While surrender is one of your next steps, I would like to also suggest to you that it has never been easier. If you keep your eye on surrender, action that is appropriate, that is of love, of co-creation of the new – very shortly you will be saying, “Oh my, it actually shifted.”

Welcome my beloved brothers and sisters. I am St. Germaine and it is my honor, my pleasure and my delight to meet with you this night and to meet with you any time, anywhere, in any kind of situation. It does not need to be in the darkness, the silence, the night, it can be in the boisterousness of the bubble of the city, or the delight of a pub, or the busy streets, or when you sit, my friends, in anguish, because anguish comes and goes.

But what I say to you, what I say to you this day and always, is that it is time for anguish, for sorrow, for grief to be a thing of the past. Yes, there will be moments when you glance at a situation – the passing of a friend, of a loved one, be it a dog, a cat, a partner, or a parent, and your heart will say, “I miss you.” But at the same time it will also say, “I love you and thank you for sharing this journey with me.”

I have existed as Gaian, as earthling, for thousands of years on and off, seen and unseen. I know what it is to walk this beautiful planet. And my friends, I know what it is to seek ascension, to seek enlightenment, to walk the journey of awakening, and that is what I come to speak to you about this night, because it is time sweet brothers and sisters, simply for the next step.

I wish to speak to you about surrender. So often you hear us say – whether it is our beloved Mother or Michael or Yeshua or Sanat Kumara, dear Raj – you hear us say ‘surrender’ and you think, “I’m trying, I’m doing it, I surrendered twenty two times and now you tell me to surrender some more?” And there is a part of you that gets a little frustrated and then there is another part of you that is saying, “What the heck, what in the blazes do they mean?”…because surrender is one of the most loaded terms that you will come across.

And here I am yet again to discuss this issue, this process, this undertaking, this monumental undertaking of surrender. I want to be your practical guide. I want to be your friend that has walked this planet, who understands the challenges, the hardships, the opportunities, the golden openings that are available to you right now.

And while surrender is one of your next steps, I would like to also suggest to you that it has never been easier. You are being flooded, not only by the Violet Flame, not only by the I AM Presence, not only by the gold, the blue, the red, the pink rays, the legions of light, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love; you are being washed and cleansed and raised up to a frequency that you have never known. Your job is to sit, to stand, to lie down and simply allow this to happen. But in that allowance is this issue, this process of surrender, and it was one of the biggest and final steps that I have undertaken in my journey.

So, I speak to you as fellow journeyman, as pathfinder, as wayshower. Surrender does not mean absenting yourself from life. What you are being requested to do is to be the participant and the observer and in many ways in this new realm, this new paradigm of existence that we have spoken to each of you about before, and that many of you are experiencing as you fly back and forth through the portal in this new way, and it is brand new to you because it has not been fully available to humanity. You are being requested to be the observer and the participant, to be the leaders, the wayshowers, the stewards of new time, of new reality, of Nova Earth and Nova Being. Requested to be the observer of the old as you ascend your frequency or vibration – which is only love – back into the situations that are still in the midst of chaos.

In surrender, and particularly willing surrender, what you are doing is being the beacon, the transmitter and the tuning fork. Your frequency and vibration is your participation. You are both the observer and the participant at the same time, completely outside of judgment. This is being in the state of Divine Neutrality. You can look at  the turmoil, the chaos, the reluctance, the disinterest in what is going on in your reality, in your world, and yet you can also see the process of change. You are doing that and at the same time, you are also participating and observing in the reality of building a new realm based on the divine qualities, born out of Divine Radiance and your Divine Knowing. You are vigilant but neutral at the same time.

Now this is difficult for many of you to get your head around, and yes, I am not just talking about your heart consciousness but unity consciousness. I am talking about your mental, emotional body and addressing your egos as we speak, because this part of you, the mental, emotional, ego, wants to not only understand, but still be in charge. And in the new realm of existence that is simply not the way to proceed; you can’t do it, otherwise you are thrusting yourself back into the non-existent realm of the old third dimension.

Often you say, “How do we progress – 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th?” You progress by surrender. And what surrender means is the being present and being the observer, of being the participant and knowing when to be perfectly still and not participate. This is hard and in the old way many, including myself, absented themselves from what you can think of as the busyness of society. And it did not matter whether it was the court of the King of France, or New York City in this day, people will absent themselves from the hubbub in order to achieve this sense of being fully present in themselves and in the higher realms; but also to be quiet and be in the silence of existence in unity with One.

