and smoothness, if we could just relax and trust that this is all on purpose.

Linda: I agree. We both know, as I’m sure all of our listeners keying in have had the same question of “When?” – not so much “How?” – but “When?” And as we go through, whether it’s an hour or a day or a week or a year or a decade, we just want that almost comfort feeling of knowing that our trust is not only genuinely within us but that it’s well placed.

I think it’s very important for us to go even to the littlest signs and to be able to take heart and comfort and encouragement from these signs. They are there, but when we have these huge atrocities, it’s like, “Oh my goodness, what are we doing and when is it going to shift?”

Suzi: It’s intended to distract us and it’s really important just to hold the focus. I really feel that the most important thing any of us can do is to keep ourselves happy, whatever it takes – even if that means not putting our attention on the bombings happening and things like that.

You could be called Pollyanna or put your ostrich head in the sand, but it’s not that because we are aware of it. We just choose not to pay attention to it.

Linda: We can’t bring our focus and join with the people in the chaos to add to the chaos. As you say, we have to be discerning; we don’t want to be unaware or uninformed, but we don’t want to join in that melee of craziness.

Suzi: Yes, we really do need to embrace the idea that our thoughts and our feelings are what drive this world. We need to be really responsible with our powerful Creator abilities.

Linda: Our thoughts are the beginning of our creations.

Suzi: Exactly, so let’s make them good ones. I think it’s probably time for a fabulous St. Germaine, purple meditation?

Linda: I think that’s a great idea. It’s so good to be here with you and with everybody. It’s so good to be back!

[Meditation from 8:58 to 19:17]

St.Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome.

St.Germaine: And welcome to you, beloved Suzanne, beloved Linda, welcome all, my friends, my family, my cohorts, my fellow journeymen/journeywomen, my fellow swordsmen/swordswomen, my fellow agents of change and transformation.

To say that you are on your path and that the path that you have chosen is absolutely the most correct for you, for each of you, beloveds, would be such a statement, an understatement. It cannot be emphasised strongly enough how correct, how spot-on you are, each of you, in your journey.

And yes, I have heard your cries, your pleas, your praise, for there have been times for each of you when you have said, “St. Germaine, I am tired, I am exhausted. St. Germaine, I am exhilarated, I am on fire. I AM the Violet Flame.”

And then there have been times when you have said to me, “St. Germaine, can you leave me alone? I need to rest or stare at the wall or simply regenerate. This integration of the higher frequencies is exhausting.” And within the beingness that we know is the delight of you, of each of you, each of these statements is not only equally valid but true.

Think of what you have said, my beloved friends and family. When you are talking about a “walk of trust” – and yes, this channel is always insistent she wants to add hope in there, so we will let her! But think of it: the first part of [the word] trust is true. Yes, in some languages it is missing a vowel or a consonant. It matters not, for we utilise the English language in order to demonstrate what I wish to speak of this day.

It is a walk of trust, but your heart, your mind, your being also knows that this is a walk of true, not merely of truth but what you know to be correct. Correct not only for you, for yourselves, for the collective – it is a walk that is true to the Mother and to the design of Her Plan. When I use this word true, yes, I mean alignment but I also mean unfoldment.

Now, there have been times when you, each of you, have taken this proverbial scenic detour and you have wandered off to explore. But even that, my beloveds, is being true to yourself. We did not ask you, the Mother did not ask you, you did not say, “Let me go to this wonderful planet Gaia and let me be an automaton, let me be robotic, without freewill.” No.

You said, “Let me go, and there will be times when I will muddle along, there will be times when I will choose to explore the limits of experience,” but it does not change the essence and the design of who I am, of who you are.

My friends, I have been famous – and, at times, infamous! – for exploring the ridge of possibilities. And where did it get me? Well, here I stand, sit and conjoin with you. It brought me to a cave in Tibet; it brought to the place of enlightenment, of union, of sacred union with myself and with All; it brought me to the place where I am divinely honoured to be the Keeper of the Violet Flame, of the I AM Presence.

What is my point in talking about this, in sharing this, in discussing this? The exploration, the pushing the boundaries, the pushing the edges of what you think is possible and what you think you are capable of – it is not drudgery. It is part of the delight of being free, of having free choice and freewill, and being in the alignment, not only of the Mother’s Pattern and Design, but of your pattern and design.

You are in your mastery and that means, beloveds, that you are not a shrinking violet – quite the contrary. You are not afraid to go and explore the edges of what interests you, attracts you. Even when you are scared or what you are looking at is abhorrent, it is teaching you, it is the photo definition of who you are, it is expanding you. And what it is also doing is bringing you in to a place of creation and action.

