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St. Germaine

“You have never before been at this juncture, at this particular point where you are truly in readiness, preparedness and waiting for the waving flag to signal a go in terms of creating, physically creating, tangibly bringing forth Nova Earth.”


 “You are emerging, you are transitioning into what you can think of as a more evolved species, and it is a species with expanded consciousness and expanded physical capacity. It is an evolutionary jump and so, of course, what you are feeding, how you are treating your body – and what your body is asking …


On this weeks Hour With An Angel, St. Germaine said, “You are truly recovering and restoring your sweet self and this planet from a very long tradition of war and the wounds of war. You are healing the burdens, the wounds, the belief systems, the paradigms of what has hurt you.”   St. Germaine on …


On our January 7th bi-monthly Saturday call, St. Germaine re-gifted us with the torch of his Violet Flame so that we can clear away the injury and pain caused by the energies of war, the energies of negative destruction…Use it daily!   Title: Clear Away Injury and Pain Being: St. Germaine Program/Date: Saturday Conference Call/01-07-17 Linda …


Karen & St. Germaine discuss Karma A channeled gem with St. Germaine on the deeper understanding of karma.


Embrace your desires as if they were the most precious gold that you could imagine…your core desire is this reconnection with the love, and in the life that you are currently living that overriding desire then translates into how you direct your life. Embrace Your Desires St. Germaine An Hour with an Angel     October 4, 2016 …


Rarely do we get the opportunity to share in a personal reading; but, that is what this posting is about. This beautiful light being has agreed to share the love and wisdom of St. Germaine with us! We are in gratitude to you beloved soul.


“Be the participant-observer and do not be the judge. And, by the way, hold the space and participate in different ways through your interdimensional reality.” Heavenly Blessings ~ 19 July, 2016 Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal [Meditation from 4:40 to 12:50] St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. …


While surrender is one of your next steps, I would like to also suggest to you that it has never been easier. If you keep your eye on surrender, action that is appropriate, that is of love, of co-creation of the new – very shortly you will be saying, “Oh my, it actually shifted.”


Today on our Saturday conference call, St. Germaine came in and reminded us…”you have never relinquished that dream…that tyranny would be quashed, that greed and lust and abuse of power would be eliminated, and that all would walk in the sunlight and the moonlight of freedom.”   Greetings, I am St. Germaine. I am St. …