Rarely do we get the opportunity to share in a personal reading; but, that is what this posting is about. This beautiful light being has agreed to share the love and wisdom of St. Germaine with us! We are in gratitude to you beloved soul.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine. I step forward to embrace you, to hold you, to lay you down that you may receive the gentle healing, the nectar and sweetness of life, the nectar and sweetness of the Mother, the nectar and sweetness of the flowers, of the otter, of the river, of the fields, of the glen, of the hollow. Sweet angel of love, you are learning and anchoring and doing well in the balance of action, of Stillpoint, of participant/observer. You have never been one that joyously sits back and watches. And my friend, you come by it honestly as one of mine, as one of the Mother’s, as one of Michael’s. In many ways you don’t know the meaning of sitting still. And you say, “Besides which, I sat still enough last year to last me a lifetime!” Beloved friend, I am teasing you because you know that’s not how it works. And I do not say this in any way, shape or form of critique.

When I have walked the world, and I have done so many times for hundreds of years, still I felt, “There’s not enough time. There’s so much I have to do. There are so many people that I need to transform, teach, help, assist. There’s so much I want to do in the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan. There isn’t enough time.” And of course each and every time was in divine perfection – not necessarily in my perfection, but in the Mother/Father/One’s perfection.

You are going to see the fulfillment, not only of the blossoming of yourself and humanity, but of the Mother’s Plan. There is a sense of urgency in the very air that you are breathing at the moment. And this is not only the attunements and the adjustments and the raising in frequency and harmonization with the collective, it is the sense of impending change. And for you, breathing this air has meant, “Let me tend to things” – not in the sense of emergent, but simply in the sense of “Let’s get going and get this done!”

My friend, I understand. You, and every human being on the planet, only has a fragment of the biggest picture. And even if you were able to see the entire plan, you still would not see it from the perspective of the Mother, the Father, the One and Her Mighty Legions. And the reason is not capacity; it is that it would totally overwhelm. But even in that segment that you are operating within, the magnitude of the shift is beyond comprehension. Sometimes, not you, but others have said “When?” – not understanding this magnitude; I’m talking about the heart shift, the awakening to a greater span of consciousness, of living in love and grace. The entire fabric of what it means to be human is changing, and not in small, incremental ways, but in monumental ways!

So, here you are, breathing the urgency and feeling well and so you are extending yourself. And for this I praise and laud you – for this is exactly what I would do! But I’m also here as Master of the Violet Flame, Keeper of the I AM Presence, Bringer of Eternity. So, what you are doing in this monumental change (not only for your beloved self – which is very important – but for many), you are saying clearly – and I am begging you, pleading you, bargaining with you, teaching you, and asking you – to align. The shifts and the sense of urgency are not emergent. If I could write across the sky and actually have people pay attention, I would do so. We do so constantly but very few pay attention.

Now you say that there have been atrocities of such magnitude upon this planet – big, small and in between, individual and collective – and they must be addressed. But sweet angel of light, how they are being addressed is in the anchoring of the energy of this change and of balance. So what you are doing is you are saying, “Yes, there is an urgency to go forth that is of equal import – think of what I am saying, because you are in physical form and that is the plan – it is of equal import, importance, that I attend to my sacred self: my sacred self, the expression of which, in form, is my body. And I am feeling well now, but my capacity is to pace.” It is the old story of the tortoise and the hare. And so we are not saying urgency means emergent or that something has to be done, and it does not mean tragedy. It simply means excitement in this situation…

The Lavender Fields and “Gentle” Mantra

This is what I do ask you to do: My flame, my torch, works in many ways. I am not asking you to come and sit in the Violet Bonfire; I want you to go with me to the lavender fields. Let us go to the south of France, to the place of the Divine Feminine, and our beloved Magdalena. Let us lie in those gentle fields, and allow the lavender, the gentle violet, to caress you, to fill you; the sweetness – not the strong sun, but the spring sun and the spring rain or mist and the spring breezes – caress you. Gentle, gentle, gentle. You know, this not only needs to be your mantra, my beloved friend, it needs to be the mantra of the human race. Balance is not achieved by saying, “I am going to do this come hell or high water – push, push, push.” No! Feel yourself falling back into the gentle fields – the grass is not prickly and the ground is soft – and come and be here with me every day as you simply give yourself a little break.

You know, sometimes I would be at court for months on end. And then I would say, “I have had my fill of this, I have had my fill of this energy, I’ve had my fill of these people,” (and I had some good friends, you know – it was not all work), and I would disappear. Now, nobody ever really knew where I disappeared to.

So, come and disappear with me. I am not talking about leaving your family and your loved ones – for as exhausting as this is, it is also the fuel of love. So it is the balance, my beloved. I will tend to you. I am with you.

Personal reading channeled by Linda Dillon