St. Germaine asks us to recommit to the Divine Mother’s Plan


On our Saturday conference call, St. Germaine asks: …as fellow journeyer, as mentor, as steward, as guardian, on behalf of all of us who are ascended masters, we ask you, with us, to recommit, to hold this alignment because when it is held everything falls into place, the openings are apparent and Nova Earth is […]

St. Germaine reminds us…we are multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional beings…


You cannot have your feet on this planet and not be multi-dimensional. So can we simply begin today, beloved people of Earth, with a declaration of freedom for your inter-dimensional self that you are going to allow yourself to move into this inter-dimensional reality?

St. Germaine asks us to expand the trust within, then share it…

Trust is also the divine quality that you carry within you. It is not a matter of gaining trust because you, you who are listening in this very moment, already have this deep trust within you but can it be expanded? Can it be shared? Do not simply say “I am trusting”. Expand it, every […]

St. Germaine speaks of the Ascension Portal…


When you encounter naysayers, take the torch that I have given you with the Violet Flame, take it and torch their hearts, torch their fields, that they may be liberated, that they may be freed, and then scoop them up and carry them through the portal, that they are also penetrated…

The Tsunami of Love and Abundance, by Kathleen Willis


Everyday brings more clarity. This morning I see the connection between the Tsunami of LOVE and Abundance. The Tsunami of Love is creating the NEW by washing away the old. . . and anchoring in the Love.

St. Germaine talks about relationships; sacred, with self…all relationships…


I will leave you with the reminder: Love, honor, respect, torch, and remember you are healing every sacred relationship you ever have and let me also say that every relationship you ever have, is sacred.

St. Germaine continues his discussion on Energy Healing

The process of healing with the I AM does not need to be long and arduous. I wish you to take the torch and to hold it with me now to the collective that we burn away, eliminate, any issues of self worth that are not of truth and wonder. This torch of the Violet […]

St. Germaine asks, “What is love really?”

It is the experience, the knowing, the connection, the connectedness, the union with the One, with Source, with All. Love is a state of being that is akin, equal, to being in your natural state of divinity. And in that state, of your divinity, of your wholeness, there is no separation.

St. Germaine discusses ‘Energy Healing and Energy Medicine’

Each of you has the capacity, the talents, the where-with-all to heal and to heal instantaneously and to heal one another.The telepathic, the energetic communication of the healing is how the human race is being transformed. I have never, not on this side or your side, encountered anything that could not be healed.

St. Germaine gifts us again with his Violet Flame and discusses current Prosperity Programs

I welcome you this day with my gift of the Violet Flame. And I instill it once again joyously and deeply within your heart, within your third eye, within your crown, within the palms of your hands and the tips of your fingers. You are in a time of massive transition, but you are also […]

St. Germaine speaks of self-esteem and with the Violet Flame, heals our hearts

The greatest individual human tragedy is underestimating yourself. It bars your creativity, it bars how wonderful you think you are, it bars you from exploration. This sense of “I would like to but I don’t think I can” – dear heart, if you have the feeling that you would like to, then you can. It […]

July 4th Message from St. Germaine on Independence, Freedom and the New You

I come to speak to you this day not of throwing off the shackles of oppression, but to remind you that the shackles of oppression are but an illusion of the old 3rd reality. It is time to step forward and declare yourselves as free, as independent, as clear and functioning spirits of One…

St. Germaine invites us to intergrate our galactic self into the wholeness of our being…

There is an emanation, a part of you that is of the stars, that has lived elsewhere, that does serve elsewhere, that is part of this journey of integration…you are bringing to that place of integration a piece of yourself – to your conscious awareness so that you can assist yourself inter-dimensionally, inter-galatically, on earth […]

St. Germaine asks our help in calming the energies of war around the World

On our Saturday conference call St. Germaine gives us a different perspective of the rulers who are stuck in the old 3rd dimensional paradigm of control, brutality, power, and war and asks for our help in healing these lost souls and Gaia asks that we work on particilar countries around the globe where this negative […]

St. Germaine talks about healing ourselves and millions and working from the 5th

Long ago I have asked you, decades ago I have asked you to come and to join my armada. No, we are not simply sailing to the new world this time, we are sailing to a new reality; to Nova World and Nova You and to the truth, not only of who you are but […]