But that is not what is being asked of you. Yes, what is transpiring, do not forget – I will say in an aside here – do not forget, do not overlook that this entire journey of your life, each and every one of you my beloved friends and family, this life is about ascension. This life is about the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan, the anchoring and the renewal of love upon the planet. Not in some esoteric, religious manner, but in your everyday life, in your actions, in your thoughts, in your behaviors, in your interactions, in your relationships, in your structures, in your institutions, in your societies, in your nations and in your body.

So, are there many distractions? Is there a great deal of both the pot boiling over and simmering on the back burner? Yes. Ignore it. Look at it, perhaps turn the burner down, remove the pot, and then ignore it because that is not what you are here for. You are here to surrender to your love, to the Love, and you do that by being vigilant as participant and observer of yourself to start with. Now you will receive and see and witness and observe many distractions, many situations that do not feel or look like love and they can frustrate you and they can aggravate you and they can even anger you. And what do you do? You surrender to the divine and you surrender to yourself and the truth of who you are, and you come back to the Love.

Now, this is difficult when you are seeing situations – and there are so many upon the planet right now – that not only look like but that are cruel and unjust and unfair and unloving and uncaring, unkind and inconsiderate. And you say to me, “Well St. Germaine, I can’t just stand back and let that happen.” My friends, that is not what I am saying; what I am saying is don’t get mixed up in that whirlwind, don’t get mixed up in those tornados. Stand back. Your participant self is to send the energy, to infuse the energy, to send it across the air, the light and the sound waves into the situation, but not to drag yourself down by putting yourself into those situations.

Now, many of you are thinking, “Oh, I know exactly what he is talking about, I know he is talking about the political situation, I know he is talking about the shooting deaths of innocents, of the situation in Gaza, or the multitude of shootings and death that occur in the wars across the nations.” Yes, I’m talking about that but I am also talking about the friction that you will feel with friends or family or the person down the street who murders or hits their spouse or children or their dog. I am talking about the unkindness in the line in the supermarket. I am talking about the breadth of chaos. And you say to me, “Well St. Germaine, isn’t it more important that we send love and energy to a situation in Ukraine or Syria? Is that not more important in terms of anchoring peace?”

My beloved friends, the peace is within you – that is the starting and finishing point of surrender, of balance, of stewardship. It is to be fully in the now and not in the now at all. It is just as important that an atrocity against one person that is within your sphere – what you can think of as your immediate environment as your community – that level of brutality or injustice or cruelty is just as important as sending energy to Sudan. Do not assign greater value because the magnitude of the issue seems greater.

When you help or heal or address injustice, whether it is next door or two miles away, you are doing it for all those people who are suffering and who believe themselves alone, abandoned and hurt. And what about those who are not being hurt or maimed or killed or treated unfairly? What about those who are simply unaware, who act with a sense of entitlement, who proceed with a sense of simply being in the chaos, who seem uncaring, unkind, inconsiderate?

They are important because they are those that Archangel Michael has talked about being on the fence. They are not completely recalcitrant, but they are certainly not in unity consciousness. When you address your energies to them, what you are doing is giving them a nudge off the fence and when your intentions and your love is matched with ours and the entire legions that are now flooding the human race, what you are saying is, “I agree. I want the change, I surrender to the change, I agree with the change, I am creating the change, I am consciously and willingly participating in the change.” Because beloved friends, without you, without you who are the lightworkers and the wayshowers, the pathfinders, the teachers, the healers, the channels, it doesn’t happen.

I have told you I am Master of the Violet Flame and I am on this side, and for the time being I’m not going anywhere. So, who will do it? Who will be the anchors of Nova Earth if it is not you, if you do not surrender to who you are, to your mission and purpose? And in that – teach: by mentoring, by role modeling, by simply vibrating with the truth of who you are. We are relying on you just the same way you are relying on us, and there is a point at which there is enough surrender and light that we fully proceed together.

When you see people breaking the rules be it big or small, it is because the level of feeling penetrated by energies and vibratory rates, frequencies that they don’t understand…think of it as people are crumbling and as they crumble they are reverting to assertive, aggressive, the nastiness – let’s call it what it is – that has been within them. The façade, because that is what it is…there has been a façade of civility, civilization. But honestly, what has been civil about your old third dimensional reality? It has been based on lies, on greed and lust and untruth, I could go on and on. You could have murder and mayhem and chaos and aggression, but it was alright because you could at least have your place on the subway. It was never alright. It never worked! But because you all agreed that the emperor was wearing lovely clothes no one said ‘boo.’ Now, is there civil unrest and disorder? Yes. Is it all breaking down? Yes, because it is essential, essential not just desirable, critical that people come to realize that that old paradigm that is simply vapors, never worked.

