sg3Be the participant-observer and do not be the judge. And, by the way, hold the space and participate in different ways through your interdimensional reality.”

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 4:40 to 12:50]

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome.

St. Germaine: And welcome to you, beloved friend, and welcome to all of you this day or night or afternoon depending on where you are.

Is time not a humorous, funny thing because here we are, once again – and I am honoured to be invited – but here we are all together in this moment, this eternal moment of now. And yet, regardless of that moment that we all share, for some it is the depth of night and the earliest part of morning, for others it is midday. And yet, here we are exactly at the same time.

And it gives you a glimpse, yes, of course of the ebb and flow of the moon and the sun and the tides, but it also is intended to give you a gift. And why I bring it forward is to give you a reminder that regardless of what appears to be differences in our situation, that we are all together simultaneously in this eternal moment, in this blessed moment that we are sharing together.

And even if you are listening to this programme, to this broadcast 10 years from now, you are joining us in this sacred moment of now.

So I have lived, oh, on and off for thousands of years, and now I am not in what you think of or construe as your time and space upon the planet. But even that is somewhat ridiculous, is it not, because I am injecting, presenting, hoping for your acceptance to be in your time and space right now.

We have talked in the past week about this difficulty that presents itself, this challenge – and if I am to speak euphemistically, I would say “opportunity” which I think we are as sick of as you are – to think that you can be in many situations, many places, many positions of reality at once, simultaneous. And that is part of presenting yourself and being the truth of your multidimensionality, your interdimensionality.

So what is my presence here this day, this night, this afternoon, except an example of that interdimensional form. I am as clearly with you as your toes and fingers and the skin that covers your body; I am as clearly with you as the heart that beats within your chest. And, my friends, you are that clearly not only with me but with all of us.

The “unseen realm” – what does that even mean? Because increasingly, with your 3rd and 4th and 5th eyes wide open – and some of you know this and some of you don’t; it has been so subtle that you haven’t even realised it or perhaps acknowledged it – but with the shifts that you have been accomplishing, that you have been receiving, there is a greater ability to work, to perceive, to understand, to hear, to see, to perceive this unseen realm.

We are in sacred union and sacred partnership more than ever before. And with the Tsunami of One, this intimacy – because that is a form of sharing sacred space – this intimacy is increasing.

And what you have thought of as distance, because that is how you think of the unseen realm as something far off and distant – we are very close. We are in your breath, we are in the air, we are standing next to you, we are holding your hand, we are nudging you forward, we are lifting the burden from your shoulders.We are assisting you in all these ways.

But one of the things, one of the areas that I want you to more clearly understand because it is addressing your mental and emotional bodies – which I remember well – it is that integration of the mental and emotional with your spiritual, with the knowingness, and in that integrated self of stepping forward.

Yes, it requires perseverance, at times fortitude, patience. But let me also be clear – it isn’t all work! And when you feel that it is, you have need to take a giant step backwards. You are no longer anchored in the old 3rd realm.

Now you may choose or imagine yourself in whatever dimensional reality you want, because it doesn’t matter to us. All 12 have always been wide open, and it is not that one is better or less than another. And it has always been intended that you will flow freely between dimensions. But even that is not what I want to talk to you about.

Let me back up a little and I will bring up what I tend to think of as recent history, my history, not from Atlantis or Judea. When I was in France, when I often attended the court of Louis, there was much debauchery, a great deal of intrigue, palace intrigue, politics, jockeying for position, contracts, money, mistresses. It was a very curious time to be alive.

And if you think of it in terms of the smaller world, because although Gaia herself has never significantly shifted form, but the known world within which I tended to operate was certainly more defined than the world that you operate in. But that world was filled with chaos and delusion and conniving, bitterness, and as I have said, debauchery and lack of integrity and jockeying for position.

And I knew of my role upon the planet, but there were times when even I would look at this situation of people starving in the streets, in the villages, of all the petty wars that were going on. And make no mistake – every war is petty. Yes, they are tragic but they are also very petty. And I would look at the wasted wealth and I would think to myself, “What am I doing here? Why have I chosen to move in such a society?”