Archangel Michael, St. Germaine share the spotlight on An Hour With An Angel

Tonight Archangel Michael explains what happened energetically with the opening of the 11/11 portal and St. Germaine explains why and how NESARA was started and how we can benefit now…

St. Germaine discusses THE I AM Presence & the Violet Flame

The I AM Presence is the energy of God and of what we tend to think of as the masculine, the Divine Masculine. The Violet Flame is the flame of transmutation, of transformation and of transubstantiation. It is a flame, an energy, because that’s all the flames are is an energy, that helps us work […]

St. Germaine talks about relationships: soul mates, soul family, soul friends and sacred unions

..let us talk frankly and with open hearts and open minds that allows us, not only to heal, but to eliminate what are misconceptions or expectations that have no place in this sacred union, that have no place in a love relationship…your being has expanded and so your capacity to give, to receive, to experience […]

Open your heart, let St. Germaine heal all your injuries, perceived or real; the time is now!

…each of you, yes in different ways have deep seeded injury that you have not, as yet, begun to heal. It is that deep sense within your heart of what you have buried because the wound is so raw, so painful, so hurtful that you cannot bear to look at it. But not looking at […]

Clear, precise answers from St. Germaine on the newly formatted Heavenly Blessings show

…when I say a Shift into love it is the conscious decision to choose love, to lead, to be in your heart instead of your mental body, your ego, your delightful personality…you are in-between realities and that is why you are not feeling the full impact of the 5th, the 6th, the 7th dimension, but […]

St. Germaine explains what life is like in the 5th dimension

“What will it be like to wake up on the morning to a beautiful clean planet and to simply decide in your heart what you wish and desire and choose to do with the day, knowing there are no limitations, no requirements to go and to earn money or to fulfill obligations other than what […]

Advanced LaHoChi Workshop ~ June 2 – 3, 2012


The date for the upcoming Advanced LaHoChi Workshop has been changed to Saturday and Sunday, June 2nd and 3rd. How on Earth we didn’t remember that the planned dates fall on Father’s Day. Sorry Dads… Now, will you come an join us, please. Details on this transformation weekend

‘An Hour With An Angel’ with St. Germaine


I have great interest in what is occurring on your planet at this time. And yes, as you well know, I have particular love and fondness for North America, for this is the place of anchoring this freedom and the I Am presence. But it is the anchoring, it is the beginning, not the end…

St. Germain performs psychic surgery with our permission


Join a conversation wherein St. Germain helps us heal 3rd dimensional paradigms within ourselves, mostly based on lack and limitation, so we can be pure vessels of Light and Love in service to humanity

FREE Initiation into the Violet Flame of St. Germaine


In preparation for sailing smoothly through the Shift the Council of Love is conducting a 2-hour broadcast for the initiation or re-initiation into the Violet Flame of St. Germaine and the I AM Presence.

St. Germaine on Gaia Preparing for Visitors


“Gaia is preparing herself for the reception of new energies, certainly new inter-dimensional energies, but she is also preparing to receive visitors, your star brothers and sisters.”

The Expanded Gift of Heart and Healing of the 13th Octave LaHoChi


St. Germaine speaks of the “gift that was brought to Earth by your Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters. It is a gift of star healing…heart and healing. And it is to heal the hearts. And your Star Brothers and Sisters, your Pleiadian friends, knew as they brought this forward to Earth, and to Atlantis in particular, […]

St. Germaine on Activation with the Sacred Violet Flame


“I share with you this role of Keeper of the Violet Flame. I entrusted it to you millions of years ago in Atlantis, and I entrust it to you again today….Use it to activate and quietly heal.”

Heal the Heart of America!


Happy July 4th – Happy Freedom Day! It seems very appropriate to re-post this wonderful message and exercise from St. Germaine: I have spoken to you before of this, of how I have founded and brought my violet flame to this place of creativity, to this place where freedom reigns, where liberty reigns, to pursue […]

St Germaine – Write Love!


I am re-posting this today as a memory-jogger to heal the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Our waterways, oceans and wildlife, indeed our very food chain is threatened. And it’s up to us to do something to heal this – together. Since the incident, Mother Mary has been guiding us to love everything […]

The Role of the Teacher is Student

St. Germaine reminds us “…that the role of the teacher is to be the student, is to be in ever present awe of what is possible, and to allow that to flow through you into others whether it is as words or touch or simply transmission, it matters not.” He speaks of “choice” as a […]