You have a saying that you get more bees with honey than vinegar. People are needing to realize that this level of brutality, whether it is pushing on a bus, or  committing murder in Syria, is unacceptable. And the reason that it becomes unacceptable in both the macro and the micro levels is that it doesn’t feel good. It is abrasive. It’s not the kind of society that any of you want to live in. But unless you set the example as the observer in your society, then the reasons for wanting it to change do not emerge. The society that is based on equality and freedom and mutuality and respect and unity does not emerge. What you are doing collectively is very clearly seeing what the lack of love looks and feels like.

Now, the Mother and many of us have spoken about how to be in human form. Other than when you are in the state of bliss or ecstasy in your day-to-day walkabout, you experience love as an expression and an experience. When that disappears, when one can’t find it in the everyday life, the recognition comes forth that there is something desperately wrong. Now, it does not mean to armor up with aggression and weapons and nastiness; it means step back, surrender to the truth, be that vigilant observer sending the light but absolutely refusing to participate in that chaos. So there is this breakdown, but it is necessary at the same time to step back, to willingly surrender to the greater good.

Now, I want to take the next step and talk to you about how creation is also a key component of surrender. You say, “But we are used to – our pattern as human beings is in fact – to step forward, to walk, to take action.” I am not suggesting that you not take action. And the most substantial action in form, in tangible reality that you can take is the action of creation. And you have not fully…you have begun, but you have not fully engaged in the truth of your race, the creator race…all of you.

When you are in a situation, for example, where people are blocking your exit and they are being obstructive, let us stop using euphemisms for what is really nasty behavior. Lightworkers are often reticent, reluctant to call something…they say, “Oh, I don’t want to label it.” It is simply identification not judgement my friend. If it is obstructive, it is obstructive. When you observe behavior which is distant from love and consideration, what you feel anger, aggravation or frustration, you allowed that to capture you instead of saying, “Whoa, step back, I need to be in my observer self, and in my observer self I see this is obstructive behavior. And your participant self blasts these people with love and then perhaps even tap them on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, I don’t know if you realize it but you’re blocking my way. Could you just please move? Thanks a lot.’”

When you see someone cheating and jumping on a bus without paying, you step back and you observe and then your participant self says, “Hey”…again a gentle tap on the shoulder…and you say, “But I’ll miss my stop” and I say, “So what?”…you tap them on the shoulder and you say, “Hey, I noticed you got on the bus from the back, is it because you don’t have any money?” And you will be able to discern my friend, not judge, but discern whether in fact that is the case, in which case give them the price of the bus fare. But if it is not, what you are doing simply by speaking…and to the people around you…is that that behavior of theft is not acceptable even in the smallest way. It creates social dissonance. And you are not only addressing the individual, you are saying to the entire bus “this behavior that is based on dishonesty is not acceptable” and you are affirming for all of them who are sitting there thinking “what just happened?”, that you can speak for them as well. In that you are creating a different paradigm.

Now, what I would suggest to all of you, because you are all experiencing in different situations and in different gradations this sense of, “I want to punch somebody” – surrender… take a giant step back…and then fall back into my violet bonfire. Come and rest on my purple velvet bed on my air mattress. Surrender and turn to any of us and say, “Expletive, expletive, expletive, I don’t want to feel this way! Take it away.” We are really good at that. We can really help with that, but because you feel…and I mean you collectively…often will feel “Oh, I misstepped; oh, that is not a very nice vibratory thing to feel.” And then what you do is you go into self punishment, you go into nay saying yourself and feeling poorly about yourself. And then of course, you get to blame those people on the bus, or the subway, or the bank, or the supermarket, or Syria, and then it just builds and you are caught once again in that downward spiral, like water going down the drain.

That is not how I am asking you to proceed. Surrender these emotions that aren’t the truth of who you are! If you don’t want it, ask for help, surrender it. You see, you think, you feel that this righteous anger somehow achieves something…I am bringing it up – I am letting go. Well then let go.