And of course, that is when I have begun to remove myself even further from the fury of that society. So in many ways I often felt very split, very schizophrenic in terms of my true self, my true journey, my true path, and then the situations to which I was guided and led to insert myself.

And I would attend to court. And I use this as an example, because many would say, “St. Germaine, you come and you are witty and charming and you seem to never age, and you produce baubles and jewels to intrigue and to teach us alchemy and magic. But why is it that you never seem to fully participate? Why is it that you never feel like you are part? Why, so often you do not even eat with us, and you treat your goblet with alchemy that it is transformed into a different kind of elixir. So why do you come to court?”

Now, I knew clear well that I came to court to share the Violet Flame, to share the love, to energetically transform those around me, to heal their hearts, to open their eyes. But I did not join them. And they were correct in thinking that I would attend to court, but I did not join.

I participated in a way that eluded them so often and yet, they would go home and they would re-think many of their actions or their positions. And often they would see the futility of many of the machinations, the distractions of what they were doing. And that was why I was there – to help set a stage for great change, for revolution and for evolution.

My beloved friends, my family, my soul circle, that is why you are on this glorious planet, yes, a bigger world in many ways, and you are setting the stage. Let me be clear about this. You will sometimes think – and I emphasise think or feel – that the stage has been set for evolution, for shift, for ascension, for revolution, but it has not been done to you or even necessarily for you. You, each of you, have been pivotal in setting this stage.

You do not need to have advanced degrees in physics to understand the basic patterning of the universe on the Mother’s breath, on Her Divine Blue Diamond. You, with every breath inhale and exhale that you have when it is of compassion or humility, of love or joy, you are setting the stage.

Now, I am not asking, advising, guiding that you are participating in the debauchery or the lack of integrity or the wars that are taking place – quite the contrary. What you do is you stand back as the observer. Do not put yourself in the middle of that chaos. You send, you overlight, but you remain involved and not involved, present and not present. That is the role of the observer-participant.

Think of it as the watcher, and it is the watcher within that observes what is transpiring and assesses what is the best use. And you are wise enough to know this. Do not underestimate yourself.

So you assess what is required and then you send it. And even when you bring your body along, you are not engaged in that insanity. So you are not contributing to that insanity and you are not allowing that insanity to penetrate you or truly, overtly influence you to such an extent that you become out of balance.

And is it difficult at moments? Yes, because it is difficult to witness destruction that is not of a positive nature. Yes, we have often spoken of the destruction of false grids, beliefs, paradigms; the destruction of what does not serve. But you do not want to be involved in destruction of human life or ideals or integrity. So you stand back and you do not allow that insanity to be part of your existence.

Now let me stop there because I believe, dearest Suzi, that you have many questions.

Suzi: I just love talking to you, St. Germaine, and I appreciate this conversation. Thank you for reminding us that there have been hard times on Earth for a very long time, and that we all have roles to play and we can do so lovingly without engaging with others in a pool of deceit and manipulation.

As observers, we also have an effect on what we observe simply by our presence. Could you say more about that, about how we can lighten up anything that we observe?

St. Germaine: Yes. And it is not just the act of observing, but that also influences it as well. So, for example, think of your existence, your planet, the rules, the physics of Gaia, that you are electrical-magnetic. Now as the internal self and the external self and the planet and the collective have shifted, you are far more electrical at the moment than magnetic.

But think of it in this way. If you are in a laboratory and you put two compounds right next to each other – not blended but just next to each other – so if you put a magnet next to pyrite shavings, well, you know what would happen is the pyrite would be magnetised. But there is a more subtle change that is not always visible, at least to the human eye, but certainly under your microscopes. There is an exchange; there is an influencing in those compounds.

An electrical impulse does not simply stop, it always continues on. You say, “Well, not if it is grounded,” but even in the grounding there is a shift in the energy. So think of yourself in this way: you are the grounding rod and all around you there are electrical, magnetic impulses, and they are coming in the atmosphere but they are also coming from you. Think of your in-breath, your out-breath. Think of the electrical charge that your body gives off. Think of the magnetic pull both from and to your thoughts, your energy.

