gemsKaren & St. Germaine discuss Karma

A channeled gem with St. Germaine on the deeper understanding of karma.

Karen: One of the things I wrote down was this confusion about karma versus choosing an existence with a lot of pain. And so I have wondered how much of this have I taken on for humanity to help heal – living in the environment I grew up in and being an incest survivor and having poor health – and how much have I taken on, as you were saying, that I don’t need to take on. So where’s the difference, where’s the delineation, and do they intersect?

St. Germaine: They do and they don’t intersect, so let us explain. First of all, you have the tools in this life and in this time that you’re occupying to totally eradicate karma – and that has been recommended to you several times and I want to recommend it to you again. It’s time to approach the Karmic Board and to receive complete and total dispensation for everything that you have done and, more importantly, for everything that has ever been done to you. (Ask the channel about it.)

Now, secondly, in terms of karma, do you really think that the Mother, in all her wisdom and nurturing and grace and love, said, “Okay, dearest Karen, I’m going to let you get down and dirty with the humans this time around if that’s what you want. Go to the planet and you will be abused and tortured, and you will be made ill and feel crippled and bound and hurt, and the barbs of the human race will attach to you and you will be suffering”? That is simply not true – and you know it when I put it that way.

K: Correct.

St.G: And so many who believe in karma are misinterpreting this. That would mean that the Old Testament Father/God, the thundering, punishing, avenging God is the truth, and that is not so. That image of Source was brought about by a culture that believed in punishment.

Now understand, the history of the human race is very long and there is a belief in many, whether it is Judaic or Islamic or Christian – there is a belief that it only went back a couple of thousand years or several thousand years, back to the old prophets, to the Old Testament. And, of course, that is ridiculous because many of those messages in the Old Testament grew out of the belief system, the paradigms of pain and suffering, of punishment, of guilt and shame and fault – and none of that is true.

K: So when I hear many different people talk about karma now and they say, “Well, if you did this in a past life, you can be sure then you’re going to have to experience something either exactly like that or similar to that in another life to balance it out,” that is incorrect?

St.G: It is a gross exaggeration, and let us explain. This misunderstanding of karma has been made that simplistic by those who want to have the world like a grade 2 puzzle-piece. And I say that with a great sense of humour! “If you were a thief and stole from people in your last life, then in your next life you are going to be someone who has something that is going to be stolen from you.”

What karma in the biggest sense means, and what people have tended to overlook and forget, is that karma has been tied to soul journey, soul purpose, soul contract.

Let us use your example. If your contract for you, for example, has been to work with disenfranchised, disempowered, the forgotten ones, the downtrodden, and you came to the planet and you began to get involved with the downtrodden, and you took nothing but advantage of them, that you stole [from] them and you abused them and you continued that pattern of abuse of authority – then what do you think would happen?

K: You’d get a backlash of some kind.

St.G: Yes. Not because you’re being punished but because it isn’t in alignment with your design, your plan, your promise to the Mother. So you would return home, you would do your reviews and you would say, “You know, I want to have another go at it.”

So it is not this trying to mete out punishment for what you did or did not do. Forgiveness and forgiving is infinite in the heart and the beingness of One. There is no need to be on your knees pleading. Who you’re really pleading with is yourself!

So the gift when Jesus has given the gift of Karmic Dispensation is basically “Let’s wipe the slate clean and start over.” Now this is such a powerful gift that we cannot believe that they are not lined up at Walmart trying to buy it!

K: And here I am in a Walmart parking lot!

St.G: Yes, I know, dear heart! [Laughter] So they should be lined up out the door, don’t you think? But they aren’t because it’s such an easy excuse – it’s such an easy excuse to say, “Well, that’s karma.”

You were battered and bruised and abused terribly. Now, are the abusers forgiven? Yes. And do you forgive because you don’t want to carry that burden? Yes. But it isn’t about that.

When you came into that family – and might we say multiple situations! – you came to bring love. You came in because this was a family that needed your sweetness, your power, your brilliant blue of peace within and without. You said, “Okay, I’m going to go there and I’m going to fill them with such a knowing of love.”

The saddest, most tragic situation is when the human beings turn away from love and say, “Oh, no thanks.”

K: Yes, it has hurt me horribly.

St.G: It has absolutely destroyed you. But we’re here to rebuild you today. But understand, that abuse wasn’t because you had been an abuser. It was because you were a bringer of love and it hurt them; rather than accepting it, it just jarred them and said, “Oh, I’m going to make sure I smother that love.”

Personal reading channelled by Linda Dillon