Long ago this Council, the Mother herself has taught you two fingers to the heart. Now, with those fingers, and with my Violet Flame, write LOVE everywhere, in the water, in the air…

So, close your eyes and go into your heart and really anchor in the seat of your soul and in the seat of your beautiful tri-flame, with your magnificent Pink Diamond self. And each of us has a slightly different color of pink…and I know mine changes depending where I am or what I’m working on…so, really feel that pink. Is it that soft, soft, soft baby pink? Or is it that bright sweetheart rose pink? Or that flamboyant fuchsia pink?

Feel your Pink Flame because this is the essence, regardless of what ray you travel on, this is the essence of your sweet self. And let’s turn up that beautiful Pink Flame. Let’s turn it up so it’s literally coming up from your heart, through your high heart, your throat, your 3rd, 4th, 5th eyes, out your crown, that we are just this wonderful, gleaming, shining flame.

And then around, literally spiraling around, let’s bring in the Blue Diamond around your beautiful Pink Flame, and feel that energy of the Divine Mother, of Her power, of Her might, of Her divinity, of Her nurturing, of Her caring. And then, spiraling the other way around you, feel the gold of the Divine Father and that beautiful, beautiful Gold Diamond, rich and filled with power. And this supports you in your essential self, in the truth, the might, the gentleness, the kindness, the sweetness of who you are in your divine authority, in your essence.

Now, keep your crown wide open because what St. Germaine is doing is he is literally dropping…as if it’s a teardrop, or a drop of water, or a drop of dew…he is dropping his Violet Flame down through your crown into your Pink Flame, into your Pink Diamond self. Open up, see that Pink Flame, and feel that beautiful Violet Flame dewdrop of the I AM Presence coming in and joining, and melding, and filling, and expanding your self. What is that blending feel like? I know I’m turning mauve…the blending of the pink and violet…I don’t want to keep it separate, I want it to be all mixed up and united.

Now, bring it into your heart, through your 5th eye, your 3rd eye, your 4th eye, your throat, your lurion, your siroun, into your heart, still surrounded by the Blue Diamond and the Gold Diamond. Anchor it, and feel it, and love it, and give thanks.

Greetings, I AM St. Germaine, Keeper of the Violet Flame, Keeper of the I AM, which I so gladly share with you my beloved friends, allies, brothers, sisters, for are we not one circle? Are we not one family? One family of light, one family of love…and I do not just mean this beloved circle, although you are my touchstone as I wish to be yours.

But I speak to you, I come and remind you…you, sweet ones, in every single project that is underway right now upon planet, which upon completion or far enough along, I will return. I have said I will never come back to Earth…and I meant the old planet, the old paradigms that stifle and control and abuse, filled with hatred and greed. But I look at you, and I look at this radiant planet, and I look at this collective that moves forth, not only out of recalcitrants, reluctance, denial…they move into choice, they move into the decision place. And you, sweet ones…yes, we in attendance, we as servants of the One as well, but you, sweet ones, are the boots on the ground, you are the hands, the eyes, the voice, the actions of the Mother/Father/One.

This is why we have spoken and anchored…Mi-ka-el and I, and the entire Company of Heaven, the entire Council of Love…we tend to harp on divine authority because in this assumption what you are doing is you are radiating, beaming, not only your own bossy authority…divine authority has nothing to do with that…you are showing, you are modeling, you are mentoring the human divine right to choose, to decide, to determine, and to go forth.

Long ago I have asked you, I have suggested…very strongly…that you write with the Violet Flame, with your and our I AM Presence, LOVE, PEACE, JOY, LOVE in the water, in the air, wherever you choose, on the rocks, on the grass, on the beach. Now, sweet ones, I ask you to write across the collective, or upon an individual’s heart…LOVE. And in this, in the violet writing, you awaken, you expand the individual’s and the collective’s permission and desire to live, to be, to create, to exist from love, to be the love. I do not mean for you to stop or in any way to cut back on writing LOVE on the water, or in the air, or upon beloved Gaia, I ask you to expand.

Long ago this Council, the Mother herself has taught you two fingers to the heart. Now, with those fingers write LOVE, play with it and simply observe. The tide has turned! You do not stop the tides…this is the rhythm of our Mother’s in and out breath. You do not say to the oceans, “Could you hold that tide for ten minutes?” No. It is the ebb and flow and creation of existence.

The tide has turned, so this is part and parcel of what we ask you to do…this undertaking in your transition work. Often you are saying, “Lord, what can we do?” Write LOVE, write it everywhere, and write it, sweet one, on each other’s hearts as I write it upon you this day.

Go with our love, go with my Violet Flame within and without, above and below. We are one. Farewell.