So simply being observer is being in action, but it is being in balanced neutrality. So your energy field is doing what you can think of as the work, but you aren’t participating in so far as being mentally, emotionally, causally, spiritually involved and engaged.

Now, there are times when you will inject more clearly or more proactively rather than passively. But make no mistake about it. You have this expression that is so popular with lightworkers/loveholders: that we will hold energy, we will send energy, we will hold space. Well, what do you think that means?

What it means is an acknowledgement, an acknowledgement that you have this exchange energy going on constantly, and that now and then, when you think of it, you will consciously tap into it and add your conscious energy to what is already taking place by the mere fact that you are on planet, not only subconsciously or unconsciously, simply by the physicality of being in form. So that is what it means to be the observer.

Suzi: May I ask a question about holding space? It just feels to me like holding space is also – and it’s probably just other words for what you said – just allowing that something can happen in a particular way. It’s a creation thing; it feels like a creation thing actually holding space.

St. Germaine: It is very much a creation action, but it is done… If you can think of it in this way. I will bring back and I will steal from Raj this formula! So you think of it as intention and then prayer and then action. Now these are not elongated processes, which is equal to creation.

Your intention is, “I will hold space,” when you actually are doing so, whether it is 10 minutes in deep meditation or a walking meditation throughout your day. That is your prayer. That is your action. That is all combined as one. So yes, that is very much what you are doing. Sometimes it is more conscious and sometimes it is just the truth of who you are.

So, for example, when I would leave these very elaborate festive dinners – which, by the way, I sometimes enjoyed and sometimes abhorred – but I would leave and go about my real life. I would say, “I will hold space for this,” and it was as if I was carrying that entire situation, all the people, all that energy in my vest pocket until the next time.

So that I would hold it close to my heart, and all that time as I was holding space, it was working that transformative energy. So I did not spend my days in and days out thinking about it, but I was holding space until such time as I would readdress the situation more proactively.

And that is what so many of you do. You observe, let us say the example of the tragedy in Nice, which is also one of my favourite areas. You observe it. You do not judge it. You discern the tragic nature of this unfoldment while also, please, remembering that all souls involved have volunteered. So you hold the space for healing, for transformation, and then you go about your daily business. I am not saying you spend 24/7 mourning the dead. That is not holding space.

So you hold the space for healing, not only for that particular situation but for that type of situation, whether it is in Timbuktu or Dallas or London or France. And in that, you are transforming it but you aren’t engaging in the drama, you aren’t engaging in the ridiculous nature of such acting out. What you are doing is a perfect example of what we would call stewardship, leadership.

Suzi: Well, what I wonder about is the first time that my work won’t feel imaginal and I’ll have a more tangible experience of it, what that will be like, because you’re saying that we’re getting to that point? Could you give a little information about that maybe?

St. Germaine: Yes, I would be glad to. But let us also say this. Let us go back to the example I have given of leaving court and how I have tucked that entire situation into my vest pocket. You don’t want to be fully engaged consciously in all this ridiculous mayhem. It would be so distracting as to make you feel and become sick. So it is in some ways a real blessing to have it, as you have put it, to be a vision or imagining.

But there will be times – and they are already present for many of you, you included Miss Suzanne – is that you will feel that you are alternatively present in a different space and reality. “Yes, I am sitting in my chair and, yes, I am in Nice at this moment.” And you can smell what is in the air, you can hear the sounds, you can see the people.

Now, I am not recommending that you stay there long, but there is benefit in this interdimensional travel because literally what you are doing in that is imprinting the entire situation, geographic, people, attitudes, etc., so there is benefit to that. And then you will find that you are having conversations with many of these people.

Now it may be brief depending, because you see, we are concentrating because of what is in the air, the drama, the chaos, the insanity. But there are also times when you will hold the space and you will go to a place where your soul family is uniting, where they are sitting around that campfire, where they are baking bread together or sharing wine or mead as is our lot, and that you will have that experience. And it will fill you, it will reinforce you.