Now, there are times, as I have begun this conversation, where I say and as you have said to me, “Leave me alone! I need to rest. These frequency adjustments and attunements are too intense. Let me have some peace and quiet while I catch up.” And that is absolutely fine.

But the biggest proportion of your time is in the true – it is in who you are, and it is exploring every speck of existence and of your expression. So are there times when you feel that you are on an extraordinary long pause or sabbatical? Yes. But for the greatest portion of what you consider as time and the Mother’s New Time, you are extraordinarily active.

Dearest Suzanne, you have talked about this being “the space between”, and in many ways it is. But the space between of what feels, in many ways, like the quiet before the storm is a place that is filled chock-a-block with activity.

There has been a human obsession – and I can speak of this because I have been the most guilty of many! – this human expression as if it is the most valuable thing you can do – do – is with doing.

One of the areas that you are perfecting right now – not in some distant future or some distant past, but right now – is you are also perfecting your beingness – your ability to be, and to be in the integrated wholeness of who you are.

Not at stillpoint – although that is vitally important – but quite literally in the energetic movement of your energies, of your creative form. But not in the sense of running hither and yon but in the quietude, the silence, the balance and the connectedness of knowing and doing.

That while you appear – particularly externally but even within – that while you are in your beingness, you are such a transmitter that you are definitely, beyond question, transforming and completing the transformation of the collective, of humanity.

In your beingness you are participant-observer – you are discerning from a distance, shall we say. You are holding, transmitting, beaming the Divine Qualities, the Love, but you are not running around like a chicken with your head cut off, thinking – and I emphasise thinking and feeling – that you somehow are fixing or healing the collective.

Because that can be that healing has the danger of spiritually arrogant, of what I have defined many times with this channel as flexing your psychic muscles and of believing – again, mental – that you somehow have the answer for other people’s lives and existence, that you somehow have a complete understanding of another’s journey. And my beloved friends, you don’t – plain and simple.

You may have a glimpse of it. You will have great compassion. You will have the Love for who they truly are. You may feel, “Well, I have walked in that position before,” but you do not know as yet because you are not in the completion of the Love Consciousness, what another’s circumstances and heart and pathway entail.

What is true, even when it looks like chaos, is that each being upon this beautiful planet has a sacred Divine Plan. So in that, there are only two choices: either they are dead-on in their GPS or they have taken a slight – and I do mean slight; do not exaggerate, my friends – they have taken a slight scenic detour which is still in perfect alignment with their Divine Plan.

None upon the Planet of Love is, can or will be appointed judge or jury because you do not know the totality of this unfoldment, and you cannot know in the current form what that truly is.

Now, as I have mentioned, is there room for the shaking of your head and the admission, “I don’t understand it?” Yes. And is there room for infinite compassion? Not only is it desirable, it is necessary. And that infinite compassion emanates from a place of your beingness.

You – and we – are healing, shall we say, the remnants of those who are not awake or who are indifferent, and this requires incredible, remarkable stamina.

It is a harder task, certainly, than climbing the Alps or Kilimanjaro. It is a herculean task, and yet each of you has not only said “yes” to the task, you are well underway, fully involved, embracing that task. And so often you say, “But our numbers are small.” That does not matter one iota.

Think of it in this way. The Mother is singular and yet the Mother is All. Now you are of Her pattern, as am I, as are All. And what does that mean? That you are singular but you are All. And so I am encouraging you, I am requesting, I am asking in your beingness to also more deeply connect – and yes, you may do this through the Violet Flame – with your sense and knowing and existence of being All.

It is not of ego or of human folly to claim your aspect of All. What it is, is claiming our connectedness to all beings – and let us start with humanity because they are in most dire straits, and not – and it is in this way of union, of the deepest heart connection, that the balance is re-established.

So you are mighty. Think of it in this way. If you are on a seesaw, a teeter-totter, and you weigh 4,000 lbs, then the collective of those who are in chaos to balance the other end can be many. That is not spiritual arrogance. That is simply mathematical formula of balance, of physics.

You are huge and you are strong. You have fortified and, yes, claimed your crystalline self. So you are able – think of it, because you have been in training – to take on far more than someone who is a lightweight. And “lightweight” is not said in any way of criticism or demeaning.

It is simply that you have built your body and, therefore, can assist more. Not in a way of running to the other end of the seesaw and saying, “Let me help you.” No. Simply by holding the balance, and down those wooden frames sending the Love and Compassion.