There were many things that disturbed me, to put it mildly, when I walked the planet. And, my greatest lesson was surrender. And in surrender, in this realization that I can use and be the love energy, the Divine Radiance of Father/Mother/One, I crossed that line from what you can think of as being an old human to what you will think of as being a Nova Gaian.  I have been through the process that you are going through my friends right now…and for a brief time I got to keep my body…and it is difficult, it is hard to be in the body holding these frequencies that have never been held individually or collectively in a body, and certainly not in a collective body because what has happened previously is when you reached that point, you simply turn into pure light.

The Divine Mother is asking you, and you have said, “Yes” to hold that light and love and to actually be in a body. And what makes it even more difficult is She has asked you to do this and you have said “Yes” to do it with a “civilization” in transition. So, not only are you surrendering, becoming the truth of the love participant/observer, but at the same time you are witnessing and transforming and co-creating Nova Earth and destroying through love what is not of love. You can only destroy what is not of love with love. You can never destroy it with anger, or control, or aggression, or greed. That will never work. And so, unless those who are in that whirlwind receive a helping hand, if they are in the middle of the tornado and you extend a hand into the middle of the heart of that tornado and pull them out…if not they will go down the drain. And you say, “Well, that is alright.” And part of it is alright because that is their choice to either accept or reject. And there are many right now who are rejecting assistance, and who will return to our side and complete their mission from the light. And part of them will smack their heads and say, “Oh my gosh, what did I do” and some of them will recover and some will say, “Thank God I’m home.”

But for those who are choosing to remain and be the co-founders of Nova Earth…can you imagine throughout all existence, not in a way that is of ego but in the way of recognition of the fulfillment of the promise to the Mother, to be able to say, “We did it! And it was brutal and it was hard and sometimes I didn’t know if I was going to make it…but we did it.” That is a gift beyond measure. That is why I began this day by saying, “Surrender and remember you are here for ascension. Everything else is part of creation of Nova Earth. But if you keep your eye on surrender, action that is appropriate, that is of love, of co-creation of the new – very shortly you will be saying, “Oh my, it actually shifted.”

And you will see in the structures, in the openings, monetary, social, political, star family…it will all be there.

Each and every one of you have your mountains to climb or your valleys to plunge into. It is metaphorical as well. So, you have thought of your bodies as this luggage and baggage you are dragging around instead of a harmonious engine that is allowing you to experience physicality. When the Mother in Her infinite and eternal wisdom has given you, all of you and you individually, this beautiful vessel, it was a gift not a curse. In the energies, particularly now in the Mother’s New Normal, have been increasing at such a speed that you think that you are spinning out of control, but you aren’t. But in the increases, your bodies have never held this much energy and I am talking about your physical form not your extended bodies.

This vessel that you with your guardians and the Mother and many of us helped you design and choose…which was perfect by the way…it is feeling the electrical light quotient. So many of you are feeling exhausted – energized – exhausted – energized – exhausted…you feel physically different. Not only has your external world shifted and how you perceive what you have defined as that reality, the reality of your physical body, is also radically changing. You are in the expanded time wave of the Mother’s creation. So yes, there are aches and pains, digestive, heart, joint, all of these issues are to the forefront just as the poor behavior is through the roof, so are the experiences of your body through the roof at this time. But the body, the intention for the body wasn’t separate from your heart consciousness, from the Divine Knowingness. It was to be fully conscious in a form, a humanoid form which is shared by many beings, of what joy and love feels like.

Now you have just begun to edge…and now I am speaking of the collective, not the individual…but collectively you are just moving into what it feels like at a cellular level to feel joy and love inside your cells. And for some of you it feels as if you are suddenly effervescent ginger ale, for some of you it feels as if you have your finger in a light socket, for some of you it feels like overload, but the purpose is to actually feel this sense of such enormous vitality that you don’t even feel as you adjust, that you can stay inside your skin.

Increasingly, there is a greater definition as the observer of who you are in body, and then a disappearing in many ways of the container of your skin because you feel, even in form, completely connected to everybody. And it starts with the feeling of connection of those closest to you, so that you feel each other’s heart, that you feel each other’s energy, you feel each other’s thoughts, not in a sense of invasion or breaking of confidentiality or what you have thought of as boundaries, but in a sense of unity consciousness that you have never felt before that is growing and growing and growing so rapidly. This is the shift that so much has been talked about is not just the shift upon Gaia, shift in dimensions, but the shift from mental to unity heart consciousness.

Go with my love and my beloved friends, do not forget…surrender your debris, your garbage, your anger, your angst to me. Farewell.

Originally from Hour With an Angel –  7/20/16

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Updated and Channeled by Channeled by Linda Dillon  4/25/24