And increasingly, what I am suggesting to you this day and perhaps every day in this eternal now, is that you also take the time not only to send healing and transformation to what you think are the troubled areas, but also take the time not only to sit with us in meditation but to go and visit the new Cities of Light, to go where your family and soul circle is gathered, to have time together. That reinforces you, it restores you, it fills you up. And it will help you in terms of being able to hold the space for the other.

Suzi: Right. I feel that, I understand it to be true. I have a kind of a funny question. I was in a lovely little town the other day and was drawn to go into a particular shop. And right there inside the entrance was a cart with the countenance of many Ascended Masters and I was of course drawn to yours. There were three different pictures and I selected one that was in black and white because it was said to be channelled. Could you say anything about that picture? And do we have the same countenance over many lifetimes?

St. Germaine: Well, you can. And I will share a secret with you…

Suzi: Okay!

St. Germaine: [Laughter] … with all of you! I have not allowed portraits of me to be done that are not a very close facsimile to how I really look. And so yes, this is a very accurate representation. I change a little, a few pounds here and there, but never significantly! My hair grows, I cut it, it gets lightened by the sun and so on. But by and large, I have not changed how I have looked since the time of Atlantis. So when you see me, you know me!

And I have chosen this vessel a long time ago and, yes, it may sound like it is ego but it is not. It is a bowing to the Mother. When it has been designed in Divine Perfection, why on Earth or any other planet would I change it?

So, many of you change slightly but tend to keep the basics of how you present and how you look. Now some of you don’t. You like variety and diversity, and that is alright because the essential self never really changes. The soul design, the essence has been intact since you were birthed from the Mother. You expand, you morph, you change, but your design does not change.

And so, many of you will say, “Well now, this time I want to be a male,” for example, but you would be surprised when being a male how you will still adopt many of the same features. And what you are doing, many of you say, “Well, when will I begin my morphing back into my ideal self?” And what I suggest to you – it is already underway.

But by agreeing and holding that sacred space, by allowing and being the observer of the changes, it will happen more rapidly. And I say this because I fully know and understand how many of you are eager for this transformation. Well, let’s go!

Suzi: Let’s go! And I have to say that recently both my daughter and I had a very painful intestinal experience that led us to start to eat gluten-free, and it’s been really good for a couple of weeks now. I just feel like it’s all completely divinely orchestrated and on purpose to basically get us to do this, to lighten ourselves up, to be able to care for our bodies in a way that makes it easier for us to house the higher frequency aspects of ourselves. Would that be right?

St. Germaine: That is absolutely correct. Now, many lightworkers have had this tendency to not fully inhabit their bodies. The Plan of our Divine Mother has been to be in form, and so yes, there has been a phase that many are going through right now. And what I am telling you is that it is the wayshowers that are doing this, and it is the anchoring of the energies and the frequencies into the body.

And so to pay attention to the physical realm, to what you are eating, to what you are breathing, to how you are moving or not moving. And all of this is important in housing the frequencies that are being downloaded into you. So yes, it is to make you fully present, but in a joyful, beautiful, gorgeous way in these vessels that you, and we, have chosen.

Suzi: Yes. I’ve been in denial about it for a long time, hoping for changes faster than they are actually coming. But yeah, I do need to take personal responsibility. I get it now. And unfortunately it took severe pain to make me do it. So too bad about that but if that’s what it takes, so be it.

St. Germaine: You have an expression on Gaia that “You are a trooper!”

Suzi: [Laughter] We all are, oh my gosh!

St. Germaine: Yes, you are! And that is one of the reasons that I feel and know that I am so fortunate to talk to you, and why I share in snippets that I understand what feels like so long the waiting for changes and the subtlety of those changes, for me to say, “Be the participant-observer and do not be the judge. And, by the way, hold the space and participate in different ways through your interdimensional reality.”

And you are saying, “What on Earth is he talking about?” when really all I am saying is being in your heart and exercising the prudence and the love and, yes, the fortitude that is required. I know – I know how difficult it can feel and appear. But the more that you literally remove yourself, not in the way that you don’t care but because you do care so deeply about your promise to the Mother, that you care so deeply that you won’t participate.

So you will send your energy, you will transmit your energy, you will inject yourself here and there, but you will not be part of that insanity. You cannot be!