Now let us start there, dearest Suzi. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Thank you, St. Germaine, for joining us. It’s always such a pleasure to have these conversations with you. I’m so glad you gave us that encouragement. It’s not always clear that our work is making a difference.

My faith is unshakable, yet that doesn’t mean I don’t still experience life as it has been. It seems like an interminable period of blank space while continuing to see to our mundane daily requirements, waiting for the next scene to unfold before us. My lack of interest in much of anything here feels like most of my energy is given to things outside of conscious awareness, which I think you just really spoke to.

So our purpose is vital and on point, yet it feels like lethargy and detachment. And there’s so much that I don’t know, and I can’t know, that I’ve chosen to let go of trying to figure it out. It’s easier to just let go of it. There’s quite enough going on to keep me engaged without looking for more! [Laughter]

St.Germaine: That is absolutely correct. You know, when I have been in form, I was an exceptionally curious young man – and as you know, I was always a young man! [Laughter] But I wanted to know – I wanted to know the power structure, who is up to what, what was going on, the palace intrigue, the gossip – I wanted to know the science of the times.

I was very curious in the sense of busyness: I wanted to know how to fence. I wanted to know how to wine and dine. I wanted to know how that wine was made and from what vineyard, and what bakery had the best bread. Oh, I wanted to know.

I wanted to know what a woman’s kiss felt like. I wanted to know what the silk of her gown felt like. I wanted to know how she got her hair like that. I wanted to know it all! I wanted to know how the world worked and why it seemed, even to me then, why it was so filled with intrigue and hatred and control – and delight!

What I came to understand – and what each of you is coming to, and do already, understand is that this desire to know – yes, it is almost built into your human DNA, is it not, but what is it? Why do you really want to know? And Suzi, you have touched on it, you are living it.

You want to know the knowingness; you want the connection. That is what you are really seeking. It is not all this superfluous information. It is not all this silliness. But your heart is pushing you – and yes, all of your bodies are pushing you – you want to know.

Now, how you know that you have truly moved forward, that you are in a process of what I would call “elevated evolution, Ascension” is when you acknowledge that it is not really necessary to know all these silly details.

Oh, they are interesting, at times delightful, but what you are really yearning is to know your own self, your own Divinity, the Divinity of your compatriots, your family, and to know God/Source/One/Mother/Father. That is what you want to know.

And what you reach the point of is the knowing that you already know, that you already know the Divine Perfection within you – and that there is a linkage, a connection, an unbreakable connection to All, to those 7 billion braveheart souls who have also chosen to come at this time of “extraordinary change” – and that you know God/Source/One.

You may not know the totality of it as you wish to, but when you allow, when you sit in your beingness – or walk or run or dance in that beingness – you come to know it more deeply. If you knew – in the human/mental/emotional sense – all the answers of how things work and are working and what lies ahead, it would be as if we would blow up your internal computer.

There would be so many variables, so many potential shifts in the Plan that you would just shake your head and say, “This makes no sense at all. I need to go back to where I was.”

So when you surrender that need to know, you in fact have taken a quantum leap in your spiritual self, in your spiritual understanding, and you have reached that place of true because you know it is a Divine Unfoldment and it is in order.

Suzi: Thank you for that. I have a strange question that’s been on my mind recently. When you’ve come into my visions and meditations, I actually have seen in my mind’s eye a form and an individual, and that has shifted into a much more collective grace of beings.

And then that brings to mind the question of group mind and how individuality is preserved at the same time as we slip into… It’s our experiences which make us individuals really, but when all our experiences and knowledge is melded into one pool, how is individuality maintained? Does that make sense?

St.Germaine: It makes absolute sense. Now, let me make it even a little more confusing!

Suzi: [Laughter] Or deep!

St.Germaine: Or deep, or high! Because when you are melded into yourself, even before you think of the meld into the collective pool, as it were, for so many of you there are hundreds or thousands or millions of lives, of existences, of journeys.

Now those are not always clear or exposed to you because, again, it might be well overwhelming, and it would take away from the unique expression of individuality that you have chosen for this life.

But in that – yes, we have all been saints and sinners, kings and beggars – but in that there is a unifying – what we would call “the unifying factor” – of your unique expression of your soul design. That is never lost.

Think of it in this way. If you are to look at a magnificent sunset that literally is covering the entire sky one night, and there are rays and puffs and striations of the corals and the pinks and the blue and the dusky rose and the pale pink and the gold with a shot of silver – it is one sunset and it is beyond beautiful.

So when you come and conjoin in the collective pool – and I don’t just mean the collective pool of humanity; that would only be one little area of the sunset – but in that collective pool, your little stripe of pink or blue or gold is not lost. In fact, there is a greater awareness, a consciousness, of how your little bit of colour or beingness is adding to the magnificent beauty of that palette of the sky.