Suzi: Yes, exactly. It really comes down to a trust-walk to say that this is all part of the Plan. It’s going to be okay, you’re going to be okay, you’ve got the best protection that ever existed, and just to relax and not worry about it. But I know that’s really hard for people to do.

St. Germaine: And yet, what else can you do?

Suzi: Well, nothing. It’s much easier to just let go. I can attest to it!

St. Germaine: The surrender is the biggest piece. But what is the alternative? And perhaps we didn’t talk enough about that, to say that, “This is ridiculous; everything that I have thought or believed in and have cherished to the truth of my core is ridiculous and, therefore, I am throwing it all out.”

“I am throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I am quitting. I am no longer going to be a lightworker or a loveholder. I am not going to be a steward, a leader, a pathfinder, a wayshower. I am not going to do any of that. I am going to go out and get a 9-5 job and be the brutal head of a corporation. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to get a high mortgage, pay my bills, and not worry about the guy next door.”

Now, you can declare that, but it will never happen because the truth of who you are, of the journey that you have already undertaken, won’t allow you. Your soul and even your mind and your personality, even your ego, won’t allow you. Not because they are trying to control you, but because the truth of your beauty, your love is such that you can’t quit.

You can try. Let me tell you there were times when Louis would say, “Come and be a permanent part of the court. We enjoy you. We like you. Everything will be much easier for you. Comte St. Germaine, come along! And I would politely refuse, and that was difficult and at times very tricky.

But I could not quit my quest, because it was my quest. Yes, I knew I was in service to the Mother and Father, but it was also very personal. It was my quest for enlightenment. It was my quest to be who I could be. And so, none of you… This is why we are in such sacred union and partnership. You have graduated from kindergarten. We no longer do for you. We do with you, because you have stepped into that truth of who you are.

So is it very hard when we hear this word “soon”? Even on this side we are sick of that word! But yes, we are with you!

Suzi: Yeah, I totally feel it. And I have to say that my awareness, my perceptions have been opening up, my connection with you and with everyone is becoming so much more… well, “deep” is the word I’ll just use for convenience. But… oh my gosh, I lost it. Oh darn…

St. Germaine: When you invite us, when you open your heart in the sacred space of you and you invite me, I will always be there. And you have felt this, my friend. How do you like my outfit?

Suzi: [Laughter] I always love your outfit and I see you in different ways than… well, than Linda does. It’s like you and I have been travelling on the road, riding horseback and having adventures… so that’s the way I see you.

St. Germaine: And that is the way we have once travelled. So I have given this to you because it is familiar. That is why for some of you I will come as a priest of ancient Atlantis. And “priest” meant healer; it was not a secular term.

Suzi: Okay, I remember what I was going to say! As our consciousness expands – and it’s becoming very clear and obvious that it is, to me – it occurs to me that the prosperity and global currency reset has taken so long and that our consciousness is expanding so quickly that it’s almost to a point where it’s not even going to really matter.

And then when I think of that, I think to myself, “No, I don’t want to skip the happiness and joy of freely travelling and being able to help others.” I find that I really am wanting that, even with expanded consciousness. I just want a little taste of it before we move on.

St. Germaine: Because this time of transition is very important also in teaching those who have perhaps not travelled as far, of what is possible and what can be brought forward to fruition. It is like meeting somebody and saying, “I know you, I remember you, I have loved you forever. Let’s get married or move in together and be in permanent relationship.”

And you do that and you skip over the wonderful phase of romantic love, of being courting each other, and the growth of sexual intimacy, and the sharing of smiles and romantic glances and sexual glances. Why would you skip over the fun part?

Suzi: Oh heck, no!

St. Germaine: No! So yes, you know that there is more to come, there is always more to come. But enjoy the process because it is intended to be enjoyed… en-joy-ed!

Suzi: Yes, yes, yes. I’m going to sneak this one in! [Laughter] Are we there yet?

St. Germaine: You are on the doorstep.

Suzi: Alright.

St. Germaine: Go with my love. Go with my passion. Go with my friendship. And call me!

Suzi: Okay, thank you!

St. Germaine: You are welcome, beloved. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.