It’s as if Michael has called out to all of us and said, “I have a painting and I want you all to help.” So it is not diminished. It is just in the coming together it is even more beautiful, more magnificent. If you saw one little stripe of pink in the sky and think, “Oh, that’s pretty,” but when you see the entire sunset, that is breathtaking.

Suzi: Or the individual tapestry?

St.Germaine: Exactly. So you understand what I am saying. It is never lost. And I want to emphasise this because there are many of you who simply say, “I want to be reabsorbed into the Mother. I want to go Home. I want to let go of any expression or knowing or existence of my being, that infinite being, of that soul design.”

Now, can and does that happen? Yes. But think of this. In the infinity of the Mother and that glorious resurrection, reunion, reintegration, your design is still present. You don’t disappear. Now, in that you are giving Her permission to extract you, to morph you, to create the new – but even in that, you don’t disappear. It is truly a Divine Design.

Suzi: I’m looking forward to all of the unfolding. Is there anything that you can say about the state of the planet at this time in terms of prosperity for everyone, and the release of funds and that kind of breakthrough, because we are sorely in need of it?

St.Germaine: Well, I will speak out of both sides of my mouth!

Suzie: Oh boy!

St.Germaine: It will be very interesting for you to watch! So, on the one hand – as you all know – there is no scarcity upon our beloved Gaia. There is more than ample for each and every being.

And part of what you are doing is stepping into that ability to truly create or draw to yourselves – yes, with Sanat’s Universal Laws – the reality of what you wish to create. Now, part of that – here goes the other side of my mouth! – is the desire to create this prosperity for many.

And I know exactly what that feels like because I had set aside money/funds/gold/jewels to take care of humanity in this illusion of lack, because out of many things that bothered me – yes, and was part of my mission of course – but what bothered me when I was in form was this persistent belief of separation.

Now, I chose to move amongst those who had – in your definition – plenty: plenty of power, plenty of influence, plenty of what I would call comfort and money – and I saw and I witnessed how it tended to free people to explore their creative self. Yes, I also saw the greed and the control, the nastiness.

But I also saw the peasants, what you would think of as the impoverished who did not have enough to feed their babies or feed their family or their cattle, not enough to feed the sheep, to weave the wool. And this affected me very deeply.

And so I realised that in a period – and it has been a long period – of human transition from the old paradigm of not understanding fully how to work with Universal Law and Creation, and the arrival at being able to manifest diamonds like I did – out of thin air – that there was the need for what I have called “a helping hand” and a rebalancing, not of wealth because that was never the issue.

It is a rebalancing of opportunity. It is a rebalancing of taking the yoke off people’s necks and shoulders. It is the rebalancing of the freedom to pursue what one desires in terms of contributing to the collective so that the scenic detours, as it were, that requirement or that desire to go looking elsewhere would become less and less.

So that prosperity – of which I can only speak personally of my availability – has begun to be released already and is being experienced. Now, I don’t want a public announcement. I don’t want a public fooforah. So these funds are coming quietly and silently to many, and for some of them they do not even know, and there is no need for them to know from whence these funds have become available or this easing of the pressure.

So it has begun, dear heart, and it will continue to begin. But let me emphasise – money for money’s sake never solved anything. Not in the millions and thousands of years that I have witnessed upon this and other planets.

So, money does not mean – as you well know – that you wish to gain control. It means that you have the wherewithal to support each other. And money will not be given – this has not been talked about very often – but money will not be given to those who simply wish to withdraw from the world and not participate in the creation of Nova Earth.

That is not the meaning or the purpose of prosperity. It is the sharing. It is the ability to address what you have thought of, and are, systemic issues.

Now, I’m not asking all of you to become the head of charitable organisations or activation agencies, for that is not appropriate for all beings. But each of you in your own way will affect the lives and transform the lives of your community.

And community can be a community of 5, of family, of 10 or billions. It is different for each one of you and that is the way of transformation. It is the way of covering the entire waterfront in the plethora of expressions of your uniqueness, of your beauty.

Suzi: Beautiful. Thank you so much for joining us. We are almost out of time. Have you got anything in closing that you would like to say?

St.Germaine: Yes. Join me. Join me in this exciting, delightful journey of true. Be true to your sacred self. You know who you are; do not let anybody convince you otherwise. You are your own arbiter.

Use that discernment, my beloved friends, and be the participant-observer and let us go and play!

Go with my Love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell. Thank you for joining us.

Channeled by Linda Dillon